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Suppliers of: Ecological paint, lime based paint, graphene paint, eco paints, eco paint, VOC free paints, Lime Paints, graphene paints, mineral paints, specifying eco paint

Graphenstone is the most advanced solution of ecological and natural paints in the market.

Graphene based innovation: increased hardness, homogeneity, strength, durability, conductivity and flexibility.


Certificates:            •   Award Winning Paints with unrivalled Certification – Click Here to see our full list     

  • Exhaustive list of certifications
  • EPD’s
  • Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold ( white paints) and Silver (colour paints)
  • Green Tag Level A & Health Gold   
  • Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold
  • Leed USGBC Approved    
  • BREEAM Approved


Rich in depth and colour (over 1000 shades), VOC free, actively purifying the air and completely natural, with Class 1 strength.   

How? By incorporating graphene (a pure carbon nano-material), the strongest element on earth. This has enhanced mineral bases with unmatched durability and elasticity for the first time, while retaining the highest profile for health and ecological benefits.   

Our Pricing: below all other major mineral paint brands on the market.  Visit our Store for price information.

Distributed in 40 countries around the world and now being specified across the UK. Here are some other unique characteristics;    


  • Fusion of minerals with 21st century carbon nanotech graphene; strength and durability
  • Fireproof Class O and EU A1
  • Class 1 strength
  • Natural & Ecological;  VOC Free, no formaldehyde, plastics or petro-chemicals, or MIT
  • High CO2 capture (4.8kg- 5.5Kg per 15 litre pot for lime whites) and air-purifying 
  • Breathable – Sd value Class 1
  • Proof against bacteria, insects, smells, fungus and mould - Hygienic and Anti-Bacterial compliance


  • High elasticity due to graphene; no cracking
  • Graphene’s Nano molecular structure ensures superior adhesion to the painted surface
  • Exceptional lifespan (reduction in snagging and maintenance costs)
  • Up to 70% paint solid content = greater opacity and improved coverage ratios

Our product Range includes:

  • Internal & external Paints & Specialist Paints
  • Specialist Finishes
  • Primers
  • Specialist Solutions

Production Centre & Showroom:

15G Speedwell Way

Border Valley Industrial Estate



Tel 01379 772940  

Please visit our website at or visit our download section on Building Products Index for more information.

COATINGS Efflorescence Control
COATINGS Water Repellent
MASONRY Water Repellents
PAINT Adhesion Promoters
PAINT Air Purifying
PAINT Air Purifying Bio-Based Formulation
PAINT Air Purifying CO₂ Absorbing
PAINT Air Purifying Formaldehyde Neutralising
PAINT Air Purifying Odour Eliminating
PAINT Air Purifying Pollutant Decomposing -See PAINT:Photocatalytic
PAINT Algae Resistant
PAINT Anti-Carbonation
PAINT Anti-Condensation
PAINT Asthma Friendly Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly
PAINT Asthma Friendly Sensitive Choice Approved
PAINT Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial Antiviral
PAINT Cellars
PAINT Child Safe
PAINT CO₂ Absorbing
PAINT Concrete
PAINT Concrete Matt Finish
PAINT Concrete Protective DIN EN 1504-2
PAINT Eco Friendly
PAINT Eco Friendly Cradle to Cradle Certified GOLD
PAINT Eco Friendly Cradle to Cradle Certified SILVER
PAINT Eco Friendly Ecolabel Mark EU Environmental Accreditation
PAINT Eco Friendly Global Green Tag Certified GOLD (HealthRate)
PAINT Eco Friendly Global Green Tag Certified LEVEL A (GreenRate)
PAINT Educational Environments
PAINT Eggshell
PAINT Eggshell Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Eggshell Low Odour
PAINT Electric Conductivity 30 dB of Attenuation at 900 MHz (IEEE 299:2006)
PAINT Emulsion
PAINT Emulsion Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Emulsion Scrubbable Emulsion
PAINT Emulsion Washable Flat Emulsion
PAINT Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Certified EN 15804
PAINT Exterior
PAINT Extreme Climate Conditions
PAINT Fungus Resisting
PAINT Gloss Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial Antiviral
PAINT Graphene Based
PAINT High Solid Content
PAINT Hygienic
PAINT Insect Repellent
PAINT Lime Based
PAINT Lime Fresco Appearance
PAINT Low Environmental Impact
PAINT Low Odour
PAINT Low Toxicity
PAINT Low VOC Content
PAINT Low VOC Content Category A/a
PAINT Marble Effect
PAINT Masonry
PAINT Masonry Graphene and Lime Based
PAINT Masonry Rendered Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Restoration
PAINT Masonry Waterbased
PAINT Matt Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial Antiviral
PAINT Matt Flat Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt Mould Inhibiting
PAINT Matt Wipeable Coating / Washable
PAINT Mid-Sheen
PAINT Mineral
PAINT Mineral Breathable Coatings
PAINT Mineral Exterior
PAINT Mineral Exterior Graphene Enhanced
PAINT Mineral Graphene Enhanced
PAINT Mineral Lime Based
PAINT Mineral Multi-Surface
PAINT Mould Inhibitor
PAINT Natural
PAINT Non-Toxic
PAINT Odourless
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Acetaldehyde Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Ammonia Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Carbon Monoxide Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Decontaminating / Pollutant Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Formaldehyde Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Nitrogen Oxide NOx Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Sulphur Dioxide Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) VOC (Benzene and Toluene) Degrading
PAINT Silicate Based
PAINT Silicate Based Exterior
PAINT Silicate Based Interior
PAINT Silicate Based Limewash Alternative
PAINT Stain Blocking
PAINT Stain Blocking Waterbased
PAINT Static Conductive Electromagnetic / Radiation Shielding
PAINT Textured
PAINT Textured CO₂ Absorbing
PAINT Textured External
PAINT Textured Extreme Weather Conditions
PAINT Textured Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Thermally Insulating Condensation Prevention
PAINT Thermally Insulating Graphene Technology and Glass Microspheres Inc
PAINT Thermally Insulating Temperature Regulating
PAINT Thermally Insulating Thermal Break Forming
PAINT Waterbased
PAINT Wood and Joinery
PAINT Wood and Joinery Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PRIMERS For Absorbent Substrates: Dispersion / Absorption / Regulation and Reduction Properties
PRIMERS For Lime-Based Paints
PRIMERS For Metal Waterbased
PRIMERS For Mineral Paints
PRIMERS For Multi-Surface
PRIMERS For Paint Coatings
PRIMERS For Photocatalytic Paint Systems (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing)
PRIMERS: TYPES Adhesion Promoting
PRIMERS: TYPES Adhesion Promoting Adherence Bridge for Mortars
PRIMERS: TYPES Adhesion Promoting Adherence Bridge for Paints
PRIMERS: TYPES Graphene and Lime Based
PRIMERS: TYPES Mineral Graphene Fibres Incorporated
PRIMERS: TYPES Mineral Substrate Consolidation
PRIMERS: TYPES Multi-Surface
PRIMERS: TYPES Solvent Free VOC Volatile Compliant
PRIMERS: TYPES Tempory Progressively Degrading Anti-Humidity Barrier
SEALERS For Lime Floor and Wall Coatings
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Oil Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Transparent
SURFACE PROTECTION Wall / Brick / Masonry Coatings
SURFACE PROTECTION Wall / Brick / Masonry Coatings Saltpeter Resistant Treatment
SURFACE PROTECTION Wall / Brick / Masonry Coatings Wall Sanitation
SURFACE PROTECTION Wall / Brick / Masonry Coatings White Stain Preventer
WALL FINISHES Decorative Graphene Enhanced Lime Based Coatings
WALL FINISHES Decorative Interior Cement Render
WALL FINISHES Decorative Plaster Lime Based
WALL FINISHES Matt Paint Scrubbable
WALL FINISHES Polished Plaster Slaked Lime with Recycled Marble Powder
WATER REPELLENT LIQUIDS Masonry Vapour Permeable
WATER REPELLENT LIQUIDS Mineral Paint Surface Protection
AMBIENTPRIMER PREMIUM Primer for Photocatalytic Paint
AMBIENTPRO PREMIUM Photocatalytic Paint
AMBIENTPRO+PREMIUM Photocatalytic Air Purifying Paint
AREZZA Decorative Kit for Woods
BEEWAX PREMIUM Natural Beeswax Treatment
BIOSPHERE COLOR PREMIUM Exterior Paint with Graphene Technology
BIOSPHERE PREMIUM Exterior White Paint with Graphene Technology
COATEXTURE TX-200 PREMIUM Textured Mineral Paint with Graphene
CONTAK PREMIUM Adherence Bridge for Mortars
ECOSPHERE COLOuR PREMIUM Mineral Paint with Graphene
ECOSPHERE PREMIUM Interior White Paint
FILLER PREMIUM Mineral Primer with Graphene Technology
FILLER TX050 PREMIUM Mineral Primer with Graphene Technology
FILLER TX100 PREMIUM Mineral Primer with Graphene Technology
FOUR2FOUR PREMIUM Adherence Bridge for Paints
GCS EXTERIOR PREMIUM Exterior Colour Paint
GCS INTERIOR PREMIUM Interior Colour Paint
GRAFCLEAN AG+ PREMIUM Antimicrobial Paints
GRAFCLEAN COLOUR PREMIUM Mineral Paint with Graphene Technology
GRAFCLEAN EXT PREMIUM Exterior Ecological Paint
GRAFCLEAN FRONT PREMIUM Ecological Paint for Facades
GRAFCLEAN MIDSHEEN PREMIUM Mineral Paint with Graphene Technology
GRAFCLEAN PREMIUM White and Colour Paint for Interior and Exterior
GRAFCLEAN THERM PREMIUM Thermal Insulating Ecological Paint
GRAFCLEAN THERMAL PREMIUM Thermal Insulating Ecological Paint
GRAFCLEAN WHITE PREMIUM Mineral Paint with Graphene Technology
GRAFCLEN MID-SHINE PREMIUM Mineral Paint with Graphene Technology
GRAPHENSTONE COLOR SYSTEM Exterior Paint with Graphene Technology
HOUSENATURE Mineral Paint with Graphene
HYDROXEAL PREMIUM Hydro-Repellent Treatment
KRATZPUTZ Paint for Extreme Weather Conditions
KRATZPUTZ PREMIUM Textured Coatings with Graphene
MINERSEAL PREMIUM Consolidating Treatment
NCS Natural Colour System
NEUTRALYSAL PREMIUM Saltpetre Resistant Treatment
NEVADA ULTRA Interior White Paint
PRIMER CGS PREMIUM Primer for Colour Paint
PRIMER GCS PREMIUM Mineral Primer with Graphene Technology
PROSHIELD PREMIUM Electromagnetic Waves Shielding Paint
STOPWATER PREMIUM Moisture Barrier Treatment
ZENNATURE Natural Paint

Graphenstone : Interview with Paul Dosanjh: Redefining Sustainability

November 2023

We had the opportunity to speak with Paul Dosanjh, Senior Architect at Richard Parr Associates, an architectural firm known for its environmentally conscious designs.

We discussed their collaboration with Graphenstone Paints and how it aligns with their architectural philosophy, offering insights into the advantages of Graphenstone paints in sustainable architecture.

Q: What colour palette do you typically revert to?
A: "Although we don't have a 'house style' and design projects in line with our client's briefs and preferences, our London studio, People's Space, leans towards natural and earthy tones. The colour palette creates a relaxed and calm atmosphere infused with elements borrowed from our projects."

Finalist in the Edie Net Zero Awards

Exciting news! Graphenstone Ambient Pro+ is a 'Product of the Year' finalist at the Edie Net Zero Awards. We're honoured that our natural mineral-based paint is receiving recognition. Winners of the awards will be revealed during the ceremony on November 15th, where experts from various sustainability and decarbonisation fields will come together to celebrate.

Colour Inspiration to Your Door

While we provide a wide variety of colours, our colour card specifically offers a selection of 96 house colours, bringing an array of beautiful, rich shades to your fingertips.

We also use colour systems such as NCS and RAL to create the exact colour you desire for your paint and coating needs.

Sharing the Social Spotlight

We enjoy seeing how paint can completely change the look and feel of homes. Here are a few of our favourite spaces this month - all that are painted with Graphenstone.

If you've used our paint and would like to be featured, send us your images or tag us on Instagram @graphenstonepaintsuk

Graphenstone is one of the world's most independently verified paints, achieving the industry's highest environmental standards and certifications. We take pride in our Cradle to Cradle GOLD certification, which thoroughly evaluates our entire product life cycle.

Paint your world greener with Graphenstone. We are the world's first manufacturer of mineral paints using graphene technology.

Have any questions? Email us at

Thirty points – colour beyond aesthetics

August 2023

Creating harmonious inclusive palettes.

Forefront in challenges for interiors designers and architects in creating welcoming and comfortable environments for people through colour, is how to develop good-contrast palettes that are easy to navigate and retain a sense of beauty without over-stimulating the senses.

Currently one in seven of us in the UK is considered neurodivergent. The percentage of us experiencing moderate to severe visual impairment has reduced globally over the last 30 years. However, the actual numbers are going up due to our growing and aging populations and is thought could reach 588 million by 2050.

Put simply, we have an extraordinary and diverse human community, we are a valuable resource and need our designed world to be accessible in different ways. This may not be the exact same experience for everyone, but every interaction should be equally enjoyable and supportive to all.

Accessible contrast
So, what constitutes accessible contrast? Recently I spoke with a senior systems designer from the Home Office who explained the rationale behind the UK government comms colour palette. The function of the palette is to deliver clear accurate information to everyone quickly and efficiently, so they employ the highest contrasting colours black and white throughout. Yellow is used for its high visibility as the single highlight colour.

However, this is to impart information through digital and printed channels, when we apply this level within spatial design it can become a very uncomfortable, even stressful space.

We have guidance existing as Part M of the Building Regulations for England and the more detailed, UK wide BSI BS 8300, updated in 2018 to help us navigate some of the practicalities needed to implement the Equalities Act 2010 into our design practice, but I know from conversations with designers that some find it difficult to marry need to beauty.

When we come into a space our eye looks to the area with the least visual interference for spatial clarity, in other words to read the room. This tends to be the ceiling and after that the first 1200 mm from the floor up, so these are areas want to have a very clear colour statement with low sheen, tonal, soft textures. Here we have the opportunity to set out the intention of the room through colour.

30 points of difference
Where these surfaces meet other substrates, like walls, but particularly at critical functional aspects like doors and stairs, guidance suggests that the optimum contrast for people to understand the space properly is 30 points of difference in light reflectance value (LRV). This is reliant on the ambient lighting giving an accurate render of the colour and on pieces like door furniture, we can bring this down to a minimum of 15 points different in LRV as the three-dimensional quality of shadowing helps acuity.

Steven Maslin, Principal Inclusive Design Consultant at Atkins, speaking to the RIBA Practice team, advises bringing visual calm to inclusive design, taking reference from biophilia and this is where the opportunities of harmony with applied colour psychology can do well. If you look at the qualities of naturally occurring palettes, you can recognise patterns in the ‘types’ of colour that exist together.

Interior design practice
Interior design practice theories propose a proportional rule of 60:30:10 when devising a balanced spatial colour scheme, but within this we can break it down further using colours with similar LRV for gentle patterns and colour blocking or to accent important features and objects.

As humans, neurodiverse or neurotypical, with our spectrum of visual and physical abilities, we thrive in spaces that give us tempo and the freedom to use in the best way to support us and the activity that we are doing at that time. As designers these guides offer exciting parameters to push our creativity forward and make colour work for people.

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