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Suppliers of: Blind fabrics tensile fabrics printing fabrics screen fabrics solar shading fabrics solar control fabrics

Mermet coated fibreglass fabrics are suitable for solar shading, acoustic comfort and tensile structures, canopies, stretched ceilings and wall panels.

Available for internal and external use Mermet fabrics are ideal for digital printing; meaning pictures, corporate logos and such can be printed onto the fabric before it is made into the final product be it as a blind, stretched ceiling or anything else your imagination suggests.

Glass fibre yarns are inherently fire resistant (to BS 476 Pt. 6 Class 0) making them particularly suitable for use in schools, hospitals and other public buildings. They are also dimensionally stable, thus permitting the production of large roll widths and panels without the need for visible joints making them particularly ideal as free hanging acoustically absorbent panels or as acoustically transparent wall and ceiling coverings.

So, whether you are a professional specifier, a manufacturer/installer of blinds or perhaps the property owner/customer, we are here to provide advice, system specifications and supply of samples and fabrics.

What we do:

We are suppliers of high performance glass fibre fabrics for blinds, tensile structures, wall and ceiling coverings, display banners, smoke and fire screens.

Our customers:

They range from architects, interior designers, specifiers to corporate facilities managers to manufacturers.

Fabric applications:

We supply fabrics for use in a wide variety of internal and external applications including solar shading, protection, structural, screening, covering and digital printing.


From consultancy, design and material selection to hardware assessment, materials testing, certification, and shading performance calculation.

Material stock:

Our UK stock is large and available on a next day delivery basis. Standard materials are available by the roll, cut lengths and manufactured covers. Special weaves are produced to order.

Distribution & supply:

We have one of the shortest lead times in the industry and deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom. Additional stock is sourced from large factory stocks at our production plant.

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July 2020


A selection of high-tech textiles for interior blinds, ideal for glazed façades. Thanks to their sun protection performance, these fabrics give buildings the benefit of advantages previously reserved for exterior applications in terms of thermal and visual comfort.

Metallic or double-sided, they integrate perfectly with both the most contemporary interiors and traditional buildings
Available in large widths, they adapt equally well to large glazed surfaces and small spaces
They meet health and safety requirements for buildings open to the public.

Mermet UK entry WINS the BBSA awards 2019 in the Most Unusual Use of a Solar Shading

November 2019

Mermet fabric M-Screen 8505

What is over 6.0m high, nearly 10.0m in diameter and looks like a pineapple?

Well, you certainly don’t expect to find a 21st Century shading product, sitting in the middle of a National Trust managed 18th Century walled garden, especially, in the shape of a 20’ high pineapple!
Designed and constructed by Studio Morison ( for the National Trust’s Berrington Hall in Herefordshire, this sculptural external temporary pavilion, is now on display in the Capability Brown designed walled gardens.
At almost 10 meters in diameter and over 6 meters in height, it used 9 rolls, over 500 m2 of Mermet’s M-Screen 8505 fabric in the colour 0209 white / mandarin. A colour pulling together the surrounding brick walls with the idea of a ripening pineapple.

The colour apart, Mermet fabric proved ideal for the project on many further levels. The dimensional stability of the fabric ensures that when secured in position on the skeletal framing it stays taut and in position. During the day, appearing solid from the outside, yet once inside, the fabrics transparency connects straight back with the outside world. With the planned use of the pavilion as a venue for a programme of events and activities, the BS 476 Pt 6 Class 0 fire rating is just perfect.

“I think the Mermet fabric has been very successful; looking solid pink from outside and then the ‘wow’ as you go inside and realise you can look out” – Benedict Whybrow of Structural Engineers; Artura.
The ‘Berrington Pineapple’ project is a classic example of what can be achieved using Mermet fabrics in tensile structures – a wide pallet of standard colours, with all the additional benefits that digital print can bring in addition. A range of densities, from transparent through to translucent, to solid. Easy and safe to work with, durable and safe in use.
Why was Mermet fabric M-Screen chosen for this project? Glass fibre base to the cloth, providing the dimensional stability that makes the fabric stay where it is put, without elongation over time the fabric lies flat, no undulations, no shadow. Glass fibre also allowing a thin yarn which produces a very fine weave that delivers great through vision whilst at the same time transmitting a very diffuse light.

M-Screen not only has the mechanical and aesthetic properties required for the project, crucially it has very high fire ratings for a shading material. Used in the manner required of the structure, as a series of fixed panels, forming an enclosure, accessible to members of the public, the fabric needs to meet the fire ratings requirements of those of a building material, as used in a public building – Bs 476 Pt 6 Class 0.

Mermet are designers and manufacturers of high-performance technical fabrics to equip all types of solar protection blinds. Their role is to provide safety and thermal & optical comfort, and to optimise energy consumption in buildings. Whether on the interior or exterior, complete blackout or fully transparent, they offer numerous insulating fabric solutions to meet the demands of all solar protection projects. Weaving glass fibre in Veyrins France since 1961, the move to concentrate on sun-shading fabrics started in the 1970’s. Their fabrics have been distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by De Leeuw Ltd, trading as Mermet UK since 1995.

What would Capability Brown have produced if he had had Mermet fabrics available?

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