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Suppliers of: stainless steel worktops purpose made worktops stainless steel sinktops stainless steel kitchen cabinets purpose made stainless steel shelving, stainless steel sinks, purpose made urinals stainless steel, catering sinks purpose made

Stainless steel Sinks, Worktops, Cabinets, Panels, Shelving and Sanitaryware.

GEC Anderson® products are durable, hygienic, versatile and practical. They are skillfully produced from high-quality brushed satin stainless steel and are available in Standard, Modular and Made-to-Measure sizes enabling us to accurately match specific end-user requirements, budgets and timescales.

GEC Anderson® stainless steel products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards and have been widely used in domestic, commercial and public sector environments. GEC Anderson® was founded in 1962 and since this time, has been involved in a wide variety of projects - large and small. Some recent examples include St. Pancras Eurostar Terminal, Heathrow Terminal 5, Evelina Children’s Hospital, V&A Museum and very many other commercial and domestic premises including offices, laboratories, domestic kitchens, shops, hotels and surgeries.

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Sinks, worktops, cabinets, shelving and panels - made in any shape, size or configuration. Worktops are made without joins, to maximise use of available space, providing design freedom as well as total hygiene. EDGES are formed integrally with choice of lipped or square profiles with or without upstands. SINK BOWLS are seamlessly integrated with wide choice of sizes and configurations. CUT-OUTS eg. for appliances, tapholes etc. are made exactly where required. Stainless steel base, wall and drawer cabinets are also available as are panels, splashbacks and shelving.


A comprehensive range of stainless steel sanitary appliances, suitable for domestic, commercial or public use includes: WCs, Washbasins, Urinals, Baths, Wash Troughs, Drinking Fountains, Shelving, Mirrors, Sluice Sinks, Cleaners Sinks and Footbaths.


A highly versatile and economic, modular kitchen furniture system featuring hygienic, professional quality surfaces, sinks, cabinets and shelving. Units are available in 100mm sizing increments that provides great versatility combined with economy and rapid lead times. worktops stainless steel worktops purpose made worktops stainless steel sinktops stainless steel cabinets stainless steel shelving stainless steel sinks stainless steel urinals stainless steel sinks purpose made stainless steel wc stainless steel basins stainless steel baths stainless steel mirrors stainless steel wash troughs

AUTOPSY TABLES Sink Combined .
BAR Sinks Stainless Steel
BASINS Adjustable Height .
BASINS Anti-Ligature .
BASINS Anti-Vandal, Vandal Resistant .
BASINS Commercial .
BASINS Commercial Stainless Steel
BASINS Hand Rinse / Handrinse Finger Rinse
BASINS Healthcare Applications .
BASINS Healthcare Applications Clinical Wash-Hand
BASINS Healthcare Applications HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
BASINS High Security .
BASINS Hospital .
BASINS Industrial .
BASINS Medical .
BASINS Prisons / Custodial Environments .
BASINS Ranges .
BASINS Recessed .
BASINS Stainless Steel .
BASINS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
BASINS Stainless Steel/Glass .
BATHS Vandal Resistant .
BOWLS Stainless Steel .
CABINETS Base Units Stainless Steel
CABINETS Stainless Steel .
CABINETS Stainless Steel Purpose Made Made to Measure
CABINETS Wall Hung Stainless Steel
CATERING Cupboard Systems Stainless Steel
CATERING Cupboard Systems Stainless Steel Purpose Made
CATERING Preparation Tables Stainless Steel
CATERING Shelves Stainless Steel
CATERING Sinks Hygiene Unit
CATERING Sinks Mobile
CATERING Sinks Small Size
CATERING Tables Stainless Steel
CATERING Wall Cupboards Stainless Steel
CATERING Wall Shelves Stainless Steel
CATERING Wash Hand Basins .
CATERING Waste Disposal Units .
CATERING Waste Disposal Units Freestanding
CATERING Waste Disposal Units Sink Fitting
CATERING Worktops Stainless Steel
CLEANERS Sinks Stainless Steel
FABRICATIONS Stainless Steel .
HOSPITAL Endoscopy Troughs .
HOSPITAL Pathology Equipment Stainless Steel
HOSPITAL Plaster Sinks .
HOSPITAL Sanitaryware .
HOSPITAL Sanitaryware Healthcare HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
HOSPITAL Scrub-Up Troughs Healthcare HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
HOSPITAL Slop Hoppers Disposal Units .
HOSPITAL Sluices .
HOSPITAL Tables Stainless Steel
HOSPITAL Tables Stainless Steel Purpose Made
KITCHEN BASE UNITS Adjustable Height .
KITCHEN UNITS Adjustable Height Rise and Fall
KITCHEN UNITS Drawer Units .
KITCHEN UNITS Drawer Units Stainless Steel
KITCHEN UNITS Shelf Units (Open) Stainless Steel
KITCHEN UNITS Sink Units Adjustable Height
KITCHEN UNITS Sink Units Adjustable Height Hand Controlled
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel Commercial .
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel Purpose Made .
KITCHEN WORKTOP Support Columns Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN WORKTOPS Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN WORKTOPS Stainless Steel Purpose Made .
LABORATORY Sinks Stainless Steel
LABORATORY Sinks Stainless Steel Purpose Made
LITTER BINS Stainless Steel .
LITTER BINS Washroom .
MIRRORS Stainless Steel .
PRISON Cell Sanitary Fittings
PRISON Sanitaryware .
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications .
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DoH)
SANITARYWARE Hospital See Also SANITARYWARE: Healthcare Applications
SANITARYWARE Prisons / Custodial Environments .
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel .
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel In-Cell
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SHELVING Stainless Steel .
SHELVING Stainless Steel Made to Measure, Purpose Made
SHOWER TRAYS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
SHOWER TRAYS Stainless Steel .
SINK Accessories Stainless Steel
SINK Brackets .
SINK Gypsum Separators .
SINK Sand Traps .
SINK Support Columns Adjustable Height
SINK Supporting Structures .
SINKS Bucket .
SINKS Butler Stainless Steel
SINKS Canteen/Catering .
SINKS Catering .
SINKS Catering Hygiene Unit
SINKS Cleaners .
SINKS Custom Made .
SINKS Custom Made Stainless Steel
SINKS Healthcare Medical
SINKS Healthcare Medical DOH HTM 63
SINKS Healthcare Medical DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
SINKS Hospital .
SINKS Hospital Plaster
SINKS Hospital Stainless Steel
SINKS Hospital Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SINKS Hospital Sterilising
SINKS Janitorial .
SINKS Laboratory .
SINKS Scrub-Up Trough Hospital
SINKS Sink Bowls Catering
SINKS Sink Bowls Circular
SINKS Sink Bowls Drainer Combined
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel (Metric)
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel Commercial
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Domestic:
SINKS Sink Tops Domestic: Purpose Made Stainless Steel
SINKS Sink Tops Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl Double
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl with Half Bowl
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Multiple Bowls
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel Commercial
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel:
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: 1025mm x 550mm
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: 950mm x 490mm
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Corner Fitting
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Imperial Sizes
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: L Shape
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Non-Standard Sizes
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Purpose Made
SINKS Stainless Steel .
SINKS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SINKS Utility .
SINKS Wash Trough Stainless Steel
SLOP HOPPERS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
SLOP HOPPERS Stainless Steel .
SLOP HOPPERS Stainless Steel Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Reqs
SLUICES Floor Standing Stainless Steel
SLUICES Pedestal Stainless Steel
SLUICES Wall Mounted Stainless Steel
SPLASHBACKS Stainless Steel .
TOILET Suites Hospital
TOILET Suites Stainless Steel
TOILETS Anti-Ligature .
TOILETS Anti-Vandal .
TOILETS Disabled Use .
TOILETS Prisons / Custodial Environments .
TOILETS Prisons / Custodial Environments Integral Washbasin
TOILETS Stainless Steel .
TOILETS Stainless Steel Floor Standing
TOILETS Stainless Steel Wall Hung
TOILETS Vandal Resistant .
TOILETS Wall Mounted Wall Hung
TROUGHS SINKS Hand Washing .
URINALS Bowl Stainless Steel
URINALS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
URINALS Stainless Steel .
URINALS Stainless Steel Pod
URINALS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
URINALS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
URINALS Wall Hung .
URINALS Wall Hung Stainless Steel
VANITY BASINS Stainless Steel .
W.C. Pans Prisons / Custodial Environments
WASHING TROUGHS Stainless Steel .
WASHROOM ACCESSORIES Stainless Steel Accessories .
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel .
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel L Shape
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel Made to Measure
DECIMETRIC Stainless Steel Worktops
GEC ANDERSON Stainless Steel Worktops
SERIES A Sink Bowls
STORTIDY Kitchen Storage

GEC Anderson ‘Series A’ Sinks

May 2018

Leading developer of stainless steel solutions, GEC Anderson, has launched ‘Series A’, a new and comprehensive range of sink bowls offering superb aesthetics, functionality and high quality manufacture, together with great design flexibility.

The Series A bowls are designed for seamless integration (welding) into GEC Anderson purpose-made stainless steel worktops but are also available, individually, for inset, under-mount and flush-mount applications.

Series A bowls are manufactured to the highest standards, with a superb brushed satin finish and a clean linear appearance. They are available in an impressive range of sizes: 170, 340, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 700mm, making for a truly comprehensive choice. With flexibility in mind, each bowl can be combined with any other(s), to form combinations, doubles and trebles.
All Series A bowls feature the 12mm corner radius to maximise useable bowl volume and have a front-to-back dimension of 400mm. A 12mm corner radius also gives the sink bowls a clean and modern appearance.
Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “We have actually been waiting a long time for this series, which provides a number of true benefits to specifiers and users. The fact that they are all available with the full range of fixing options – integrated within custom stainless steel worktops, undermounted, inset or flushmounted offers real versatility. The sinks are likely, therefore, to appeal to a broad range of customers who may be considering various worktop materials.”
The A Series is competitively priced with the A50 (500x400x200mm), for example, retailing at £400, including VAT.
Series A bowls are available now. Visit for more information

About GEC Anderson
GEC Anderson has pioneered the development of stainless steel made-to-measure worktops for over 50 years. Today the company remains the leading developer of stainless steel solutions for public sector, commercial, industrial, institutional and domestic interiors.

The comprehensive and versatile product range combines dependable functionality, safety, strength, hygiene and low maintenance – with intrinsic beauty.

• Sinks and worktops, made-to-measure to meet the precise requirements of each project
• Cabinets and shelving, providing sleek, durable and hygienic solutions for all storage requirements
• Sanitary appliances, from WCs and urinals to washbasins and drinking fountains
• Specialist equipment for industry, such as cleaner’s sinks, sluices and plaster-room apparatus

All GEC Anderson products are backed by full technical and project support, including CAD detailing, site measurement and installation services.

GEC Anderson Stainless Steel For New Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex

May 2018

GEC Anderson Stainless Steel For New Omagh Hospital & Primary Care Complex

GEC Anderson stainless steel sinks, worktops, cabinets, shelving and splashbacks were specified throughout the recently completed Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex. The brand new, two story, hospital, comprises a total of eight buildings and provides a range of primary, secondary and community healthcare services. These include urgent care, imaging, clinical investigation and testing, GP services, operating theatres, endoscopy and cardiac assessment. Construction was by McLaughlin & Harvey, working to the design and specification of Todd Architects and Planners with Hall Black Douglas. The client is Western Health & Social Care Trust.

Many of the clinical areas feature GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops and splashbacks that comply with Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 63, relating to fitted storage and furniture within Hospitals. Generally, worktops were fixed to composite base cabinets but in many instances, stainless steel legs and supports were deployed. In certain areas, GEC Anderson stainless steel cabinets and shelving were also specified. GEC Anderson worked directly for the main contractor, providing a full measuring and installation service, within a strict six month time frame.

GEC Anderson are used to working in highly specialised environments, such as hospitals as well as Stations and Airports that also can have very specific and exacting requirements. Much of GEC Anderson’s other work is in domestic and residential kitchens where emphasis is very much on finish and appearance. The shear scale and complexity of this project required a highly disciplined and professional approach in order to fulfil its exacting demands, within the allotted timescale. The fully detailed and comprehensive specification, with drawings and data sheets, provided the necessary information from which GEC Anderson could work. This, combined with a highly effective teamwork and support from main contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey, enabled GEC Anderson to verify requirements and dimensions before proceeding to manufacture their bespoke units and then returning to site to install.

Managing director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, took a close personal involvement with the project. “This was a super project to have been awarded. It was very clearly specified and we could see, from the outset, that the hospital was to a very high standard. This is obvious when seeing the completed project but, at the initial costing through to construction stages, it is not always easy to appreciate the vision behind its design. Fulfilment of our contract was a challenge, not least due to the shear size of the project and the fact that we were working across all of the various [eight] buildings, simultaneously. A significant level of coordination with other suppliers was also necessary. However, the quality and availability of drawings and information, combined with the support received from the McLaughlin and Harvey team, enabled GEC Anderson to provide the specified units as they were required.”

GEC Anderson have been in the business of providing bespoke stainless steel products since 1962. Over this time, they have been involved in projects of all sizes. Examples include major hospitals, such as Omagh; multi apartment developments including The Barbican in London; airports, stadia museums, libraries, theatres and galleries; schools, colleges and universities; offices and retail spaces; but also individual domestic kitchens.

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