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Suppliers of: Contract Paint, Paints, Fillers, Fine Surface Filler, Matt Emulsion, Decorators Caulk, Universal Filler, Wood Fillers, Silicone Sealants, Sealants, Ready Mixed Filler

For all your decorating needs come to Brewers Decorator Centres. We are the one stop shop for professional decorators and the general public. Our own range of paints, wallpapers, caulks, brushes, rollers and more are high quality products designed with the trade in mind – you’ll find these in all Brewers Decorator Centres and online.

We can supply you with all paint and wallpaper brands (Dulux, Crown, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Sandtex, Sadolin, Albany, Johnstone’s, Sanderson and many many more), wood treatments, specialist coatings, tools and accessories. All this plus great service and free delivery.

As a family business established in 1904 we’ve been using our wealth of knowledge and experience to help the decorator get the best results for more than 100 years. With over 170 branches nationwide we aim to be the decorator’s first choice. Whatever your project, Brewers can help you.

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Brewers offer the following branded products available immediately on our website or through our network of national stores.

Brewers products provide the decorator with all the essentials needed day to day, the range includes contract emulsion, multi purpose fillers, durable PPE and much more. Trade quality at affordable prices, and only available at your local Brewers Decorator Centre.

Brewers Trade Contract Matt Paints

Brewers Trade Contract Matt is a water-based, low odour finish for interior walls and ceilings.  Offers good opacity and is ideally suited to the economical redecoration of ceilings and walls and also new areas including new plaster, wallboards and other interior masonry surfaces such as brick or block work. Application is by brush, roller or spray with coverage up to 13sq/m per litre. Touch dry within 1-2 hours and recoatable within 3-4 hours.  

Brewers Decorators Caulks  

A highly flexible range of decorators caulks for a perfect finish on interior or exterior jobs. Use on areas movement can occur around door frames, skirting and architraves. Brewers decorator caulks ensures a seamless and professional finish with low shrinkage. Can be painted with most water based and synthetic paints in just after hour. Almost odour free and is not corrosive towards metals.  

Brewers Sealants & Adhesives  

Brewers offer a range of Sealants and Adhesives  from premium grade, paintable, to silicone and sanitary applications, which are suitable for both interior and exterior application. Mould resistant and conforms to ISEGA standards for use in food preparation areas.  

Exterior & Interior Fillers  

Brewers offer a range of exterior and interior fillers for all decorating requirements. Robust, quick-drying and versatile, our range of fillers are available ready mixed or in bags.

FILLERS By Colour: White
FILLERS By Composition: Polyester Paste
FILLERS Concrete Repairing .
FILLERS Decorators Caulk .
FILLERS Exterior .
FILLERS Fine Grade .
FILLERS Interior .
FILLERS Masonry Repair .
FILLERS Polyester Based .
FILLERS Skimming / Skim Coats Extra Fine
FILLERS Timber Repair .
FILLERS Wood Stainable
FILLERS Wood Surfacing
FILLERS Wood Two Part
FILLERS Wood Weatherproof
HAZARD Marking Tapes .
PAINT High Opacity .
PAINT Low Odour .
PAINT Low VOC Content .
PAINT Low VOC Content Category A/a
PAINT Masonry .
PAINT Masonry BS Colours
PAINT Masonry RAL Colours
PAINT Matt .
PAINT Matt High Opacity
PAINT Waterbased .
SEALANTS By Special Function Curtain Walling
SEALANTS Mastic: By Colours: Black
SEALANTS Mastic: By Colours: Clear/Translucent
SEALANTS Mastic: By Colours: White
SEALANTS Mastic: by Composition: Silicone
SEALANTS Mastic: by Composition: Silicone Low Modulus
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Anti-Mould
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Ceramic Tile
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Cladding
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Curtain Walling
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: External
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Glass to Glass
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Internal
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Mildew Resistant / Mould Resistant
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Sanitary Acetoxy Moisture Vapour Cure
SEALANTS Mastic: by Special Function: Sanitary Bathrooms Baths Showers Kitchens
TAPES Wet Paint Warning .
WET & DRY Abrasive Abrasion Cloth Paper
WOOD Repairing Compounds Stabiliser
DRY SEAL Sealant
DRY-FIX Wood Stabiliser
EASY-Q Wood Repair Solution
HIOMANT Abrasive Paper
TETRION Fine Surface Filler
TETRION Ready Mixed Filler
ULTIMATE CAULK Decorators Caulk

Brewers Decorator Centres donated 20L of paint, brushes, rollers to Glyne Bay Walkway

August 2021

Brewers Decorator Centres donated 20L of paint, brushes, rollers, and stabilising solution to help transform the walkway in Glyne Bay, Bexhill-on-Sea.

W.Ave Arts is an independent non-profit organisation working with and for the local community to transform spaces for the next generation. In their latest project, W.Ave Arts collaborated with local artists Luke Barbants and apprentice Joe Zillwood to create a mural on the Network Rail bridge in Glyne Bay.

Luke Brabants is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in East Sussex. His work is often inspired by his surroundings including wildlife, land, and sea. Luke’s work can be seen up and down Britain predominantly on vehicles and walls which have been commissioned by clients who want to stand out from the boring and ordinary. Being given the opportunity to paint the Glyne Gap bridge will be a huge legacy and he hopes it will inspire other people to get creative, and maybe see art with spray cans as just another medium to create with rather than something that comes with bad connotations.

The bridge is often vandalised which requires a lot of maintenance from the local community. To make the area more appealing, the project was proposed to deter vandalism through the medium of art. The mural design is heavily inspired by a family of seals who have resided in this area and have become quite the Bexhill celebrities! Other sea life is also featured giving a spectacular underwater theme. Many organisations and members of the community got involved to donate scaffolding, supplies, and time to ensure the mural’s completion. Brewers Bexhill were very happy to donate 20 Litres of Albany Masonry paint as well as brushes, rollers, and stabilising solution to protect the artwork. The result is fantastic, and we look forward to seeing future projects!

Brewers Paints - Help the honey bee!

July 2021

Getting Buzzy at Brewers!

In the months of July and August, Brewers Decorator Centres is adopting a bee for every litre of Albany paint purchased – which they anticipate could reach over 500,000 honeybees! To fulfil their pledge, Brewers are working closely with Gruffydd Rees from Gwenyn Gruffydd, a bee specialist based in the picturesque Carmarthen, South Wales.

The idea behind the adoption plan is to give a helping hand in reducing the decline of these vital pollinators. In preparation, a number of beehives have been set up and will be well looked after by Gruffydd Rees, a beekeeper with over 10 years’ experience and member of the Welsh Beekeepers Association and DASH accredited by the Governments Bee Unit. In addition to the adoption, they are planting bee friendly trees in community spaces in South Wales to provide a valuable food source for bees and other pollinators in the local area.

Find out more about Brewers’ bee activities or follow them on Facebook or Instagram the latest bee news!

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