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Suppliers of: Ecological paints, lime based paints, graphene paints, eco paints, ecological paint, VOC Paints, Lime Paints

Graphenstone is the most advanced solution of ecological and natural paints in the market.

Graphene based innovation: increased hardness, homogeneity, strength, conductivity and flexibility.

Rich in depth and colour (980 shades), VOC free, actively purifying the air and completely natural, with Class 1 strength.   

How? By incorporating graphene (a pure carbon nano-material), the strongest element on earth. This has enhanced mineral bases with unmatched durability and elasticity for the first time, while retaining the highest profile for health and ecological benefits.   

Our Pricing: below all other major mineral paint brands on the marketVisit our Store for price information.

Distributed in 45 countries around the world and now being specified across the UK. Here are some other unique characteristics;    


  • Fusion of minerals with 21st century carbon nanotech graphene; strength and durability
  • Fireproof
  • Class 1 strength
  • Natural & Ecological; Zero VOC’s, formaldehyde, plastics or petro-chemicals
  • High CO2 capture (4.8kg per 15 litre pot for lime whites) and air-purifying 
  • Breathable – Sd value Class 1
  • Proof against bacteria, insects, smells, fungus and mould - Hygienic and Anti-Bacterial compliance


  • High elasticity due to graphene; no cracking
  • Graphene’s Nano molecular structure ensures superior adhesion to the painted surface
  • Exceptional lifespan (reduction in snagging and maintenance costs)
  • Up to 70% paint solid content = greater opacity and improved coverage ratios

Certificates:            •         

  • Exhaustive list of certifications, including EPD’s       
  • Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold certification for white paint products and Silver for colour paints (unique for a paint company)
  • Green Tag Level A & Health Gold   
  • Leed USGBC Approved    
  • BREEAM Approved

Our product Range includes:

  • Internal & external Paints & Specialist Paints
  • Specialist Finishes
  • Mortars and Specialist Renders
  • Primers
  • Putties
  • Specialist Solutions

Production Centre & Showroom:

15G Speedwell Way

Border Valley Industrial Estate



Tel 01379 772940  


Please visit our website at or visit our download section on Building Products Index for more information.

FILLERS By Composition: Graphene and Lime Based
FILLERS Decorators Caulk .
FILLERS Exterior .
FILLERS Fine Grade .
FILLERS Interior .
FILLERS Masonry Repair .
MORTARS Adhesive .
MORTARS Bedding Tile Bedding
MORTARS Chloride Free .
MORTARS Coloured .
MORTARS Facade Repair .
MORTARS Fairing Coat .
MORTARS Graphene and Lime Based .
MORTARS Lightweight .
MORTARS Lightweight Fibre Reinforced
MORTARS Lightweight Repairing
MORTARS Lime Based .
MORTARS Lime Based Hydrated Lime
MORTARS Lime Based Hydraulic Lime Mortars
MORTARS Non-Toxic .
MORTARS Readymixed .
MORTARS Readymixed Ready to Use Coloured
MORTARS Readymixed Lime .
MORTARS Thermal Floors Underfloor Heating
PAINT Air Purifying .
PAINT Algae Resistant .
PAINT Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Anti-Condensation .
PAINT Cellars .
PAINT Childsafe .
PAINT CO2 Absorbing .
PAINT Eco Friendly .
PAINT Ecolabel Mark EU Environmental Accreditation
PAINT Electric Conductivity 30 dB of Attenuation at 900 MHz (IEEE 299:2006)
PAINT Electromagnetic/Radiation Shielding/ RF Shielding/EMF Shielding/EMR Shielding
PAINT Exterior .
PAINT Fungus Resisting .
PAINT Gloss Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Graphene Based .
PAINT Insect Repellent .
PAINT Lime Based .
PAINT Lime Fresco Appearance .
PAINT Low Environmental Impact .
PAINT Low Odour .
PAINT Low VOC Content .
PAINT Low VOC Content Category A/a
PAINT Marble Effect .
PAINT Masonry .
PAINT Masonry Graphene and Lime Based
PAINT Masonry Rendered Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Restoration
PAINT Masonry Saltpeter Resistant Treatment
PAINT Masonry Waterbased
PAINT Matt .
PAINT Matt Anti-Bacterial Anti-Microbial Bactericide
PAINT Matt Flat Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt Mould Inhibiting
PAINT Matt Wipeable Coating, Washable
PAINT Mineral Breathable Coatings
PAINT Mould Inhibitor Anti-Mould
PAINT Natural .
PAINT Non-Toxic .
PAINT Odourless .
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Decontaminating Decontaminant
PAINT Saltpeter Resistant White Stain preventer
PAINT Stain Blocking .
PAINT Stain Blocking Waterbased
PAINT Stone .
PAINT Stucco .
PAINT Textured .
PAINT Textured External
PAINT Waterbased Water Based
PLASTERS Decorative Finish Lime Based
PLASTERS Lime Based Fibre Reinforced
PLASTERS Perlite/Lime/Cement .
PRIMERS For Metal .
PRIMERS For Metal Waterbased
PRIMERS For Multi-Surface .
PRIMERS For Paint Coatings .
PRIMERS For Wood .
PRIMERS: TYPES Graphene and Lime Based .
PRIMERS: TYPES Multi Surface .
PRIMERS: TYPES Solvent Free VOC Volatile Compliant
PRIMERS: TYPES Waterbased .
RENDERS Coloured Mortar .
RENDERS Coloured Textured .
RENDERS External .
RENDERS Hydrated Lime Mix .
RENDERS Lime/Cement .
RENDERS Lime/Sand .
RENDERS Limewash .
STUCCO Plaster .
WALL FINISHES Decorative Interior Cement Render .
WALL FINISHES Decorative Plaster Lime Based .
WALL FINISHES Plaster Stucco .
WALL FINISHES Polished Plaster Slaked Lime with Recycled Marble Powder
AMBIENTPRIMER PREMIUM Primer for Photocatalytic Paint
AMBIENTPRO PREMIUM Photocatalytic Paint
AREZZA Decorative Kit for Woods
BIOSPHERE PREMIUM Exterior White Paint
CONTAK PREMIUM Adherence for Mortars
ECOSPHERE PREMIUM Interior White Paint
FIRENZZA Natural Rendering Mortar
FOUR2FOUR PREMIUM Adherence Bridge for Metal and Wood
GCS EXTERIOR PREMIUM Exterior Colour Paint
GCS INTERIOR PREMIUM Interior Colour Paint
GRAFCLEAN PREMIUM White and Colour Paint for Interior and Exterior
HYDROXEAL PREMIUM Hydro-Repellent Treatment
KALGRAPHIN Lime Putty for Mortars
KRATZPUTZ Paint for Extreme Weather Conditions
MINERSEAL PREMIUM Consolidating Treatment
MODENA Decorative Natural Coating
NCS Natural Colour System
NEUTRALYSAL PREMIUM Saltpetre Resistant Treatment
PRIMER CGS PREMIUM Primer for Colour Paint
PROSHIELD PREMIUM Electromagnetic Waves Shielding Paint
SIENA Natural Paint
STOPWATER PREMIUM Moisture Barrier Treatment
STUKI Decorative Finish Paint
THERMSLAB PREMIUM Mortar Thermal Floors
VENETTA Stucco Wall Coatings
ZENNATURE Natural Paint

Change one thing to be more sustainable

February 2020

What would you change?

2020 has started off with many monumental changes; unprecedented storms for this time of year, a new virus, and the UK's exit from the EU. Many industries and people are also making changes in order to become more sustainable. Football has already begun to make the change, with Liverpool AFC taking time out from their potential championship-winning season, to go green by introducing an organic food digester machine, reducing their reliance on off-site transport and landfills. Financial institutions are also changing their investment thesis by creating investment vehicles that are ethical, no longer seeking returns from unethical investments.

We at Graphenstone believe that you too can make an impactful change by choosing our paints. You can be ecological, sustainable and natural by selecting paints without MIT (Methylisothiazolinone).

What is MIT you may ask? It is toxic to cells, and in 2017 the EU banned its inclusion from leave-on cosmetics. Did you know that most paints contain MIT? Our paints do not.

What will you change, to be more sustainable?

Graphenstone Ecological Sustainable Durable

November 2019

The invention of Graphene nano-technology and its inclusion in Graphenstone's unique paints, means that you now enjoy all the environmental and health benefits of the range, whilst enhancing performance and durability.

There is a fast growing interest in environmentally friendly paints with very low levels of VOC's. Paints that actually purify the air, absorbing CO2, NOx and other nasties, allowing you to breathe beautiful clean air in your home or workspace!

Graphenstone offers a beautiful, mineral rich and highly durable alternative to the plastic based acrylics, so often loaded with VOC's and petro-chemicals, which damage both people and planet.

Graphenstone paints are VOC free, natural, ecological and breathable.

EU Ecolabel is a stringent standard that covers every aspect of a product's manufacturing process, usage and disposal. Do check to ensure that you are creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly specification. Graphenstone offer the most certified sustainable brand, with EPD's, Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold and Silver certification and Ecolabel, amongst many others.

Graphenstone are delighted to present our new colour card.

96 vibrant, rich colours (VOC free), from one of the world's most sustainable paint companies. Our Signature Premium Lime ranges absorb CO2 in significant volume, purifying the air in your home and office.

Contains Nobel prize winning 'graphene' nano-technology for enhanced durability.

Email to receive our new colour card in the post.

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