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COVA SECURITY GATES are a leading manufacturer of quality perimeter security equipment with a range of products including bi-folding speed gates, sliding cantilevered gates, shallow mount road blockers, full depth road blockers, static and rising bollards, boom barriers and pedestrian gates. 

Our business provides a complete solution through the design, manufacture and installation of our perimeter security products with a commitment from initial purchase to after sales service and maintenance packages to suit your needs.

Cova PAS 68:2010 compliant crash rated range has been developed to counter vehicle borne explosive attacks to critical national infrastructure as well as other high profile sites and businesses.

Once manufacturered Cova then build every speed gate, barrier and bollard in our UK factory and test its functionality prior to being dispatched to site for installation providing 100% assurance that every product meets our high quality control standards. 


Crash Tested Sliding Cantilevered Gate - CSG 10140

Cova  CSG 10140 is designed to provide a low cost crash tested sliding gate to prevent hostile vehicle mitigation/vehicle-borne terrorist or ram-raid threat.  Constructed from regular steel section the gate design can be blended into the building or perimeter line and is available in widths of 3000mm to 8000mm

Crash Tested Full Depth Road Blocker - CSG 10503

Cova Crash Tested Road Blocker is compliant with PAS 68: 2010 and designed to withstand a hostile vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and stop the vehicle dead in its tracks.  The full depth road blocker is suitable for both UK and International markets and can be integrated with all forms of access.  They are usually installed to monitor access control and are available in a number of widths from 2m to 4m.

Crash Tested Shallow Depth Road Blocker - CSG 10506

Cova Shallow Mount Road Blocker protects both national and global critical infrastructure.  This conventional one piece full depth skirts afford substantial pedestrian safety.

Many clients find themselves having to provide pedestrian protection by positioning these blockers behind gates and full height barriers, etc. They are available in widths from 2000mm to 4000mm.

Crash Tested Bi-Folding Gates - CSG - 10640/10650

Cova CSG 10640 and 10650 are the worlds first ever crash tested Bi-Folding Speed Gate and are trusted by clients across the world including governments, military, petrochemical, financial, transport and utilities.  They are capable of blending seamlessly with any building or site perimeter remaining outwardly similar to crash tested Trackless Bi-Folding Gates.

Static Bollard Series - CSG 10800

Cova Crash Rated Bollards are ideal for locations that require cost effective permanent and fixed protection against vehicle penetration and can be tailored to meet individual perimeter protection requirements with an unobtrusive and inoffensive solution.  The bollard sleeve can be moulded to suit any design requirement and environment.

Crash Tested Rising Bollards - CSG 11840

Cova Crash Tested Rising Bollards are hydraulically operated bollards and are the first crash tested.  They are a flexible bollard and an alternative to static bollards where access is require having a unique safety feature available with a pressure sensor facility.  CSG 11840 will detect any obstructions on the rise cycle to stop and reverse the bollard on contact.  Easily accessed from above allowing installation or routine maintenance carried out on the road surface.  

Manual Crash Tested Barrier - CSG 10900 Miti-Gate

The Miti-Gate is designed as an alternative and economical crash rated manual barrier for locations that have infrequent vehicular throughput but which still requires protection from vehicle borne threats.  This product requires minimal civil work and with clear width availability of up to 10 metres the Miti-Gate is by far the most cost effective, simple, cash tested PAS 68 compliant solution currently available.

The Miti-Gate is a versatile manual barrier that can be hinges, bi-parting or for flexibility can be completely removed.  

Bi-Folding Speed Gates - CSG 10601/ CSG 10604 / CSG 10605

The Cova CSG 10601 is the first generation bi-folding automated speed gate product and remains the perfect solution where height and span of opening are critical factors.  A gate will consist of a pair of bi-folding leaves and can be operated by a single drive unit or individual drives which are located within the operator box.  All gate systems come complete with a safety photocell system between the gate posts.

Our CSG 10604 bi-folding trackless speed gate is a folding security gate and provides the most versatile speed gate to date and offers a low cost but highly effective solution to vehicular access control. Unlike other bi-folding gate systems this does not require a track either in the ground or overhead.  It is a serious consideration versus conventional hinged or sliding gates in respect of cost operational security, efficiency and reliability.

Our Cova CSG 10605 Trackless Speed Gate has an operating speed from 6 seconds. This system does not require a track and uses a unique folding system with its folding mechanism located at lower level leaving the top of the gate free for spikes, barbed wire, decorative ironmongery or other features.

Sliding Cantilevered Gate - CSG 10103

The CSG 10103 is a versatile low cost sliding cantilevered gate designed to be installed in all types of industrial and commercial applications with a range of widths and heights up to 10m wide.  They are ideal for uneven ground and if there is optimum space allows the gate to slide back against the perimeter fence or in front or behind the gate access. Automation is provided via a high duty electro-mechanical drive system or a standard gate operator.  Supplied as standard with photo-electrical cells and a push button control system.

Series Boom Barriers - CSG 10300

Cova Series Boom Barriers have been designed to offer long term reliability, efficient operation and durability.  The powered barriers can be controlled by programmable logic controller which is programmed to suit any access control requirements.  We are able to offer bespoke barriers to suit client specification and we vigorously test our boom barriers to ensure long service life in the field.  Whether your application is residential or commercial our Boom Barrier range has the flexibility to suit any need. 

High Security Pedestrian Gates - CSG 10700

Cova Security Pedestrian Gates are available as sliding, hinged and hinged automated. The high security pedestrian gates are designed for controlled personnel access and egress to police stations defence establishments, industrial site and other high security applications.  We highly recommend that a CSG 10700 is installed adjacent to any CSG automated vehicular gate to provide a safe access and egress route for pedestrian traffic.  They can be designed to match the infill, construction and finished colour of the vehicular gates.

Full Height Turnstiles

The Cova range of full height turnstiles has been designed to provide a secure means of controlling authorised high levels of pedestrian traffic.  Whilst usually installed in an outdoor environment we can also design and manufacture internal turnstiles.  A full height turnstile is an excellent deterrent to protect the property from unauthorised individuals.

Further technical information, image galleries and product specifications are available through the or via the BPi Download Library. 




These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

ACCESS CONTROL Vehicular Barriers Automatic
BARRIER GATES Self Closing .
BARRIERS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
BARRIERS High Security Ground Retractable
BARRIERS Retractable .
BARRIERS Road Blockers .
BOLLARDS Anti-Ram Raid .
BOLLARDS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
BOLLARDS Retractable .
BOLLARDS Retractable Programmable, Computer Controlled
BOLLARDS Retractable Remote Control
BOLLARDS Retractable Rising/Lifting
BOLLARDS Security .
BOLLARDS Security PAS 68/CEN 45 or ASTM Certified
BOLLARDS Static Fixed .
BOLLARDS Steel Galvanised
BOLLARDS Steel Stainless Steel Sleeve
CAR PARK Barriers Rising Step
CAR PARK Entrance Barriers Rising Arm Articulated
CAR PARK Entrance Barriers Rising Arm Boom Automatic
GATES Access Control .
GATES Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
GATES Automatic Opening .
GATES Automatic Opening Industrial
GATES Automatic Opening Metal
GATES Bi-Folding Bifold (Folding/Sliding) .
GATES Bi-Folding Bifold (Folding/Sliding) Automatic
GATES Bi-Folding Bifold (Folding/Sliding) High Speed
GATES BS EN 13241 .
GATES Cantilever .
GATES Cantilever Automatic
GATES Cantilever Sliding
GATES Cantilever Sliding Electrically Operated
GATES Cantilever Sliding Trackless
GATES Entrance .
GATES Industrial .
GATES Motorised .
GATES Remote Control .
GATES Security .
GATES Sliding .
GATES Sliding Automatic
GATES Sliding Electrically Operated
GATES Sliding High Speed
GATES Steel .
ROAD BLOCKERS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
ROAD BLOCKERS Rising Kerb Pit-Mounted Electro Hydraulic Operation
ROAD BLOCKERS Rising Kerb Shallow Pit Depth
TRAFFIC BARRIERS Anti-Terrorist/Counter Terrorist .
TRAFFIC BARRIERS Rising Arm Boom Automatic
TURNSTILES Automatic .
TURNSTILES Card Access .
TURNSTILES Double Side by Side
TURNSTILES Electronic Access Controlled .
TURNSTILES Full Height .
TURNSTILES Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Design
TURNSTILES Remote Control .
MITI-GATE Crash Barriers

Demand For Cova Products at Football Stadiums

April 2018

Since we commenced our advertising campaign last Autumn with the football business magazine fcbusiness, Cova have seen a huge rise in demand for our products to be installed in Football Stadiums up and down the country, from Premier League to local clubs where there is an ever pressing need to protect large crowds from vehicle attack.

The campaign has gone so well that Cova were contacted recently by Sky News and featured briefly on Sunday 25th February on their TV Sky News Channel in which it was announced that the Premier League are to introduce anti-terror barriers.

See our NEWS page on our website for more detail and to watch footage of Cova being included in the TV News broadcast.

It has also been publicised recently that there have been briefing sessions held at Old Trafford and Wembley in which the Counter Terror Police (CTP) briefed key reprentatives from the majority of UK football clubs on the changing nature of the vehicle threats following on from the vehicle attacks last year, would have also raised awareness across the industry of the need for added protection.

Following up on these enquiries it’s become evident that thankfully, most UK stadiums already are equipped with high levels security, and the demand is to either upgrade and/or replace existing standard products currently in place with HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation) PAS 68 crash rated barriers, road blockers and bollards.

As every product that Cova design, manufacture and install is bespoke to the specific site conditions, what with the 2018 football season finishing in May, there is a huge appetite for the installations at the grounds to be completed in time for the first matches of the season in August.

for more information on our products please visit our literature section on our Building Products Index profile or visit our website at

Cova WIN 'Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017' Award

July 2017

Cova Security Gates wins Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017 and celebrates three decades of success!

Cova Security Gates, the leading manufacturer of quality perimeter security equipment, has been awarded Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017 at the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. Being recognised for its continued innovation and commitment to customer service in this way comes at a significant time for Cova, with the company celebrating its 30th year in business.

One of the sponsors and judges of the Manufacturing Business of the Year category, Neil Gardner from asb law LLP, commented: “The judges from asb law selected Cova for this Award having been highly impressed with their ambition, added value and attractiveness. The business has a strong management team in place delivering and investing in a well-resourced strategic plan. Its manufacturing facility provides flexibility and innovation in the production of bespoke products, with an approach centred on health & safety, quality and efficiency. For a smaller business, their approach to governance, process and the manufacturing environment is remarkable.”

Commenting on the company’s win, Karen Deacon - Marketing Manager at Cova Security Gates – said: “It means a lot to receive such public recognition from Gatwick Diamond Business, especially at a time when we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary. Listening to our customers to ensure we adapt our products and services to meet their ever-changing needs has been key to our success over the past three decades, so it’s fantastic to have this acknowledged. On behalf of the whole team I’d like to say a huge thank you to the judges who recognised our passion and commitment to our industry, our customers for their continued trust and support, and our team for working so hard to make Cova Security Gates one of the global leaders in the manufacture of quality perimeter security equipment.”

Cova Security Gates specialises in the manufacture of bi-folding speed gates, sliding cantilevered gates, shallow mount road blockers, full depth road blockers, static bollards, rising bollards, barriers, boom barriers and pedestrian gates. With the constant threat of criminal and terrorist attack, Cova Security Gates’ PAS 68:2010 compliant crash rated range of products has been developed and installed to counter vehicle borne explosive attacks to critical national infrastructure, as well as to protect other high profile sites around the world.

John Benton, Managing Director at Building Defence Systems commented: “I'm not surprised to hear that Cova Security Gates has won this award as they’ve always supported my projects exceptionally. We choose Cova as our preferred partner as we can trust them to deliver what they promise – exceptional quality, robust products alongside a hassle-free, turnkey solution, from the design, manufacture and installation process, right through to after sales support and maintenance packages.”

The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards celebrate people and businesses which have shown innovation and inspiration in their work, and have demonstrated a real commitment to the sub-region. The awards have become a major fixture on the region's business calendar, celebrating the best companies and business leaders across the Gatwick Diamond. This year’s winners were unveiled at the 9th Annual Gatwick Diamond Business Awards at the Effingham Park Hotel, on 16 March, 2017. The Awards were presented by the well-known writer, comedian and actor Stephen Mangan.

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