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Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation - GDHV Cooling Solutions

Our goal at Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation is to deliver market-defining heating, cooling and ventilation solutions.These solutions cover a range of technologies, that make best use of our decarbonising grid and focus on a lowcarbon future. We are the world’s largest electric heating manufacturer and are well equipped to help guide you through your projects and highlight the benefits these new innovations can deliver.

Residential and Commercial Expertise:

With commitment to innovation and a focus on tailored specification, we are proud to provide heating, cooling and ventilation solutions manufactured to the highest standards for both commercial and residential projects. We have extensive experience across multiple industry sectors and can offer solutions that include low temperature networks, mechanical ventilation systems and a variety of heat pump technology and water cylinders.


Our Brands:

Operating at the forefront of current developments in heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation, our collective portfolio features many ofthe best-known industry brands, including Ability, Dimplex, and Xpelair, alongside Burco, Creda, Faber Nobo, Redring, and Valor.

Ability Projects: visit website

Specialising in the design and manufacture of UK specification fan coil units for global applications.

Burco Instant Boiling Water: visit website

Burco is a well-known and trusted brand within the leisure and catering sectors. Offering a complete range of water boiling and handwash products suitable to address a wide variety of applications.

Creda Heating: visit website

Creda is renowned for providing economical, effective and environmentally friendly electric heating solutions to suit any business or domestic requirement.

Dimplex Heating: visit website

From intelligent electric heating for the whole home to our 3D flame effect fires, through to cooling fans and air purification, Dimplex has the answer to make your home the cosy, comfortable place it should be.

Faber Gas Fires: visit website

Faber is a creator of versatile, aspirational gas fires, solid fuel and electric stoves for premium residential and commercial projects.

Nobo Heating Controls: visit website

Nobo sets the standard for electrical heating with highly accurate thermostats and optional control via smartphone or tablet.

Redring Water Heating: visit website

Redring creates electric, power, digital and mixer showers, vented and unvented water storage heaters, instantaneous water heaters, beverage water boilers, boiling water taps and hand dryers.

Valor Gas Fires: visit website

Valor remains the pioneer within the electric and gas fire market, with one of the largest gas fire portfolios in the UK.

Xpelair Ventilation: visit website

Xpelair is the market leader in the manufacturing and development of sustainable, eco-friendly ventilation products.

Zeroth Energy System: visit website

The Zeroth Energy System provides heating, cooling and hot water services to residential or commercial spaces using a network of water-water heat pumps. The heat pumps are connected to an energy loop, which is a water circuit maintained at between 15⁰C and 25⁰C.

Further Technical information can be viewed from the BPi download library or from the Manufacturer’s own website.

AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Controls Centralised .
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Dehumidifier Combined .
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Fancoil Units Multiroom
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Heat Pump Combined Heating Combined
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Self Contained Cooling No External Condensing Unit
AIR CONDITIONING UNITS Self Contained Cooling and Heating Combined / No External Condensing Unit
CLIMATE CONTROL Air Conditioning .
CLIMATE CONTROL Air Conditioning Commercial
CLIMATE CONTROL Cooling Systems .
FANS Cool Air Fans Portable Tower
HEAT PUMPS Cooling / Heating Reversible .
HEATING and COOLING SYSTEMS Wall Mounted Units Ventilation Combined
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) Programmable Controls
ION FRESH Tower Cooling Fans
XPELAIR DIGITEMP Air Conditioning and Heating Units

Glen Dimplex Achieving year round comfort

October 2019

Here at Dimplex, we live and breathe comfort. We believe your home should be a safe, happy space for your family to spend time, no matter the weather, so we’ve put together our top recommendations for year-round comfort in your home.

1. Feeling the warmth:

Whether you’re too hot or too cold, the effects of extreme weather lead to discomfort in the home. We find ourselves struggling to sleep in the winter with cold, red noses and warm fuzzy socks, and then in summer our windows are wide and we reach for the nearest object to fan ourselves.

If you’re at a lack of storage space and can’t justify multiple cooling fans and portable radiators, this is when products with both heating and cooling functions really shine. Items like the Dimplex GloFan feature two heat settings for when it’s crisper outside and a cool air setting for warmer days. Make sure to look for products with easy portability for comfort in the home, wherever you need it. For a more advanced and powerful alternative, keep your eye out for the new Dimplex MaxAir that features 2-in-1 ceramic heat and cool technology. It features a high power fan to not only keep you warm but cool you down on hot Summer days. In addition, it can be controlled via Bluetooth from the comfort of your armchair!

2. Clean fresh air:

One of the joys of living in the UK is that we get to experience all seasons – a snowy winter and a roaring hot summer, with a jumble of rain and sunshine in-between. But allergy sufferers can often struggle with such harsh changes in the atmosphere. One way to help you breathe easier in the home is to incorporate air purifiers and, if required, ensure humidity is consistent with a dehumidifier. As well as neutralising any bad odours, air purifiers such as the DXAP3VN that incorporate a HEPA filter retain up to 99.97% of polluting particles in the air such as pet dander, pollen and bacteria spores, helping to ensure fresh, clean air for everyone in the home.

3. Relaxing ambiance:

When you close your eyes and picture an ambient, relaxing home, more often than not there’s a roaring fireplace. But many of us only think of this ambient enjoyment for half of the year. One of the biggest benefits of electric fires is that you can enjoy watching the dancing flames and the warming feeling a fireplace brings without the heating element. With flame technologies like our patented three dimensional Opti-myst, you are free to enjoy a summer dinner al fresco and when it begins to get cooler, relax in the lounge with friends and the comforting effect of a real fire.

Your comfort is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is keeping your home warm and cosy in the winter or fresh and cool in the summer, our products have been designed for total ease of use and premium performance for you and your families.

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