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Suppliers of: Elnur Gabarron Eletric Heating Solutions - Electric Radiators, Electric Boilers, Storage Heaters, Panel Heaters and Electric Towel Warmers

Established in 1973 Elnur UK Ltd is one of the leading providers of electric heating systems. Our products include electric combi-boilers, electric storage heaters, electric radiators, towel radiators and much much more. 

With a commercial presence in more than 35 countries, and a strong exclusive distribution network, we have gained a strong presence always offering the best solution in electric heating.

The Elnur assembly lines produce more than 150,000 thermal inertia radiators, 40,000 storage heaters and 30,000 convectors and other electric heating devices each year. Producing factory held stock, ready for despatch to give a minimum of 3 months stock coverage. Plus large stocks in the 3 Elnur UK warehouses allows us to distribute our products in less than 48 hours across the U.K.

Certificated in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Management System and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Safety, performance and efficiency are accompanied by a high quality standard of manufacturing, supported by internationally-recognised and independent certification bodies.

At ELNUR UK we are aware that there are many variables that affect the decision about which is the best electric heating solution for each home or facility. Such as:

  • The degree of insulation in the building.
  • Weather conditions in the area.
  • Any existing installations for heating and domestic hot water.
  • The purpose of the heating system, and whether heating is required 24 hours a day, or only for a few hours.
  • Customer budget.
  • Other more subjective factors, such as customer tastes and preferences.

For these reasons we have developed a complete range of exclusive products adapted to all kinds of needs, to consistently fulfil the highest of expectations.

  • Storage heaters, the ideal heating solution to keep your home warm 24 hours a day at an unbeatable cost.
  • Thermal inertia radiators, which allow total control over temperature and electricity consumption.
  • Ecombi, a new concept in electric heating that combines the great advantages of storage heating with the most innovative technology in temperature and electricity consumption management.
  • Electric water heaters, which use the best insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-calcification technology currently on the market.
  • Towel rails and towel dryers, the best options for heating your bathroom and drying delicates.
  • Modulating electric boilers, which offer safety and the highest level of efficiency in central heating systems.
  • Other heating solutions: indoor and outdoor infrared heaters and fan heaters.
  • Accessories which undoubtedly enhance the advantages offered by our products by improving usability, optimising performance and minimising energy cost.

Our main aim is 100% customer satisfaction, and being able to meet the highest of expectations at all times. Our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed us to offer increasingly efficient products. We continuously carry out tests on our products to analyse performance and examine potential for improvement in order to maximise product efficiency and minimise running costs.


Our Product Range includes:

  • SMART STORAGE HEATERS - Smart Storage Heaters (SSH) give modern efficient storage heating that accurately controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management.
  • ELECTRIC RADIATORS – Elnur offer a vast range of electric radiators ranging from oil free, wi-fi enabled, oil filled, low height and conservatory radiators just to name a few.
  • STORAGE HEATERS - Elnur energy efficient night storage heaters are designed to make the most out of your off peak electricity tariff. With the HHR (high heat retention), SSH (smart storage heater) and ADL (dynamic fan assisted storage heater). All our new storage heaters are compliant with Lot 20 and SAP regulations.
  • ELECTRIC COMBI BOILERS – We have a great range of electric combi boilers providing both hot water and heating solutions including digital modulation to give that extra control.
  • ELECTRIC SYSTEM BOILERS – a range of Electric boilers to control your full heating system whilst being environmentally better than other fossil fuel systems.
  • PANEL HEATERS – Elnur offer a range of digital panel heaters to suit all needs and budgets.
  • ELECTRIC TOWEL RADIATORS – Our electric towel rails bring together design and functionality giving you warmth, comfort and convenience.
  • ELNUR CONNECTED – The Elnur range of wirelessly connected products give you complete control of your heating and hot water systems digitally. The connected range includes combi boilers, storage heaters, towel rails and thermostats.
  • ACCESSORIES – From control hubs to programmable thermostats we have everything you could need to compliment and control your heating and hot water systems.


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Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the Elnur UK Ltd website.

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Elnur HHR High Heat Retention Balancing Element Function

April 2021

The Elnur HHR doesn’t use or have a boost element like other manufacturers HHR. Instead the Elnur HHR uses what we call a balancing element. The reason for this is to further save energy and running costs. In fact we can save up to a further 10% on energy usage over other HHR that just use stored overnight energy.

All HHR storage heaters are required to have at least 45% of their store remaining, when the heater has not been used during the day after a full charge. All the new types of HHR storage heaters will adjust their overnight charge according to their settings and how much is still left in their core. The Elnur HHR go a little further by also calculating how much store has been used and how long the balancing element has been on for. The Heater then decides if it’s better/cheaper to store more or less energy via the off peak charge or allow the balancing element to run for longer, while still maintaining the set temperatures.

Let me explain further….
Say the heater stored 40% of off peak and used the balancing element for 25 minutes one day. The next day it reduces the store to 30% and then using 45 minutes of balancing element. At first glance you would say this is crazy it’s storing less using off peak and using more on peak electric.

Let’s work out then how much has this actually cost, and let’s use the biggest HHR40 heater as an example. HHR40 has 3.4Kw elements off peak and 1.1Kw balancing element on peak. If the HHR40 took 100% charge then it would use 3.4(Kw) x 7 (7 hours of off peak charging) = 23.8Kwh, so 40% would be approx 9.52Kwh, 30% would be approx 7.14Kwh. Using 60 minutes (1Hr) of on peak balancing element would be 1.1Kwh, so 25 minutes would be approx 0.458Kwh, 45 minutes would be approx 0.824Kwh.

First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.15 = £0.07 (rounded up), total of £0.83 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.15 = £0.12, total of £0.69 for the day.

As you can see it is more efficient to use the Elnur HHR storage heaters with the balancing element and let the heater adjust itself.

If you’re still not convinced then let’s add 10% to the off peak and have no on peak balancing element like the other HHR.
11.9Kwh(50%) off peak x £0.08 = total of £0.95 for the day.

You can try different on peak rates if you want. Even if you’re on peak tariff is more than £0.40 per Kwh you’ll still be better off using the Elnur HHR over other HHRs.

You can try different on peak rates if you want. Even if you’re on peak tariff is more than £0.40 per Kwh you’ll still be better off using the Elnur HHR over other HHRs.

Typical other HHR usage (off peak only) 11.9Kwh(50%) off peak x £0.08 = total of £0.95 for the day.

At £0.15 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.15 = £0.07 (rounded up), total of £0.83 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.15 = £0.12, total of £0.69 for the day.

At £0.20 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.20 = £0.09 (rounded up), total of £0.85 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.20 = £0.16, total of £0.73 for the day.

At £0.25 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.25 = £0.11 (rounded up), total of £0.87 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.25 = £0.21, total of £0.78 for the day.

At £0.30 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.30 = £0.14 (rounded up), total of £0.90 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.30 = £0.25, total of £0.82 for the day.

At £0.35 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.35 = £0.16 (rounded up), total of £0.92 for the day. Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.35 = £0.29, total of £0.86 for the day.

At £0.40 per Kwh on peak
First day = 9.52Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.76 plus 0.458Kwh on peak x £0.40 = £0.18 (rounded up), total of £0.94 for the day.
Second day = 7.14Kwh off peak x £0.08 = £0.57 plus 0.824Kwh on peak x £0.40 = £0.33, total of £0.90 for the day.

Elnur- Dispelling storage heater myths

April 2021


Over the past 40 years it’s no secret that our storage heaters have changed drastically. From the old style SH24 manual control range to the latest ECOSSH smart storage heater range, we’ve come a long way. With storage heaters constantly evolving along with today’s technology and capabilities, why are there so many myths regarding storage heaters?
So, what’s changed since the introduction of storage heaters?

Since the 1960’s so much has changed regarding the structure, efficiency and features of storage heaters. The first storage heater made in 1961 by Dimplex was a huge breakthrough into the domestic heating market. However, it was far from perfect. Most storage heaters manufactured around that time contained asbestos which when inhaled could cause serious illness and could potentially lead to death. Now, 60 years forward people still have the common misconception that storage heaters contain asbestos when, they haven’t contained asbestos since 1947. Another common belief about storage heaters is the fact that they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. However, this can’t be any further away from the truth. Storage heaters work by heating up the thermalite bricks within the storage heater and don’t work by burning any combustible fuel that could potentially cause carbon monoxide to build up within your home. This makes storage heaters much safer than gas boilers as carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that when inhaled can lead to death.
What’s the difference between old and new storage heaters today?

Other than current storage heaters being asbestos free, there are many new features within our Elnur storage heaters and within storage heaters today. Our High Heat Retention, or HHR, range is a perfect example of how storage heaters have evolved over the years. The ECOHHR range contains thermalite bricks which are our best heat absorbing bricks which allow the storage heater to retain more heat during the day to slowly release it based upon the user set temperature via the digital control panel. Furthermore, our newest range of Smart Storage Heaters use innovative technology which allows controllability via Wi-Fi and the Elnur G-Control Hub. Using smart Integral energy manager (IEM) technology the SSH automatically adjusts charging to suit the climate and demand.
What are the benefits of new storage heaters?

Now you may be asking yourself, why should I replace my old storage heater? It works perfectly fine. Well, ever since the LOT 20 legislation of January 1st, 2018 all storage heaters require a list of new features to be manufactured. This meant a higher standard of efficiency, more controllability, higher comfort levels and heat all day. With the introduction of new insulation techniques within the storage heaters, current heat retention rates are much higher than they used to be. With High Heat Retention storage heaters being able to retain 50% of the heat stored after 24 hours from a full charge. Furthermore, all our Elnur storage heaters come with a digital control panel which allows for full programmability to make your storage heater perfect for your needs, a built in highly accurate thermostat sensitive to ±0.1°C. Additionally, all LOT 20 compliant storage heaters require an additional heat source. Elnur Storage heaters include a balancing element made of aluminium. Unlike other brands that use a traditional boost element, Elnur decided on a balancing element due to its increased efficiency. See our Balancing element blog here for more info.
Will storage heaters be phased out?

A common misconception about storage heaters is that they will soon become obsolete due to incorrect information about their efficiency and cost when this isn’t the case at all. Storage heaters are a major part of the future plans for economical eco-friendly heating. Due to the UK gas boiler regulation rules, in 2025 all new homes will be banned from installing gas boilers. This new change will require another source of heating such as electric night storage heaters, electric boilers, electric radiators. In addition to this the UK Eco Scheme, started in April 2013, is funded by the government and requires energy companies to upgrade heating within homes of people who may be struggling financially. For more information regarding the Eco Scheme please visit the following link: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/environmental-programmes/eco/support-improving-your-home
Which storage heater should I buy?

When it comes to a choice of storage heater, there’s no better option then one of our Elnur Storage Heaters. With a 5-year warranty, an intuitive LCD display with advanced control options and a temperature sensor with calibration options, our SSH range of storage heaters would be perfect for anyone looking to transition towards storage heaters.

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