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Suppliers of: Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Wire Tensioning Assemblies, Cable Tensioning Fittings, Turnbuckles, Rod & Wire Tensioning Adjusters, Rod & Wire Rigging Systems, Tie rods & Tie Bars

Sta-Lok is a UK manufacturer specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality products and solutions for stainless steel wire ropes and tension rod systems.

Sta-Lok Products are designed and engineered to complement the most beautiful boats, buildings and architecture.


Tension Rod Systems

Manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS EN 1090 to Execution Class 2, our fully traceable tie bar systems are designed to provide both structural function and aesthetic design.

From single roof trusses to glass atriums, or for projects that entail unique design elements, our technical specialists are available to help with your project requirements.


Cable Solutions

Sta-Lok stainless steel cable assemblies can be designed and tailored to suit most applications and are found in a diverse range of projects.

We can supply wire, fittings or a ready-made cable assembly – If you have a rigging project, talk to Sta-Lok about the solution.


Tensile Structures

Sta-Lok has a long history in providing high quality 316 stainless steel fittings and bespoke cable assemblies for use in tensile fabric structures and shade sail projects.

From tie down cable assemblies, boundary cables and membrane plate tensioners, our fully traceable UK manufactured solutions can be found as vital components across many tensile structures.


Wire Rope

Sta-Lok stock a comprehensive range of stainless steel grade 1.4401 (AISI 316) wire rope on 100,200 and 300-metre reels. Conforming to international standards, all wire is certified and fully traceable, in line with our quality systems and ISO 9001 accreditation.

For alternative cable sizes, constructions or for supply management and call-off agreements, please make contact with us.


Height Access

From custom manufacturing to wire rope supply management, Sta-Lok has vast experience in working alongside leading manufacturers of fall arrest systems and companies in the height access sector, both in the UK and globally.

All OEM and custom solutions are manufactured in our UK facility to the highest quality standards. In line with our ISO 9001 accreditation, products are individually inspected with full material traceability. Where required, product testing and certification can be provided through accredited testing facilities.



With more than 48 years supplying the global marine industry, we offer an extensive range of turnbuckles, fittings and terminals for Marine wire rope rigging. Sta-Lok is the preferred choice for professionals and sailboat owners.


Further Technical information is available to download from the BPi Download Library of from the Sta-Lok website

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Overcoming Stainless Steel Galling

April 2021

What is Stainless Steel Galling?

Galling, or cold welding, is a form of severe adhesive wear. Although stainless steels show a tendency to gall under certain conditions, galling can occur with any material.

This form of wear occurs as a result of excessive friction between two moving surfaces, which under particular conditions can disrupt the oxide layers and permit metal to metal contact.
What happens when Stainless Steels galls?

Severe galling can result in the parts becoming so seized that the parts act as if they have been welded together and are unable to be separated, hence the term ‘cold welding’.

Any form of interference, debris or heat build-up can cause galling. The British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA) explains that the main factors affecting wear and galling are:

Applied load
Contact area and degree of movement
Material Properties (surface finish, hardness and steel microstructure)

How to prevent Stainless Steel galling?
Slow down the installation speed

The heat produced through friction is a contributing factor in galling. It is recommended to not use power tools for the installation of stainless steel.

It is recommended to use a lubricant such as Tef-Gel to drastically reduce the chance of galling.
Avoid damaged or dirty threads

Check for damage to the threads of existing fittings. Any debris can also increase the chances of galling.
Use Sta-Lok Supajust Turnbuckles

These features permanently sealed threaded bronze inserts to ensure great levels of adjustment even under high load without the risk of seizing or galling.
Why use Sta-Lok?

As a premium UK manufacturer of stainless steel, Sta-Lok is a leading supplier and distribute a wide variety of sizes and constructions from a dedicated UK warehouse. To find out more about Sta-Loks supply of stainless steel. Contact us today.

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