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Whether you are looking for hinges, roofing or façade fasteners or other structural systems, SFS intec products have all been designed with quality, performance and ease of installation in mind. Based in Leeds, where fasteners have been manufactured for over 120 years, SFS intec UK can offer architects, designers, consulting engineers and contractors a proven commitment to product quality, innovation, bespoke technical solutions and efficient service.

SFS are the only EU manufacturer of stainless steel construction fasteners in various steel grades. We provide carbon, A2, A4 and A5 fasteners. We support architects in specifying the right product for the application and sustainability and aesthetic attributes required. Our products use austenitic stainless steel to ensure that the buildings they are used on won’t fail due to corrosion. 

Our Product rage consists of:

Building Envelope

Pitched Roofing and Facade

  • Single & twin skin construction - A new generation of stainless steel self-drilling fasteners. Our answer to the emerging challenges in industrial light construction is a new range of stainless steel drilling fixings. These components offer enormous benefits.
  • Standing Seam and Secret Fix - Easy installation of halters for standing seam roofs. SDK fasteners, specially developed for halters, leave nothing to be desired in terms of ease-of-use and long term security.
  • Composite Panels - Fast and comfortable fixing of composite panels. SFS intec offers the answer with the SXC family. These fixings fulfil a host of requirements.
  • Steel and timber construction - Simple, reliable fixing in high tensile steel. Increasing demands in terms of security and product durability increasingly call for the use of high quality steel fasteners in industrial construction.
  • Rivets - Efficient fastening solutions for thin metal sheet applications with our range of Multi range blind rivets and Folding blind rivets BULB-TITE®
  • Tools & Accessories - Time is money; especially on site. That’s why productivity-improving installation tools have always been a feature of the SFS intec service package.

Flat Roof

  • isotak® system  - For attachment of membrane and insulation reducing thermal bridging in flat roof and cold storage construction applications.
  • isoweld® system - Innovative induction welding system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membrane.
  • isofast® system - a fully metallic system consisting of special fasteners and stress plates for fastening membranes and insulation to a range of substrates.

Structural Connections

  • TDBL nonut® -  for secure steel-to-steel connections in diverse fields of application - a fastener without a NUT!
  • MULTI-MONTI® -  an innovative and secure anchorage bolt for concrete and walling.



  • Hinges for PVC - Our PVC hinge product range is specially matched to the needs of the end user. We offer both standard PVC hinges and also PVC hinges for special applications. Our PVC hinge portfolio includes the Dynamic 2D, Dynamic 3D and Estetic 2D.
  • Hinges for composite - The new Dynamic 2D-C and Dynamic 2D-F hinges have the same benefits of the original Dynamic range for PVC-U doors, namely great aesthetics, adjustability, security and durable performance.
  • Hinges for timber - Quality, performance, load support strength and modern design are the hallmarks of our door and window hinges for the timber market. 
  • Hinges for steel - Inspired by the latest trends, SFS intec has introduced a complete programme of hinges for steel and aluminium doors. The Just 3D for steel frames and the Dynamic 3D for aluminium head up this range.


  • MC - Mechanical Corner Fixing System. The competitiveness of a timber window can be improved drastically with single part production. The special features of the new MC fixing system for the mechanical corner fixing contribute decisively to the economic efficiency of this new manufacturing technology.
  • Accessories and fitting tools - SFS intec offers hinge covers, slip-over heads, milling guides, drilling patterns, gauges and all sorts of other useful installation aids to help make the most of SFS intec hinges.

Window Installation Systems

  • JB-D® - The JB-D® installation system allows for scheduled, accurate window and doorset installation in accordance with RAL guidelines and accommodates all dead and imposed loads. Used for aluminium, timber and PVCu windows, the system is ideal for high rise residential and commercial buildings.
  • Frame Fixings - Our SPTR range of fasteners provide fixing and adjustment solutions for our window installation systems for all substructures and our FB range of frame fixings can be used without plugs on window frames. These fixings allow easy installation of window frames in various walling materials. 

From John O’Groats to Lands End, we’ve supplied products for new and refurbished projects throughout the UK.

SFS intec aims to increase awareness of all aspects of construction from building envelope to hinge technology, take a look at our range of CPD seminars:


Further detailed technical information can be found in our catalogues, brochures and technical data in our Download centre or in our BPIndex library.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

SFS Designers Guide October 2015
stainless steel fasteners and sealants

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SFS Dynamic 3D 20mm

Published [17/11/17]File size [1734 KB]

SFS Dynamic Hinge Brochure
pivotal hinges, door hinges

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SFS Flat Roofing Catalogue UK 2017
fastening system tools & accessories

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SFS Isotak BS 4,8 Fastener Brochure 2018
The SFS isotak® fastening system was launched more than ten years ago for the mechanical fastening of waterproof membrane and insulation to flat roof decks. An important component of the overall system is the BS-4,8 self drilling fastener for use with steel decks.

Published [04/06/18]File size [349 KB]

SFS Multi MONTI-S Concrete Screw
anchor screw for concrete and masonry

Published [17/11/17]File size [876 KB]

SFS Pivot Hinges Brochure
pivot door hinges

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SFS Powder Coating 2017 Brochure
Warranted powder coated fasteners from SFS

Published [03/07/18]File size [4972 KB]

SFS SLG S Fastest and Safest Fastener INFO
No-Drill Side impact and edge profile fixings

Published [17/11/17]File size [2438 KB]

SFS TDBL Nonuts 2017 Brochure
A fastener that secures steel-to-steel connections in diverse fields of application without a nut

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SFS TUF S Brochure 2018
TUF-S fastener - a concealed, secure and easy attachment fixing solution for HPL or fibre cement panels.

Published [04/06/18]File size [3263 KB]

SFS W Tec 3D Combo Concealed Hinge
concealed hinges

Published [17/11/17]File size [7233 KB]

ANCHORS Screw CE Marked ETA European Technical Approval
ANCHORS Screw Stainless Steel Self Tapping for Concrete
CLADDING SUPPORT SYSTEMS Cladding Fixings Rainscreen Fasteners Fascia Panel Anchors Brackets
CLADDING SUPPORT SYSTEMS Cladding Fixings Stainless Steel Coloured Heads
DOOR Hinges .See Also HINGES:
FASTENERS Carbon Steel .
FASTENERS Carbon Steel Hammer Fixing
FASTENERS Carbon Steel Self-Drilling
FASTENERS CE Marked ETA European Technical Approval .
FASTENERS Coloured Heads .
FASTENERS Coloured Heads Powdercoated RAL Colours
FASTENERS Coloured Heads Powdercoated Stainless Steel
FASTENERS Coloured Heads Powdercoated Steel
FASTENERS Edge Strip No-Drill
FASTENERS Fascia Panel .
FASTENERS Membrane Thermally Broken
FASTENERS Self-Drilling Self-Coring .
FASTENERS Self-Drilling Self-Coring CE Marked
FASTENERS Self-Drilling Self-Coring FM Approved
FASTENERS Self-Drilling Self-Coring Membranes and Insulation to Roof Decks
FASTENERS Self-Drilling Self-Coring Steel Decks
FASTENERS Sidelapping .
FASTENERS Stainless Steel .
FASTENERS Stainless Steel 316 Austenitic Steel
FASTENERS Stainless Steel NBS Plus
FASTENERS Stainless Steel Self-Drilling
FASTENERS Steel to Steel Self Threading / Self Tapping
FASTENERS Tamper Proof SR1 Security Rating .
FIXINGS Edge Strip No-Drill
FIXINGS For Claddings .
FIXINGS For Concrete .
FIXINGS For Insulated Panels .
FIXINGS For Insulation Insulation Anchors Fasteners
FIXINGS For Metal Decks .
FIXINGS For Profiled Metal Sheets .
FIXINGS For Roofing .
FIXINGS For Roofing Flat Roofing Fastening Systems Concrete Decks
FIXINGS For Roofing Flat Roofing Fastening Systems Metal Decks
FIXINGS For Roofing Flat Roofing Fastening Systems Timber Decks
FIXINGS For Roofing Pitched Roofs
FIXINGS For Roofing Single Ply Membrane Roofing Systems
FIXINGS For Sandwich Panels .
FIXINGS For Standing Seam Halters .
FIXINGS For Steel .
FIXINGS For Trapezoidal Profiles .
HINGES Aluminium Doors .
HINGES CE Marked .
HINGES Coloured .
HINGES Coloured Powdercoated Finishes
HINGES Composite Doors .
HINGES Concealed .
HINGES Concealed Narrow Profile Doors
HINGES Concealed Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Colours
HINGES Fire Door .
HINGES Fire Door Concealed Hinges
HINGES Fire Door EI 1e2 60 Certified
HINGES Invisible Blade .
HINGES Pivot .
HINGES Pivot Door
HINGES PVC-u Doors .
HINGES Security Approved Document Q Compliant
HINGES Security BS 6375 Secured by Design PAS 24
HINGES Steel Doors .
MASONRY FIXINGS Stainless Steel .
RIVETS Aluminium .
RIVETS Carbon Steel .
RIVETS Colour Co-Ordinated / Colour Matched .
RIVETS Coloured Heads Powdercoated Aluminium
RIVETS Coloured Heads Powdercoated RAL Colours
RIVETS Coloured Heads Powdercoated Stainless Steel
RIVETS Coloured Heads Powdercoated Steel
RIVETS Peel Type .
RIVETS Stainless Steel .
SCREWS Carbon Steel .
SCREWS Concrete .
SCREWS Hammer-In .
SCREWS Self Drilling .
SCREWS Stainless Steel .
SCREWS Steel .
WINDOW FABRICATION Corner Fixing Systems .
EASY 3D Hinges
IRIUS Coloured Headforms for Cladding Fasteners
ISOFAST Flat Roof Fasteners
ISOTAK Thermally Broken Fasteners
ISOWELD Flat Roof Fasteners
JB-D Window Installation Systems
JUST 3D Hinges
MULTI-MONTI S Screw Anchor for Concrete and Masonry
TDBL NONUT Fasteners
TUC-S Panel Fixing Systems
TUF-S Panel Fixing Systems
W-TEC 3D Concealed Hinges

TUF-S, a single secret fix solution for Cembrit rainscreen panels

August 2018

Andy Stolworthy, Director of Product & Market Development at SFS, provides some insight into SFS's secret fix solution for Cembrit's 8mm fibre cement rainscreen panels.

Installing Cembrit fibre cement rainscreen panels as thin as 8mm using mechanical secret fixings just became quicker, easier and safer for installers to use thanks to the innovative new range of TUF-S rivets by SFS.

Extensive testing by SFS has demonstrated how TUF-S challenges the convention that installers need to use different fasteners for different panel materials and thicknesses. Until now, no other rivet of this kind has provided a reliable secret fix for panels manufactured in both HPL and fibre cement.

Fully tested and approved by Cembrit:
The performance of TUF-S for 8mm Cembrit panels was proven by SFS through a series of load tests conducted in our SFS laboratory in Switzerland. This allowed for a set of technical values to be calculated to enable façade engineers to easily determine the number of fasteners and clips required to accommodate different locations, wind loadings, etc. This provided Cembrit with total assurance of our product in the UK market.

Ged Ferris, UK Marketing Manager, says: “We are pleased that SFS have developed an innovative mechanical secret fix system for use with the standard 8mm thick rainscreen cladding boards. Designed and tested by SFS for use with fibre cement cladding, the combination of SFS's TUF-S and Cembrit boards creates an attractive façade, uninterrupted by visible fixings, that will appeal to rainscreen cladding specifiers throughout the UK.”

The TUF-S range is designed to eliminate the risk of overtightening which can ruin the aesthetics of a façade and result in very costly damage. It consists of nine variants of A4 stainless steel fixings, with a carbon steel mandrel, that can be used to secure a range of panel thicknesses to the rainscreen support clips using the GESIPA Powerbird Pro tool. The rivet’s design provides a wide range of installation benefits to save time and money, and deliver a safer, better quality overall result.

Installation of TUF-S requires just a standard hole, with no need for complex undercutting – this provides the installer with the flexibility to drill new holes on site if required to accommodate unforeseen issues. The rivet also eliminates the risk of overtorquing, which can damage the rainscreen panels, and it has high pull-out values with no unwinding and uninstallation possible via a hex head.

Delighted to be working closely with Cembrit:
We’re delighted to have worked closely with Cembrit to provide them with a highly effective secret fix solution that will work across their different rainscreen panels. This development project is an excellent example of how SFS is able to create products with innovative unique features that provide OEMs with the assurances they need and address the most common issues faced by installers.

Find out more about TUF-S and watch our installation video with Cembrit's 8mm fibre cement panel and our TUF-S.

view our video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=lmmZIRo2vz8

For more information on TUF-S or any of our products please visit our website at www.sfsintec.co.uk or alternatively call us on
Tel: 0113 2085 500.


August 2018

Known in the industry for providing excellent technical support for building specification professionals, designers, installers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), SFS, the market-leading fastening systems manufacturer, continues to enhance its technical support to the industry and provide collaborative support to its partners. David Wigglesworth, MD of SFS UK, explains our strategy.

Collaboration is the key

At SFS, we firmly believe that manufacturers should work collaboratively across the whole construction supply chain throughout the life cycle of a building project. It's important for us to understand the design intent of a project so that we can advise on the best products to achieve the overall building design and performance required. Even the smallest of components, like the fixings or hinges, can complement or compromise the system chosen whether the attributes relate to the aesthetics, quality or performance of the design vision. We also realise that architects and designers can't know absolutely everything about every component of the build and that's why we have Specification and Technical Teams to understand the variables of each specific project and work closely with design teams to select the right product for the application at the design stage. Transferring this advice into project documents via the specification is essential to provide a robust design solution that can be tendered accurately and procured in line with the contractor’s programme.

Specification Support

Receiving key specification material from manufacturers is indispensable as they usually contain important technical information that could be overlooked if a specifier completes the specification in isolation. Plus it has the added benefit of saving specifiers a lot of time and makes data easier to incorporate into their own BIM files.

SFS can provide a range of practical resources such as product literature, technical documentation, BIM files, ETAs as well as the unique Project Builder software by NVELOPE for achieving the right solution for rainscreen support systems. SFS's Technical Team provide on-site pull-out tests and wind load calculations and can advise on technical issues to mitigate risks and ensure the best solution is chosen for a sustainable building envelope.

In the UK, SFS customers also benefit from a specification team which can advise on NBS clauses and ensure important specification issues such as corrosion risk, airtightness and meaningful warranties are fully addressed and that projects meet regulations and avoid costly rectifications.


We also believe that education and a continual cycle of education for designers and contractors will help to improve the specification and build process. SFS offers a new RIBA-approved CPD seminar programme, providing the latest technical insights into creating high quality and safe building envelopes. Five complementary CPD seminars are now available to book, which can be delivered at clients’ offices and are worth double points to RIBA Chartered Architects. All the seminars provide up to the minute technical information and guidance for designing-in longevity, safety, security, legislative compliance and client satisfaction.

With seminar topics including support systems for rainscreen cladding, envelope airtightness and thermal efficiency, fixing of warm roofs, designing roof safety systems and hinge technology, the CPD seminar programme utilises a wealth of technical know-how from right across the SFS Group.

Unique Training Facility

To offer a new dimension to its already world-class technical support, SFS has opened a unique new facility at its UK headquarters in Leeds.

The SFS Academy brings together the complete family of SFS fastening solutions, including its market-leading fasteners for roofing and cladding, Nvelope rainscreen support systems and Soter Safety Systems, in the context of a state of the art training and educational facility. Developed with accessibility and interactivity in mind, the SFS Academy is equipped with a wide variety of sample products for visitors to explore, supported by the technical story that lies behind them.

At the heart of the SFS Academy will be a comprehensive training programme which will be developed to provide structured learning for everyone in the supply chain.

But the SFS Academy is not restricted to SFS events. It is also open for the industry to use, with the conference and seminar rooms available for joint strategic initiatives offering seminar sessions across product or system themes and industry trends and developments.

The creation of the SFS Academy represents a major investment in the company’s UK operations, which has been based at the same site in Leeds since 1891. The Leeds base is key to the global SFS Group network, providing comprehensive technical, specification, sales and logistical support on the doorstep of British customers, as well as providing bespoke powder coating facilities for its products supplied to the UK market.

The SFS Academy perfectly encapsulates the new SFS family – SFS, Nvelope and Soter Safety Systems – with a superbly equipped platform to support specifiers, installers and OEMs. We’ve always led the market in terms of our customer support and this excellent new facility will extend that even further – we look forward to welcoming customers, suppliers and industry colleagues to the Academy over the coming months.

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