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Suppliers of: Squash Court Paint, textured masonry paints,Anti Mould Coatings mould resistant paint

We are the UK manufacturer of the  Glixtone range of decorative paints and coatings.

Our protective problem solving paints and coatings include anti-mould paints, high performance masonry paint, render coatings, seamless board coatings and squash court paint. Glixtone paints and maintenance coatings are widely specified and supplied to supplied to housing associations, local authorities, contractors and retailers.

Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint

A decorative fungicidal anti-mould paint for areas susceptible to mould and bacterial growth. Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms & areas prone to mould

  • 20 years and never a failure
  • Washable
  • Highly cost effective
  • Suitable for internal walls and ceilings
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in Matt & Silk

Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution

A water based sterilising solution that destroys mould or fungi. Sterilises surfaces prior to the application of the appropriate decorative finish.

  • Will eliminate spores after scraping clean
  • Colourless
  • GS36 concentrate to be diluted with water
  • GS37 mixed and ready to use
  • Easy to apply

High Performance Masonry Paint

A high performance, water based, exterior coating with outstanding protective properties, suitable for harbour buildings, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, boat yards & any area susceptible to carbon pollution.

  • Up to 30 years protection
  • Dirt repellent & resistant to fungal growth
  • Excellent salt, alkali and acid resistance
  • Waterproof and blister proof
  • Protects against oil & grease
  • Elastomeric film resists cracking & moves with the substrate
  • Extremely high moisture vapour permeability

Tough-Cote High Build Heavy Textured Coating

Protective and decorative textured coating that includes crushed marble aggregate, suitable for virtually all common building substrates. includes algae and fungal protection.

  • Up to 15 years protection
  • Water based
  • Extremely durable
  • Protection against fungal growth
  • Conceals hairline cracks & minor defects
  • Excellent adhesion

Tough-Cote High Build Textured Coating

Extremely durable, water based final finish textured coating.  Suitable for internal and external use on virtually all common building substrates.  Provides an extremely tough, flexible and long lasting protective and decorative finish.

  • Up to 15 years protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly flexible and will conceal minor cracks
  • Cost effective
  • Contains crushed marble aggregates for durability
  • Protects against fungal and algae growth
  • Water based

Squash Court Paint

A superior quality paint, specifically formulated to be used in the painting of walled areas around squash courts and other leisure pursuit areas.

  • Approved by England Squash & Racketball Association
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard wearing
  • Quick drying
  • Doesn’t affect ball speed

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

Glixtone FS42 Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint Matt
Glixtone FS42 Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint Matt

Published [02/03/18]File size [35 KB]

Glixtone FS43 Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint Silk
Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint Silk

Published [02/03/18]File size [35 KB]

Glixtone Fungi Shield Leaflet
anti-mould and blackspot paint, mould resistant paint

Published [03/03/17]File size [454 KB]

Glixtone Fungi-Shield Frequently Asked Questions
fungi-shield, mould, mould paint

Published [23/02/18]File size [85 KB]

Glixtone Fungi-Shield Standard Specification
Glixtone fungi-shield, Glixtone mould paint, mould,

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Glixtone Fungi-Shield Testimonials
Glixtone, Glixtone fungi-shield, mould, mould paint, fungi-shield, testimonials

Published [18/08/15]File size [473 KB]

Glixtone GS36/GS37 Fungi-Shield Sterilising Technical Sheet
Glixtone GS36/GS37 is a specially prepared, ready for use, water-based surface biocide which destroys mould or fungi.

Published [02/03/18]File size [34 KB]

Glixtone High Performance Masonry Coating AC1 Product Info
High Performance Masonry Coating AC1

Published [02/03/18]File size [37 KB]

Glixtone High Performance Masonry Paint AC1
Water based, paint, external, white, dirt repellent, resistant to fungal growth, elastomeric, superior, long lasting, clean finish, domestic dwellings, public buildings, historic buildings, town, country, waterfront, properties

Published [03/03/17]File size [393 KB]

Glixtone Squash Court Paint
Glixtone Squash Court Paint

Published [02/03/18]File size [244 KB]

Glixtone Squash Court Paint SQ1
Glixtone Squash Court Paint Technical Data

Published [23/02/18]File size [31 KB]

Glixtone Stabilising Solution
Glixtone Primer Paints Coatings

Published [16/04/12]File size [32 KB]

Glixtone Tough-Cote High Build
Textured Final Finish Coating

Published [02/03/18]File size [692 KB]

Glixtone Tough-Cote High Build Coating PL16
Tough-Cote High Build Heavy Textured Coating

Published [03/03/17]File size [52 KB]

Glixtone Tough-Cote High Build Textured Final Finish Coating EM18
Tough-Cote High Build Textured Final Finish Coating

Published [02/03/18]File size [54 KB]

Glixtone Toughcote Heavy Textured Coating
Highly protective decorative coating

Published [03/03/17]File size [171 KB]

COATINGS Acid Resisting .
COATINGS Adhesion Promoter .
COATINGS Algae Resistant .
COATINGS Alkali Resistant .
COATINGS Anti-Carbonation .
COATINGS Anti-Carbonation Decorative
COATINGS Anti-Carbonation Decorative Masonry Finish
COATINGS Anti-Condensation .
COATINGS Anti-Fungal .
COATINGS Anti-Mould .
COATINGS Aqueous Silane/Polysiloxane .
COATINGS Atmospheric Contaminant Repellent .
COATINGS Brickwork .
COATINGS Building Boards .
COATINGS Building Boards Calcium Silicate Boards
COATINGS Building Boards Cement Bonded Particle Board CBPB
COATINGS Building Boards Seamless Systems
COATINGS Carbonation Protection .
COATINGS Chemical Resisting Chemical Resistant
COATINGS Concrete Elastomeric Crack Accommodating
COATINGS Crack Resistant .
COATINGS Decorative .
COATINGS Dirt and Water Repellent .
COATINGS Efflorescence Control .
COATINGS Elastomeric .
COATINGS Elastomeric Decorative .
COATINGS Elastomeric Decorative Fire Resistant BS 476 Parts 6/7 Class 0 and 1
COATINGS Elastomeric High Build .
COATINGS Elastomeric Mesh Reinforced .
COATINGS Elastomeric Vapour Permeable .
COATINGS External .
COATINGS Fire Resistant .
COATINGS Fire Resistant BS 476 Parts 6/7 Class 1 and 0
COATINGS Fluorocarbon Resistant .
COATINGS Fungistatic .
COATINGS Marine Atmosphere .
COATINGS Masonry Protection .
COATINGS Moss and Lichen Resistant .
COATINGS Non-Toxic .
COATINGS Oil Resistant .
COATINGS Protective .
COATINGS Salt Spray Resistant .
COATINGS Textured .
COATINGS Textured High Build
COATINGS Textured High Build Exterior
COATINGS Textured High Build Exterior Heavy Duty
COATINGS Textured Non-Abrasive
COATINGS Water Repellent .
COATINGS Water Resistant .
COATINGS Waterproofing .
COATINGS Weatherproofing .
COATINGS SPRAY ONLY APPLIED Atmospheric Contaminant Repellent .
MASONRY Antiseptic Wash .
MASONRY Biocides Biocidal Solutions .
MASONRY Sterilising Washes .
MASONRY Surfacer .
MASONRY Water Repellents .
MEMBRANES LIQUID APPLIED Elastomeric Vapour Permeable
PAINT Abrasion Resistant .
PAINT Acid Resisting .
PAINT Agricultural Buildings .
PAINT Algae Resistant .
PAINT Algicidal Algaecidal
PAINT Alkali Resisting .
PAINT Anti-Carbonation .
PAINT Anti-Condensation .
PAINT Anti-Damp .
PAINT Cellars .
PAINT Chemical Resistant .
PAINT Concrete .
PAINT Concrete Carbonation Resistant
PAINT Concrete Waterproofing
PAINT Damp Surface .
PAINT Dirt and Water Repellent .
PAINT Eco Friendly .
PAINT Eggshell .
PAINT Eggshell Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Eggshell Fungicidal
PAINT Eggshell Water Based
PAINT Elastomeric .
PAINT Elastomeric Vapour Permeable
PAINT Emulsion .
PAINT Emulsion Crack Resistant Emulsion
PAINT Emulsion Washable Emulsion
PAINT Emulsion Washable Flat Emulsion
PAINT Exterior .
PAINT Exterior Self Cleaning
PAINT Floor .
PAINT Fungicidal Anti-Fungal .
PAINT Fungus Resisting .
PAINT Gloss Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Hard Court .
PAINT High Build .
PAINT High Traffic Areas .
PAINT Low Toxicity .
PAINT Marine Structures .
PAINT Masonry .
PAINT Masonry Blister Proof
PAINT Masonry Crushed Marble Aggregates Combined
PAINT Masonry Marine Atmosphere
PAINT Masonry Pebble Dashed Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Rendered Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Self-Cleaning
PAINT Masonry Textured
PAINT Masonry Water Based
PAINT Matt .
PAINT Matt Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Matt Plasterboard
PAINT Mould Inhibitor Anti-Mould
PAINT Mould Resistant .
PAINT Mould Resistant Blackspot Resistant
PAINT Oil Resistant .
PAINT Resin Based .
PAINT Roof Tile Renovation .
PAINT Sealers .
PAINT Solvent Free .
PAINT Squash Court .
PAINT Squash Court Squash England Approved (SRA)
PAINT Stain Resistant .
PAINT Stone .
PAINT Textured .
PAINT Textured External
PAINT Textured Surface Refurbishing
PAINT UV Resistant .
PAINT Water Based .
PAINT Water Resisting .
PAINT Water Vapour Permeable .
PAINT Weathercoat .
PLASTERBOARD Jointing Systems .
PRIMERS For Brickwork .
PRIMERS For Cement .
PRIMERS For Concrete .
PRIMERS For Masonry .
RENDER Admixes .
RENDERS Coloured Textured .
RENDERS Crack Resistant .
RENDERS External .
RENDERS Polymer Modified .
RENDERS Textured .
ROOF TILES Protective Coatings .
ROOFING Surface Treatments Algae Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments Aqueous Silane/Polysiloxane
ROOFING Surface Treatments Atmospheric Contaminants Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments Dirt Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments For Porous Materials
ROOFING Surface Treatments Moss Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments Protective
ROOFING Surface Treatments Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments Water Repellent
ROOFING Surface Treatments Waterproofing
SCRIMS Bridging .
SCRIMS Polyester .
SQUASH COURT Wall Surfaces .
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Dirt Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Fungus Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Grime Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Lichen Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Long Lasting
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Moss Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Non-Toxic
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Protective
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Silicone Free
AC1 Masonry Paint
ADFIL Lightweight Render
ADREND Polymer Modifier Cement Based Sys
EM18 TOUGH-COTE High Build Flexible Textured Coat
FS42 FUNGI-SHIELD Matt Wall Coatings
FS43 FUNGI-SHIELD Silk Wall Coatings
FUNGI-SHIELD Mould Resistant Paint
GLIXTONE TOUGH-COTE High Build Textured Coatings
GS36 FUNGI-SHIELD Concentrated Sterilizing Solution
GS37 FUNGI-SHIELD Sterilizing Solution
PL13 TOUGH-COTE Medium Build Textured Coatings
PL16 TOUGH-COTE High Build Textured Coatings
PWS9 Joint & Repair Scrim
RW2 TOUGH-COTE SUPERFLEX Non-Abrasive Textured Coatings
SF1 Sealer & Scrim Adhesive
SQ1 Squash Court Paint
SS01 Weatherproof Stabilising Solution
SS03 Thixotropic Sealer/Scrim Adhesive
SUPERFLEX Non-Abrasive Textured Coatings
TOUGH-COTE HIGH BUILD High Build Flexible Textured Coat


August 2016


Ultimate High Performance Masonry Paint (AC1) is probably one of the best products available offering everything in one can that you need giving incredible protection for up to 30 YEARS on all types of properties. It’s coverage and ease of application has won a loyal following by many professional Decorators, Architects and Specifiers.

It’s silky smooth flow rate and opacity will speed it’s application whilst giving the end user the confidence that their property has the best overall protection available. This includes UV Stability, Dirt Resistance, Moisture Vapour Permeability, Salt, Alkali and Acid resistance, whilst being Elastomeric and protecting against Fungal and Algae attack.

Suitable for all properties requiring a superior, long lasting decorative clean finish, including domestic dwellings, public and historic buildings, town, country and water front properties

The range of Glixtone products are all manufactured by its parent company Carrs Coatings at their ‘State of the Art’ Factory in Redditch Worcestershire. We are very proud that our Factory was designed and built to be environmentally friendly giving a zero impact on the environment. This also means that all of our waste materials are recycled for use in other industries.

All of our products are manufactured to British Standards 9001 with an extremely robust Quality Control System in place. This means that at every stage of manufacture our products are tested by our in-house Laboratory Quality Control team. This coupled with the fact that we only use the highest quality raw materials available ensures that our customers receive only the best quality products.

Testimonials …..

” It really is a confidence booster for us and our clients to know we are supplying the best masonry paint product on the Market. We walk away from every project knowing this to be true, as our most senior painter of 45 years says it really is the best paint he has ever painted with! ”

Derek Doyle – Managing Director of Protectall Coatings Dublin and Galway

” I have been a Professional Decorator for over 30 years and this is the BEST Masonry Paint I have ever used. It flows so easily and the coverage is unbelievable. When I cleaned my Paint Kettles and Roller trays out the layered dried paint peeled off and I could stretch it like elastic. I only use this on Masonry jobs now as my customers cannot believe how good it looks and it will not crack or discolour like some other paints I have used. ”

Dave Preece – MP Decorators Kidderminster

Please see our web Site: for full details of the Glixtone range or contact us on 01527 599 470 for further information, help or advice.

Mould and Fungus : how to prevent it!

February 2014

A horrifying fact is Mould and Fungus spores swarm in the atmosphere just asnaturally as Bacteria!

In many industries especially those concerned with food processing, brewing and baking etc the conditions for mould growth are the inevitable result of the processes involved.

In domestic properties, moisture is generated by household activities such as washing, bathing and cooking as well as by breathing and perspiring. The area of most concern for this article is growth on surfaces in dwellings where nutrients that the spores feed off are obtained from paper, paste, paint and general surface contaminants which are present in even the cleanest of dwellings!

Most fungi grow at moderate temperatures in the range of 10-40 oc (mesophilic fungi) However, some aspergillus fumigatus for example, will grow over the range 12-55 oc. Moisture is required for mould growth, although levels will vary depending on the species but they will respond to different levels of water availability, adjusting their internal osmotic requirements as necessary.

In dry conditions, fungi spores remain dormant until water is available for germination. Excess water may cause the spores to die.
Dwellings with a high humidity level are therefore more prone to fungal attack and providing ventilation will assist in reducing growths. It is interesting to note that typical moisture emission rates in a four person household can be between 5 and 10 litres of water in 24 hours purely be being in the property, cooking, bathing and dish washing etc. This level can increase by 10 to 20 litres if washing and drying laundry takes place.

Apart from the general appearance of mould, which may cause physiological problems to occupiers as they become reluctant to socialise within the dwelling, other health risks exist. Rhinitis, asthma, the disease alveolitis and general infection may be aggravated or instigated by the presence of mould. To a degree, these will vary with the size of spores.

Mould and Black Spot is now becoming a real Health and Safety issue for Landlords especially when Tenants do not ventilate their properties correctly. This situation can become far worse in the winter months as some Tenants keep ventilation to a minimum in order to conserve heat.


As fungal spores are normally present in the atmosphere, it's not possible to prevent their presence within a dwelling. However, it is possible to modify the environment of the dwelling so as to limit spore germination. Cleaning of all surfaces, (walls, working areas) on a regular basis is essential to remove food sources.

Moisture control is also essential. Sources would be penetrated through the fabric of the building, rising damp, water leaks and as previously mentioned, general domestic moisture.

Where a dwelling is suffering from penetration or rising damp, these must be rectified at source, as must any general leaks. Adequate ventilation should be installed to create air movement and removal of general moisture. Ideal ventilation rates should be between 0.5 litres to 1.0 air changes per house throughout the whole dwelling. In areas of high moisture output, washing and drying rooms, mechanical extraction should be employed. Modern dwellings with cavities tend to be less prone to mould growth due to increased insulation. Thermal insulation should be considered on older, single skin, properties to reduce the effects of condensation.

Established mould growth can be killed by fungicidal treatment, but this will be short lived unless precautions, such as those listed in the previous section are taken, and suitable fungicidal coatings are incorporated into decorating specifications.

Glixtone of Redditch produces a highly decorative Fungi-Shield Anti-Mould & Black Spot Paint which has a 20 year life span of protection against fungal growth. It is highly decorative, WASHABLE and extremely easy to apply. This high quality non-drip interior
paint is ideal for any area subject to mould, fungus and algae Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

The Glixtone Fungi-Shield range of products is used by many County Councils, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. Sandwell Homes ˜Supplier/Customer Liaison Officer, Kulvinder Bhopal has this to say of Glixtone Fungi-Shield:

The Fungi-Shield products that we purchase from Glixtone have
produced very satisfying results. The paint does not fade or loose colour and is used inthe majority of our void properties. Ourcustomers are also pleased with the results.

Ian Crampton who is a member of the NLA and also a Director of ˜Ferndown Estates comments:

I would recommend Glixtone Fungi-Shield to anyone who has or suspects the potential of Mould in their properties. It gives a high quality finish to the internal decorations and peace of mind that Mould will not grow on these walls and ceilings.

Glixtone also produce a Sterilising Solution which should always be used prior to painting in order to destroy any germinating spores and then a choice of two finishing coats of either Fungi-Shield Matt or Silk for 20 years protection against fungal growth.

For more information on Glixtone Fungi-Shield please visit

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