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Suppliers of: Stainless Steel Worktops, Stainless Steel Bar Sinks, Stainless Steel Cupboards, Stainless Steel Extractor Canopies,Stainless Steel Frames, Stainless Steel Fume Cupboard Liners, Stainless Steel Hand Wash Basins Stainless Steel Inset Bowls and much more.

DSM are one of the country’s leading specialists in the fabrication, manufacture and supply of high quality bespoke stainless steel products.

We have been servicing our customers for more than 50 years, and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide you with the highest-quality products tailored to your individual project. Manufacturing a vast array of products for a variety of sectors, we offer a wide range of bespoke products all manufactured from high quality 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. Although we offer standard products, most items produced by us are made to exact customer specifications. Our customers therefore obtain items that precisely fit their use, space and application.


Our product range includes:


  • Worktops - From laboratory bench tops to counter tops for restaurant kitchens and bars, school food technology work surfaces, washroom vanity tops and domestic kitchens, we are expert at delivering top-quality products to meet both client expectations and timings.

  • Bar Sinks – Our stainless steel bar sinks are easy to maintain, anti-bacterial and durable. With our bespoke service we can design the exact number of bowls, drainers, storage and counter tops that you require.

  • Cupboards - Hard-wearing, functional, durable and adaptable, our stainless-steel cupboards and cabinets will complement any environment, from a hi-tech laboratory or commercial catering unit to a healthcare setting, a home kitchen or a bathroom.

  • Extractor Canopies -Whether you are looking for an extractor hood for a chemical laboratory, or need a tailor-made set of canopies for a catering environment, we can provide the product you require, to your exact measurements and specifications.

  • Fume Cupboard Liners - Our stainless-steel fume cupboard liners offer the highest level of fume extraction for sensitive and fume-generating laboratory work. Made from 16-gauge, 316-grade stainless-steel, our liners are resistant to extremes of heat and acid corrosion.

  • Hand Wash Basins - With an easy-clean, naturally-antibacterial surface and an attractive, high-gleam finish, they are the perfect choice for any environment, from highly-specified laboratories to schools, colleges, care homes, restaurants, bars and domestic settings. Whilst our range features a large selection of standard, pre-fabricated basins in food-grade steel, our bespoke production base means you have the option to specify the exact size, shape and style of basin you require for your project.

  • Inset Bowls - - We offer a range of standard (prefabricated), stainless-steel inset sink bowls, which can be supplied either on their own or as an integral unit, pre-inset into one of our superb-quality, bespoke stainless-steel worktops.

  • Janitorial Units - Our stainless-steel janitorial units and bucket sinks are designed for maximum wear. Ultra-robust and durable

  • Kitchens - Intensely hard-wearing, durable and hygienic, our stainless-steel kitchens are a beautiful, practical and long-term solution.

  • Laboratory Sinks - With our bespoke fabrication facility and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality items that will last for decades. Our laboratory solutions are regularly specified by architects and designers, and our prestigious client base includes Imperial College London, Salford University and Procter & Gamble, among many others.

  • Free Standing Sinks - Our freestanding stainless steel sinks offer complete installation flexibility to be sited anywhere very quickly, and are fully customisable to to suit any application.

  • Shelves - Stainless-steel shelving from DSM is both beautifully finished and the most robust option available for any setting. Freestanding units can be supplied with height-adjustable legs if required. We can even fit locking castors, for areas where the unit might need to be moved. 

  • Shower Trays - these bespoke trays offer the highest level of hygiene protection, making them ideal for your bathroom or wet room. We supply shower trays to hotels, healthcare settings, veterinary surgeries and individuals’ homes – to any setting where durability, impact-resistance and ease of maintenance are desirable. 

  • Urinals - Our urinals are made from super-strong, impact-resistant stainless steel: ideal for heavy-usage environments, such as public or private lavatories and washrooms in hospitals, clinics and educational institutions.

  • Sluices & Slop Hoppers - Perfect for emptying and filling pails and for the disposal of bedpan waste, our bespoke stainless-steel slop hoppers and sluices are designed to withstand the rigours of a busy hospital, clinic, care home or veterinary practice.

  • Splashbacks - Made to order in our Nottingham factory, our splashbacks can be fabricated to virtually any size and shape, to fit the precise situation and application. 

  • Tables - Whether you require a plain, freestanding table on frame-style legs or a versatile piece with built-in storage beneath it, we can fabricate the requisite item to your specifications. 

  • Trolleys - Made from high-quality, 304, food-grade steel – which complies with all current Health & Safety and Food Hygiene regulations – they are super-tough, heat-resistant and exceedingly durable. 

  • Vanity Tops - Whether you require a row of sinks for a public lavatory or a hand-wash basin built into a vanity top for a hospital, clinic or care home, we can fabricate the exact item, to your specifications.

  • Wash Troughs - can be designed to be wall-mounted, freestanding, or inset into a worktop. Super-tough and durable, they are made to withstand impact and to last for decades, making them the economically-sound choice, as they will far outlast lower-quality products on the market.


Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the DSM website.




AUTOPSY TABLES Sink Combined .
BAR Sinks Stainless Steel
BASINS Adjustable Height .
BASINS Anti-Ligature .
BASINS Anti-Vandal, Vandal Resistant .
BASINS Commercial .
BASINS Commercial Stainless Steel
BASINS Hand Rinse / Handrinse Finger Rinse
BASINS Healthcare Applications .
BASINS Healthcare Applications Clinical Wash-Hand
BASINS Healthcare Applications HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
BASINS High Security .
BASINS Hospital .
BASINS Industrial .
BASINS Medical .
BASINS Prisons / Custodial Environments .
BASINS Ranges .
BASINS Recessed .
BASINS Stainless Steel .
BASINS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
BASINS Stainless Steel/Glass .
BATHS Vandal Resistant .
BOWLS Stainless Steel .
CABINETS Base Units Stainless Steel
CABINETS Stainless Steel .
CABINETS Stainless Steel Purpose Made Made to Measure
CABINETS Wall Hung Stainless Steel
CATERING Cupboard Systems Stainless Steel
CATERING Cupboard Systems Stainless Steel Purpose Made
CATERING Preparation Tables Stainless Steel
CATERING Shelves Stainless Steel
CATERING Sinks Hygiene Unit
CATERING Sinks Mobile
CATERING Sinks Small Size
CATERING Tables Stainless Steel
CATERING Wall Cupboards Stainless Steel
CATERING Wall Shelves Stainless Steel
CATERING Wash Hand Basins .
CATERING Waste Disposal Units .
CATERING Waste Disposal Units Freestanding
CATERING Waste Disposal Units Sink Fitting
CATERING Worktops Stainless Steel
CLEANERS Sinks Stainless Steel
FABRICATIONS Stainless Steel .
FOOT Baths Foot Wash Stainless Steel
FUME CUPBOARD Stainless Steel Liners .
HOSPITAL Endoscopy Troughs .
HOSPITAL Pathology Equipment Stainless Steel
HOSPITAL Plaster Sinks .
HOSPITAL Sanitaryware .
HOSPITAL Sanitaryware Healthcare HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
HOSPITAL Scrub-Up Troughs Healthcare HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
HOSPITAL Slop Hoppers Disposal Units .
HOSPITAL Sluices .
HOSPITAL Tables Stainless Steel
HOSPITAL Tables Stainless Steel Purpose Made
KITCHEN BASE UNITS Adjustable Height .
KITCHEN UNITS Adjustable Height Rise and Fall
KITCHEN UNITS Drawer Units .
KITCHEN UNITS Drawer Units Stainless Steel
KITCHEN UNITS Shelf Units (Open) Stainless Steel
KITCHEN UNITS Sink Units Adjustable Height
KITCHEN UNITS Sink Units Adjustable Height Hand Controlled
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel Commercial .
KITCHEN UNITS Stainless Steel Purpose Made .
KITCHEN WORKTOP Support Columns Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN WORKTOPS Stainless Steel .
KITCHEN WORKTOPS Stainless Steel Purpose Made .
LABORATORY Sinks Stainless Steel
LABORATORY Sinks Stainless Steel Purpose Made
LITTER BINS Stainless Steel .
LITTER BINS Washroom .
MIRRORS Stainless Steel .
PRISON Cell Sanitary Fittings
PRISON Sanitaryware .
RADIATION Sinks Stainless Steel
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications .
SANITARYWARE Healthcare Applications HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DoH)
SANITARYWARE Hospital See Also SANITARYWARE: Healthcare Applications
SANITARYWARE Prisons / Custodial Environments .
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel .
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel In-Cell
SANITARYWARE Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SHELVING Stainless Steel .
SHELVING Stainless Steel Made to Measure, Purpose Made
SHOWER TRAYS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
SHOWER TRAYS Stainless Steel .
SINK Accessories Stainless Steel
SINK Brackets .
SINK Gypsum Separators .
SINK Sand Traps .
SINK Support Columns Adjustable Height
SINK Supporting Structures .
SINKS Bucket .
SINKS Butler Stainless Steel
SINKS Canteen/Catering .
SINKS Catering .
SINKS Catering Hygiene Unit
SINKS Cleaners .
SINKS Custom Made .
SINKS Custom Made Stainless Steel
SINKS Healthcare Medical
SINKS Healthcare Medical DOH HTM 63
SINKS Healthcare Medical DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements
SINKS Hospital .
SINKS Hospital Plaster
SINKS Hospital Stainless Steel
SINKS Hospital Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SINKS Hospital Sterilising
SINKS Janitorial .
SINKS Laboratory .
SINKS Scrub-Up Trough Hospital
SINKS Sink Bowls Catering
SINKS Sink Bowls Circular
SINKS Sink Bowls Drainer Combined
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel (Metric)
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel Commercial
SINKS Sink Bowls Stainless Steel Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Domestic:
SINKS Sink Tops Domestic: Purpose Made Stainless Steel
SINKS Sink Tops Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl Double
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Bowl with Half Bowl
SINKS Sink Tops Inset Multiple Bowls
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel Commercial
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel Industrial
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel:
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: 1025mm x 550mm
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: 950mm x 490mm
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Corner Fitting
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Imperial Sizes
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: L Shape
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Non-Standard Sizes
SINKS Sink Tops Stainless Steel: Purpose Made
SINKS Stainless Steel .
SINKS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
SINKS Utility .
SINKS Wash Trough Stainless Steel
SLOP HOPPERS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
SLOP HOPPERS Stainless Steel .
SLOP HOPPERS Stainless Steel Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Reqs
SLUICES Floor Standing Stainless Steel
SLUICES Pedestal Stainless Steel
SLUICES Wall Mounted Stainless Steel
SPLASHBACKS Stainless Steel .
TOILET Suites Hospital
TOILET Suites Stainless Steel
TOILETS Anti-Ligature .
TOILETS Anti-Vandal .
TOILETS Disabled Use .
TOILETS Prisons / Custodial Environments .
TOILETS Prisons / Custodial Environments Integral Washbasin
TOILETS Stainless Steel .
TOILETS Stainless Steel Floor Standing
TOILETS Stainless Steel Wall Hung
TOILETS Vandal Resistant .
TOILETS Wall Mounted Wall Hung
TROUGHS SINKS Hand Washing .
URINALS Bowl Stainless Steel
URINALS Healthcare DOH HTM64 Health Performance Requirements (DH)
URINALS Slab Stainless Steel
URINALS Stainless Steel .
URINALS Stainless Steel Pod
URINALS Stainless Steel Purpose Made
URINALS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal .
URINALS Wall Hung .
URINALS Wall Hung Stainless Steel
VANITY BASINS Healthcare Applications .
VANITY BASINS Stainless Steel .
W.C. Pans Prisons / Custodial Environments
WASHING TROUGHS Stainless Steel .
WASHROOM ACCESSORIES Stainless Steel Accessories .
WASHROOM SYSTEMS Healthcare Applications .
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel .
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel L Shape
WORKTOPS Stainless Steel Made to Measure

Stainless steel helps new carbon reduction plants

November 2019

With global temperatures rising every year, and multi-country efforts to reduce carbon emission to prevent global temperatures rising more than the 2°C set by the Paris agreement, it’s not surprising that some enterprising companies are looking to tackle the problem from the other side of the equation.

Many scientists are predicting that reducing carbon emissions simply doesn’t go far enough to reduce global warming, so the other option is to start removing the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere instead. According to Chris Field, director of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment:

“We really only have less than 20 years left at current emission rates to have a good chance of limiting emissions to less than 2°C”

That is the approach that start-up company Climeworks is taking with its new Carbon Capture Plants, which are designed to extract CO2 directly from the air, and then sell it on to industries that utilise it as part of their production processes.

The first of such commercial plants opened in May 2018 in Switzerland at a waste incineration facility, and Climeworks says it is already in talks with other industries such as carbonated drink manufacturers, where is CO2 extraction plants offer an economically viable alternative traditional methods of obtaining the necessary carbon dioxide.

The Carbon Capture Plants use a special sponge structured filter than collected the CO2 in high concentrations over a period of 2-3 hours. These filters are then heated to 100°C to reverse the process, and the carbon dioxide is released in pure form and captured ready for resale. In the case of the Swiss plant, the CO2 is re-used by an adjacent greenhouse based agricultural producer who uses the CO2 to enhance the growth of cucumbers and tomatoes.

The Carbon Capture Plants use stainless steel throughout their entire construction, as can be seen from our image – the stainless steel casing and parts ensure that plants have a very long life, minimising their own carbon footprint, and also prevent any reaction with the concentrated CO2. Climeworks estimates that the use of their plants could result in a 1% reduction in the global CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, by 2025.

As DSM we care deeply out the environmental impact of our products, which is why our stainless steel products are made from 60% recycled material and are also fully recyclable at the end of life. All our off-cuts of stainless steel and wood are also all sent off for recycling. It’s one of the many reasons our customers love to use our polished stainless steel worktops – knowing they can have the highest quality kitchen worktops, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

DSM join British Stainless Steel Association

December 2018

As one of the UK’s leading bespoke stainless steel fabrication companies, DSM is proud to announce that they have recently been accepted as full members to the British Stainless Steel Association (BSSA). You can now view DSM’s BSSA profile online.

The BSSA supports and promotes the development and use of stainless steel across all sectors of the UK economy, whilst providing valuable resources to members companies who are focused primarily on the manufacture, processing and fabrication of stainless steel. The BSSA also provides an easily accessible source of information to the general public looking to find about more about stainless steel.

Membership into the association is not guaranteed, and only select companies and organisations are allowed entry – DSM is therefore understandably proud to have been accepted as a full member to the association and this further reinforces DSM’s standing within the stainless steel fabrication industry.

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