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Ferco Seating Systems have been designing seats to complement an array of venues in the auditorium, cinema, education and sports sectors for over 30 years.

Naturally we’re very proud of the projects we’ve been involved with and the illustrious venues into which we’ve installed seating solutions. And we’re honoured to have worked with some of the most highly respected architects on ground breaking and prestigious projects in universities, cinemas, stadiums and theatres across the globe.

Please see as follows a brief description of our main product applications. We are a bespoke company and we can provide taylor made solutions for any project.

Auditorium Seating

Your choice of seating will very much depend on the type of events and performances you intend to hold.  Whether you are a conference facility, theatre or corporate auditorium, the layout and seating itself will play a central role in attracting events and revenue potential of your venue. 

How the layout is planned will determine the ultimate audience capacity; and future-proofing is critical when looking to maximise income streams. And with this in mind, our auditorium seating collection features options such as built in cupholders and the integrated Wrimatic™ A3 writing tablet.  

As well as the consideration given to capacity and sightlines, we work with you to blend the right aesthetic with ergonomics and comfort.  Providing seats that are beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Cinema Seating

Investment in luxury cinema seating is being embraced by exhibitors around the world from the large multiplex to the boutique operators.  Premium cinema seating greatly enhances audience experience, resulting in increased client satisfaction and retention.

The right space creates the ultimate cinematic experience.  That is why we are passionate about designing the seating that fills these spaces. 

We look at the big picture and focus on the details of design.  We love aesthetics but we’re not just about design that looks great, we’re about design with a purpose. Working with you to create a beautiful cinema space that delights your audience and increases customer loyalty.

Education Seating

We work with universities and architects to create flexible, high performance learning environments that reflect new teaching pedagogies and encourage collaborative learning.

The Lecture Theatre collection has been specifically designed to maximise learning opportunities and withstand the demands of modern education environments. The seats are comfortable, stylish and durable. And they have been designed to increase learning potential.

Our Turn and Learn™ lecture seats enable group work - reflecting collaborative learning techniques - whilst the innovative A3 Wrimatic™ writing tablet remains the most robust and beautifully engineered tablet on the market.

Sports Seating

We’ve designed, manufactured and installed seating in some of the most iconic sports venues and stadiums across the world. 

With the sector’s broadest range of plastic and upholstered stadium seats we are able to supply the entire stadium - from general admission to prestigious corporate boxes.

They are suitable for all types of sporting venue, both indoor and out.  And all seats meet British Standards and are tested for durability. Not only in-house, but by real fans in some of the most hotly contested matches - attrition rates are excellent at less than 0.05%.   

Our VIP range is supremely luxurious and has been developed to help you meet the expectation of corporate clients and maximise revenues in VIP areas. Customisable with options including seat heaters and personalised or sponsorship opportunities.

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Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

December 2018

The UK aims to develop an education service that provides equality of opportunity and high achievement for all children and young people.

Information gathered from the school census on pupils with special educational needs (SEN) shows that numbers are increasing and there are currently 1,276,215 pupils with SEN; 14.6% of the total pupil population in schools.

According to UCAS, nearly 40,000 students with a declared disability took up undergraduate places at University in 2016 – a record and numbers are expected to climb further. 11% of students at Manchester University have disabilities.

The term Special educational needs (SEN) covers the entire spectrum, including physical disabilities, moderate learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), emotional and social difficulties, and such diverse conditions as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Institutions offer support which can be considered in these categories:

Teaching adjustments
Human support (non-medical help)
Reasonable adjustments to the built environment
IT equipment and study technology
Travel between study sites
Examinations and assessments

An Optimal Education Space
The classroom or lecture theatre environment can have a significant impact on integration and learning outcomes.

Ferco design and manufacture fixed seating solutions which are suitable for use by students with additional needs. This combination of experience and design optimises the learning environment with seating and desking that creates new possibilities and actively helps to solve practical problems.

The products offer value for money by being both safe and durable in sometimes challenging environments as well as highly flexible in layout.

Catherine Mulley, Director at Pozzoni Architecture, has looked at how good building design can positively impact the wellbeing of all who use it. Catherine said “Architecture has a pivotal role to play in how our minds and bodies respond to our surroundings and, with education such a key part of life, it’s a sector in which good design is paramount’

Education Seating Products
FT10 Wrimatic
The FT10 Wrimatic™ is a market-leading product, which incorporates a lecture theatre style seat with an integrated A3 Wrimatic tablet. Available in both standard and high backed versions this seat has been designed for superior ergonomic and posture support.

Suitable for radial and straight configurations, it is available with the option of integrated power and data points.

The integrated A3 Wrimatic tablet is the most robust tablet on the market having being tested to a load bearing of 240KG. Perfect for challenging environments, it stows neatly when not in use and operates in one continuous opening movement thanks to its unique triangular joint; a feature designed using advanced aeronautical and engineering technology.

ARC One Turn & Learn
The popular ARC One Turn & Learn lecture theatre seat had been adapted to deliver turn and learn functions with either an integrated A3 Wrimatic™ tablet or a fixed writing ledge.

The ARC lecture chair is ergonomically shaped with a contoured back and this range focuses particular attention on lumbar support and correct posture. The ARC is virtually maintenance free, durable and versatile.

These lecture seats will rotate through 360 degrees to enable collaborative learning and sharing, whilst allowing students the possibility to move and fidget whilst remaining seated. It enables group and peer work without vacating the seat position and can aid lip-reading as hearing impaired students can follow a lecturer as they move around a room.

These products can be coupled with fixed desking in a range of finishes, including a whiteboard finish. The whiteboard desktop provides an additional surface for collaborative group work, more informal teaching or free time.

Disabled Access Spaces
Ferco is able to design learning spaces which incorporate Designated Disabled Access spaces, which can incorporate fixed desking or adjustable height Wrimatic™ tablets.

In an FT10 installation, the end of row armrests can be manufactured to swing out on a gate-like mechanism providing inclusive access to the seats for ambulant disabled students.

Colours in the Classroom Learning Environment
While the impact of colour is often overlooked, colour is an inseparable part of our everyday lives.

The key to creating an environment conducive to learning in a classroom is to not over-stimulate learners. All of Ferco’s fixed-seating products are highly customisable and can be upholstered in a wide range of hard-wearing fabrics or faux leathers with removable seat covers for ease of cleaning.

Associated desking is available in a wide selection of finishes, including gloss, wood and metal effects and coloured high-density melamine.

Quality and Safety
Our seating complies with all applicable legal, statutory, regulatory and occupational health and safety requirements, and carry a worldwide five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We conduct rigorous tests throughout our research and product development process to ensure the safety and quality of our seating. Key areas Ferco assess each product in their seating ranges:

Safety - areas such as sharp edges and entrapment points in folding mechanisms
Stability – making sure a seat won’t topple if you lean back or sideways in it
Strength – ability to withstand normal use loads, as well as foreseeable misuse, such as standing on a seat
Durability – assessing the performance of the seat over its lifetime
Flammability – assessing the ability to withstand or extinguish various ignition sources
A Sense of Partnership
Get in touch with Ferco Seating today to discuss the design of your lecture theatre seating.

We offer a one-stop solution for all fixed seating requirements, working with architects from their initial design stages by providing practical support in the form of drawings and dimension, to the manufacturing and installation – attending site visits and meetings.

for more information please visit our website at www.fercoseating.com or alternatively call us on 01743 761244.

Ferco Seating’s Unique Turn & Learn Range

March 2018

Ferco Seating’s Unique Turn & Learn Range

Ferco Seating’s Turn and Learn™ range of lecture and executive auditorium style seating was developed specifically to meet the needs of a new generation within the academic world and executive world – an approach which supports active learning and modern pedagogic approaches.

Learners are able to participate in both tutor-to-student and student-to-student collaborative learning in a seamless fashion as every seat pivots a full 360°allowing users to interact with tutors, peers and engage in interactive learning without having to leave the seat.

When unoccupied, the ergonomic seats move away from the writing surface and rotate independently on a high strength steel arm in a seamless fashion.

Each one of Ferco’s distinctive models of Turn and Learn™ offer better strength and durability than any other comparable range of Turn & Learn seating available on the market and all of which are virtually maintenance free.
What Are the Benefits of Turn & Learn Seating?

Supports multiple teaching pedagogies – collaborative /active / didactic
Encourages peer-to-peer learning
Fire / Building code compliant
Lecture theatre and mixed-use environments
Integrates with and supports technology / digital classrooms
Contoured seat backs provide lumbar support and promotes correct seating position
Chair has an auto-return mechanism when not in use

Academic Settings

In the traditional university setting, lecture theatre seating has a specific design, which deliberately directs the attention of the students towards the lecturer at the front of the theatre. Interaction between individual students is minimal whilst students passively absorb knowledge passed to them from the lecturer.

The Turn and Learn™ supports a more modern approach to learning – a collaborative, student centred outlook where the physical space supports successful group engagement, very much part of the collaborative learning initiative.

Our Turn and Learn™ seating range is especially popular in many UK universities due to its ease of maintenance, comfort and versatility.

Ferco has completed Turn and Learn™ installations in some of the UK’s leading universities, including Exeter University, Kingston University and UCLAN.
Corporate Environment

Theatre style seating in lecture halls and auditoriums are often the location of choice in the corporate environment for training sessions, seminars, presentations and conferences.
Physical and Psychological Benefits

All of Ferco’s Turn and Learn™ seating range is ergonomically shaped, providing exceptional lumbar support to help maintain correct posture.

Younger students, as well as many adults, find it uncomfortable to remain still in one position for long periods of time, which may subsequently lead to a decrease in concentration and productivity. The Turn and Learn™ is a flexible form of seating, which allows movement and ultimately provides the occupant of the seat with a choice of interaction with a wider number of peers, making it ideally suited to group work and activities.
The FT10 Turn & Learn Wrimatic Swivel

Integrated with the A3 Wrimatic™ tablet, the FT10 Turn and Learn™ Wrimatic Swivel is often referred to as the “business class” of theatre chairs. It is designed for superior ergonomics to provide the ultimate in comfort as well as enabling peer to peer interaction in every direction. It was specifically designed to support turn and learn collaborative teaching styles. It is also available as a high-backed model and with optional integrated data and electrical points.

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