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SIMONSWERK manufacture high performance and quality brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium hinges for many different applications in the door, window and conservatory markets. These include:


The TECTUS hinge range, specifically designed for unrebated residential and heavy-duty doors, is available in an unrivalled range of high quality surface finishes. Options include the Tectus A8 version for glass or laminate door designs with door fascias and claddings up to 8mm, the Tectus “Energy” system integrating permanent power transfer, the new Tectus FR fire rated range which incorporates the intumescent material within the hinge body and the Tectus TE 645 3D hinge which will carry door weights up to 300kg.

The latest addition to the award winning SIMONSWERK completely concealed TECTUS® hinge range, the TE 541 3D FVZ, allows for recessed frame facings up to 14mm with standard 4mm on the door side. This offset version for timber, steel and aluminium frames has a load capacity up to 100kg and as with all TECTUS hinges has three dimensional adjustments for perfect door alignment, presents flush fitting clean line design without visible frame, is maintenance free and has an opening angle up to 180°.

To assist with the fitting, SIMONSWERK offer Jigs and Templates on a loan basis.


TRITECH, the latest product from the renowned range of SIMONSWERK brass hinges incorporates the latest design features and offers a future proof ‘fit and forget’ product, with a 25 year performance guarantee. This solid brass hinge has high performance maintenance free concealed bearings, giving a weight carrying capacity of 160Kg – Grade 14.

All TRITECH hinges are available with CE marked and 60 or 30 minute fire rated options, 7 designer finials and size range of 100 x 75, 100 x 88, & 100 x 100mm. The comprehensive range of finishes now includes a corrosion resistant PVD finish ideal for entry hardware where doors have to withstand the many varied effects of weather.

All SIMONSWERK TECTUS fully concealed and these latest TRITECH hinges are designed to meet demanding specifications and are backed by their GAI award winning customer service.


SIMONSWERK manufacture a wide range of brass projection washered hinges and brass butt unwashered hinges. Our hinges are available in solid brass, aluminium, stainless steel, steel and a range of finishes such as polished, satin, chrome, antique bronze, special finishes are available upon request.

We also supply Ball Race hinges and our hinges can be supplied with a wide range of finials. SIMONSWERK hinges are suitable for low to high frequency situations such as residential, office, shops and public areas.


Steel and Stainless Steel, Single and Double action adjustable tension spring hinges for use on self closing doors. Our single action Steel Fire Rated hinge is suitable for use on FD30 Fire Doors tested within a timber doorset to BS EN 1634-1 2000.


Our High Performance security hinges prevent the removal of the hinge pins. SIMONSWERK Brass Conductor Butt Hinges are supplied with concealed transfer of wires from door to frame removing the need for an armoured loop which are usually exposed to vandals.

Our Anti ligature hinges are designed for safety in prisons and can be supplied with intumescent pads CE marked suitable for use on 1/2 hour fire doors.


SIMONSWERK manufacture a wide range of glass door hinges suitable for glass doors with glass thickness of 8 and 10 mm as well as rebated and unrebated frame designs using wood, steel or aluminium. With a load-bearing capacity of up to 80 kg.


Self closing hinges for applications such as toilet cubicles and internal flush doors. Available in stainless steel, steel or aluminium.


Suitable for a diverse range of applications SIMONSWERK supply Lift-Off, Back flap, Counter flap, Composite Door hinges, PVCu door hinges, welded hinges for steel doors and hinges for Bi-Folding doors.


SIMONSWERK also manufacture brass,aluminium and stainless steel Door stops, floor stops hold open spring loaded stops and commercial and residential aluminium letter plates and stainless steel flush bolts.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

1. Simonswerk HingeTechnology Issue 5
Hinges for Doors Windows Available in brass stainless steel, aluminium, nylon Our hinges are available as butt, fully concealed, adjustable, rising falling, parliament finial, projection, spring, for all types of doors including heavy duty security doors.

Published [23/02/18]File size [7631 KB]

2. Simonswerk TRITECH Solid Brass Hinges
Solid Brass Hinges

Published [23/02/18]File size [2213 KB]

3. Simonswerk TECTUS Energy Concealed Hinge
concealed hinge system TECTUS

Published [23/02/18]File size [2431 KB]

4. Simonswerk TECTUS SWUK GB
completely concealed hinge system

Published [23/02/18]File size [5138 KB]

Simonswerk BAKA Series 2000 / 4000 Protect
The adjustable hinge system for timber entrance doors

Published [21/02/17]File size [1826 KB]

Simonswerk Edge Pull Leaflet
Solid Brass edge pulls for use on drawers and various door types

Published [21/02/17]File size [2415 KB]

Simonswerk Siku 3D Adjustable Hinge
3D adjustable hinge system for PVCu entrance doors

Published [21/02/17]File size [834 KB]

Simonswerk Siku RB Knuckle Hinge
knuckle hinge system for PVCu entrance doors

Published [21/02/17]File size [965 KB]

Simonswerk TECTUS Energy Concealed Hinge
concealed hinge system TECTUS

Published [21/02/17]File size [2431 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT Compact
Hinge solutions with 3D-adjustment in the door leaf

Published [21/02/17]File size [2761 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT Door Hinge Care
Hinge systems to satisfy the most stringent requirements in health care facilities

Published [21/02/17]File size [831 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT Finger Protection
hinge system for doors with finger protection

Published [21/02/17]File size [502 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT Heavy Duty Hinge
HEAVY DUTY HINGE SYSTEM, Hinge systems for maximum loads of up to 400 kg

Published [21/02/17]File size [2004 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT VG Glass Door Hinge
VARIANT® VG The hinge system for glass doors

Published [21/02/17]File size [1392 KB]

Simonswerk VARIANT VX Hinges
Hinges for Heavy-Duty Doors

Published [07/03/16]File size [2548 KB]

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Simonswerk Bespoke solid brass hinge

February 2016

SIMONSWERK have designed a bespoke solid brass hinge for fitting to the highly innovative food and drink Tricycles from Ideas Box. Founded in 2000, Ideas Box offer unique and innovative attractions for the Leisure Industry and Corporate Events. Their Ice Cream Tricycles were present at the Downing Street Royal Wedding Street Party and can be customised with anything from ice cream, to candyfloss, popcorn, doughnuts or drinks such as Champagne & Pimms. SIMONSWERK UK manufactured the bespoke solid brass hinge in a variety of finishes to coordinate with the various tricycle designs.

Simonswerk Edge pulls

February 2016

SIMONSWERK UK have introduced a comprehensive range of solid brass edge pulls. With its simple modern design these new edge pulls are ideal for use on drawers, cabinets and various door types and will complement any style of furniture and room. The edge pull series is suitable for 18mm and 44mm+ profiles and is available in standard or bespoke lengths in a wide choice of finishes including an abrasion and tarnish resistant PVD. Edge pulls are the latest addition to an already extensive selection of SIMONSWERK hardware products which include door stops, letter plates and flush bolts. For further information email or visit

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