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Suppliers of: Dry Lining Trims, Suspended Ceiling Trims, Glass Partitions, Access Panels, Composite Trims, Column Rings, Partitioning Trims, Extruded Aluminium Trims.

QIC Trims UK Limited are Leading suppliers of aluminium trims and ancillary products for commercial interior fit outs, operating in the field of dry lining trims, suspended ceilings and glass partitioning systems.We supply straight and curved aluminium sections, access panels and fabricated steel products.

Our technical sales team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the interior fit out sector, we use our experience to offer architects and designers comprehensive technical advice with support by CAD drawings, samples and hands-on practical advice. Backed up by a 36,000 square foot production facility with state of the art machinery QIC Trims UK Ltd are well established and proven to supply quality products on time and on budget.

Specialist made to order products are a large part of our offer, and our technical resources are always available to assist designers, specifiers and specialist contractors achieve the realisation of their designs within their budget.


Our Product Range Includes:


  • Dry Lining Trims - Supplied in 3000mm lengths, extruded from architectural grade aluminium alloy to BS 1474. Dry lining trims are used to form reveal details within a conventional plasterboard system using single or multiple layers of plasterboard. Trade line trims can be used in conjunction with all major brands of plasterboard, steel stud and track systems and timber framing. The feathered edge allows for a seamless tape and joint finish.


  • Suspended Ceiling Trims - Suspended ceiling trims are used to form unified transition details between plasterboard and most major brands of suspended ceiling tile and grid. Trade line trims can be used with a feathered edge for a plasterboard tape and joint finish or standard perimeter angle finish for mineral fibre ceiling tiles. Supplied in 3000mm lengths, extruded from architectural grade aluminium alloy to BS 1474.


  • Glass Partitions – Available in a variety of solutions such as our Single Glazed Evolution System, Double Glazed Evolution System, Single Glazed Drywall Transition System and Double Glazed Drywall Transition System. QIC Trims Internal glass partitioning and transition profiles offer sleek minimal head and base track with complementary door frame details that service a multitude of styles and requirements.


  • Access Panels - Installing a QIC access panel into your plasterboard wall or ceiling gives you quick and easy access to hidden services such as pipes, wiring or fuses. Our range of plasterboard access panels are ideal for use in commercial buildings, providing a practical and attractive solution. These are available in various sizes for walls and ceilings, as well as non-standard and bespoke applications. We also provide access panel solutions for residential applications.


  • Composite Trims - Composite trims can be fabricated using a variety of in house products to create specific non-standard dry lining and suspended ceiling solutions. As with all of our trims these composite trims come in a vast range of colours and can be manufactured to your specific requirements for that special finish.


  • Column Rings – Customer made curved trims suitable for curved walls or partitions to help create that special design you dream of.


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Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the QIC Trims website.

ACCESS PANELS Fire Resistant .
ACCESS PANELS Metal Wall Tile Fitting / Tile Insert
ACCESS PANELS Purpose Made .
ALUMINIUM Curved Sections .
ARCHITECTURAL Curved Aluminium Sections .
BLIND BOX Aluminium Trim .
CEILING TILE Upstand Detail Trim
DRY LINING Profiles Curved Purpose Made
DRY LINING Profiles LED Lighting Trims
DRY LINING Trim Aluminium Reveal Trims
DRY LINING Trim Architectural Aluminium
DRY WALLING Accessories .
DRY WALLING Movement/Control Joints .
FABRICATIONS Curved Aluminium Sections .
FABRICATIONS Sheet Material .
PARTITIONS Double Glazed .
PARTITIONS Double Glazed Fixings, Abutments, Head and Base
PARTITIONS Drywall Partitions .
PARTITIONS Drywall Partitions Drywall and Frameless Glazing Integration
PARTITIONS Drywall Partitions Galvanised Steel Stud and Track Systems
PARTITIONS Drywall Partitions Integral Glazed Modules
PARTITIONS Glass Fixings, Abutments, Head and Base
PARTITIONS Glass Frameless Glass
PARTITIONS Glass Panel .
PARTITIONS Glass Panel Fixings, Abutments, Head and Base
PARTITIONS Glazed Aluminium Profile Systems .
PARTITIONS Glazed Aluminium Profile Systems Frameless Glass
PARTITIONS Glazed Aluminium Profile Systems Frameless Glass Modules
PARTITIONS Glazed Aluminium Profile Systems Integrated Doorsets
PARTITIONS Modular Systems Glazed
PLASTER BEADS Architrave Beads .
PLASTER BEADS Movement Beads Aluminium
PLASTER BEADS Movement Beads PVC-u
PLASTER BEADS Movement Beads PVC-u Corner
PLASTERBOARD Profiles Aluminium Trim
PLASTERBOARD Profiles Purpose Made
RENDER BEADS Movement Beads .
RENDER BEADS Movement Beads Expansion Joints
RENDER BEADS Movement Beads External PVC-u
SCREENS Infection Control Barrier .
SCREENS Infection Control Barrier Desk Guards
SCREENS Infection Control Barrier Desk Separators
SKIRTING TRIM Skirting Profiles .
SKIRTINGS Partitioning Aluminium Clip-On
SUSPENDED CEILING Perimeter Profiles Blind Box
SUSPENDED CEILING Perimeter Profiles Perimeter Trims
SUSPENDED CEILING Perimeter Profiles Shadow Gaps / Shadowline
SUSPENDED CEILING Perimeter Profiles Shadow Gaps / Shadowline Architectural Aluminium
SUSPENDED CEILING Perimeter Profiles Upstand Perimeter Details Architectural Aluminium
SUSPENDED CEILING Rafts Modular Profile Systems
SUSPENDED CEILING Tile T Trims Architectural Aluminium
SUSPENDED CEILING Tile Trims Upstand Detail Architectural Aluminium
TILE EDGE TRIMS Suspended Ceiling Tile Trim .
QIC EVOLUTION 25 Frameless Glass Partitioning
QICPLAS Dry Lining Beads

Fire Rating Classification – Aluminium Trims

January 2020

QIC Trims can confirm the clarifiction of ‘Fire Rated’ Trims.

Some other suppliers claim to have products with fire resistance, however Approved Document B is the Fire Safety guidance within the UK Building regulations, the document which details the requirement for internal walls and ceiling linings. Internal walls and ceilings require classification within buildings as they have large surface area within a room. Skirting, window frames and trims are all classed as “Narrow Members”. These items are not considered as a wall and therefore do not require classification.
We will continue to offer products of the highest standard and with the utmost integrity to not mislead our market or customers with tests that are not required by building regulations. Any queries please contact us directly.

QIC Trims - Blind Box Case Study

January 2020

The bright and minimalist apartments at Foster + Partners residential development in Shoreditch feature QIC Trims innovative designs for concealing blinds and curtains.

QIC Trims, a leading manufacturer of trims for the interior fit-out sector, has designed window fitting solutions for one of the tallest residential projects in London – Foster + Partners’ 50-storey Principal Tower in Shoreditch.

The company helped the architectural team design and extrude in excess of 5,000 linear metres of bespoke Blind Box housing for roller blinds and curtains in the development’s one and two-bedroom apartments. The product had to be turned around efficiently and quickly so as not to impact a tight site programme. Further projects are now in the pipeline with the development team.

Principal Tower is part of Principal Place, a mixed-use development on the edge of the City of London in the borough of Hackney. At 175 metres, it is one of London’s tallest residential buildings. The relationship between the creative, formerly industrial east end and Britain’s financial centre is expressed in the tower’s massing, which appears as three slim volumes.

On the Shoreditch side, the tower appears lower from ground level, while from the west it reflects the high-rise nature of the City. A central volume rises up between the two to provide an elegant marker on the skyline.

The 50-storey building has a variety of different sized apartments and a single, duplex penthouse. There are eight residences on a typical floor: four two-bedroom and four one-bedroom apartments. The rectilinear layout is extended on each side to create a cruciform plan, maximising the perimeter so that almost all of the units are dual aspect, which creates a sense of space and light in every residence.

Layouts maximise the living area, with a plan that places the entrance at the heart of the space to eliminate unnecessary corridors. The bedrooms are enclosed by solid cladding panels for privacy, while the remainder is fully glazed and protected by shading fins. Almost every residence has its own curved balcony with bronze exterior detailing – externally, this helps to soften the tower’s profile, contrasting and setting it apart from the City’s office buildings.

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