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MONO PUMPS first began manufacturing progressing cavity pumps in 1935 and our heritage is built on this world-renowned design.  We have continued to engineer industry-leading pump ranges for over 70 years, together with our other recognized brands for grinders, screens and packaged pumping systems. 

We have a proven history of providing quality products with an unrivalled service, and we are passionate about providing the right solution for your business. 

Mono’s heritage is built on the progressing cavity pump principle: a single helix rotor that revolves eccentrically inside a double helix stator, creating a continuously forming cavity as it rotates.  This world-renowned design is complemented by our other product ranges of rotary lobe pumpsgrindersscreensparts for pc pumps and pump systems.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in Mono becoming the first progressing cavity pump manufacturer to be certified to ISO 9001, with the latest achievement to the upgrade quality management system ISO 9001:2008.  Our most recent award is to the ISO 14001 certification.

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Packaged Systems

By combining the benefits of the Mono progressing cavity pumping principle with the benefits of a macerator, grinder or screen, we can offer you a range of packaged systems suitable for your application. The Grifter packaged pump stationCompact Mutrator and Munchpump finely macerate and pump sewage from collection sumps for transfer to the main sewer or treatment plant.  Mono packaged pump stations can be installed into existing pump houses, or supplied as a pre-assembled package with insulated G.R.P. enclosure, containing all pump, Muncher, macerator and control equipment.The Discam is a unique new grinder and screen package, which offers a much more effective and low maintenance alternative to handling screenings than conventional systems.


The Grifter has been designed to meet the ’domestic’ users requirements for handling raw sewage at remote cottages and service facilities. Consisting of a tri-hammer macerator and Mono CP pump, this product is available as a pump unit only or as a packaged pump system. The use of a single motor drive directly coupled to the pump gives lowest possible design/construction costs.

The pump system features duty and standby pumps, complete with all necessary pipework and factory assembled in a GRP kiosk. Integrally assembled below the pump kiosk is a glass fibre reinforced collection sump. The whole unit is delivered to site ready to install.  Site preparation simply requires a hole dug, foundation slab and power input.


The Mono Mutrator has various design options to suit your application for handling waste water.  Mutrators can be installed either vertically or horizontally to give lowest possible design/construction costs with various drive options for correct pump speed. 

Utilising a Mono progressing cavity pump, together with a tri-hammer macerator, the pump lifts the raw sewage from the sump into the cutting chamber for maceration and then pumps away to the main gravity sewer.  When the pumping cycle ends, unmacerated material falls back into the sump, clearing the suction pipe for the next duty run.

The Compact Mutrator unit is a complete sewage pumping station in a GRP kiosk, ready to be installed and operational within 2 hours of delivery. The GRP kiosk contains duty and standby Compact Mutrator sewage pumps, an integral control panel and the system is completely pre-plumbed and pre-wired and ’ready to run’.


The Mono Munchpump package consists of SB or TR Munchers with Mono progressing cavity pumps for sewage and sludge maceration and pumping. The twin shaft, low speed, high torque grinder has very low energy consumption - in some cases it can be as much as 50% lower than a comparable submersible pump system.

Pump capacity can be limited, to offer a controlled feed, which helps improve effluent loading into a small treatment plant. Being a positive displacement pump, head is independent of speed, therefore very low pump speeds can be selected to reduce abrasive wear, lowering ongoing maintenance costs.

The efficient maceration of sewage also eliminates the need to screen inflow and the associated labour costs for handling and disposal of screenings.



Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the Mono-Pumps website or via the BPi Download Library.




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June 2014


The new Mono dosing pump provides a smooth pumping action with no pulsation and very low shear. The pump is ideal for either intermittent or continuous dosing duties in high pressure, low flow applications, and represents a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the more expensive gear pumps traditionally used for these types of duties.

The new dosing pump offers many advantages, not least of which is the option to transfer low flows at high pressure (up to 72 bar/1044 psi). With no valve components (reducing the number of wearing parts), blockages are eliminated and the working pump life is extended. Stators are available in a variety of different materials, and their flexible and resilient operating characteristics enable the pump to handle a wide variety of applications, and again, increase the pump’s resistance to wear. When maintenance is required, it can be completed without the need for any specialist skills, thereby maximising uptime.

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards, the modular design of the new dosing pump allows the four models in the range to cover performance requirements from 25 litres per hour (0.11 USGPM) and 72 bar pressure (1044 psi), up to 1,250 litres per hour (5.5 USGPM) and 12 bar pressure (174 psi). All the pump components, with the exception of the body, coupling rod and suction chamber are supplied in stainless steel as standard, and have the option for internal pump components to be supplied in Hastelloy, which allows the pumps to be used in severe chemical environments. Other optional features include a range of fixed or variable speed drives with mechanical variable speed or frequency inverter.

“This pump builds on the success that our Compact C range has enjoyed to date,” says Mono’s European Sales Manager, Mr Ian Horton. “The pump also shares a number of components with the small Compact C pumps, which reduces the need for stockholding and provides extra flexibility for interchangeability of parts. Together with high reliability and low maintenance requirements, the new dosing pump delivers many benefits for dosing or metering applications.”

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