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MILBANK is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality precast concrete products. Our trading history spans over 70 years and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve success.

Our factory, offices and transport hub is located near Colchester on the Essex/Suffolk borders. With the A12, M11 and M25 all nearby, we are well positioned to offer a competitive service to London/Home Counties, East Anglia and the South East. For our specialist products including spiral stairs, bespoke precast, stadia etc. we extend coverage to most of the UK.

Milbank have a team of technical engineers and design staff that offer technical support, produce design drawings and offer innovative design led solutions. 

Precast concrete is the most commonly used building material in the world and by manufacturing in a carefully controlled factory environment our precast concrete is not affected by variable site conditions or the elements.  With this in mind, it is a safe, reliable, long lasting and cost effective product and the construction industry benefits from all these features for all types of building projects.

Milbank precast concrete is manufactured off-site in an enclosed casting environment which avoids delay due to inclement weather conditions.

Our products are designed and supplied to exact build fit and specification which allow the speed up of the build process and the components allow immediate site and finishing access following installation providing a solid footing - meaning no delays for follow-on trades.

Milbank concrete is always perfectly mixed and offers superior strength and durability to traditional wet concrete. It is quicker than in-situ mould construction and pouring and can be made into any shape.  It is fireproof and will not melt at high temperatures along with being tough and durable with excellent exposure properties.  It is wholly resistant to insect, pests, vermin attacks, fungus and mildew.  It is completely recyclable and all precast units can be re-used in their entirety at the end of their life.”


Hollowcore Floors

Milbank Hollowcore floors are prestressed concrete units with tubular voids extending the full length of the slab creating an efficient lightweight unit.  This makes the slab much lighter than other floor slabs of equal thickness or strength.  Reduced weight lowers transportation costs and saves on the cost of the material.  They are typically used in the construction of upper floors in apartments/flats, commercial buildings and larger houses.  Milbank hollowcore floors are available in 150mm, 200mm and 250mm deep units.

Beam & Block Flooring

There are many benefits to using a beam & block flooring system, the biggest of which being it is fast, cheap and simple to install with no special skills required.  Our concrete beams come in 155mm and 225mm deep prestressed options and are available in lengths of 1-6m in 50mm increments. By varying the concrete beam centres during construction this kind of concrete flooring offers a quick and economical solution for a wide range of problems both at ground and upper floor levels.

Warmfloor Pro Concrete Flooring

Milbank WarmFloor offers homebuilders a simple and cost-effective solution to quickly construct a thermally insulated ground floor giving reduced initial construction costs and lowering heating costs making a compelling alternative to a standard beam and block floor.

The floor is easily assembled using lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks fitted between our standard Milbank pre-stressed concrete beams (either 155mm or 225mm deep) and then finished with a structural concrete screed.

Bespoke Precast Concrete Products

Milbank manufactures a wide variety of bespoke precast concrete components, up to 15 tonnes, in our modern purpose built factories. We work together with clients from industries including Commercial and Residential Construction, Rail, Health, Energy, Environmental and Public Sector to name but a few. Whatever industry you work in, we’re confident that we can provide the bespoke precast concrete products you need today.


Milbank offers a range of precast concrete balcony types to suit your project requirements.  All our balconies are designed by our in-house design team and manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards.  When designing the precast concrete floors for a project, Milbank will take into consideration the design of the balconies.

Spiral & Helical Stairs

Milbank’s expertise has been commissioned for staircase installations in some of the most prestigious venues in the UK. Working with architects, engineers and designers we have achieved stunning, durable precast spiral staircase installations. Today, the versatility of precast concrete, together with innovative engineering and finishing processes allows us to create bespoke spiral staircases that are both visually pleasing and exceptionally resilient. Utilising leading Northern European manufacturing technology, our palletised formwork and precast shuttering system ensures the finish is of the highest quality.

Stairs & Landings

Milbank are specialists in precast concrete stair and landing design and manufacture  With an experienced team and a dedicated production facility we produce both simple and standard flights as well as complex bespoke units. We design and provide stair solutions specific to each project liaising with the client or their design team to reach the right solution.

Ground Beams

Milbank Ground Beams provide a great alternative to traditional foundations and we manufacture specific ground beams for a number of leading contractors.  Often ground beams are designed to support brick or block work and can be used to form a permanent shutter to the edge of an in-situ concrete floor slab.  They are generally square or rectangular in section however notches, sloping faces and end details can also be incorporated.

Concrete Stadium Construction

Most modern stadia are constructed using steel structures with precast concrete to form the terracing, walling, stairs and circulation areas.  Concrete frame structures comprising beams, columns, walls, floors, stairs and other elements can be used for a wide variety of applications including multi-storey car parks, retail and leisure developments, offices, schools, hospitals, etc.  These structures can be built entirely from precast concrete but more commonly will be of hybrid construction comprising in-situ concrete or steel elements together with precast components.

Sea Defences

Our coastline is very valuable for both economic and social reasons, but it is a varying environment that naturally evolves through coastal erosion and flooding processes. Whether the requirement is complete wave walls or copings to refurbish existing defences, Milbank provide high-quality precast concrete blocks to resist natural processes such as wave action and sediment movement. Milbank also work with the Environment Agency in supplying Canewdon blocks which are often laid in grid formation at the toe of the sea wall.

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Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the Milbank Precast Concrete website or via the BPi Download Library.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1. Milbank WarmFloor Pro Brochure 2019
insulated thermal ground flooring, thamally insulated ground floor systems

Published [01/03/19]File size [5931 KB]

Milbank Demolition of Precast Concrete Units
Milbank Prestressed Flooring Units, Demolition

Published [12/05/19]File size [255 KB]

Milbank Exposure Classes for Prestressed Floor Units
Prestressed Floor Units

Published [07/06/18]File size [53 KB]

Milbank Fire Resistance of Precast Units
Beam and Block Floors, Hollowcore Floors, Precast Stairs and Landings

Published [19/06/18]File size [66 KB]

Milbank Hollowcore PS Plank
Hollowcore Floor units, Hollow Core floor slabs planks

Published [07/06/18]File size [557 KB]

Milbank Method Statement 2018
Precast Concrete Beam and Block Floors, Hollowcore Floors, Precast Stairs, Landings and Purpose Made Units

Published [19/06/18]File size [909 KB]

Milbank Precast Fixing Guide
Spit fixings for precast concrete and hollowcore concrete sections and floor slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [2092 KB]

Milbank PS-150H 2014
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [56 KB]

Milbank PS-150L 2014
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [58 KB]

Milbank PS-150L U Values
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [35 KB]

Milbank PS-200 2014
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [56 KB]

Milbank PS-200 U Values
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [35 KB]

Milbank PS-250 2014
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slabs

Published [19/06/18]File size [56 KB]

Milbank Standard Health & Safety Attendances
PRECAST FLOORING FEDERATION STANDARD HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE ATTENDANCES This document forms part of and should be read in conjunction with the PFF Code of Practice for Safe Erection of Precast Concrete Flooring The Precast Flooring Federation.

Published [19/06/18]File size [42 KB]

Milbank Structural Concrete Toppings
Insitu Structural Concrete Toppings For Composite Precast Floor Construction

Published [12/05/19]File size [38 KB]

Milbank T155 Beam & Block Datasheet
Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring

Published [19/06/18]File size [288 KB]

Milbank T225 Beam & Block Datasheet
Precast Concrete Beam and Block Floors

Published [19/06/18]File size [289 KB]

Milbank Terracing Precast Concrete Case Study
Precast Concrete Terracing at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre, stadia stadium terraces

Published [05/06/18]File size [1939 KB]

WarmFloor Pro Datasheet May 2018
Insulated Concrete Floor Systems

Published [25/04/19]File size [1186 KB]

BEAMS Precast Concrete .
BEAMS Prestressed .
BLOCKS Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Infill .
DEMOLITION Prestressed Flooring Units .
FIXINGS For Concrete .
FIXINGS For Concrete Hollowcore Concrete Sections
FIXINGS For Concrete Precast Concrete Products
FLOOR BEAMS Concrete .
FLOOR BEAMS Concrete BS 8110
FLOOR BEAMS Concrete Prestressed Concrete
FLOOR SLABS Precast Concrete .
FLOOR UNITS HOLLOWCORE Hollowcore Prestressed Concrete
FLOOR UNITS HOLLOWCORE Hollowcore Slabs Panels Planks
FLOOR UNITS SOLID Precast Concrete Slabs Panels
FLOOR UNITS SOLID Precast Concrete BS 8110:1985 Part 2 Slabs Panels
FLOORING Systems Beam and Block Flooring
FLOORS Hollow Block Floors
FLOORS Hollowbeam .
FLOORS Hollowcore .
FLOORS Precast Concrete .
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and EPS Panels / Slabs
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and EPS Panels / Slabs Thermally Efficient
FLOORS Precast Concrete BS 8110 Part 1/2 1985
FLOORS Precast Concrete Hollow Block
FLOORS Precast Concrete Hollowcore
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring .
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring BS 8110:1985
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Expanded Polystyrene Block Panel
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Insulated Floor Systems
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Polystyrene Core Panels / Slabs
FLOORS Precast Concrete Beam and Block Flooring Prestressed
FLOORS Prestressed Concrete .
FLOORS Prestressed Concrete BS 8110:1997
FLOORS Prestressed Concrete Hollowcore
GROUND FLOOR SYSTEMS Precast Beam and Slab Insulated
GROUND FLOOR SYSTEMS Precast Beam and Slab Insulated Beam and EPS Panels / Slabs
LANDINGS Precast Concrete .
PRECAST CONCRETE Purpose Made Bespoke Products .
SPIRAL STAIRCASES Precast Concrete .
STADIUM Terracing Precast Concrete Stadia Terraces
STADIUM Terracing Stadia Terraces
STAIRCASES Precast Concrete .
STAIRCASES Precast Concrete BS 8110
STAIRCASES Prefabricated Precast Concrete
SPIT Fixings
WARMFLOOR Insulated Floor System
WARMFLOOR PRO Insulated Floor System

The Milbank Group assist ECRC with new storage container

April 2019

Providing continual support to the local community

The Milbank Group prides itself on not only employing, training and developing our people but also supporting our local community in any little way we can.

In light of this, we were recently contacted by the Earls Colne Recreation Club (ECRC) to see if we would be able to assist with the installation and positioning of a storage container. The recommissioned shipping container was acquired to help with the storage of and easy access to the clubs sporting equipment and furniture.

On the 13th of March one of our dedicated installation fixing teams spared a day from their busy schedules to help build the base, comprising of both concrete and our tried-and-tested beam and block flooring system, outside the club’s gym and a ramp leading from the existing path into the container.

With the assistance of Cadman Cranes (also part of the Milbank Group) and Woodland Logistics (Milbank’s trusted haulage provider), a container was collected from Gosfield airfield and taken to the location at ECRC. The container was then lifted into place on the 19th of March.

All materials and labour were generously supplied by Milbank Concrete Products with logistic and lifting support from Cadman Cranes and Woodland Logistics.

This project continues to demonstrate our commitment to the local community and we hope all at ECRC are pleased with the donation. Sue Freear, Manager of the ECRC, was delighted to receive the keys on Friday 5th April from Philip Maxwell, Operations Manager at Milbank Concrete Products.

Milbank launch official brochure & installation guide for WarmFloor Pro

March 2019

At Milbank Concrete Products, we are on a mission to change the way builders and developers think about flooring. With cost-cutting, time-saving and exceptional thermal efficiency in mind, we would like to introduce you to WarmFloor Pro, the new and improved insulated concrete flooring solution.

What’s WarmFloor Pro? WarmFloor Pro is suitable for almost any structure, but is most commonly used in housing, from single dwellings to complete housing developments. Without the need for any specialist tools or skills, installation is efficient and streamlined whilst minimising waste and emission rates.

It works by combining rigid insulation modules manufactured from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS panels) which are laid in-between our prestressed concrete beams (either 155mm or 225mm deep) with an EPS top sheet, damp proof membrane and structural concrete topping. Effectively, it’s a beam and block flooring system specifically redesigned to save you money.

To download our official WarmFloor Pro Insulated Thermal Flooring brochure (including step-by-step installation guide) please go to our website.

If you are interested in learning more about this revolutionary system, or would like to contact us directly about an enquiry you may have or for anything else, its or 01787 223931.

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