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Keraflo have manufactured top quality, delayed action float valves in the UK for almost 30 years. Their Aylesbury™ range is synonymous with float valve excellence with tens of thousands of products in continual use in demanding domestic, commercial and industrial applications throughout the UK and around the world.


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The AYLESBURY™ Float Valve Range:

Aylesbury valves are designed to provide an accurate and efficient method of controlling the level of stored cold water in tanks, with and without raised float valve chambers. Manufactured in the UK in a Lloyds Register Quality Assured manufacturing facility, they are constructed to operate over long periods without the need for maintenance. In addition all Aylesbury Mechanical valves are WRAS approved and come with a 5-year warranty.

The valves are easy to install with an “up and over” discharge arrangement which assists in facilitating Type AA, AB, AF, or AG air gap requirements under the Water Regulations. The Aylesbury range is ideal for pumped systems as the open to closed “on/off” valve operation avoids pump hunting and water hammer. The set water level is unaffected by pressure fluctuation and there is no seat or washer to wear.

Main Products:

Aylesbury ‘K’ Type Float Valve:

  • Delayed Action Float Valve
  • Suitable for tanks without raised valve chambers

Aylesbury ‘KAX’ Type Float Valve:

  • Delayed Action Float Valve
  • Primarily for tanks with raised valve chambers

Aylesbury ‘KB’ Type Float Valve:

  • Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve
  • Suitable for tanks with or without raised valve chambers

Aylesbury ‘KP’ Type Float Valve Kit:

  • Fully Variable Delayed Action Float Valve, with brass-bodied flow control valve
  • Suitable for use with large tanks or high flow rates
  • Suitable for tanks with and without raised valve chambers

Tanktronic electronic tank management system:

  • Reports and controls the water level in cold water storage tanks
  • Reports temperature
  • Controls the filling of multiple tanks
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Remote alarms
  • Repeater unit, expansion module & battery module options

Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve:

  • Motorised filling valve
  • Optimised for use with the Tanktronic System
  • Compact size for in-tank fitting
  • Available for pipe sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2"

Sprinkler Tank Valves:

  • Mechanical Float Valve certified to LPS 2083
  • Suitable for tanks with or without raised chambers


Futher technical information is available to download from the BPi download Library or from the Manufacturer’s own website.

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UK’s 1st & only fully BRE tested, LPS-2083 Certified Sprinkler Tank Fire Valve

September 2021

Keraflo, the leading developers, designers and manufacturers of electronic tank management systems and delayed action mechanical float valves, are delighted to announce the launch of the UK’s first and only LPS1276 3.5.3 compliant Sprinkler Tank Fire Valve. When manufacturing a tank to LPS1276 3.5.3 standard, it is mandatory to use a valve to LPS-2083* to fill and maintain the level in an above ground suction tank for sprinkler systems. Fully tested and certified to LPS-2083, suitable for tanks with or without raised valve chambers, the FB Type Fire Sprinkler Tank Valves are the first products available on the market to comply with the LPCB’s Loss Prevention Standard LPS 2083.

Richard Braid, Keraflo MD comments: “Fire protection and fire spread reduction is such an important issue and one that as a sector we must get right by raising the bar in both Standards and top-performance, innovative, compliant products. As such, we’re delighted that this latest FB Type Fire Sprinkler Tank Valve, which has been subject to significant levels of investment in recent months, has successfully passed the testing by BRE to LPS2083 and is the only compliant product currently available to the market. Now, for any sprinkler tank to be signed off, it must have an approved valve. Failure to do so means that any tank manufacturer or contractor signing off the installation will be issued a non-compliance. As you’d expect, LPS calls for rigorous testing above and beyond normal testing – for example, one of the tests we’ve undergone, is the valve being heated for a staggering 6 months to replicate ageing.

“With added-value performance and installation benefits engineered into the product, three FB Type models are available – 1″, 2″ and 3″ – all fitted with ruggedised materials. The valve has a virtually indestructible core incorporating pressure compensated rotating ceramic discs with a non-wearing ceramic disc seal housed in a DZR brass body for extended durability. There are also flexible installation options, suitable for installation directly into a tank or raised valve chamber with a virtually unlimited range of opening and closing levels making it ideal for larger tanks.

“The exacting testing required by BRE has meant that we’ve been able to increase our already industry-leading 5-year warranty to an unprecedented 10-year warranty as standard. The launch of the FB Type Fire Sprinkler valves is a further endorsement of Keraflo’s commitment to providing Standard compliant solutions that offer the same failsafe, long-life operation that is the hallmark standard in mechanical float valves for the UK.”

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*The Requirements and Test Procedures for the LPCB Approval of Automatic Water Level Control Valves for use in Above Ground Suction Tanks for Sprinkler Systems” – published by BRE Global Ltd.

Cistermiser Keraflo aiming for a bigger splash as it declares ‘Our World is Water’

December 2017

Cistermiser Keraflo aiming for a bigger splash as it declares ‘Our World is Water’

Cistermiser Keraflo, the leading intelligent washroom controls and water efficiency specialist, has unveiled a new brand corporate identity as it gears up for growth with an extended and enhanced product portfolio.

The bold new logo styling reflects a dynamic approach towards the creation of innovative services and solutions to help manage the earth’s most valuable resource, a change that is captured in the company’s new strapline ‘Our World is Water’.

It follows significant investment in product development that includes new ‘information rich’ technologies to help customers better optimise their water management.

David Jones, Managing Director of Cistermiser Keraflo, said: “While some 71% of the earth is covered in water, we recognise it is our most precious resource. That’s why we’ve chosen to embrace new technologies that will enable us to help our customers have even greater control over their use of water and play a part today in conserving it for future generations.”

The company can point to over 35 years of heritage in which some fantastic products have been brought to market for both the Cistermiser and Keraflo brands, he said.

However, he added: “While our established core products will continue to play an important role in the company’s offering; with advances in technology and what you can do with it, we recognise there’s the opportunity to create exciting new products that harness the Internet of Things to deliver ‘added-value-plus’ solutions that are both practical and fit for the future.

“We will introduce intelligent products and services that are informative, that not only control the flow of water but also capture its usage and other data and provide detailed analysis.

“With these enhanced features we can help customers, from installers to facilities managers, to really take control to increase efficiency, cut their overall costs, reduce risk and, of course, manage this valuable resource in a sustainable way.”

To support this new strategy, Cistermiser Keraflo has strengthened the knowledge of its sales team with technical training and workshops.

The new ‘Our World is Water’ concept has been soft launched at a handful of exhibitions and conferences during late 2017 and will be widely promoted in the years to come.

David Jones said: “2018 promises to be one of the most exciting in the company’s history. We will be unveiling a number of new and enhanced products that will fuel our future growth, the majority of which have been designed and will be manufactured in our workshops at Reading, which, as a UK-based company, makes us proud.”

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