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Suppliers of: bespoke cast stone porticos mullions pilasters cast stone balustrades architectural dressings walling balustrading heads cills Columns pillars pilasters

PROCTER CAST STONE is a leading UK manufacturer of cast stone architectural dressings and are able to offer products that satisfy most cast stone applications.

All Procter Cast Stone units carry the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association’s (UKCSA) Quality Mark, and are made to exceed the UKCSA specification for cast stone, which has been developed and designed to surpass the requirements of BS1217:2008 which is the current British Standard relevant to Cast Stone.

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Our range of products include both standard and custom design components, which encompasses:

Cast Stone Window & Door Surrounds

From  bullseye windows and mullions to standard stock window head and cills, Procter Cast Stone can supply all the required components to create classical or contemporary full window or door surrounds or, if you prefer, just decorative heads, cills or keystones.

  • Cills, Jambs, Mullions and Heads

  • Bullseye Windows

  • Transomes

  • Pedimented or Cornice window surrounds in Tuscan Style

  • Purpose made designs.

Cast Stone Entrances & Orangeries

Procter Cast Stone can manufacture and install all the required products to create an imposing architectural cast stone entrance . You can choose from a wide range of colours and styles to form standard designs or to an architect’s specification. It is also possible to include Cast Stone Treads, Infils and Risers in to the design to create a landing. 

Procter Cast Stone offer products that fulfil this need and complement the entire portico arrangement to great effect. There are CAD downloads available of the standard range of Portico designs . Prortico architraves will, in most cases, require the inclusion of an in-situ concrete beam sufficient to carry the weight of the structure above. All our porticos can be seamlessly matched with our other range of cast stone products and can be colour matched to replace old stone porticos for renovation projects.

Our comprehensive range of cast stone entrance components include:

  • Cast Stone Step Treads Infils and Risers

  • Columns,  and pilasters

  • Pedestals Cantilever Door Canopies

  • Cast Stone Arches for New Builds and Renovation Projects

It is possible to easily combine portico components to create a Classical Style Orangery . Columns, Pilasters and Half Columns used in conjunction with our standard Ornate Frieze can all be used to create an inspiring garden building which can be utilised as an office or a place of rest and relaxation. 

APEX STONES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHITECTURAL Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHITECTURAL Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Restoration Projects
ARCHITECTURAL Dressings Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
ARCHITECTURAL Dressings Cast Stone Purpose Made Bespoke
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:2008
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Colour Matched
ARCHITECTURAL MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Coloured
ASHLAR MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BALUSTERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BALUSTERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Bespoke
BALUSTRADE Restoration .
BALUSTRADES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BALUSTRADES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:2008
BANDCOURSES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BLOCKS Ashlar Appearance .
BLOCKS BS 5628:Part1,2,3 .
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:1997
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 6457
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Fairfaced
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Natural Chiselled Dressed Stone Appearance
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Split
BLOCKS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Textured
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Ashlar Appearance
BLOCKS Walling Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Weathered Appearance
CANOPIES Architectural .
CANOPIES Architectural Traditional
CANOPIES Cantilevered .
CANOPIES Door Architectural
CANOPIES Door Cantilevered
CANOPIES Door Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
CANOPIES Door Front Door
CANOPIES Door Portico
CANOPIES Door Purpose Made
CANOPIES Door Traditional Reproduction
CANOPIES Entrance .
CAPPINGS Cast Stone Reconstructed Stone .
CAST STONE BS 1217:2008 .
CAST STONE Purpose Made Bespoke Architectural Features
CHIMNEY Copings Cappings Caps Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
CILLS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
CILLS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 5642
CLADDINGS EXTERNAL Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Finish .
COLUMNS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
COLUMNS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:2008
COLUMNS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made
COPINGS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
COPINGS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Flood Defence Applications
CORBELS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
CORNICES Exterior External Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
DATE STONES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Datestones
DENTILS Replication in Cast Stone .
DOOR HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
DOOR SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
DOOR SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Designed Made to Order
FABRICATIONS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
FINIALS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
GABLE VENTS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
GABLES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
GATE PIERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
JAMBS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
KEYSTONES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
KNEELERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Bespoke Colours
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:1997 Kitemarked
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Dressings BS 1217:1997
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Dressings Kitemarked
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Engraved Units
MASONRY Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made Dressings
MASONRY Dressings .
MASONRY Restoration .
MULLIONS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
NAME STONES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PEDESTALS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PIER CAPS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PIER CAPS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Speres
PILASTERS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PILLARS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PLAQUES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PLINTHS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Plinth Blocks
POND SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PORCH Surrounds Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
PORTICOS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
PORTICOS Georgian .
QUOINS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
SPHERES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
STEPS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
STONE Restoration .
STONEWORK Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
STRINGCOURSES Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
SWIMMING POOL Surrounds Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone)
WALLING Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
WALLING Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 6457:1984
WINDOW HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
WINDOW HEADS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Structural (Stainless Steel Element Combined)
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) .
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Arched
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) BS 1217:2008
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Bullseye
WINDOW SURROUNDS Cast Stone (Reconstructed Stone) Purpose Made

About Procter Cast Stone

February 2021

Procter Cast Stone was originally established in 1996 by Procter Bros who began their business in 1740 by the middle of 2020 the business was operating 5 separate divisions across the UK.
During the 18th and 19th centuries the business was mainly involved in the manufacture of a wide range of agricultural and domestic wire products from a number of small factories in Yorkshire.
The trading name of Procter Bros was introduced in 1884 by John and Charles Procter, and it was under their control that the company really started to develop its identity as specialist wire workers.
With the outbreak of the First World War the company had gained considerably in stature and was involved in numerous government contracts, one particular instance being the supply of strong woven wire for use as a bomb proof guard over the roof of Buckingham Palace.
In the twenties and thirties the company continued to develop its manufacturing base with a wide range of products such as machine guards, riddles, sieves, fireguards and wire fencing being produced.
During the Second World War output was dramatically changed with the company supplying the military with parts for Bailey Bridges, parachute frames, and special wire mesh suitable for aircraft landing strips in sandy or marshy locations and fencing for virtually all the country’s aerodromes.
After the war the company reverted to its pre-war manufacturing base, supplying both the retail and industrial sectors through the fifties and into the early sixties.
In the mid-sixties the business was restructured to concentrate exclusively on the specialist fencing and machine guarding sectors of the industry.
During 2010 we realised that clients preferred a turn-key manufacture and installation proposal so Procter Cast Stone established an in-house installation division. This now installs a wide variety of exceptional cast stone products across the UK.
In August 2020 Newlay Cast Stone Limited acquired the business and its assets and continue to trade under the name of Procter Cast Stone.

Procter Cast Stone continue to combine the best aspects of traditional craftsmanship and care for its customers and employees, with up to date technology and production methods.

Procter Our COVID-19 update

April 2020

Our COVID-19 update
24th March 2020

In light of the latest UK Government and Public Health advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19), Procter Bros will be closing our sites from Tuesday 24 March, until further notice.

We have been carefully monitoring and following latest UK Government advice and made this decision to protect our colleagues, customers and communities.

Our teams, who are all working remotely, can be contacted via the usual telephone numbers and email addresses. If you have any concerns or questions then please do contact a member of the Procter team and they’ll do their very best to help.

Procter Bros has gone through many challenges since we were established in 1740, and there is a saying within the business that “we never walk away from a problem”. That is why a small number of our most experienced team will continue to work behind closed doors on essential jobs that are destined for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For 280 years, our customers have trusted us to serve and protect them on their projects, and we are not about to stop now.

​When the time is right, we look forward to working with you again. Please keep safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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