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For decades, one company Forticrete Masonry Products has led the creative and technological development of Concrete Masonry. Continually pushing back the boundaries, to create products which not only have structural integrity but which create the highest quality finishes. Forticrete’s manufacturing capability includes producing standard and bespoke products which can be used to create very intricate detailing in Masonry.

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Masonry blocks & decorative facing blocks:

A comprehensive range of decorative masonry blocks & facing blocks available in a wide choice of finishes and colours as Fairfaced, Textured, Split, Polished and Glazed, which are aesthetically effective as the internal or the external leaf of a masonry wall. There is also a broad range of shapes and sizes to enable creative designs.

Textured Masonry:

Textured Masonry adds a natural weathered appeal to the classic masonry finish and is available in 18 colours.

Splitface Masonry:

Emulating the rugged appeal of natural hewn stone available in 18 colours.

Polished Masonry:

A range of polished Masonry products that create various grades of finish on any building. Forticrete’s range includes Medici – a striking, distinctive polished marble effect, Venezia - a subtly burnished finish, and Florentine - a subtle polished finish. There is a wide range of colours available in the polished products.

Glazed Masonry:

Astra-glaze blocks are a glazed finish Masonry product suitable for use on any type of building. Available in different sizes and a vast range of colours. Astra-glaze offers ultimate design flexibility.

Precast Masonry:

Offers Designers and Clients a very flexible range of designs and products.

Further technical information is available on the Forticrete Website or on the BPi Download Library.

ARCHITECTURAL Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHITECTURAL Dressings Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
ARCHITECTURAL Dressings Cast Stone Purpose Made Bespoke
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Coloured
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Engraving Service
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Stack-Bonded Appearance .
ASHLAR MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BALUSTERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Bespoke
BLOCKS Aggregate .
BLOCKS Aggregate BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Aggregate Dense Aggregate
BLOCKS Aggregate Fairfaced
BLOCKS Aggregate Lightweight
BLOCKS Ashlar Appearance .
BLOCKS BS EN 771-3 .
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:1997
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-5
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Natural Chiselled Dressed Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Polished
BLOCKS Cellular Concrete .
BLOCKS Coloured .
BLOCKS Concrete .
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 300mm x 250mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 325mm x 280mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Sizes (Metric) Actual: 440mm x 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 75mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 90mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 100mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 140mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 190mm
BLOCKS Concrete by Thickness (Metric): 215mm
BLOCKS Concrete Coloured .
BLOCKS Concrete Dense .
BLOCKS Concrete Dense BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Concrete Fairfaced .
BLOCKS Concrete Fairfaced BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant BS 5628: Class 1
BLOCKS Concrete Fire Resistant Eurocode Euroclass A1
BLOCKS Concrete Glazed Face .
BLOCKS Concrete Purpose Made Bespoke
BLOCKS Concrete Slip .
BLOCKS Concrete Special Shapes .
BLOCKS Coursing .
BLOCKS Coursing Brick Format Units
BLOCKS Decorative .
BLOCKS Decorative Decorative Finish
BLOCKS Decorative Polished Terrazzo Finish
BLOCKS Decorative Profiled Face
BLOCKS Facing .
BLOCKS Facing Fairfaced Finish
BLOCKS Floor Beam Stop-End Lightweight
BLOCKS Foundation .
BLOCKS Foundation BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Glazed .
BLOCKS Hewn Appearance .
BLOCKS Light Reflective .
BLOCKS Masonry .
BLOCKS Masonry BS EN 771-3:2003
BLOCKS Masonry Coloured
BLOCKS Masonry Granite Faced
BLOCKS Masonry Marble Faced
BLOCKS Masonry Natural Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Masonry Paintgrade Finish / Painting Quality Surface
BLOCKS Masonry Stone Faced
BLOCKS Paintgrade Finish Smooth
BLOCKS Plain Finish .
BLOCKS Polished Finished .
BLOCKS Reveal .
BLOCKS Shot Blasted Finish .
BLOCKS Splitface Finish .
BLOCKS Sports Hall .
BLOCKS Textured Finish .
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-5:2003
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Weathered Appearance
BLOCKS Walling Concrete Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Weathered Appearance .
BRICKS Concrete .
BRICKS Concrete Polished Finish
BRICKS Concrete Coursing .
CAST STONE BS 1217:2008 .
CAST STONE Purpose Made Bespoke Architectural Features
CILLS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
CILLS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Retrofit
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Concrete CWCT Standard (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology)
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Concrete Natural Stone Appearance
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Rainscreen Systems .
COPINGS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
CORBELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
FABRICATIONS Concrete Block .
HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
JAMBS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
LINTELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
LINTELS Concrete Reinforced Masonry Faced Lintels
MASONRY Blocks .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:1997 Kitemarked
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-3:2003
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-5
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Dressings BS 1217:1997
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Dressings Kitemarked
MASONRY Dressings .
MASONRY Precast Coloured
MASONRY Precast Dressings
MASONRY Precast Purpose Made
MASONRY Precast Units
MASONRY Precast Units Blocks Polished
MASONRY Precast Units Decorative Finish
MASONRY Precast Units Glazed Face
MULLIONS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PIER CAPS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
QUOINS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
RAINSCREEN SYSTEMS Concrete CWCT Standard (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology)
RAINSCREEN SYSTEMS Concrete Natural Stone Appearance
STONE Reconstructed .
WALLING Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS EN 771-5:2003
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
AIRBLOC Ventilation Block
ARTFORM Precast Masonry
ASTRA-GLAZE Precast Masonry
BRONZINO Facing Blocks
CARRARA Facing Blocks
DCM Dense Concrete Masonry Blocks
ELEMENTIX EXPRESS Rainscreen Cladding
FAIRFACE Architectural Masonry Blocks
FIRENZE Facing Blocks
FRESCO Facing Blocks
GRANITO Masonry Blocks
HALLMARK Masonry Blocks
LINEAR Concrete Bricks
MASONCRETE Precast Masonry
MIDI BLOCK Lightweight and Dense Blocks
PISANO Facing Blocks
REGENCY Ashlar Masonry
ROMANO Facing Blocks
SPIRITO Facing Blocks
SPLITFACE Masonry Blocks
TEXTURED Architectural Masonry Blocks
TWINBLOCK Architectural Masonry Blocks
VERONESE Facing Blocks

DLA Architecture specify Forticrete masonry for Blackpool 6th form

August 2019

Decorative Regency Ashlar masonry blocks, Quoins and Copings from Forticrete, the UK's leading manufacturer of masonry products, have been specified for the redevelopment of Blackpool Sixth Form College, which provides advanced level education for 16-19 year old students across Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

The stunning college boasts state of the art facilities, including a new theatre with adjoining performing arts spaces, a learning resource centre, and new teaching provision for departments including Sciences, Maths and English. As architects for the project, DLA Architecture specified Forticrete's Regency Ashlar masonry in Bath colour, with the aim of creating a modern, crisp looking building which reflected the college's aspirations to support modern teaching practices and meet the needs and expectations of its pupils.

Stephen Hepworth, Associate at DLA Architecture, commented: "It was essential that we specified bold and contemporary products that provided a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to natural stone guaranteed to stand the test of time. Forticrete's decorative Cast Stone Ashlar blocks ticked all the boxes, and helped deliver the modern and stimulating finish we envisaged."

Alan Lloyd, Vice Principal Resources & Information Systems at Blackpool Sixth Form College, commented: "We are committed to providing our pupils with the ideal environment that they can not only work within, but ultimately enjoy and excel in. Following our extensive programme of redevelopment, the new campus does exactly that."

The design of the college boasts a natural palette of cast stone and timber which contrasts with the crisp clean lines of metal and glass panels. Repeating heavy cast stone 'fins' provide an earthly presence, anchoring the built form firmly to the ground, with lightweight infills of glass, metal and timber providing suitable counterpoints. In addition, the crisp lines of aerofoil blades to the critical elevations provides a level of modest concealment and solar shading. A landscaped buffer to the front of the college offers a soft natural setting for the new campus building whilst contemporary landscape interventions are created in the extensive courtyard for easy access across the site and social gathering spaces.

Forticrete Regency Ashlar is manufactured from high grade limestone and sandstone aggregates that have been chosen for their known performance and reliable quality. The cement, pigments and waterproofing agents all conform to their appropriate British or European Standard.

Forticrete Regency Ashlar is created from a homogeneous mix, without using a 'backing' material that ensures no undue stresses are built up within the unit. The major technical performance characteristics of Regency Ashlar exceed the requirements of BS 1217 and the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association specification.

Forticrete Masonry blocks in a Splitface finish

September 2018

Forticrete's concrete masonry blocks in a Splitface finish have been specified for the extension of a striking one bedroom, ground floor Victorian flat in Herne Hill, South London.

Situated on the main route that connects Herne Hill, Tulse Hill and West Dulwich, the bold extension converted the property into a two bedroom flat, utilising simple but characterful materials, providing a large, flexible space at the rear of the existing property.

Nimi Attanayake and Tim O'Callaghan, Co-Founders of Nimtim, commented: "Materially, the palette was driven by a very tight budget but also a brief to be bold and playful. For the exterior, to add a new modern layer to the traditional architecture of the property, we specified Forticrete's Splitfaced architectural masonry in Ivory - an extremely cost-effective alternative to natural hewn stone. The blocks highlight the new addition yet still references the existing property's masonry characteristics and the variety of texture in the original London Stock brickwork."

Forticrete's Dense Concrete Masonry blocks are manufactured using up to 45% recycled content, depending on the product selected. Part of the company's ECOBLOCK range of masonry, these decorative concrete facing blocks are available in various finishes, profiles and a wide variety of exciting colours to ensure that architects and specifiers have access to an array of sustainable yet attractive solutions that will help make any building stand out from the crowd.

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