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Stiltz Domestic Lifts manufacture, supply, install, service and maintain the Stiltz Home Lifts range and the Lifton Home lifts range.

Stiltz Domestic Lifts manufacture, supply, install, service and maintain the Stiltz Home Lifts. The Stiltz Lift is unique from any other domestic lift on the market because it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. This is made possible because the home lift does not use hydraulics or need any structural support or fixings.  

Lifton Home lifts by Stiltz: The Lifton Home Lift is a unique in-home mobility concept which combines style and functionality in a discreet and compact design.

All Stiltz domestic lifts are powered by an electric motor situated on the top of the lift that plugs straight into the wall just like any other household appliance. Using Stiltz’s dual rail technology, the home lift is a self-supporting structure so no load bearing walls are required.

The Stiltz Lift is ideal for home owners looking for an easy way to get between floors or a perfect stairlift alternative for the less mobile. Stiltz’s domestic lifts include the Stiltz Duo Lift and the wider and deeper wheelchair lift version of the same lift, the Stiltz Trio Lift in three styles.  

Stiltz Duo + Range Domestic Lift

The latest addition to the Stiltz Duo range, the Duo+ Home Lift, is an ideal alternative to a stairlift. Transporting two people up one floor in under 30 seconds, Duo offers unmatched freedom and flexibility.

Stiltz Duo Classic Home Lift

Stiltz’s flagship model, the Duo Classic, can carry two people comfortably and take them up to the next floor in less than 30 seconds. Small but spacious the Duo Classic is a home lift to be proud of and includes lots of fantastic standard features.

Stiltz Duo Vista Home Lift

The Duo Vista Lift is based on the Classic model but is a totally clear lift thanks to its exterior which is made of structural polycarbonate. This look gives the Duo Vista a more contemporary look and is ideal if placed in front of a window as it allows the natural light to flood into a room.

Stiltz Duo Thru Car Lift

The Thru Car version of the Duo allows users to enter and exit the domestic lift from both sides. This is a unique feature of Stiltz’s home lifts and is made possible by Stiltz’s dual rail technology.

Stiltz range of Domestic Wheelchair Lifts:


Stiltz Trio Classic Wheelchair Lift

Stiltz’s wheelchair lift version of the Duo is called the Trio Classic and is heavier and bigger so it can fit a standard-sized wheelchair. Designed to allow wheelchair users to live independently in the home, the wheelchair lift also suits users with walking frames. Unlike a stairlift, the Trio can carry up to three people.

Stiltz Trio Vista Wheelchair Lift

The Trio Vista includes all the same features as its Duo Vista counterpart but is designed with solid walls and a clear polycarbonate back.

Stiltz Trio Thru Car Wheelchair Lift

The first wheelchair lift on the wheelchair lifts market to offer a double entry or thru car configuration so users can enter or exit from both sides of the lift. Offering all the same features as its Duo Thru Car, the Trio offers wheelchair users even more access around the home.


Lifton Home Lifts

It is now possible to continue to enjoy the home you love without compromising on its style and décor. The unobtrusive and elegant Lifton Home Lift will run smoothly and quietly between floors on slim rails allowing you to retain maximum living space. Installing a Lifton Home Lift will make it so much easier to get around your home again, easily and safely.

Home Lifts Experts

Home Lifts Experts is a new domestic price comparison based site which helps building professionals find the right home lift to suit their project based on the style, size and number of floors required.

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Stiltz Ltd – COVID 19 Statement Update

April 2020

Coronavirus – Covid-19 presents us with an unprecedented global challenge. Stiltz Ltd. continues to review activities on a daily basis to comply with Government directives.

Stiltz is a proud member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) through whom we are co-ordinating industry efforts to keep the most vulnerable living safely in their own homes. Reducing the instance of accidents within the home will help reduce stress on the NHS hospital care system.

For existing customers, a Stiltz Homelift can be that lifeline to independence. Our homecare support policy means Stiltz engineers continue to provide an essential service by maintaining customers’ lifts for ongoing safe, reliable and independent access, while acting within Government guidelines.

For new homelift installations we offer the options of a phone call, remote video consultation via tablet/laptop/smartphone, or email consultation. For those with an urgent in-home consultation need, we will minimise risk by following latest Government guidelines.

Additional processes have been put in place to mitigate risk to you, our staff and the wider Stiltz community:

We will request confirmation that nobody at the property we are due to visit has Covid-19 or is defined as extremely vulnerable, and in need of being shielded. If Covid-19 is present, or a person is isolating or deemed as extremely vulnerable, we will follow government advice.

All customer visits will be subject to additional sanitation measures. Stiltz installers/engineers will wash or sanitise their hands prior to entering your property and upon leaving. They will not offer to shake hands, will refuse offers of a beverage and will maintain the prescribed 2 metre distance
Regular health and safety bulletins will be issued to all office and field-based staff
All field-based staff will be asked, on a daily basis, to confirm they are clear of symptoms prior to commencing their working day
All staff who fall ill with Covid-19 or who are self-isolating, will receive full pay during the period they are indisposed.

Stiltz will follow government advice at all times. Our priority is customer and staff safety, whilst continuing to provide the necessary homecare support to ensure vital independence.

Mike Lord
Chairman and CEO
Stiltz Ltd

New Stiltz Home Lifts 2020 TV Ad goes Live with the Voice of David Jason

April 2020

Stiltz Home Lifts are proud to present our refreshed 2020 TV advertising campaign featuring the well-known voice of television star David Jason.

The actor has played many iconic roles over the years including the nation’s favourite ‘Lovely Jubbly’ Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter in Only Fools and Horses; Detective Inspector Jack Frost in A Touch of Frost and the lovable ‘Perfick’ Pop Larkin in Darling Buds of May, whilst also being the voice behind many much-loved children’s TV and film characters.

David was chosen because he has an instantly-recognisable voice which has natural warmth and quickly creates affinity with an audience.

The new advertising campaign will play out nationally during January and February on some of the UK’s favourite national and regional TV digital channels – make sure you look out for the ads and let us know on Facebook if you spot one!

The ad features the Stiltz Duo+ Home Lift which can carry up to two people between floors. There is also a larger 3-person or wheelchair lift; the Trio+, available. Viewers of the advertisement are invited to call in directly to discuss their needs with a UK-based team of highly-trained domestic lift consultants.

The Stiltz Home Lift has taken the UK and the world by storm as customers find the blend of style, functionality and ease of installation is just the solution they need to help them move between floors in their home. The home elevator has a clear car body and uses innovative discreet dual rail technology to carry the lift car quietly between floors. Unusually for a home lift, a Stiltz plugs directly into a standard domestic 13amp power socket. The through floor lifts are surprisingly energy efficient and, as Mr Jason explains in the ad, ‘use less power than it takes to boil a kettle!’.

So, why have a stairlift when you can have a home lift?

Request your free Stiltz Home Lifts information pack today, or call for an appointment.

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