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Suppliers of: Ecological paints, lime based paints, graphene paints, eco paints, ecological paint, VOC Paints, Lime Paints

Graphenstone is the most advanced solution of ecological and natural paints in the market.

Graphene based innovation: increased hardness, homogeneity, strength, conductivity and flexibility.

Rich in depth and colour (980 shades), VOC free, actively purifying the air and completely natural, with Class 1 strength.   

How? By incorporating graphene (a pure carbon nano-material), the strongest element on earth. This has enhanced mineral bases with unmatched durability and elasticity for the first time, while retaining the highest profile for health and ecological benefits.   

Our Pricing: below all other major mineral paint brands on the marketVisit our Store for price information.

Distributed in 45 countries around the world and now being specified across the UK. Here are some other unique characteristics;    


  • Fusion of minerals with 21st century carbon nanotech graphene; strength and durability
  • Fireproof
  • Class 1 strength
  • Natural & Ecological; Zero VOC’s, formaldehyde, plastics or petro-chemicals
  • High CO2 capture (4.8kg per 15 litre pot for lime whites) and air-purifying 
  • Breathable – Sd value Class 1
  • Proof against bacteria, insects, smells, fungus and mould - Hygienic and Anti-Bacterial compliance


  • High elasticity due to graphene; no cracking
  • Graphene’s Nano molecular structure ensures superior adhesion to the painted surface
  • Exceptional lifespan (reduction in snagging and maintenance costs)
  • Up to 70% paint solid content = greater opacity and improved coverage ratios

Certificates:            •         

  • Exhaustive list of certifications, including EPD’s       
  • Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold certification for white paint products and Silver for colour paints (unique for a paint company)
  • Green Tag Level A & Health Gold   
  • Leed USGBC Approved    
  • BREEAM Approved

Our product Range includes:

  • Internal & external Paints & Specialist Paints
  • Specialist Finishes
  • Primers
  • Specialist Solutions

Production Centre & Showroom:

15G Speedwell Way

Border Valley Industrial Estate



Tel 01379 772940  


Please visit our website at or visit our download section on Building Products Index for more information.

PAINT Air Purifying .
PAINT Algae Resistant .
PAINT Anti-Condensation .
PAINT Asthma Friendly Sensitive Choice Approved
PAINT Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial
PAINT Cellars .
PAINT Childsafe .
PAINT CO₂ Absorbing .
PAINT Eco Friendly .
PAINT Eco Friendly Ecolabel Mark EU Environmental Accreditation
PAINT Eco Friendly Global Green Tag Certified GOLD (Health Rate)
PAINT Eco Friendly Global Green Tag Certified LEVEL A (Green Rate)
PAINT Educational Environments .
PAINT Eggshell .
PAINT Eggshell Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Eggshell Low Odour
PAINT Electric Conductivity 30 dB of Attenuation at 900 MHz (IEEE 299:2006)
PAINT Emulsion .
PAINT Emulsion Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Emulsion Scrubbable Emulsion
PAINT Emulsion Washable Flat Emulsion
PAINT Exterior .
PAINT Extreme Climate Conditions .
PAINT Fungus Resisting .
PAINT Gloss Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial
PAINT Graphene Based .
PAINT High Solid Content .
PAINT Hygienic .
PAINT Insect Repellent .
PAINT Lime Based .
PAINT Lime Fresco Appearance .
PAINT Low Environmental Impact .
PAINT Low Odour .
PAINT Low VOC Content .
PAINT Low VOC Content Category A/a
PAINT Marble Effect .
PAINT Masonry .
PAINT Masonry Graphene and Lime Based
PAINT Masonry Rendered Surfaces
PAINT Masonry Restoration
PAINT Masonry Waterbased
PAINT Matt .
PAINT Matt Biocidal Antibacterial Antimicrobial
PAINT Matt Flat Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt
PAINT Matt Scrubbable Matt Mould Inhibiting
PAINT Matt Wipeable Coating / Washable
PAINT Mid-Sheen .
PAINT Mineral Breathable Coatings
PAINT Mineral Exterior
PAINT Mineral Graphene Enhanced
PAINT Mineral Lime Based
PAINT Mineral Multi-Surface
PAINT Mould Inhibitor .
PAINT Natural .
PAINT Non-Toxic .
PAINT Odourless .
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Carbon Monoxide Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Decontaminating / Pollutant Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Formaldehyde Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Nitrogen Oxide NOx Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) Sulphur Dioxide Degrading
PAINT Photocatalytic (Noxious Gas and Odour Reducing) VOC (Benzene and Toluene) Degrading
PAINT Silicate Based .
PAINT Silicate Based Exterior
PAINT Silicate Based Interior
PAINT Silicate Based Limewash Alternative
PAINT Stain Blocking .
PAINT Stain Blocking Waterbased
PAINT Static Conductive Electromagnetic / Radiation Shielding
PAINT Stone .
PAINT Textured .
PAINT Textured CO₂ Absorbing
PAINT Textured External
PAINT Textured Extreme Weather Conditions
PAINT Textured Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PAINT Thermally Insulating Condensation Prevention
PAINT Thermally Insulating Glass Microspheres Incorporated
PAINT Thermally Insulating Temperature Regulating
PAINT Thermally Insulating Thermal Break Forming
PAINT Waterbased .
PAINT Wood and Joinery .
PAINT Wood and Joinery Graphene Enhanced Mineral Paint
PRIMERS For Metal .
PRIMERS For Metal Waterbased
PRIMERS For Multi-Surface .
PRIMERS For Paint Coatings .
PRIMERS For Wood .
PRIMERS: TYPES Graphene and Lime Based .
PRIMERS: TYPES Multi-Surface .
PRIMERS: TYPES Solvent Free VOC Volatile Compliant
PRIMERS: TYPES Waterbased .
SEALERS For Lime Floor and Wall Coatings .
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Oil Repellent
STAIN REPELLENTS Surface Treatment Transparent
SURFACE TREATMENTS Wall / Brick Masonry Coatings .
SURFACE TREATMENTS Wall / Brick Masonry Coatings Saltpeter Resistant Treatment
SURFACE TREATMENTS Wall / Brick Masonry Coatings Wall Sanitation
SURFACE TREATMENTS Wall / Brick Masonry Coatings White Stain Preventer
WALL FINISHES Decorative Graphene Enhanced Lime Based Coatings .
WALL FINISHES Decorative Interior Cement Render .
WALL FINISHES Decorative Plaster Lime Based .
WALL FINISHES Polished Plaster Slaked Lime with Recycled Marble Powder
WATER REPELLENT LIQUIDS Mineral Paint Surface Protection .
WATER REPELLENT LIQUIDS Oil Repellent Combined .
AMBIENTPRIMER PREMIUM Primer for Photocatalytic Paint
AMBIENTPRO PREMIUM Photocatalytic Paint
AREZZA Decorative Kit for Woods
BIOSPHERE PREMIUM Exterior White Paint
COATEXTURE TX-200 PREMIUM Textured Mineral Paint with Graphene
CONTAK PREMIUM Adherence for Mortars
ECOSPHERE PREMIUM Interior White Paint
FOUR2FOUR PREMIUM Adherence Bridge for Metal and Wood
GCS EXTERIOR PREMIUM Exterior Colour Paint
GCS INTERIOR PREMIUM Interior Colour Paint
GRAFCLEAN AG PREMIUM Antimicrobial Paints
GRAFCLEAN EXT PREMIUM Exterior Ecological Paint
GRAFCLEAN FRONT PREMIUM Ecological Paint for Facades
GRAFCLEAN PREMIUM White and Colour Paint for Interior and Exterior
GRAFCLEAN THERM PREMIUM Thermal Insulating Ecological Paint
HOUSENATURE Mineral Paint with Graphene
HYDROXEAL PREMIUM Hydro-Repellent Treatment
KRATZPUTZ Paint for Extreme Weather Conditions
KRATZPUTZ PREMIUM Paint for Extreme Weather Conditions
MINERSEAL PREMIUM Consolidating Treatment
NCS Natural Colour System
NEUTRALYSAL PREMIUM Saltpetre Resistant Treatment
PRIMER CGS PREMIUM Primer for Colour Paint
PROSHIELD PREMIUM Electromagnetic Waves Shielding Paint
STOPWATER PREMIUM Moisture Barrier Treatment
ZENNATURE Natural Paint

Graphenstone Future Proofs the Value of your Home

March 2021

Buyers pay more for Sustainable Homes!

Dear Friends,

Redrow research recently discovered that almost 63% of house buyers seek an environmentally friendly home. 82% are even willing to pay more for homes with sustainable features. That's a powerful statistic.

The vast majority of consumers are concerned about climate change. Given housing generates 29% of all UK carbon emissions, we should be building homes with more sustainable features, evaluating materials and designs that are key to reducing emissions and environmental impact.

Awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold, the ultimate accolade, Graphenstone is the most certified sustainable paints company in the world. With less than a single gramme of VOC's per litre, our non-toxic paints actively PURIFY your air! Free of plastic, harm-free, vegan, rich and beautiful, there has never been a more advanced, durable paint option to change the way we decorate our spaces.

"Trust but Verify", said Ronald Reagan! Ask your suppliers for independent evidence of their green credentials, processes and ingredients, especially in light of today's trend for excessive ecological claims.

Let's 'Paint Different', with a clear conscience and give people what they desire.

Best wishes,

Patrick Folkes

Indoor Air Quality concerns impact specifications for Paints & Coatings; Graphenstone

February 2021

Mineral and graphene technology paints company GRAPHENSTONE, are reporting sharply increased demand for their sustainable range of air-purifying, CO2 absorbing, VOC free hygienic paints.

The negative health ramifications from toxic petro-chemical, plastic based paints is becoming more widely recognised. Historically, the area of key interest from consumers was purely colour, with most not appreciating the ecological and health implications of this most basic of selection criterias.

Heavily polluting paint production processes, in addition to the highly negative impact in homes and offices of toxic fumes on Indoor Air Quality from solvents and VOC’s went unrecognized. After painting, are you aware that the VOC levels in your space can increase by up to 1000 times? Manufacturers did react to some of the most damaging issues of the past decades, by for example removing lead content and some of the worst offending VOC heavy products, as regulations tightened.

Recently however, events are forcing changed at a much faster pace. The widely publicised ecological crisis, so effectively documented by David Attenborough, Greta Thunburg and others, and now boosted by the recent Covid pandemic, are forcing much quicker developments.

Up until now, there was typically a compromise on performance in the selection of more ecological products. Also, many manufacturers have attempted to climb aboard the ‘eco-friendly’ marketing bandwagon. The majority of these brands have no genuine, independently verified certifications to support their claims which has resulted in an inevitable ‘green-washing’ backlash,… who can we trust?

Graphenstone have now secured more than 20 of the most recognised ‘harm-free’ certifications from the most eminent of product evaluation specialists globally. These include Cradle to Cradle (certified Gold and Silver), Eurofins (Indoor Air Comfort Gold), Ecolabel and many others.

Cradle to Cradle Institute for example dig deep into all aspects of your product, for example down to 100 parts per million in respect to ingredients, the sourcing of materials, the efficiency and renewability of water and energy use in production, local social responsibility, as well as how the products die out; it’s a thorough, demanding and expensive process.

Graphenstone’s paints are also BREEAM, WELL, and LEED compliant and benefit from EPDs (European Product Declarations). The firm has developed a unique profile in the paints market. The range has no toxicity. In fact these products actively CLEAN and PURIFY the air, the pure lime based ranges removing CO2, SOx, NOx and other pollutants. What a total 180 degree turnaround from the polluting, toxic plastic based paints so widely specified in recent history.

Highly breathable, anti-bacterial (inhibiting all micro-organisms), Fire-proof (A1 EU, Class ‘0’ UK), Vegan, VOC free, Class 1 strength and in a range of over 1000 colours, we’ve created a beautiful matt lime based paint reinforced by graphene technology, a form of carbon which is the strongest material on earth. With no smell as well as quick drying, these paints contain no chemicals, plastic, microbeads, solvents or preservatives, with no traces of MIT or BIT. They are the Kings of Healthy and Sustainable paints.

To make the sustainable, environmental claim, the regularity of painting is crucial. Consequently, strength is a fundamentally important asset in more ways than one. Mineral products wouldn’t normally compete in respect to durability and life-cycle with synthetic-binder based paints (such as vinyl or acrylic). And this would typically result in a negative footprint ecologically, given the requirement for more regular repainting. However, via the introduction of graphene technology, providing structural support at the molecular level to the minerals, Graphenstone’s range offer Class 1 strength like an acrylic. But with none of the negatives in production or application, ensuring clean air in homes and offices.

Once applied, our paints could stay on your wall in a healthy and sustainable condition, for decades!

The Graphenstone pure limes can absorb up to 5.5Kg’s of CO2 per 15 litre pot! This offers the genuine concept of converting your walls into a natural air-purification system! Acrylic, VOC heavy options offer only a constant emitter of toxic fumes, impacting on the health and respiratory systems of all those living in these spaces. Graphenstone’s option can be compared to ‘painting trees’ into your house or office!

In conclusion, our message to designers is to carefully evaluate what product you specify. Is it genuinely in the interests of the people who’s lives will be impacted by that selection. Also, it’s a fundamental requirement now to check that the claims made by those brands you choose to work with can be independently verified and that the impact of your final decision is truly ‘harm-free’ for both, Nature, People and the Environment.

The future of clean, durable, advanced and sustainable paints is in fact available today.

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