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Suppliers of: In Situ Concrete Stairs, Helical Staircases, Spiral Stairs, Concrete Steps, Polished Concrete Stairs, Curved Concrete Stairs

EJ BRENNAN FORMWORK specialise in the construction of in-situ concrete stairs and steps, bespoke and curved concrete stairs. These range from concrete steps, to more complex spiral concrete stairs.

EJ Brennan Formwork Ltd have been trading for more than 10 years and have completed hundreds of staircases. Our work ranges from small builders through to large Construction companies. We work closely with and alongside, Architects and Engineers to ensure your project is built to your exact requirements. Our short lead time and fast turn around, means they are built in weeks, not months.

Our product range includes:

  • Spiral Concrete Stairs – the perfect solution for small spaces
  • Curved Concrete Stairs – Just by adding a "curved edge/edges" to your stair can add style and can also take the blandness off a straight flight.
  • Helical Concrete Stairs – Add that WoW factor with sweeping curves and tapered treads for that one off visual statement.
  • Elliptical Concrete Stairs - An elliptical concrete stairs is a little more tricky to construct than a helical or curved. An elliptical stairs is more "oval" and not a regular curve/helice. A very elegant stair and is more common in longer/narrower stair wells.
  • Bespoke Concrete Stairs – If you are looking for something different we can also construct concrete stairs to your own design.
  • Basement Concrete Steps - Because concrete is weatherproof it is the ideal choice for basement steps both internally and externally.


In Situ Concrete Stairs

All our stairs and steps are created in-situ, meaning they are built onsite. 

We can work to your drawings, or even tweak your design, if you required. A site survey, understanding your requirements in regard to finishes and floor levels are key. This gives a huge advantage over precast stairs.

We have construct stairs even when all the internal finishes have been completed. 

Our work ranges from simple 2-3 steps, to large, curved, spiral and helical staircases in both domestic and commercial properties.

We can also provide a finish stair. 

Any finish can be added to our concrete, including marble, tiles, stone, carpet and wood. We can leave a finish staircase, but usually the underside (soffit) and the sides (string edge) are plastered.

Visit our website for more information at www.ejbformwork.co.uk or view some of our recent work in our gallery


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EJ Brennan Complete - Ports 1961, Rue Saint Honore, Paris

November 2019

Ports 1961, Rue Saint Honore, Paris

We recently completed this helical staircase, in the Ports 1961 new fashion store, in the heart of Paris.
The store is adjacent to the Hotel Mandarin in the top fashion district of Paris.

Paris Staircase
We completed the staircase for an American company,
Da Vinci by design.

We came highly recommended and completed the staircase on time and to the high standard expected.

The stair setting out, which was completed by ourselves and had to be to the nearest millimetre, as the balustrade was not templated to the concrete, it was rolled steel and manufactured off site to the drawing dimensions.

All finishes to the stair were completed by the highest quality, Italian companies.

EJ Brennan Complete staircase at Alexander McQueen Store, London

October 2018

We have just completed this project in Dover Street, London.
The Contractor was Willmott Dixon.

It was for the new store of the late fashion designer Alexander MCQueen.
The project comprised of 2 quite, "unique" curved/straight staircases.
We also formed straight/curved, one sided concete "sawn plank" finished walls.
A difficult project to complete due to the location and the lack of work space.
We completed the project on time and to a high standard.

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