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wedi has been operating with success for nearly 20 years in the United Kingdom. However, in the past few years many competitors have appeared on the UK market – prompting customers to rightfully ask the question: 

Why choose wedi when there are numerous other waterproof and tileable solutions to choose from?

Unlike the other brands, wedi has been tried and tested by industry professionals for the past 34 years. The company was founded in Germany in 1983, when Helmut Wedi – a master tiler – set himself a goal to develop high-quality but above all practical solutions for tradesmen which provide real added value in their day-to-day work. His goal became the philosophy of his company and made his family name into a worldwide-known brand. Today, wedi operates in 36 countries worldwide, including the United States, which despite having one of the most diverse markets in the world, has just given a home to wedi’s newest manufacturing plant to be able to cope with the demand.

The system safety that wedi guarantees as well as the straightforward and time-saving installation takes centre stage, while the feedback received from their customers provide the basis for further developments of wedi’s products, systems and services.

The core of wedi’s building board – which forms the basis of all of their tileable elements - is a high-density extruded polystyrene foam that is 100% waterproof to the core and extremely robust while at the same time it is also lightweight. Its cement coated surface forms an incredibly strong and stable base for adhesive thanks to the integrated fibre mesh fabric, making it an ideal basis for any type of plaster and tile.

What sets wedi aside from other tileable solutions on the market is that its products also provide fantastic insulation, therefore save on energy costs and provide long-term protection against mould and fungusWhat’s more, due to their A+ labelling – according to German and European regulations and laws – they are also non-hazardous and low-emission products.

Whatever the project - renovation or new build, wooden or concrete construction, wetroom, bathroom or wellness you will find a variety of suitable elements in wedi’s extensive product range. The key to the success of the wedi brand is that their products are well thought out and well made: 100 % secure - signed, sealed and guaranteed by wedi.

wedi BUILDING BOARDS can be applied to practically any substrate and are also suitable for use as an added insulation underneath underfloor heating. They are available in a wide range of formats:

  • standard building boards - 600mm wide panels are available in many thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 100mm. 
  • XL building boards900mm wide panels - simplifies installation by reducing joint transitions.
  • XXL building boards - 1200mm wide panels -  free standing and stable, ideal for use as a partition wall.
  • Construct boards are shapeable and flexible boards to create curved forms.
  • Vapor boards are vapour proof boards for constantly humid areas such as steam rooms.

wedi FLOOR LEVEL SHOWERS (Fundo range) are not only tileable and 100% waterproof but also unique in their thermal properties which provide added insulation, hence resulting in warmer tiles under foot. What’s more, all elements have a factory-integrated pre-defined even slopes, are load-bearing and wheelchair accessible.

  • Point drainage: available with 3 different drain locations (central, corner or end) the Fundo Ligno especially designed for wooden floors and the standard Fundo Primo available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Linear drainage: the Fundo Riofino featuring 300mm central channel and the Fundo Riolito neo with close to wall channels in various lengths (300-1100mm) also available in a vast number of standard sizes, both with wedi’s brand new channel drain technology, featuring 360º pipe direction!
  • Integrated drainage: available in a wide range of sizes, the Fundo Plano & Fundo Integro with a classic ’point’ design and the Fundo Plano Linea with a sophisticated linear design.

The wedi Fundo design concept also combines creative lines with natural forms offering ’designer showers’ with point drainage such as the Fundo Trollo (round shape) or the Fundo Nautilo (shell shape) with optional wall elements with or without the supply channels, enabling free-standing showers even in the middle of the room!

wedi DESIGN ELEMENTS offer design and functionality at the same time to help give the bathroom that special touch. These products range from new shower seatings - Sanoasa Benches 1-4 and Sanoasa Corner seats - and wedi Niches (4 different sizes), to the well-known Mensolo range offering L and U shapes perfect for pipe cladding or as tileable shelving. 

A new innovation from wedi is the new wedi Fundo Top - a ready-to-fit cover perfectly adapted to the slopes and dimensions of their most popular ranges: Fundo Primo, Fundo Plano and Fundo Riolito neo. A contemporary, seamless elegant alternative to traditional tiling, it is made from a 6mm thick mineral material and available in 4 different (full-body) colours: white, beige, grey and anthracite.

wedi’s standard product range also spans into WELLNESS PRODUCTS which can be used - of course - in shower or bathroom areas as well. The Moltoromo modular wall system gives the freedom to create versatile, free-standing wall configurations, such as curved and angled solutions or sinuous lines to add that design led effect to any area, while the Sanbath bathroom furniture range with its elegant shapes continue complementing the wedi Sanoasa Bellina & Comoda modular benches and the versatile wedi Loungers which are available with or without integrated heating.

All wedi elements are designed to interlock and work with all other wedi system components and a long list of accessories, that truly complete the installation and waterproofing system. 

The wedi product systems have their own BBA certification showing that they satisfy the construction guidelines and regulations for the United Kingdom and are also tested and approved as sealing systems for wetrooms, thus awarded with a CE mark.

wedi is proud of its outstanding TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES, offering customised building solutions for wellness projects as well as a bespoke service to create elements based on individual specifications such as special shower elements, footbaths, fountains, steam cabins or whirlpools to mention only a few.

Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the wedi website or via the BPi Download Library.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

01. wedi Brochure UK wedi World of Systems 2018 UK
Flush to floor showers, shelf and niche designs, Wellness bathroom furniture, shower elements, shower drains.

Published [28/01/19]File size [10661 KB]

02. wedi Fundo Shower Systems Brochure 2018
Versatile. Reliable. Fundo.Whether a conventional floor element or a complete system with integrated technology with either classic point drainage or elegant linear drainage – whatever the requirement is, the right floor element can be found in the Fundo series: 10 designs, 3 different drain locations and numerous sizes to meet the high demand of planners, contractors and installers.

Published [16/11/18]File size [7301 KB]

03. wedi Brochure Benches and Niches
Practical design elements - new range of shower benches and niches from wedi - waterproof,customisable, tileable and heat-insulating

Published [20/02/18]File size [1264 KB]

04. wedi Sound Insulation brochure
The latest generation of sound insulation in the shower - wedi Nonstep Pro

Published [16/03/17]File size [1026 KB]

05. wedi Brochure UK Fundo Complete Systems 2018 v1
Innovative shower solutions with integrated drainage

Published [21/03/19]File size [764 KB]

06. wedi Brochure UK Bathroom Inspiration 2018
A 'visual' brochure suggesting bathroom concepts by room size, family size and style of living. Numerous bathroom & shower designs using wedi's waterproof, tile backer boards, shower trays

Published [21/03/19]File size [2695 KB]

07. wedi Product brochure
Detailed catalouge of the whole wedi standard product range with product codes, descriptions and technical drawings.

Published [10/08/17]File size [5856 KB]

08. wedi Bathroom Advice brochure
A 'visual' brochure showing the endless possibilities in using wedi's versatile, waterproof, tileable, heat-insulating products ranges, such as shapeable buidling boards, tile backer boards, shower tray elements, bath cladding to mention only a few.

Published [16/03/17]File size [4640 KB]

09. wedi Sealing and Decoupling
Two of the most important characteristics of the wedi system solution is sealing and decoupling. In this brochure: wedi building boards, wedi Subliner Sealing & Decoupling membranes and the wedi Nonstep range.

Published [03/04/18]File size [1579 KB]

10. wedi Building Boards - Interior
A technical brochure detailing the use and installation of wedi's waterproof, tileable and thermally insulating building boards with extensive information on their technical properties.

Published [28/02/19]File size [2805 KB]

11. wedi Tips and Tricks - Partition Shower Wall Brochure
A practical brochure discussing the creation of free-standing or partition walls with wedi's waterproof, tileable, heat-insulating building boards, tile backer boards.

Published [04/02/19]File size [350 KB]

12. wedi Brochure UK Wellness oases with unique steam baths 2018
From steam rooms to communal shower areas, footbaths to whirlpools and swimming pools, every detail can be designed exactly to the client’s requirements.

Published [28/02/19]File size [3602 KB]

wedi Brochure Building Solutions UK 2015
building solutions for bathrooms

Published [28/02/19]File size [1382 KB]

wedi Brochure Innovations 2017 Fundo INTEGRO
wedi Fundo Integro, Introducing the slimmest standard-compliant complete wedi shower system with integrated drainage an 50mm trap height - waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating

Published [19/03/18]File size [1498 KB]

wedi Brochure Innovations in 2019 - UK
drain covers, channels

Published [21/03/19]File size [961 KB]

wedi Brochure UK Fundo Complete Systems 2018 v1
Shower construction elements. Floor element, drainage and slope all in one system.

Published [25/01/19]File size [778 KB]

wedi Building Systems brochure
A practical brochure introducing wedi's diverse product range from standard building boards through shower elements to their design/wellness elements briefly touching their installations as well.

Published [16/03/17]File size [6491 KB]

wedi Cover Design and Construct
A technical brochure detailing the use and installation of wedi's versatile tileable, waterproof and heat-insulating building board range as well as their preformed elements made especially for cladding (WC, bath, pipes...etc) and also construction of tileable bathroom furniture such as washstands by using wedi's standard building boards.

Published [28/02/19]File size [1902 KB]

wedi Customised Buildings UK Brochure
A brochure introducing wedi's outstanding customised building and bespoke services...

Published [29/01/19]File size [2990 KB]

wedi Design Line Brochure GB
A'visual' brochure featuring wedi's diverse design range such as their modular and diverse wall system the wedi Moltoromo range or their modular benches and loungers as well as many more designer showers and wellness elements.

Published [29/01/19]File size [6630 KB]

wedi Designer Grates brochure
A small 'visual' brochure featuring the whole range of wedi Fundo Fino designer grates.

Published [23/01/17]File size [2634 KB]

wedi Fundo Top brochure
New ready-to-fit seamless cover complementing the wedi Fundo shower tray elements, as an alternative to traditional tiling.

Published [10/08/17]File size [1350 KB]

wedi Moltoromo brochure
Introducing the modular wall system from wedi allowing versatile design configurations in any area of the house.

Published [10/08/17]File size [851 KB]

wedi Overview 2018 v1
A visual overview of wedi's versatile product range: waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating building boards, Tile backer boards, shower tray elements, wellness elements and other preformed elements as well as a large variety of accessories.

Published [25/01/19]File size [4898 KB]

wedi Solso brochure
A shower tray which is reliable under vinyl? A floor-level shower element from wedi for PVC coverings. Waterproof, tileable and heat-insulating.

Published [16/03/17]File size [1539 KB]

wedi Technical Brochure Wellness Objects
A technical brochure discussing the installation and technical properties of wedi's design elements such as their modular benches, loungers and free-standing designer showers to mention only a few.

Published [22/08/17]File size [2432 KB]

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BOARDS Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) Core .
BOARDS Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS) Core Cement Finished
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FUNDO NAUTILO Shell-shape Floor Level Shower Bases
FUNDO PERSONO Personalised Shower Channel Covers
FUNDO PLANO Floor Level Integrated Shower Systems
FUNDO PLANO LINEA Floor Level Integrated Shower Systems
FUNDO PRIMO Floor Level Shower Bases
FUNDO PRIMO EASY SET Shower Floor Elements
FUNDO RIOFINO Floor Level Shower Bases
FUNDO RIOLITO Floor Level Shower Bases
FUNDO RIOLITO DISCRETO Optical Wall drains for showers
FUNDO RIOLTO NEO Floor Level Shower Bases
FUNDO TOP Ready-to-fit surface finish for Fundo bases
FUNDO TROLLO Round Floor Level Shower Bases
I-BOARD WC Cistern Cladding for wall hung toilets
MENSOLO U Angled Building Boards
MOLTOROMO Partition Wall Systems
NONSTEP PLAN Acoustic Matting
NONSTEP PLUS Sound Insulating Composite Boards
NONSTEP PRO Sound Insulation Acoustic Matting
SANBATH CUBE Ready-to-fit Bathroom Furniture
SANBATH WAVE Ready-to-fit Bathroom Furniture
SANOASA Shower, Steamroom and Sauna Multicentre Cabins
SANOASA BELLINA Wellness Benches
SANOASA COMODA Wellness Benches
SANWELL Wall Niche
VAPOR Water Resistant Interior Building Boards
wedi SOLSO Floor Level Shower Bases for PC Flooring
wedi SUBLINER Crack Bridging Membranes

Fundo Integro - The slimmest standard-compliant complete wedi shower system

February 2019

Drain capacity, water trap height, gradient, sealing – when installing flush-to-floor showers there are a multitude of different standards and guidelines which planners and installers have to take into account. In addition, ever decreasing installation heights are sought in solutions for flush-to-floor showers in the renovation of existing buildings since every millimetre counts for this. With Fundo Integro, wedi as a manufacturer offers a very smart solution to both challenges with which planners and installers are always on the safe side, because the new complete shower system fulfils all of the relevant standards – and with an installation height of just 90 mm. This makes Fundo Integro the slimmest standard-compliant wedi complete system for flush-to-floor showers, which is unparalleled.

Designed for practice, and we’ve thought of everything.Particularly in the public domain, it is imperative that all relevant standards are complied with in bathroom planning. Until now, this has affected the total installation height of the shower element. With Fundo Integro, wedi offers a practical and reliable solution with around a 25% lower installation height in comparison with conventional equipment and structures. The shower element, including a drain which is already integrated, is just 90 mm tall. With a drain capacity of 0.8 litres per second, a water trap height of 50 mm, at least a 1.5 percent, evenly preformed gradient and 100% waterproof material, it also complies with all of the relevant standards and guidelines. One more practical aspect: like all wedi Fundo elements, the system is sealed ready for installation and can be installed in the blink of an eye.

Definitely quickly installedIn order to manage the installation as efficiently and easily as possible, Fundo Integro shifts the critical and time-consuming work steps directly into the product system, since both the drain technology and the gradient are already integrated into the element made from waterproof wedi blue XPS foam and completely sealed. The installation effort is therefore reduced to a minimum, with maximum reliability. Alongside the sophisticated shower element, an extra large sealing corner and an exclusive designer grate with a particularly slim frame for point drainage are also included in the scope of delivery. Fundo Integro is therefore a true “full service package” for any installer.

Visible variety guaranteedAlongside the practical aspects, these new tileable, waterproof floor elements from wedi also open up a wide range of design possibilities. Fundo Integro is thus available in eight different formats and, thanks to its extremely slim frame, can also be tiled with particularly thin ceramic or glass mosaics. In addition, the new system can be combined with numerous wedi Fundo Fino designer grates – leaving no customer request unanswered. And so that the pleasure of the new shower lingers for a long time, wedi provides the well-established ten-year quality guarantee on this attractive complete package.

For more information about Fundo Integro or any of our other products please visit our website at or call us today on 0161 864 2336

Spa, wellness and leisure – the design possibilities are truly endless

December 2018

Architects, planners and tilers alike benefit from the design freedom of wedi’s precision engineered waterproof construction elements. Whilst wedi is already well known for its innovative solutions for showers and bathrooms, the manufacturer is able to handle the increased product and project requirements in the realisation of spa, leisure and wellness facilities and supports planners, investors and installers in every phase of the project: from planning and manufacturing, through logistics and delivery, to the construction phase and commissioning on site.

From steam rooms to communal shower areas, footbaths to whirlpools, every detail can be designed exactly to the client’s requirements. For example, milled recesses for cables can be incorporated into the individual modules and lighting or sound technology can also be integrated during the manufacturing process. Each product is checked thoroughly during production as well as during quality control. In addition to this, all tailor-made systems are built and tested in the wedi factory before dispatch, to ensure that everything will fit and function precisely on site.

wedi offers a wide range of coatings for their wellness and spa elements: these coatings are ideally suited as a support for tiles and decorative plaster inside and outside of steam cabins for example and steam-resistant epoxy resin decorative coatings for roofs as well as a wide variety of surface and colour options which can be applied in the factory.

Further expanding the design possibilities of its elements, wedi has teamed up with pilzdesign who have developed a new, pressure-resistant multi-layer construction with an extremely durable Top Coat varnish coating with which the wedi construction elements can be coated. It consists of at least three layers, the completion of which creates a varnish layer surface which can be adjusted according to the anti-slip classification, even as a floor coating. The Top Coat is temperature-resistant (from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius), waterproof, UV and salt water-resistant. The colours of the varnish coatings can be freely chosen according to RAL or NCS and turn the object into an optical highlight.

wedi’s aim is to constantly further perfect its products in order to provide innovative solutions and continuous support for architects, retailers and tradesmen alike. This year the manufacturer will launch its new wellness cabin range with 9 different cabin designs. The range will feature various cabin geometry and roof design, comfortable seating or bath furniture and technical equipment. Customers will be able to pick their own personal wellness oasis from the standard wedi product range. Stay tuned.

For more information on wedi®, please call 0161 864 2336 or visit

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