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Suppliers of: Acrylic Foam Tape, Air Tight Tape, Anti-Microbial Film, Anti Slip Tape, Barrier Tape, Bloco One Sealing Tape, Bond Breaker Tape, Bumper Stops, Carpet & Flooring Tapes, Cloth Tape, Crossweave Tape, Denso Tape, Double Sided Tape, Duct Tape, EPDM Membrane,

Affixit is the UK’s number one foam tape converter and distributor with over 35 years’ experience and one of the biggest selection of stock available on a next day service.

Affixit not only supply standard products but in addition they also offer custom made products including custom size rolls, gaskets and sheets. If you can’t find the product you are looking for give our technical sales team a call and see how we can help. We offer high performance products in a format and time scale to suit you.


Our product range includes (but is not limited to):

  • Accessories – From hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes to sealant guns and sticky label removers, we have all the accessories you need.
  • Acrylic Foam Tape - This high performance foam tape (VHB alternative) will offer you a strong and secure bond to a wide variety of surfaces.  Suitable for both internal and external applications. It is quick and easy to apply and is so strong that it is fast replacing traditional, mechanical fasteners.
  • Air Tight Tape - The high performance adhesive system provides a superior bond with excellent tack values. It adheres well even to non-polar & low energy surfaces. Bonds especially well to PE Foil and HDPE/PP/PE Fleeces. The elastic film carrier is reinforced with PE-Scrim, to promote excellent bonding to a wide range of surfaces. The material is Highly Heat / wrinkle resistant and guarantees an airtight seal. 
  • Anti-Slip Tape - Heavy Duty Non-Slip Tapes to Reduce Trips, Slips & Falls Instantly. Water Resistant (works internally & externally), High Grab Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Our anti-slip tapes are easy to apply and offer instant protection to walkways, stairs, access routes, ladders, workshops & retail floor space. Designed to with stand high foot traffic this tape bonds instantly to clean, dry floors and provides instant grip reducing trips, slips & falls.
  • Barrier Tape - Our non-adhesive barrier tape (hazard tape) provides a quick and effect solution for cordoning off areas and crowd control.
  • Bloco One Sealing Tape - The multi-functional joint sealing tape with outstanding three-level functionality is 100 % air tight and vapour-resistant on the inside, provides thermal and sound insulation in the centre and more than 1,000 Pa resistance to driving rain on the outside.
  • Bond Breaker Tape - Form Correct Two Way Sealant Bonds with Affixit Bond Breaker Tape.
  • Carpet & Flooring Tapes – we offer a variety of flooring and carpet tapes from clear carpet film to social distancing markers, floor marking tapes and hard floor protection.
  • Cloth Tape – Also known as duct tape this versatile tape is water resistant, strong and provides great adhesion in the most demanding environments. It is a great addition to any contractor’s tool box.
  • Denso Tape - Denso Tape is the industry leading anti-corrosion tape as used by British Gas for sealing underground joints against moisture. It protects pipes, fittings and similar structures from corrosion above the ground, below the ground and even if they are immersed. 
  • EPDM Membrane - A synthetic rubber. It is extremely durable and used across a wide range of applications. EPDM is weather & heat resistant making it an ideal flat roofing material.
  • EPDM Tape - A versatile, blended cellular rubber foam tape with high tack pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It offers excellent resistance to water making it ideal for sealing applications. EPDM/Neoprene sponge tape has an impressive sound and thermal control and is often used for acoustic appliances and vibration dampening. Available in Rolls, Sheets & Gaskets. 
  • Expanding Foam Tape - EXP6 is a soft and flexible foam sealant tape supplied on a roll. It is used predominately as a weather seal to prevent water ingress, retain heat and also offers acoustic properties. It accommodates joint movement & remains permanently elastic. When suitably compressed EXP6 will provide a 600 Pa wind driven rain weather seal.
  • Flashing Tape - Strong Instant Waterproof Flashing Tape for Roofs, Walls, Windows & Gutters. Self adhesive, lead effect grey flashing tape. This durable tape has been specifically designed for the installation and repair of flashing, the sealing of lead sheeting, (sometimes even replacing expensive lead) and the repairing valley gutters.
  • Foam Tape - From joist tape, to thermal break tape, single sided or security glazing tape Affixit has the foam tape you need offering a wide variety of different usage foam tapes for every need and specification.
  • Foil Tape – aluminium foil tape with a strong solvent acrylic adhesive protected by an easy release liner. It has an excellent peel adhesion as well as being water and heat resistant. This make it ideal for sealing joints/seams against moisture and vapour, as well as for holding, splicing or masking applications requiring protection offered by a foil backing.
  • Gaffer Tape – we offer a range of different heavy duty cotton cloth tapes with strong, pressure sensitive adhesives to serve a multitude of different uses.
  • Glass Protection Pads - these Glass Protection Pads separate and protect glass, laminates and metal sheeting during storage and transportation. These single sided foam pads are very firm and will not compress ensuring that your units or delicate surfaces remain unscratched and in perfect condition.
  • Green Glue - This unique noise proofing compound has a unique polymeric formula that converts the mechanical energy from sound waves into small amounts of heat. When the compound is sandwiched between two rigid layers of material (like drywall), it forms a damping system. So, when sound waves pass through the structure, the energy is dissipated .
  • Overbanding Tape - Once applied overbanding tape will provide an instant self adhesive waterproof seal over cracks or failed reinstatement joints (up to 5mm wide). This prevents the ingress of water which causes cracking.
  • PPE – Affixit offer a wide range of PPE ranging from hand sanitising alcohol wipes, face shields and visors to floor markings for social distancing mats and signs.
  • Protection Tapes Affixit offer surface protection tapes and films for glass, laminates, carpets & flooring, UPVC, plastics & aluminium.
  • Resilient Floor Tape - This self adhesive acoustic isolation strip is used to reduce sound transfer by decoupling party walls, joists, battens and studs. It is used extensively in new builds as well as renovations.It has a high tack adhesive on one side and is designed to be sandwiched between the joints to inhibit sound transfer.As standard, this acoustic foam strip is offered in sizes of  50mm x 3mm & 50mm x 6mm, we can produce other size rolls within 24 hrs.
  • Win2Wall Expanding Tape - The ISO-BLOCO WIN2WALL sealing tape is a special energy saving joint sealing product with outstanding functionality that can be used in a wide range of applications.Primarily designed as a multi-level seal for the perimeter joint between windows, doors and walls. It provides an exceptionally thermally efficient weather and air tight seal, while accommodating the constant movement between components. 
  • Toffee Tape - High Tack, Double Sided, Rubber Resin Toffee Tape - Made in the UK this highly conformable double sided tape made from pressure-sensitive rubber resin bonds difficult substrates, such as polythene, polypropylene and many more. Ideal for joining polythene sheeting, bonding kick plates, bonding wires to road surfaces, mounting light weight items, roof bar bonding, the list goes on. 

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Affixit Adhesive Tape - A Complete Guide to Foam Tape

December 2022

A Complete Guide to Foam Tape

In this article, you will find answers to most of your questions about foam tape, including its end uses and a wide range of applications. The variety of foam, sponge rubber and tapes available allows for endless combinations when foam tape is paired with an adhesive. As a consequence, the possibilities for the implementation of foam tape are technically limitless. We'll look at foam tape in more depth and discuss its various uses and benefits.

What is Foam Tape?

Foam tape is a high-performance adhesive tape made of foam with pressure-sensitive characteristics. The adhesive films can be found on either one or two sides of the foam strip and are meant to be easy to apply, use and clean. 

Foam tapes are highly customisable and available in a variety of lengths, sizes, densities, adhesives, cell structures, textures and colours. The best choice depends on the user's intended purpose. Used by professionals or DIY enthusiasts in their day-to-day tasks, foam tapes’ high versatility make them ideal for a wide range of uses and surfaces of all kinds.

What is foam tape used for?

Among the most popular applications of foam strips are:

Moisture protection
Dust sealing
Basically, adhesive-coated foam tapes are used to level uneven surfaces. If the space between two areas is too wide, a thicker foam tape can be applied to close it up. A foam tape is usually designed to improve the performance of an object or surface and to enhance its general appearance.

Foam tapes are ideal for automotive, electrical, or construction applications. They are often used in place of mechanical fasteners (rivets, bolts, screws, and welding materials) because of their ability to withstand a high level of vibration. 

For the construction industry or DIY projects, foam tape's high strength and durable seals can stop gas, dust, fluid, air, or sound from escaping between two matched machine parts or around pipe joints. Among other applications are enclosures for electrical devices, airtight compression, shed windows, doors, showers, roofing, etc. For hard-to-reach places, foam tape is an excellent option, and it can be manufactured in multiple widths.

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Tesa 50600 High Temperature Green Masking Tape 250mm x 66M

August 2022

Green Polyester/Silicone Masking Tape

High temperature resistance (up to 220°C for 30 minutes)
Residue-free removability for masking and surface protection applications
250mm x 66 Metres (Other Sizes Available)

Order Online Here:
tesa® 50600 Applications

Masking off areas that are to be protected during powder-coating processes
Surface protection
Bonding and splicing of non-polar materials

tesa® 50600 is a green-translucent, high-temperature masking tape featuring a polyester backing with a silicone adhesive. Used for various applications, especially for masking during powder-coating processes, surface protection applications or bonding and splicing of non-polar materials.

It enables sharp color edges and offers excellent paint anchorage. The silicone adhesive system makes the tape extremely heat-resistant, withstanding extreme temperatures of up to 220°C for as long as 30 minutes at a time.

The high-temperature masking tape offers easy application and one-piece, residue free removal.
Technical Properties

Elongation at break:110 %
Type of adhesive: silicone
Tensile strength: 75 N/cm
Total thickness: 80 µm
Backing material: PET film
Adhesion to steel: 4 N/cm
Temperature resistance: 220 °C

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