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Suppliers of: Automatic Toilet and Urinal Flush Controls, mounting frames for toilets and urinals

Geberit was founded over 125 years ago and has since grown to be a world leader in advanced sanitaryware and sanitaryware fittings.

Geberit’s Technical Department offer a full design service including a bespoke quotation service. Geberit’s advanced training academy including a two-storey hydraulic tower with a viewing gallery, that demonstrates good and bad plumbing practice as well as RIBA approved CPDs. We recognise that specifiers, contractors and installers need to have confidence in the products they use.

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Geberit Bathroom Collection:

The Geberit Bathroom Collection – comprising of both ceramics and furniture in a variety of styles and designs – has something to offer for any bathroom. With washbasin units, available both with and without cabinets creating cleverly designed furniture with lots of storage space for every design requirement. These attributes make the Geberit Bathroom Collection a must for any modern bathroom design.

Urinal & Toilet Flush Button, Plates and Controls:

Geberit supply a market leading range of stylish and innovative cistern flushing buttons and plates. Our range of cistern controls include pneumatic, mechanical and infra-red automatic flushing toilet controls. Geberit cistern flush buttons and plates are reliable, hygienic and hard-wearing and available in a range of materials and designs.

Automatic Toilet and Urinal Flush Controls:

Our Infra red urinal and toilet flushing provides a hygienic solution for all public toilets. Our automatic infra-red flush works by registering when the toilet or urinal is in use, and flushing once the user leaves the bathroom. Additionally it features proximity flush and has a manual override for the case of a power failure. The infra-red automatic flush control also gives peace of mind that the toilets are always flushed after use.

Infa Red Automatic Basin Taps:

Geberit’s range of stylish infa-red automatic basin taps that are available as either deck or wall mounted taps. Fully adjustable to suit your requirements and available with or without a mixer. Operated via the mains power supply or a long life battery. Ideal for public toilets, hospitals, schools or anywhere hygiene is a strong requirement.

Concealed Cisterns:

Geberit’s range of concealed cisterns maximise the space in even the smallest bathroom. Our concealed cisterns are designed for use with both back to wall toilet pans and floor standing toilets. Designed with water saving in mind, the 6/3 litre dual flush system can be operated by either a pneumatic or mechanical button.

Duofix Wall Hung Sanitaryware Frames:

Duofix sanitaryware frames support wall-hung toilets, washbasins, bidets and urinals and include an integral cistern. Geberit has also developed a new award winning preplumbed toilet module for ceramic pans that can be installed using existing connections and drains.

Geberit AquaClean:

Geberit AquaClean is the toilet that cleans you with water. It is the the most technologically advanced toilet on the market and is effortlessly easy to use. Available in a range of models that can include odour purification, warm air-dryer and even a remote controlled toilet which can be programmed with user settings

Geberit Monolith:

Geberit have designed the Monolith to be the perfect toilet for fast and easy installation in both a new build and refurbishment application. The innovative modular assembly method means that if you want to modernise an existing bathroom there is no need to do any major building work as the modular construction is designed compensate for any dimensional tolerances the project may throw up.

The advantages of the Geberit monolith are:

  • Attractive alternative to conventional visible cisterns
  • Fits in with various wall and floor drains
  • Compatible with standard wall-hung ceramic pans
  • Renovation without construction modifications - so no need to re-tile or re-plumb the entire bathroom
  • Easy and quick installation, with the toilet being ready to use within a few hours

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BASIN In-Wall Installation Frames .
BASIN In-Wall Installation Frames Corner Fitting
BASIN In-Wall Installation Frames Pre-Plumbed Units
BASIN Pre-Plumbed Sanitary Modules .
BASINS Pre-Plumbed Units .
BATHROOM Back-To-Wall WCs .
BATHROOM In-Wall Installation Frames Wall Frames Fittings
BATHROOMS Hospital .
BIDET In-Wall Installation Frames .
BIDET Pre-Plumbed Sanitary Modules .
BIDETS Vitreous China .
BIDETS Vitreous China Back-To-Wall
BIDETS Vitreous China Wall Hung Wall Mounted
CHANNEL GRATINGS Shower Stainless Steel .
CISTERN Fittings .
CISTERN Flushing Controls Automatic
CISTERN Flushing Controls Bespoke Designs Colours Finishes
CISTERN Flushing Controls Dual Flush
CISTERN Flushing Controls Electronic
CISTERN Flushing Controls Foot Operated
CISTERN Flushing Controls Glass Plates
CISTERN Flushing Controls Infrared
CISTERN Flushing Controls LED Illuminated Illumination Illuminating
CISTERN Flushing Controls Pneumatic Push Button Fittings
CISTERN Flushing Controls Proximity Sensing Touchfree No Touch
CISTERN Flushing Controls Push Button
CISTERN Flushing Controls Push Button Radar Remote Controls
CISTERN Flushing Controls Pushplates
CISTERN Flushing Controls Sensor Controlled Coloured LED Switch On Function
CISTERN Flushing Controls Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
CISTERN Walllplates Push Button
CISTERNS Flushing: .
CISTERNS Flushing: Automatic
CISTERNS Flushing: Compact
CISTERNS Flushing: Concealed
CISTERNS Flushing: Concealed Air Push Button Flush
CISTERNS Flushing: Concealed Water Saving
CISTERNS Flushing: Disabled/Elderly Use
CISTERNS Flushing: Dual Flush
CISTERNS Flushing: Flush Mounted
CISTERNS Flushing: Flush Reducing Beakers
CISTERNS Flushing: Frame Mounted
CISTERNS Flushing: Hands-Free Touch-Free
CISTERNS Flushing: In-Wall Installation Frames
CISTERNS Flushing: In-Wall Installation Frames Adjustable Height
CISTERNS Flushing: Infrared Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Lavatory Toilet W.C.
CISTERNS Flushing: Mounting Frames
CISTERNS Flushing: Pre-Assembled Wall Hung Systems
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Button
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Button Pneumatic
CISTERNS Flushing: Push Plate
CISTERNS Flushing: Remote Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Urinal
CISTERNS Flushing: Very Low Water Volume (3/1.5 Litre)
CISTERNS Flushing: Water Control
CISTERNS Flushing: Water Saving
DRAINAGE Syphonic Siphonic Roof Drainage
FLOOR CHANNELS Wetroom Drainage Linear Channels
FLOOR DRAINS Chemical Resistant .
FLOOR DRAINS Height Adjustable .
FLUSHING Controls .
FLUSHING Systems Potable Water Automatic Drinking Water Flushing System
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems .
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Flush Control
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Urinal
FLUSHING WATER Management Systems Washroom
GRATINGS Shower Drain .
HOSPITAL Bathroom Systems .
HOSPITAL Sanitaryware .
HOSPITAL Water Fittings .
MIRRORS Bathroom .
MIRRORS Bathroom Combined Shelf
MIRRORS Bathroom Frameless
MIRRORS Bathroom Heated
MIRRORS Bathroom Illuminated Integral Lighting
MIRRORS Bathroom Illuminated, Dimmable
MIRRORS Bathroom Touch Sensor
MIRRORS Illuminated Integral Lighting
MIRRORS Illuminated Integral Lighting Continuous LED
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications .
SANITARYWARE Hospital See Also SANITARYWARE: Healthcare Applications
SANITARYWARE In-Wall Installation Frames Mounting Frames
SANITARYWARE Mounting Frames .
SANITARYWARE Pre-Plumbed Duct Units .
SANITARYWARE Pre-Plumbed Duct Units .Pre-Plumbed Assemblies
SHOWER Frames Pre-Plumbed Units In-Wall Fixing
SHOWER Panels Pre-Plumbed Modules .
SHOWER Wall Outlets .
SHOWER DRAIN Gratings Shower Gully Stainless Steel
SHOWER DRAINS Chromium Plate .
SHOWER DRAINS Concrete Floor Installations .
SHOWER DRAINS Floor Level Showers .
SHOWER DRAINS Level Access .
SHOWER DRAINS Linear Shower Channels .
SHOWER DRAINS Wetroom Applications .
SHOWER DRAINS Wheelchair Access .
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined .
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Accessible Height Adjustable
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Automatic Self Cleaning
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Automatic Touch-Free Operation
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Integral Bidet Combined Bidet
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Odour Extractor Combined
SHOWER TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined Remote Control
TAPS Basin: .
TAPS Basin: Automated Control
TAPS Basin: Chrome Plated Chromium
TAPS Basin: Concealed Fittings
TAPS Basin: Contemporary Design
TAPS Basin: Electronic
TAPS Basin: Electronic Battery Powered
TAPS Basin: Electronic Hands-Free Touch-Free
TAPS Basin: Electronic Infrared Handsfree Touchfree Sensing
TAPS Basin: Energy Saving
TAPS Basin: For Elderly and Disabled Use
TAPS Basin: Hands-Free Touch-Free
TAPS Basin: Mixer Flat Spout
TAPS Basin: Mixer Thermostatic
TAPS Basin: Proximity Sensor Incorporated
TAPS Basin: Remote Control Wireless Radio Controlled
TAPS Basin: School
TAPS Basin: Self Closing
TAPS Basin: Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
TAPS Basin: Wall Mounted
TAPS Basin: Wall Mounted Electronic
TAPS Basin: Water Saving
TAPS Commercial .
TAPS Electronic Digital Control
TAPS Healthcare .
TAPS Hospital Medical .
TAPS Hospital Medical Infrared Sensing Handsfree Touchfree Electronic
TAPS Hospital Medical Wall Mounted
TAPS Hospital Medical Wall Mounted Electronic
TAPS Infrared .
TAPS Proximity Sensing Control .
TAPS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
TOILET Mounting Frames .
TOILET Mounting Frames Coloured Glass Panel
TOILETS Adjustable Height Infrared Flush Systems
TOILETS Automatic Flush .
TOILETS Back to Wall .
TOILETS Commercial Applications .
TOILETS Concealed Cistern .
TOILETS Disabled Use .
TOILETS Disabled Use Bidet/Warm Air Dryer Combined Self-Cleaning
TOILETS Disabled Use Shower Type Warm Air Dryer Combined
TOILETS Electronic Control .
TOILETS Healthcare .
TOILETS Integral Cistern Combined Unit
TOILETS Odour Extractor Combined Carbon Filter
TOILETS Pre-Plumbed Units .
TOILETS Rimless .
TOILETS Rimless Wall Hung Wall Mounted
TOILETS Suspended .
TOILETS Wall Mounted Wall Hung
TOILETS Warm Water Wash and Dryer Combined .See Also SHOWER TOILETS:
TOILETS Water Saving .
TRAPS Anti-Syphon .
TRAPS Basin, Bath, Sink .
TRAPS Bottle .
TRAPS Bottle Chrome
TRAPS Chrome Plated .
TRAPS Flat Profile .
TRAPS Laboratory .
TRAPS P Shape .
TRAPS Rainwater Stack .
TRAPS Running .
TRAPS S Shape .
TRAPS Shower Tray .
TRAPS Shower Tray HDPE
TRAPS Shower Tray PE-HD DIN EN 1519
URINAL Control Systems Automatic
URINAL Dividers .
URINAL Fittings .
URINAL Flush Controls Actuation Controls
URINAL Flush Controls Automatic
URINAL Flush Controls Electronic
URINAL Flush Controls IRC Infrared Radar Detection PIR Sensor
URINAL Flush Controls Push Button Manual Operation
URINAL Frames .
URINAL Installation Frames .
URINAL Installation Frames Pre-Plumbed Units
URINALS Electronic Control .
VANITY BASINS Integral Storage Unit .
VANITY BASINS Integral Top/Bowl .
VANITY BASINS Space Saving .
VANITY BASINS Undermounted .
W.C. Accessories for the Disabled .
W.C. Fittings for the Disabled .
W.C. Flushing Controls See Also CISTERN: Flushing Controls
W.C. In-Wall Installation Frames .
W.C. In-Wall Installation Frames Corner Fitting
W.C. In-Wall Installation Frames Pre-Assembled, Cistern Combined
W.C. In-Wall Installation Frames Pre-Plumbed Units
W.C. Pan Connectors .
W.C. Pan Connectors Acoustic Sound Absorbing Insulated
W.C. Pan Connectors Back to Wall
W.C. Pre-Plumbed Sanitary Modules Concealed Cistern Incorporated
W.C. Pre-Plumbed Sanitary Modules Integrated Odour Extraction
WASTE TRAPS and FITTINGS Chromium Plated .
WASTES Pop Up Pop-Up .
WASTES Pop Up Pop-Up Overflow Combined
WETROOM Accessories .
WETROOM Drainage .
WETROOM Drainage Concealed Wall Inlet
WETROOM Drainage Level Access
WETROOM Drainage Linear Channel Systems
WETROOM Drainage Sheet Flooring Applications
WETROOM Drainage Tiled Flooring Applications
WETROOM Floor Drains .
WETROOM Floor Drains Concealed Wall Inlet
WETROOM Floor Drains Stainless Steel
ABALONA Basin Pedestals
ACANTO Bathroom Suites and Furniture
AQUACLEAN Warm Water Wash Function Integrated Toilets
AQUACLEAN 8000PLUS Combined Toilet Shower Pedestal
AQUACLEAN MERA Combined Toilet Shower Pedestal
AQUACLEAN SELA Combined Toilet Shower Pedestal
ARTLINE Flushing Push Plate
BOLERO Dual Flush Push Plate
CITTERIO Bathroom Suites
CLEANLINE Wetroom Floor Drains
COMFORTLIGHT Illuminating Cistern Flush Plates
DELTA Concealed Cisterns
DUOFIX Bathroom In Wall Frames
DUOFRESH Odour Extracting Toilets
HYTRONIC Infra-Red WC Flush Systems
ICON Bathroom Suites and Furniture
KAPPA Flushing Controls
KERATECT Protective Ceramic Glazes
MAMBO Infra-Red Urinal Flush System
MAPRESS Push Fit Plumbing Fittings
MONOLITH Toilet Installation System
OMEGA Concealed Cisterns
OPTION Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets
RUMBA Flushing Push Plate
SETAPLANO Shower Surfaces
SIGMA Flushing Controls
SMYLE Bathroom Suites and Furniture
TANGO Flushing Push Plate
UNIFLEX Shower Channel
VARIFORM Bathroom Suites
VARINO Floor Drains
XENO2 Bathroom Suites and Furniture

Geberit Acanto Series Recognised At National Awards

July 2018


28th March 2018

Geberit’s Acanto bathroom series has gained industry recognition, winning two awards.

Geberit Acanto in White
Geberit scooped the ‘Innovation in Functionality’ award at the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom awards in London. The awards, which celebrated the very best in UK and worldwide kitchen and bathroom design, recognised the Acanto Series for its combination of design and functionality. Industry leaders commended the extensive consumer testing and progressive thought that shaped the highly flexible and autonomous bathroom range.

The series also won the ‘Best Bathroom’ award from House Beautiful . The accolade recognises the impact the Acanto range has on the user for creating a unique and bespoke space. One feature highly praised for its capacity to create a bespoke space was the wall-mounted magnetic board which allows for storage trays to be attached wherever needed.

Geberit's NEW Acanto Black bathroom range officially launches in April 2018
Senior Product Manager Daniel Ward said: “We’re delighted to win at these prestigious awards. Since we pride ourselves on advanced, forward-thinking ergonomic design and user experience, it’s great to know industry leaders appreciate what the Acanto series brings to the user.

“At Geberit, we understand people want their bathroom to have a smart aesthetic, but we also realise busier lifestyles require intelligent solutions. With this in mind, the Acanto range combats the frequent imbalances between excellent design and function, making for a stylish but also convenient and easier bathroom experience.”

Since winning the awards, Geberit has expanded its Acanto bathroom series by launching the Acanto Black range. The stylish colourway brings an atmosphere like no other to the sleek and sophisticated bathroom series.

Acanto’s range of cabinets provide well-organised storage with drawers, compartments and shelving designed in a way to create an uncluttered environment. A mirror cabinet is also incorporated with a USB charging point and integrated shaving point.

The collection’s ceramic range includes a variety of slimline basins, a bathtub, as well as wall-hung and back-to-wall Rimfree® toilets and bidets.

The Geberit Bathroom Collection is available from over 150 specialist retailers across the UK and Ireland.

Geberit Launches Versatile New Bathroom Range

March 2018

Geberit launches versatile new bathroom range

Geberit has added to its bathroom collection with the launch of VariForm, a new award-winning range of slimline modular basins for both commercial and domestic applications.

The new collection offers complete design versatility with four different shapes – circle, rectangle, ellipse and oval – in a choice of under-countertop, countertop and lay-on basin options.

Available in a variety of size options, VariForm is also compatible with Geberit’s existing bathroom collections.

The range also scooped an iF DESIGN AWARD 2018, one of the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world, with the jury praising Geberit for offering complete design freedom with VariForm .

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