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Ferco Seating Systems have been designing seats to complement an array of venues in the auditorium, cinema, education and sports sectors for over 30 years.

Naturally we’re very proud of the projects we’ve been involved with and the illustrious venues into which we’ve installed seating solutions. And we’re honoured to have worked with some of the most highly respected architects on ground breaking and prestigious projects in universities, cinemas, stadiums and theatres across the globe.

Please see as follows a brief description of our main product applications. We are a bespoke company and we can provide taylor made solutions for any project.

Auditorium Seating

Your choice of seating will very much depend on the type of events and performances you intend to hold.  Whether you are a conference facility, theatre or corporate auditorium, the layout and seating itself will play a central role in attracting events and revenue potential of your venue. 

How the layout is planned will determine the ultimate audience capacity; and future-proofing is critical when looking to maximise income streams. And with this in mind, our auditorium seating collection features options such as built in cupholders and the integrated Wrimatic™ A3 writing tablet.  

As well as the consideration given to capacity and sightlines, we work with you to blend the right aesthetic with ergonomics and comfort.  Providing seats that are beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Cinema Seating

Investment in luxury cinema seating is being embraced by exhibitors around the world from the large multiplex to the boutique operators.  Premium cinema seating greatly enhances audience experience, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention.

The right space creates the ultimate cinematic experience.  That is why we are passionate about designing the seating that fills these spaces. 

We look at the big picture and focus on the details of design.  We love aesthetics but we’re not just about design that looks great, we’re about design with a purpose. Working with you to create a beautiful cinema space that delights your audience and increases customer loyalty.

Education Seating

We work with universities and architects to create flexible, high performance learning environments that reflect new teaching pedagogies and encourage collaborative learning.

The Lecture Theatre collection has been specifically designed to maximise learning opportunities and withstand the demands of modern education environments. The seats are comfortable, stylish and durable. And they have been designed to increase learning potential.

Our Turn and Learn™ lecture seats enable group work - reflecting collaborative learning techniques - whilst the innovative A3 Wrimatic™ writing tablet remains the most robust and beautifully engineered tablet on the market.

Sports Seating

We’ve designed, manufactured and installed seating in some of the most iconic sports venues and stadiums across the world. 

With the sector’s broadest range of plastic and upholstered stadium seats we are able to supply the entire stadium - from general admission to prestigious corporate boxes.

They are suitable for all types of sporting venue, both indoor and out.  And all seats meet British Standards and are tested for durability. Not only in-house, but by real fans in some of the most hotly contested matches - attrition rates are excellent at less than 0.05%.   

Our VIP range is supremely luxurious and has been developed to help you meet the expectation of corporate clients and maximise revenues in VIP areas. Customisable with options including seat heaters and personalised or sponsorship opportunities.

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Ferco Auditorium Seating Brochure Collection V2018
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Ferco Education Newsletter
The latest news of projects and products for the education sector

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Ferco Education Seating Collection
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Ferco Seating Cinema Brochure
Cinema Seating, tiered cinema seating, premium cinema seating options

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Ferco Seating Education Newsletter
Educational seating solutions

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Ferco Sports Stadium Brochure
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Ferco The Aladdin Childs Cinema Seat
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Ferco Tiering Cinema Seating Datasheet
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Kingston University

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Manchester Business School Case Study
case study for educational seating solutions installed at the Manchester Business School

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ATHENA Educational Seating
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AURA Educational Seating
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COLLABORATIVE WAVE Educational Seating
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GLIDE PLUS Cinema Seating
HARVARD Educational Seating
ISI Auditorium Seating
LUCCA Cinema Seating
MBS Auditorium Seating
MILANO Cinema Seating
MOS Auditorium Seating
NEX Auditorium Seating
OPUS Cinema Seating
PACIFIC Auditorium Seating
PARAGON Cinema Seating
PREMIUM Cinema Seating
PRIMERA Auditorium Seating
PROBAX Auditorium Seating Technology
RAILSEAT Stadium Seating
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TURINA Cinema Seating
TURINO Cinema Seating
TURN AND LEARN Educational Seating
VERONA Cinema Seating
WAVE Educational Seating
WRIMATIC Foldaway Writing Tablets

Ferco Exhibiting at the Education Estates Conference - 15-16 October

August 2019

Education Estates Exhibition visitors are responsible for the whole spectrum of education facilities, from village primary schools to major metropolitan universities.

They’re all at different stages in the project lifecycle, from initial funding decisions to refurbishment. But while each has their own agenda, they’re all looking for ways to move their project forward.

Ferco is delighted to be exhibiting the Education seating collection and would be happy to answer any questions regarding the design and installation of fixed seating.

For more information, please visit the Education Estates website

The exhibition is held over two days at Manchester Central and is FREE to all visitors and delegates

To arrange a meeting, email Jane Shepherd or call 01743 761244

Jam Jar Community Cinema

August 2019

Jam Jar Community Cinema

Located in the heart of Whitley Bay, the Jam Jar Cinema offers friendly, affordable, inclusive and diverse cinema. The name Jam Jar Cinema comes from a historic tradition of producing a jam jar in return for discounted entrance into the cinema. This originated in North Tyneside and continued until the 1970’s when the value of glass dropped.

In its first year, 9,000 people attended the only community cinema in North Tyneside but after it invested £60,000 in new projectors that allowed it to show the latest films, customer numbers soared to 50,000.

They currently have a refurbished 45 seat screen and are expanding to add two more and install a lift by the end of 2019.

Dan Ellis, Managing Director at Jam Jam knew what he wanted to achieve with the refurbishment and expansion - bespoke, luxury seats - which are even comfier than the last.

Dan Ellis, Managing Director, Jam Jar Cinema

"We're really happy with our new installation from Ferco. Everything was really simple and the results speak for themselves. The installation team were great, and the whole process has been easy. It's been fantastic to hear the audience's response and all the positive comments have made it all worthwhile. In the long run we're hoping this new auditorium will help increase the number of visitors we get and provide a more luxurious experience for our regular attenders."

Jam jar chose to install the luxurious Lucca in their refurbished scree. The Lucca has a sleek and streamlined aesthetic for modern cinemas. It is available in both a fixed-back and a Glide version as a single, twin or linked seat.

Sofas have been replaced with front-row reclining Lucca’s and all seats have been upholstered in vegan friendly faux leather.

The Glide model has an innovative internal mechanism that allows the seat to intuitively glide into a reclined position as you lean backwards, without the need for motors or controls, making reclining natural and adaptive.

The sale of the building next door has given the business an opportunity to expand, with the new floor space allowing Jam Jar to install two new screens and a lift at the premises, following a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Ferco are delighted to be working with Dan and the team on this next phase of the project.

To discuss your latest cinema seating project, contact the Sales Team

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