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Sulzer - Trusted Expertise in Domestic and Commercial Wastewater.

Sulzer has vast experience in the handling of domestic and commercial wastewater.

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We are dedicated to helping professionals design, select, install and service any type of wastewater system. At our disposal are all the solutions needed to keep a building running smoothly. Our extensive range of products includes:

  • Drainage pumps
  • Sewage pumps with Contrablock and vortex hydraulics
  • Prefabricated lifting stations for both internal and external installation
  • Solutions for monitoring and control.

These are the result of advanced R&D, built on an engineering heritage comprising over 100 years of pump design and installation. In total, Sulzer expertise means reliable and efficient pumping with minimized operating costs. Our solutions come with everything you need, ensuring easy, plug-and-play installation with a minimum of time and set-up.

Sulzer Pumps: Click to view our wide range of Pumping Solutions

As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, Sulzer provides a wide range of products for engineered, configured, and standard pumping solutions as well as essential auxiliary equipment. We are renowned for our state-of-the-art products, performance reliability and efficient solutions.

Sulzer Lifting Stations: Click to view our range

The range of pumps and prefabricated lifting stations provides an efficient, effective, and economical solution for the removal of wastewater.

Pump and lifting station accessories:

Our pumps and lifting stations come in standard versions and with optional features. Accessories to the pumps and lifting stations are also available and can be found on these pages.

Control and monitoring equipment:

In order to achieve optimal operation of different kinds of pumping stations, Sulzer designs pump controllers and control panels with powerful unique features built-in as standard. Sulzer also provides easy-to-use web-based control and monitoring solutions that are tailor-made for each type of pumping station within your wastewater collection network.

Submersible mixers:

Sulzer’s energy efficient submersible mixers are suitable for a wide range of applications in industry and municipal treatment plants. They provide the right solution to match mixing tasks for agitating, blending, mixing, dissolving and suspension of solids in industry and municipal treatment plants.

Solids reduction, separation and removal systems:

Management, control and removal of solids within waste streams is essential to the efficient operation of wastewater treatment systems and the protection of high risk pumping stations where there are significant consequences for failure. Sulzer’s product portfolio includes a full range of Muffin Monster® dual-shafted sewage grinders for solids reduction as well as screening, dissolved air flotation and auger systems for solids separation and removal.

Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the Sulzer website or via the BPi Download Library.




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1. Sulzer Domestic And Commercial Wastewater E10105
waste water systems, drainage pumps, sewage pumps with Contrablock and vortex hydraulics

Published [18/05/18]File size [1144 KB]

2. Sulzer Sales Program of Pumps Equipment E00543
Pumps Equipment, Pumping Stations, Industrial, Chemical and Oil Industry Process Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Sludge Pumps, Wastewater Pumps

Published [18/05/18]File size [4705 KB]

3. Sulzer Submersible Dewatering Pumps E10361
Submersible Dewatering Pumps

Published [01/08/18]File size [3797 KB]

4. Sulzer Desalination Pumping Solutions E00551
Pumping Solutions for Desalination and Water Reuse in Industry and Municipal Applications

Published [18/05/18]File size [3805 KB]

5. Sulzer AHLSTAR NV Vertical Pumps E10317
Non-clogging Vertical Line Shaft Slide Bearing Sump Pumps

Published [18/05/18]File size [1365 KB]

6. Sulzer AHLSTAR NK WK Vertical Pumps E10319
Non-clogging and WK Wear-resistant Vertical Sump Pumps

Published [18/05/18]File size [1361 KB]

7. SALOMIX and Scaba Side Mounted Agitators E10269
SALOMIX® and Scaba Side-Mounted Agitators

Published [05/02/18]File size [1808 KB]

8. Sulzer Wastewater Collection E10315
a global leader in pump and agitator design and manufacture, pumping stations, wastewater and stormwater

Published [21/05/18]File size [3077 KB]

9. Sulzer Wastewater Treatment E10316

Published [22/05/18]File size [2746 KB]

Control Panel Type ABS CP 112 & CP 212

Published [08/06/15]File size [147 KB]

Control Panel Type ABS CP 114

Published [08/06/15]File size [445 KB]

Control Panel Type ABS CP 116 & CP 216
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [143 KB]

FlowBoosters Type ABS SB E10369
Sewage and Industrial Flow Boosters

Published [22/05/18]File size [1149 KB]

FlowBoostersTypeABS XSB900 2750
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [1219 KB]

Lifting Station Type ABS Nirolift Materials
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [928 KB]

Lifting Station Type ABS Piranhamat 100 and 120
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [542 KB]

Lifting Station Type ABS Piranhamat 1002
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [713 KB]

Lifting Station Type ABS Piranhamat 701
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [581 KB]

Light Drainage Pump Type ABS Coronada 250
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [627 KB]

Light Drainage Pump Type ABS Robusta 200 and 300
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [667 KB]

Light Wastewater Pump Type ABS MF 154-804
Sulzer Pumps and Wastewater

Published [08/06/15]File size [1508 KB]

Pump Controller Type ABS PC 242

Published [08/06/15]File size [153 KB]

Pump Controller Type ABS PC 441 with ABS AquaProg

Published [08/06/15]File size [630 KB]

Submersible Grinder Pump Type ABS Piranha 08 - 110
Sulzer Pumps and wastewater pumping

Published [08/06/15]File size [652 KB]

Submersible Mixers Type ABS XRW480 XRW750 E10347
Submersibe mixers suitable for mixing and stirring applications in sewage treatment plants and industrial areas

Published [22/05/18]File size [481 KB]

Submersible Sewage Pumps Type ABS XFP

Published [08/06/15]File size [1318 KB]

Sulzer MPP High Performance Multi Phase Pump
Miltiphase Pumps (MPP) to pressure boost oil well effluent

Published [10/06/16]File size [1239 KB]

Sulzer Pump Controller PC242 E10358
Pump controller type ABS PC 242

Published [05/06/15]File size [1225 KB]

Sulzer Pump Controller Type ABS PC 211

Published [08/06/15]File size [629 KB]

Sulzer Pump Services
Pump servicing and Maintenance

Published [23/06/17]File size [5475 KB]

Sulzer ScabaTreatX
agitators to wastewater industry

Published [10/06/16]File size [213 KB]

Sulzer SMN Axially Split Casing Double Suction Pump E10153

Published [05/07/16]File size [1212 KB]

Sulzer Technical Review 2017 Brochure
Drinking Water Pumps

Published [03/07/17]File size [7681 KB]

Sulzer Turbo Compressor Type ABS HST20
Wastewater Turbocompressor Aerators

Published [27/06/16]File size [1644 KB]

Sulzer Your Insurance for Critical Stations E10553
A winning combination of pumps and sewage grinders for tough conditions

Published [22/05/18]File size [460 KB]

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Sulzer launches the Muffin Monster® and the Channel Monster®

May 2018

As the composition of wastewater changes, with an increased amount of tough solids, wastewater operators need extra insurance against blockage for critical pumping stations. Sulzer launches a new range of high-efficiency sewage grinders. Together with our innovative pump technology, they form a complete solution for handling today’s and tomorrow’s tough wastewater challenges – ensuring trouble-free operation and maximum uptime.

Sulzer introduces the SIL inline single stage centrifugal pump range

February 2018

The new SIL pump range was developed to meet the process requirements in various general and industrial applications. It is designed for clean liquid processes, using Sulzer‘s long experience and in-depth pumping technology knowledge.

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