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Ferco Seating Systems have been designing seats to complement an array of venues in the auditorium, cinema, education and sports sectors for over 30 years.

Naturally we’re very proud of the projects we’ve been involved with and the illustrious venues into which we’ve installed seating solutions. And we’re honoured to have worked with some of the most highly respected architects on ground breaking and prestigious projects in universities, cinemas, stadiums and theatres across the globe.

Please see as follows a brief description of our main product applications. We are a bespoke company and we can provide taylor made solutions for any project.

Auditorium Seating

Your choice of seating will very much depend on the type of events and performances you intend to hold.  Whether you are a conference facility, theatre or corporate auditorium, the layout and seating itself will play a central role in attracting events and revenue potential of your venue. 

How the layout is planned will determine the ultimate audience capacity; and future-proofing is critical when looking to maximise income streams. And with this in mind, our auditorium seating collection features options such as built in cupholders and the integrated Wrimatic™ A3 writing tablet.  

As well as the consideration given to capacity and sightlines, we work with you to blend the right aesthetic with ergonomics and comfort.  Providing seats that are beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Cinema Seating

Investment in luxury cinema seating is being embraced by exhibitors around the world from the large multiplex to the boutique operators.  Premium cinema seating greatly enhances audience experience, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention.

The right space creates the ultimate cinematic experience.  That is why we are passionate about designing the seating that fills these spaces. 

We look at the big picture and focus on the details of design.  We love aesthetics but we’re not just about design that looks great, we’re about design with a purpose. Working with you to create a beautiful cinema space that delights your audience and increases customer loyalty.

Education Seating

We work with universities and architects to create flexible, high performance learning environments that reflect new teaching pedagogies and encourage collaborative learning.

The Lecture Theatre collection has been specifically designed to maximise learning opportunities and withstand the demands of modern education environments. The seats are comfortable, stylish and durable. And they have been designed to increase learning potential.

Our Turn and Learn™ lecture seats enable group work - reflecting collaborative learning techniques - whilst the innovative A3 Wrimatic™ writing tablet remains the most robust and beautifully engineered tablet on the market.

Sports Seating

We’ve designed, manufactured and installed seating in some of the most iconic sports venues and stadiums across the world. 

With the sector’s broadest range of plastic and upholstered stadium seats we are able to supply the entire stadium - from general admission to prestigious corporate boxes.

They are suitable for all types of sporting venue, both indoor and out.  And all seats meet British Standards and are tested for durability. Not only in-house, but by real fans in some of the most hotly contested matches - attrition rates are excellent at less than 0.05%.   

Our VIP range is supremely luxurious and has been developed to help you meet the expectation of corporate clients and maximise revenues in VIP areas. Customisable with options including seat heaters and personalised or sponsorship opportunities.

Further information including Videos and Brochures can be accessed through the BPi Download Library or from the manufacturers website

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Turn and Learn Educational Seating System

February 2019

What Is Turn and Learn™ Seating?
Turn and Learn™ is a unique seating system which is increasingly gaining popularity in academic settings. It is designed to support the requirements of an interactive teaching space, which facilitates active and participative learning with an emphasis on flexibility. The Turn and Learn™ system enables the occupant to rotate a full 360° whilst remaining seated, allowing both didactic and group work without vacating the seat.

Collaborative Learning
The Turn and Learn™ system provides the occupant with the ability to interact with the lecturer as well as their peers, which enables successful participation in traditional learning modes as well as group activities, supporting a more modern pedagogic approach – collaborative learning.

Collaborative learning describes a student centred approach to learning. The collaborative approach involves the transformation of the traditional university lecture theatre, where the design is optimised for passive learning, into a collaborative space designed to support group work and interaction amongst students.

The benefits of collaborative learning are widely documented, demonstrating numerous academic and social advantages – students are encouraged to listen, interact and learn from their peers, to take turns, support other members of the group as well as engaging in cooperation and sharing, which encompasses diversity and understanding.

Anxiety within the classroom and test anxiety is said to be significantly reduced under this approach, as the emphasis in collaborative learning is on the group, rather than the individual. It also promotes critical thinking and problem solving, and enables the classroom to resemble real life and social employment in a more realistic way than the traditional learning environment.

How Does Turn and Learn™ Seating Support Collaborative Learning?
The traditional lecture theatre and its teaching methods endorse sitting still and quietly, as the best method for concentration and focus – however modern research suggests that physical movement and improved interaction, in fact stimulates alertness and greater focus of attention.

Active learning environments with seating arrangements such as that of the Turn and Learn™ Lecture Theatre Seat enables students to seamlessly alter their seating arrangement to quickly adjust to the task at hand – allowing them to turn to face and follow the lecturer as well as to turn and face a group of their peers.

Turn and Learn™ Seating and the Phygital Experience
The term phygital was coined to describe the interaction between the physical and the digital space, Digital technology has played a key role in the evolution of modern education establishments, creating new and improved student experiences. The phygital space supports a digital online-driven experience, allowing students to access services and collaborate together during group work. Turn and Learn™ seating successfully meets the needs of the new ‘phygital’ generation which is very much part of the collaborative learning initiative. The seating system can easily be integrated with power and data sources.

The Turn and Learn™ range is suitable for a number of different applications including educational settings such as universities, colleges, schools and other higher educational establishments for providing seating for lecture theatres, auditoriums, IT suites, library and canteen settings, and offices, due its ease of access and interactive style. The flexibility of this range also makes it popular in executive settings including auditoriums, offices and commercial spaces.

Why Choose the Turn and Learn™ System?
The Turn and Learn™ range not only offers good capacity, but it is also available in various different sizes, can be fitted into different shaped rooms, in flexible layouts including radial and is easy to install. Multiple upholstery options are available in a wide selection of contemporary materials.

The ARC One Turn & Learn™ lecture theatre seat is a highly sought after choice from the Turn and Learn™ range – ergonomically shaped, offering superior lumbar support whilst promoting correct posture. The chair is virtually maintenance free and extremely versatile, designed to support various usages whilst providing maximum comfort. Something which is of paramount importance in lecture theatres and auditoriums, where individuals frequently remain seated for longer periods of time.

For more information on Turn and Learn™ Seating Systems, or other education seating systems, contact Ferco Seating today.

Award-winning Aberystwyth Arts Centre

January 2019

Located on Aberystwyth University’s Penglais Campus with views along the coastline of Cardigan Bay, the Aberystwyth Arts Centre is Wales’ largest arts centre and is recognised as a national flagship.

The award-winning enterprise has a wide-ranging artistic programme and houses a theatre, concert hall, studio and cinema, as well as gallery space, cafes, bars and shops.

Originally opening as a concert hall in 1970, the building expanded in 1972 to house the theatre – Theatr y Werin – which translates as ‘theatre of the people’.

The theatre has 311 seats and showcases both professional and community productions. The programme includes a range of theatre, dance, opera, comedy, musicals and family events, with a family show at Christmas, and a traditional pantomime.

The team in charge of the most recent renovation at the theatre chose Ferco’s market-leading Primera Beaufort.

Designed to complement modern theatres and auditorium, the Beaufort has clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic.

Theatr y Werin took advantage of its customisable features and chose a wooden back with reveal, matching wooden aisle ends and wooden armrests teamed with a plush red velour fabric.

for more information on this project or any of our seating solutions please visit our website at www.fercoseating.com or call us on tel: 01743 761244 and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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