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Elnur is a leading manufacturer of electric heating products, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing excellence. With our products now sold in over 35 countries worldwide, Elnur has become a global brand and continues to be one of the most progressive electric heating manufacturers in the industry.


The Elnur assembly lines produce more than 150,000 thermal inertia radiators, 40,000 storage heaters and 30,000 convectors and other electric heating devices each year. Producing factory held stock, ready for despatch to give a minimum of 3 months stock coverage. Plus large stocks in the 3 Elnur UK warehouses allows us to distribute our products in less than 48 hours across the U.K.

Certificated in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Control Management System and ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Safety, performance and efficiency are accompanied by a high quality standard of manufacturing, supported by internationally-recognised and independent certification bodies.

At ELNUR we are aware that there are many variables that affect the decision about which is the best electric heating solution for each home or facility. Such as:

  • The degree of insulation in the building.
  • Weather conditions in the area.
  • Any existing installations for heating and domestic hot water.
  • The purpose of the heating system, and whether heating is required 24 hours a day, or only for a few hours.
  • Customer budget.
  • Other more subjective factors, such as customer tastes and preferences.

For these reasons we have developed a complete range of exclusive products adapted to all kinds of needs, to consistently fulfil the highest of expectations.

  • Storage heaters, the ideal heating solution to keep your home warm 24 hours a day at an unbeatable cost.
  • Solar Storage Heaters, The Elnur SOLAR High Heat Retention storage heater allows the use of energy from solar panels and other renewable sources.
  • Thermal inertia radiators, which allow total control over temperature and electricity consumption.
  • Ecombi, a new concept in electric heating that combines the great advantages of storage heating with the most innovative technology in temperature and electricity consumption management.
  • Electric water heaters, which use the best insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-calcification technology currently on the market.
  • Towel rails and towel dryers, the best options for heating your bathroom and drying delicates.
  • Modulating electric boilers, which offer safety and the highest level of efficiency in central heating systems.
  • Other heating solutions: indoor and outdoor infrared heaters and fan heaters.
  • Accessories which undoubtedly enhance the advantages offered by our products by improving usability, optimising performance and minimising energy cost.

Our main aim is 100% customer satisfaction, and being able to meet the highest of expectations at all times. Our commitment to continuous improvement has allowed us to offer increasingly efficient products. We continuously carry out tests on our products to analyse performance and examine potential for improvement in order to maximise product efficiency and minimise running costs.

Our Product Range includes:


Electric Storage Heaters:

ECOHHR high heat retention storage heaters reduce energy costs by saving energy for times when it is needed. These modern smart storage heaters provide highly efficient controllable storage heating adapting to heating needs based on weather conditions.

Electric Radiators:

Thermal Eco Fluid Electric Radiators or Thermal Inertia Dry Electric radiators have a built-in timer and temperature control with 24/7 programming capabilities, highly accurate thermostatic control, and our RDW range also includes Wi-Fi connectivity for ultimate control.

Electric Boilers:

Our Mattira range of electric boilers caters for all domestic heating and hot water needs. Our Electric boiler range is unique in being able to regulate energy consumption by anticipating changes in the thermal needs of a home.

Electric Towel Rails:

Elnur Gabarron electric towel rails add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a bathroom. Available in chrome plated or white finishes and including a digital thermostat for complete temperature control.

Panel Heaters:

Modern Elnur Gabarron Electric Panel Heaters now benefit from the very latest digital and programmable technologies to provide a range of top quality efficient and controllable direct acting heaters.

Other Products:

The extensive Elnur Gabarron product range extends to include everything to control home heating, alongside our range of accessories and ancillary products such as patio heaters to warm up evenings spent outdoors.




Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the Elnur UK Ltd website.

BOILERS DOMESTIC Electric Combination
BOILERS DOMESTIC Electric ErP Compliant
BOILERS DOMESTIC Electric Modulating Smart Electronic Modulting Systems
BOILERS DOMESTIC Electric WiFi Enabled Smart Controls
CONVECTOR HEATING Electric Panel Heaters - See also PANEL HEATERS: Electric
HEATING CONTROLS Electric Heating: Smart Controls
HEATING CONTROLS Remote Monitoring and Control Smart Controls
PANEL HEATERS Electric Bathroom
PANEL HEATERS Electric Electronic Smart Controls
PANEL HEATERS Electric Freestanding
PANEL HEATERS Electric Frost Protection
PANEL HEATERS Electric IP2X Protection
PANEL HEATERS Electric Open Window Detection
PANEL HEATERS Electric Programmable Controls
PANEL HEATERS Electric Smart Controls
PANEL HEATERS Electric Thermal Safety Cut Out
PANEL HEATERS Electric Thermostatic
PANEL HEATERS Electric Wall Mounted
RADIATORS Electric: Aluminium
RADIATORS Electric: Column Energy Saving
RADIATORS Electric: Conservatory Low Height
RADIATORS Electric: EcoDesign Lot20 Compliant
RADIATORS Electric: Electronic Temperature Controls
RADIATORS Electric: Epoxy RAL Colours
RADIATORS Electric: Oil Free Energy Saving Dry Systems
RADIATORS Electric: Programmable
RADIATORS Electric: Storage
RADIATORS Electric: WiFi Enabled Smart Controls
STORAGE HEATERS Automatic Intelligent Weather and Usage Pattern Monitoring
STORAGE HEATERS Automatic Off-Peak Tariff Monitoring
STORAGE HEATERS EcoDesign Lot20 Compliant
STORAGE HEATERS Fan Heater Combined
STORAGE HEATERS High Heat Retention
STORAGE HEATERS High Heat Retention SAP Specification Compliant
STORAGE HEATERS Night Storage Radiators
STORAGE HEATERS Renewable Energy Powered
STORAGE HEATERS Renewable Energy Powered High Heat Retention
STORAGE HEATERS Solar Energy Sources PV Installations with PV Surplus Production
STORAGE HEATERS Superior Heat Retention
STORAGE HEATERS WiFi Enabled Smart Controls
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources)
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) EcoDesign Lot20 Compliant
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) Energy Saving
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) IP44
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) Multirail Ladder
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) Programmable Controls
TOWEL RAILS Heated Towel Warmers (Electric Heat Sources) Thermostatic
ECOMBI Storage Heaters
G-CONTROL SYSTEM Heating Controls
INGENIUM Electric Radiators
MATTIRA COMBI Electric Boilers
MATTIRA SYSTEM Electric Boilers
PH PLUS Electric Panel Heaters
RBC Electric Conservatory Radiators
RFE PLUS Electric Radiators
RXE PLUS Electric Radiators
SOLAR HHR Solar PV Compatible Storage Heaters

Elnur UK - ecoProCAL Version 4 Has Launched

November 2023

A new version of the online calculator tool ecoProCAL has been released to support heating engineers and installers when fitting electric storage heaters in people’s homes under ECO regulations.

Elnur developed the ecoProCAL to enable installers, fitters and retrofit assessors to calculate which heater and importantly, how many heaters are needed to heat a home ensuring the customer is getting the most efficient heating solution for their money.

Elnur first developed the ProCAL in 2016 and has proved popular with engineers around the UK. The new version – version 4 – now takes into account new ECO regulations.

Using measurements relating to the property’s insulation, number of windows, walls and rooms, the calculator will display the model of storage heater required. It will also give running cost information so customers can make informed decisions about the work taking place in their homes and enables installers to be fully prepared when attending a job.

Overall ecoProCAL helps to improve the quality and installation standards across the energy industry and enables heating firms to ensure they have enough products in the supply chain, helping to create a stable service.

Andrew Molyneux, Technical Director at Elnur, said: “There are thousands of properties around the UK with old storage heaters that need replacing, with some older than 20 years. These are extremely inefficient by todays’ “Next Generation” electric storage heater standards. The enhanced version of the ecoProCAL gives the installer the technical evidence of which new heater should be used, giving better efficiency for the property owner, and helps take the guess work out of the installers job. It also helps companies plan more effectively, which at the moment, is really important when supply chains are under pressure.

“At Elnur, we are committed to ensuring the people who use our products have the technical evidence to support their recommendations. There are too many examples of poor service when it comes to heating and insulation, but this tool gives protection to the customer and the installer by accurately calculating which heater and how many are required for that specific property.”

Prism Property Maintenance Ltd have completed more than 200 installations under the ECO3 scheme where the specification has been created utilising the Elnur ecoProCAL software.

Derek Millar, Director of Prism Property Maintenance Ltd, said: “The system automatically takes into consideration the principles of thermal dynamics and applies them using DOM8. This creates an economic system in terms of type of products selected, no. of appliances installed, increased user functionality and gives the best probability of the user to benefit from lower running costs. The additional feature showing the POPT (percentage of property treated) figure throughout the specification process allows the versatility of any property layout to be considered, maximising the potential to convert qualifying properties ensuring the best outcome.”

The new version of the ecoProCAL is available from https://www.ecoprocal.co.uk/ with a user guide and video walkthrough.

ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters

November 2023

ECOHHR High Heat Retention SOLAR Storage Heaters

The smart Elnur SOLAR High Heat Retention storage heater allows the use of energy from solar panels and other renewable sources, Wind, Geothermal, Ocean etc to reduce heating costs using free energy from renewable energy sources. When there’s not enough renewable energy production, it uses cheaper off-peak power to charge and provide heating.

Elnur's SOLAR High Heat Retention is the first storage heater on the market that can utilise a household’s solar or other renewable generation and converts the renewable energy into stored heat for delivery gradually into the room as required, providing the household with free heating. If the surplus production is insufficient to provide the heating desired, Elnur's SOLAR HHR can function as a conventional High Heat Retention storage heater by completing the charge during off-peak hours.

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