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Ground Guards Ltd a division of the global GreenTek Group, established in 1969. Provide access solutions for everything from construction sites and drilling rigs, to pedestrian walkways and wheelchairs access. When it comes to minimising your reinstatement costs, protecting your on-site assets and keeping your projects on schedule and within budget we have the right solution for you.

If site safety, project efficiency and a healthy return on investment are your primary goals, then Ground-Guards is perfectly placed to meet all your construction needs. With a thorough understanding of the industry, we appreciate that time is money and efficiency is everything. That’s why our ground protection solutions are designed to be simple, fast and easy to use. Also, when using any ground protection solutions from Ground-Guards Ltd, you have the satisfaction of dealing with a green-focused company that has a policy of recycling, waste reduction, pollution elimination and energy and water conservation with all ground protection solution products.

We have a vast range of products to suit every requirement together with the expertise and knowledge to advise you on your best solution.


Our product range includes:


  • MultiTrack – The original and best ground protection system for essential ground care in the construction industry.
  • MaxiTrack – This new system is a truly innovative approach to temporary ground protection.  The lightweight 40kg mats can easily be handled by two workers without the need for specialist lifting equipment yet the mats are extremely heavy duty and incredibly strong; we guarantee them against breakage by vehicles up to 130 tonnes.
  • FastCover – Made from 100% recycled PVC FastCover is easy to lay flooring that is strong and versatile offering a vast range of solutions across a multitude of different uses from carparks and walkways to factory and warehouse flooring.
  • MudStopper – When a vehicle needs to leave an un-paved site onto a paved road area MudStopper effectively removes debris and mud from vehicle tyres.
  • XTremeMat – Made for use in the harshest of environments these ultra-tough HDPE  mats have a hard foam inner core, designed specially to give buoyancy. So you can make access roads across boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water.
  • Kerbguards - These re-usable kerb protectors, made from heavy-duty 100% recycled PVC, absorb impacts and shield your kerbs from damage by site machinery, dumpers and delivery lorries.  KerbGuards provide a huge saving of time, labour, aggravation and money by having to remove or replace Kerbs.
  • Euromat – For temporary access over soft or sensitive ground, EuroMat is the essential ground protection mat for construction, civil engineering and ground work industries. With the ability to handle up to 80 tonnes and only weighing just 35kgs Euromat saves you a lot of time and money.
  • Litetrack - LiteTrack is the cost-effective trackway of choice to safely support vehicles and pedestrians; perfect for protecting the ground during general building works, events and shows.
  • Zappmat - Zapp your brand and get your company noticed every step of the way with Zappmat’s range of corporate branded ground mats. Available to match your own bespoke corporate colours and logo, ZappMat is the perfect way to enhance your brand like never before.
  • Trenchguards - For street cover that is safe, strong and second to none, the TrenchGuard system sets a new standard in trench cover safety. Featuring special interlocking flange joints to eliminate panel movement, an anti-slip tread pattern for extra foot and wheel grip and high visibility yellow reflective strips, TrenchGuard is safe and secure.
  • Matrax - The Matrax high-performance system is custom designed for use in stadiums and other large-scale venues that wish to maximise their revenue by hosting other events.
  • Budgetmat - Ground-Guards’ Budget Mat – the cost-effective trackway of choice for all your lighter duty applications.
  • Trenchplate - For a heavy duty, easy to handle and extremely safe trench cover system, TrenchPlate is the modern lightweight alternative to traditional steel road plates.
  • GeoGrid® - cellular paving system enables the fast and efficient implementation of ground reinforcement and stabilisation. The cellular design of the grids allows the dispersion of excess rain or flood water which makes it ideal for integration with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and in areas prone to flooding or with water dispersion problems.

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 Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the Ground Guards website.

CAR PARK Grass Protection .
EVENT FLOORING Ground Protection Pedestrian Walkways Sportsfield Protection Pitch
FLOORING Chequer Plates Steel
GRASS Reinforcement Mesh Load Bearing Areas
GRASS PROTECTION Mesh Recycled Plastic
GRASS REINFORCEMENT Mesh Load Bearing Grass Areas
GRASS REINFORCEMENT Mesh Pedestrian Walkways
GRASS REINFORCEMENT Mesh Polyethylene Slip Resistant
KERB Guards Protection
PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS Temporary Relocatable
PLATES Trackway Plates Slip Resistant
SITE Access Wet Ground Support Boggy Earth Protection
SITE Ground Protection Vehicular Support
SITE Mats Heavy Duty Ground Protection Matting
SITE Vehicles Support Mats Vehicular Support
SITE Wet Ground, Boggy Earth Vehicular Support
STREET SAFETY Covers Pedestrian Access Trench Covers
TEMPORARY CARPARKING Access Panels Ground Protection .
TEMPORARY PROTECTION Construction Sites Ground Soil Earth
TEMPORARY ROADWAYS Ground Protection .
TRENCH Covers Pedestrian Access Pavement Access
VEHICLE Ground Support Track Vehicular Access Ground Track
WALKWAYS Temporary .
BASETRACK Underlay Mats
BUDGETMAT Event Flooring
EUROMAT Site Ground Protection
FASTCOVER Ground Protection Plates
GROUND GUARD GEOGRID Grass Reinforcement Mesh
GROUND GUARDS GEOGRID Grass Reinforcement Mesh
GROUND-GUARDS Grass Reinforcement Mesh
KERBGUARDS Kerb Protection
LITETRACK Ground Protection Plates
MATRAX Pitch Protection (sportsfield)
MAXITRACK Vehicle Ground Support
MUDSTOPPER Vehicle Ground Support
MULTITRACK Vehicle Ground Support
SMARTGRIP Plastic Ground Support Plates
TRENCHGUARD Street Trench Covers
TRENCHPLATE Street Trench Covers
XTREMEMATS Heavy Duty Site Matting
ZAPPMAT Temporary Coloured Walkway

Ground Guards Construction site tree root protection

December 2019

Tree root protection Case Study.

The Requirement:
A building firm were to demolish an existing residential dwelling and construct a new one.

The report they obtained from an arboricultural consultant required the large trees in the front garden to be protected from site excavation works, soil compaction by vehicles and the use of impermeable materials such as concrete or tarmac.

Since it is a legal requirement to protect tree roots from disruptive build projects, the company turned to Ground-Guards for help.

The Solution:
A tree’s feeder roots can spread up to twice the length of the crown of the tree, spreading across a large grassed area.

Ground-Guards’ recommended MultiTrack as a cost-effective, high quality solution. The strong, lightweight 39kg mats are easy to lay by hand, allowing safe, sturdy ground cover to be installed in next to no time.

The Outcome:
The company ended up purchasing (rather than hiring) MultiTrack as the mats are reusable for their next job. The project, which lasted 60 weeks, was a great success with no damage or severing of the tree roots.

FastCover Site walkways case study

November 2019

Ground-Guards FastCover matting is used for site walkways and are an economical, reusable and sustainable walkway mat for keeping workers safe and clean, defining safe walkways and reducing the amount of mud walked into cabins or new buildings. They are also used for footpath diversions around utility or pavement works.

FastCover mats are easy to lay, interlocking 1.2m x 0.8m recycled pvc mats that only weigh 20kg each have a high traction tread,and can easily be lifted and relocated on your site or at the next project.

Read our latest FastCover case study at

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