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Ecodek have been manufacturing composite decking and fencing since 2004. As the UK’s market leader in Wood Polymer Composite decking materials, we manufactured over 1 million linear metres of decking in 2017, consuming 3600 tonnes of recycled wood and plastic.

Ecodek is a quality slip resistant decking product. We manufacture a range of wood-polymer composite profiles suitable for decking, balconies & terraces. We also produce fascia boards & two different profiles for the construction of the supporting sub-structure.

Our product range includes: 

  • ecodek® HeritageThe new range of Heritage deck boards have been specifically designed to reflect the look, charm and beauty of natural timber, whilst delivering an uncompromised higher performance level than timber can offer. Using the tried and tested benefits of ecodek® Wood Polymer Composite deck boards we have perfected an attractive wood grain effect outdoor board that will look and feel like a timber board. With face fixing screws, it’s even fitted like a timber board. ecodek® Heritage isn’t trying to imitate timber, ecodek® Heritage is here to replace timber.  
  • The AT board - manufactured from an innovative, high quality wood polymer composite (WPC) material, specifically developed for decking boards. Although they have a similar appearance to hardwood timber, their solid cross section makes them robust, highly slip resistant and suitable for many construction applications. 
  • The HD board - specifically developed for commercial decking applications. Unlike other composite decking boards, that can ‘snake’ along their length leading to long installation times, the HD range will not. Due to its precision manufacture the HD range ensures complete alignment and dimensional stability.
  • The Stadia range - developed specifically around fire regulations at public events. To prevent debris from dropping through the deck board and collecting underneath as a fire safety hazard, Ecodek has designed the Stadia board. With a unique profile, the Stadia board will not allow debris to collect. Stadia is the optimal choice for all sports and hospitality flooring areas within the public or sporting arena space.
  • ecodek® Fascia Board - designed to complete commercial and domestic decks with a quality aesthetic. Designed to withstand heavy footfall and traffic as well as completing the finished look, our fascia board will help resist wear on public decking and stepped area applications, protecting the edge of the deck boards for years to come.
  • ecodek® Superstiff Beams - A deck is only as good as the supporting sub-structure. If the base area is damp or sited near to exposed damp or wet areas, the sub-structure will rot. ecodek® Superstiff Beams and Low Profile bearers combat rising damp and will protect the decked area above. Useful for all applications especially jetties, boardwalks, pool decks, coastal residential areas and other marine applications.
  • Pedestals & Pads - Fixed and adjustable pedestal supports can be used to facilitate the installation of ecodek® decking on balconies, podiums and roof decks. With variable and adjustable height options, our pedestals and packers allow speedy and accurate installation. For slope and rise angle correction our range of slope correctors offer precision with ease of installation.


Ecodek Composite Decking Colours

ecodek® comes in a range of colours available for all decking and profiles:

  • Pebble Grey – Low to medium fade, weathers to a silvery colour
  • Light brown – Medium fade, weathers to a natural hessian colour
  • Black – Negligible fade, retains its rich darkness
  • Dark brown – Low to medium fade, retains its warm, natural colouring
  • Slate Grey – Negligible fade, looks black in low light levels

Ecodek Composite Cladding Colours

ecodek® is manufactured in a range of colours to suit your needs: 

  • Cornish Pebble– Low to medium fade, weathers to a silvery colour
  • Brecon Shale– Medium fade, weathers to a natural hessian colour
  • Highland Basalt – Negligible fade, retains its rich darkness
  • Penine Millstone – Low to medium fade, retains its warm, natural colouring
  • Welsh Slate – Negligible fade, looks black in low light levels


Ecodek is reversible and either surface can be used, for larger decks an attractive pattern can even be created using a combination of both surfaces.

We make and supply high quality wood polymer composite products, we do nothing else. Our sales team are very knowledgeable and helpful so you’ll always get our best service. Just contact us by phone or email to receive samples and price quotations.

Ecodek are now the ONLY UK manufacturer of Wood Polymer Composite Decking to have products tested to these BS EN ISO 9239-1 and 11925-2 standards; and as such our product performance sets us aside as the UK leading manufacturer and supplier of Wood Composite Decking products.

Useful Resources:

Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the Ecodek website.

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Ecodek - Introducing Our New Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking System

October 2019

Ecodek - Introducing Our New Non-Combustible Aluminium Decking System

British manufacturer Ecodek consistently strive to provide products and services incorporating the very latest technology and developments within the Construction Materials sector. The company have a dedicated Research and Development resource tasked with ensuring the products supplied measure up against current rules and regulations.

When considering fire events in high-rise buildings and subsequent changes within section B4 of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations, Ecodek have designed and developed a brand new, purpose made non-combustible outdoor flooring solution for the balcony and terrace market – the Adek system.

In line with the core environmental principals of the Ecodek business, Adek is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and is completely recyclable.

Adek carries an A2 fire-rating of A2-s1, d0. This is in accordance with the new legislation for materials incorporated into the envelope of high-rise buildings to be classed as non-combustible. A2-s1, d0 means that for smoke emissions and release of droplets, Adek has the highest rating for an A2 classed product.

Aluminium is an ideal material for decking. It is lightweight and strong, highly resistant to corrosion, durable and aesthetically appealing. With in-depth knowledge of the market, Ecodek have designed the Adek boards to be extra-wide (295mm) and can be supplied in bespoke lengths, allowing installers a much faster fixing time. The boards are available in two thicknesses (20mm and 30mm) that allow spans up to 600mm and 1200mm respectively. With the ability to ‘rip’ the boards lengthwise with the addition of a support leg, the Adek system will give greater flexibility to balcony and terrace design.

The modern, sleek lines of Adek are preserved as a result of hidden screw-fix system, Adek boards are screwed directly into the substructure – no clips are involved at all.

The revolutionary new Adek system has been specifically designed for the balcony and terrace market, rather than being an adaptation of an existing commercial product re-purposed in order to meet the new Building Regulations. The unique Adek board has a surface finish that is both slip resistant and friendly underfoot.

Adek – the new era in high-rise balconies and terraces:

Non-combustible: Class A2-s1, d0
100% Recycled Aluminium: Fully recyclable
Anti-slip coating: Friendly underfoot
Long-span, extra-wide panels: Fast fix
Concealed fixings: No clips

Lightweight, robust and durable system, available in a range of profiles and colours.

Ecodek - More Than Just Manufacturers

July 2019

Ecodek - More Than Just Manufacturers

At Ecodek we are not only manufactures of the UK’s premium WPC building components, but we also have a Research and Development Centre based at our manufacturing facility in Wrexham, North Wales. As such, Ecodek have been heavily involved with several Horizon 2020 development projects – more on this later.

Research and Development at Ecodek
The Ecodek Technical Team is seven strong, with numerous specialist skills including Engineering and Design, and we have both a PhD Polymer Engineer, and a PhD Organic Chemist.

Ecodek is fully committed to continuously improve our products. R&D activities at Ecodek are managed by the highly skilled technical team. To support these activities, we have a fully equipped laboratory onsite, to ensure that the quality and integrity of our products are never compromised.

The team are constantly sourcing and trialling process materials, looking for better and more ‘eco-friendly’ sources in order to create stronger and even longer lasting products.

Our onsite lab allows us to continually monitor product quality. Production samples are taken daily and tested to European Standards. Incoming raw materials are closely monitored for conformity to ensure only the highest quality. Additionally, the materials are also tested before trials to ensure they can be processed in our WPC specific equipment.

As our business expands, the team are also working to develop new profiles to further expand Ecodek’s offering.

An example of a ‘win’ achieved following in-house R&D work includes the development of our Advanced Technology boards – reducing the thickness and weight of the board while maintaining the strength and properties of the board. This in turn led to the development of our Heavy Duty board, slightly thicker and heavier, but allowing greater spans.

Horizon 2020 – EU Innovation
At Ecodek we are fully committed to our environment, which has led us to get heavily involved in several European projects within the Horizon 2020 platform, the largest innovation platform in Europe. We are exploring alternatives to raw materials, such as wood fibres, cellulose (from waste products), bio-polymers, biodegradable polymers among other waste stream and eco-friendly products.

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