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Water Treatment and Conservation Solutions from The Rodin Group

The Rodin Group Limited promotes environmentally friendly solutions in the two areas of Water Treatment and Water Conservation.

Our range of Water Treatment & Water Conservation Products are suitable for commercial, healthcare, education, retail, food and industrial markets, where high water volume usage takes place. These sectors lend themselves to be the areas where the greatest water and energy savings can be achieved.

Water Treatment for Building Services

Water treatment describes those industrial-scale processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use. These can include use for drinking water (potable water), industry, medical and many other uses.

The Rodin Group is able to provide solutions in a number of these areas including:

Further technical information can be found on each of these products on our website.

Water Conservation Products & Services

Rodin have been promoting a range of water saving products for almost 20 years. These are aimed primarily at commercial washroom and shower facilities where significant volumes of water can be used on a daily basis.

The range includes waterless urinals from Falcon Waterfree along with the replacement Falcon Velocity cartridges and accessories, including Allseal liquid and heavy duty keys.

In additon there are water saving shower systems that have been used by major gym chains in the UK for a number of years. All shower valves come with TMV3 certification. 

The range also contains water saving taps and long life aerators which are a cost effective way to start saving water immediately with a relatively modest initial outlay.

Product ranges include:


Further technical information is available to download through the BPi Download Library or on our website.




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1. Rodin Scale Buster Brochure October 17
Limescale inhibitors limescale treatment water scale treatments

Published [11/07/19]File size [983 KB]

2. Rodin Ultrodin UV Brochure Dec 13
Ultrodin Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems an environmentally friendly, chemical-free water disinfection system

Published [11/07/19]File size [476 KB]

3. Rodin Water Conservation Brochure Aug 13
Water Saving aerators water saving taps shower heads waterless urinals

Published [11/07/19]File size [458 KB]

4. Rodin Falcon Waterless Urinals 2018
waterless urinals

Published [11/07/19]File size [532 KB]

Novolux® Water saving showers for care homes
Water-saving hand-held shower head

Published [11/07/19]File size [323 KB]

Rada TripointF Infrared Tap
infrared tap

Published [11/07/19]File size [529 KB]

Rodin Falcon Velocity Cartridge 2016
Falcon’s Waterfree Urinals. Waterless Urinal Cartridge.

Published [11/07/19]File size [3722 KB]

Rodin High Performance Key Valve - 2017
waterfree urinals. Waterless Urinal Cartridge.

Published [11/07/19]File size [576 KB]

Rodin Honeywell Backwash Filter Data Sheet - Flanged - 2018
Reverse rinsing fine filter with flanges

Published [11/07/19]File size [1625 KB]

Rodin Honeywell Backwash Filter Data Sheet - Threaded - 2018
reverse rinsing filters ensure a continuous supply of filtered water.

Published [11/07/19]File size [1131 KB]

Rodin NovoSix Water saving showering solutions for hotels
Water saving showering solutions for hotels

Published [11/07/19]File size [589 KB]

Rodin Profilence Water Saving Shower Heads
RST - Water saving showering solutions

Published [11/07/19]File size [1126 KB]

Rodin TMV3 Tap Feb 14
Thermostatic Mono Basin Tap

Published [11/07/19]File size [71 KB]

Rodin Ultrodin Synergy 1 Data Sheet

Published [11/07/19]File size [541 KB]

Rodin Ultrodin Synergy 2 Data Sheet v2
Ultrodin SYNERGY 2 panel provides a high specification control system with a simple and easy to operate control interface

Published [11/07/19]File size [648 KB]

Rodin Ultrodin Synergy 3 Data Sheet v5

Published [11/07/19]File size [696 KB]

Rodin Water Saving CHE Tap
Rodin Water Saving Mono Basin CHE Tap

Published [11/07/19]File size [290 KB]

DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Chlorine Dioxide Bacterial Control
DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Legionella. Pseudomonas, Harmful Organism Control
DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Sterilization Systems WRAS Approved
DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Bacteria and Micro-Organism Control
DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
DRINKING WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Sterilisers
LIMESCALE INHIBITORS Electrostatic and Galvanic Action .
LIMESCALE INHIBITORS Limescale Protection .
LIMESCALE INHIBITORS Limescale Removal Corrosion Protection Combined .
SHOWER CONTROLS Anti-Vandal Panel .
SHOWER CONTROLS Automatic Safety Shut Off .
SHOWER CONTROLS Lever Operated .
SHOWER CONTROLS NHS D08 Requirements .
SHOWER CONTROLS NHS D08 Requirements Mixing Thermostatic
SHOWER CONTROLS NHS D08 Requirements Thermostatic
SHOWER CONTROLS One-Hand Control Knob .
SHOWER CONTROLS Push Button Operated .
SHOWER CONTROLS Sequential Thermostatic .
SHOWER CONTROLS Sheltered Accommodation .
SHOWER CONTROLS TMV3 Scheme Certification .
SHOWER CONTROLS TMV3 Scheme Certification Water Saving
SHOWER CONTROLS Water Economy Water Saving
SHOWER HOSES Anti-Bacterial .
SHOWER HOSES Commercial .
SHOWER HOSES Drain Valves Automatic .
SHOWER HOSES Stainless Steel .
SHOWER MIXING VALVES Thermostatic Group Mixer Valves
SHOWER MIXING VALVES Thermostatic Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
SHOWER SPRAY HEADS Vandal Resistant Anti-Vandal
SWIMMING POOL Water Treatment .
TAP Aerators Water Saving
TAPS Basin: Aerated Flow
TAPS Basin: Ceramic Cartridge Mechanism
TAPS Basin: Electronic Battery Powered
TAPS Basin: Electronic Hands-Free Touch-Free
TAPS Basin: Electronic Infrared Handsfree Touchfree Sensing
TAPS Basin: Mixer Single Lever
TAPS Basin: Mixer Thermostatic
TAPS Basin: Mixer TMV3 Approved
TAPS Basin: Monobloc
TAPS Basin: Pop Up Waste PopUp
TAPS Basin: Reduced Water Flow
TAPS Basin: Single Lever Operated
TAPS Basin: Thermostatic
TAPS Basin: Thermostatic TMV3 Approved
TAPS Basin: Water Saving
TAPS Bath: Mixer Mixing Deck Thermostatic
TAPS Bath: Mixer Plus Shower
TAPS Bath: Mixer Plus Shower Thermostatic
TAPS Bath: Mixer Plus Shower Water Saving
TAPS Bath: Thermostatic Plus Shower Mixer
TAPS Bath: Water Saving
TAPS WRAS Approved .
URINAL Replacement Cartridges Waterless Systems
URINALS Water Saving .
URINALS Waterless Waterfree Systems
WATER FILTERS Filters Cyclonic Filtration .
WATER FILTERS Reverse Rinsing .
WATER SAVING Equipment .
WATER SOFTENERS Commercial Automatic .
WATER SOFTENERS Commercial Multiple .
WATER TREATMENT Cooling Towers .
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Chlorine Dioxide Bacterial Control
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Legionella. Pseudomonas, Harmful Organism Control
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Sewage Water
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Sterilization Systems WRAS Approved
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Bacteria and Micro-Organism Control
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Photo-Catalytic Oxidation
WATER TREATMENT Disinfection Ultraviolet UV Sterilisers
WATER TREATMENT Industrial Environments .
WATER TREATMENT Industrial Process .
WATER TREATMENT Limescale Inhibitors .
WATER TREATMENT Purifiers Commercial Building Services Applications
WATER TREATMENT Swimming Pools .
BRISTAN MINI Shower Valves
CHE Water Saving Taps
ENVIROTOWER Water Treatments
FALCON FLAX Waterless Urinals
FALCON LAVA Waterless Urinals
FALCON VELOCITY Waterless Urinal Cartridge
HIGH PERFORMANCE KEY VALVE Waterless Urinal Cartridge
ION SCALEBUSTER Water Conditioning Decalcification
ISOFLOW Shower Head Flow Rate Control Technology
NOVOLED Water Saving Shower Heads
NOVOLUX Water Saving Shower Heads
NOVOSIX Water Saving Shower Heads
PROFILENCE Water Saving Shower Heads
PROFINOX Water Saving Shower Heads
SCALEBUSTER Water Conditioning Decalcification
TITANIUM AOP Water Sterilization System
TRIPOINT Infrared Activated Taps
ULTRODIN Ultraviolet Disinfection Drinking Water
ULTRODIN SYNERGY Ultraviolet Disinfection Drinking Water

The Rodin Solution to Scale and Pipework Corrosion.

June 2015

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation manage over 4,000 properties with gas boilers, so scale and corrosion in water pipes could be major problems. But they are not. That’s because they have been fitting Scale-Busters on every gas boiler change and water heating system upgrade for the past 10 years. To date, not a single unit has failed.

In the mid 1990s, the tenants and leaseholders of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea decided to pursue their legal right to manage their own homes. Following two separate ballots in 1994 and 1995, the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) was established on 1st April 1996 and at that point it took over the responsibility for managing properties from the Royal Borough.

The Council still owns the properties and retains responsibility for strategic housing policies and homeless people. Whilst the KCTMO still enjoys a close working relationship with the Council, it is a completely separate company. In 2002 it took over the responsibility for major capital works from the Council to access extra resources and funding to enable them to bring the properties up to the Decent Homes Standard. Its location in a hard water area combined with a desire to protect heating systems and minimize maintenance costs led the KCTMO to search for an appropriate decalcification product to meet all these requirements.

Scale-Buster is a UK designed and manufactured product available from The Rodin Group. It’s a patented device which is unique in that it both removes and prevents the formation of scale in hard water areas while preventing corrosion and rust in soft water areas. It can be fitted in new build projects and also retro-fitted to existing installations to protect expensive equipment thereby extending it’s useful life.

Scale-Buster generates water turbulence within itself and ‘squeezes’ the water through the specially designed multi-channel structure so allowing a greater surface area of water treatment. It works by creating a number of separate effects which combine to produce a water conditioner that works satisfactorily over a wide range of conditions and water hardness. The hydrodynamic action produces a dielectric charge which combines with a large surface area of zinc anode which results in the premature precipitation of calcium carbonate into the water stream by breaking down a significant proportion of the bicarbonates.

The precipitation of some of the dissolved calcium within the water causes the water to become less saturated and this allows it to start dissolving old scale from heating surfaces and pipe-work. The Scale-Buster increases the size of particulates within the system which can then be removed from the system entirely through filtration.

Dissolving old scale and corrosion encrustation in water systems reduces pressure loss due to restricted water flow and saves energy in heating appliances and systems. A thickness of only 3mm of scale on heating surfaces can add 25% to energy costs.

Most corrosion is electrochemical in nature and so it follows that electrochemical techniques can be used to prevent the corrosion process. The galvanic effect of the special zinc anode within Scale-Buster offers cathodic protection to pipe-work both up and downstream from the unit. Once the corrosion is cleared the patented design of Scale-Buster prevents further attack in metal systems by forming a passive layer of magnetite ( Fe3O4) on the systems surface.

Scale-Busters use no power or chemicals and require no maintenance. The small amount of electricity needed (about one volt) is generated from the flow of water over PTFE, a dielectric material, within the body of the unit. To ensure effective performance the unit must be earthed when installed but, once done, Rodin claim this probably makes Scale-Buster the most environmentally sound method to combat hard water and corrosion scale.

Team Leader Dave Watts at KCTMO explained that his predecessor, Bill Carr, took a very detailed look at the products available before arriving at his specification for Scale-Buster and they have been very happy to continue with it. “I can’t recall any instances of problems caused by scale build up or corrosion on any systems where we’ve previously fitted a Scale-Buster” said Dave. “But we do get called out to other installations and whether we end up repairing the boiler or upgrading it, we always fit a Scale-Buster.”

Rodin MD Mark Dallaway said “The immediate benefits and flexibility of using Scale-Buster can be easily explained but Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation have had over 10 years of seeing the results of using them in a real world environment. They are really enjoying the long-term benefits of reduced maintenance costs and are confident in the product that can only come from prolonged, trouble free use. The strength of the Scale-Buster is its versatility, it covers a wider range of flow conditions, protects against both scale and corrosion and has no maintenance or running costs. It really is a fit and forget product.”

For further information call The Rodin Group on 01795 423400 or visit

Water Saving in Washrooms

June 2015

The average person in England and Wales uses 150 litres of water a day or about 500 litres per family. We use almost 50 per cent more water than 25 years ago, partly because of power showers and household appliances. By 2020 the daily demand for water could increase by an extra 800 million litres.

Future Water, the Government’s water strategy for England, outlines a vision for the average person to reduce the water they use by 20 litres per day to 130 litres.

Rodin has been promoting a range of water saving products for almost 20 years. These are aimed primarily at commercial washroom and shower facilities where significant volumes of water are used on a daily basis and so present excellent opportunities for water saving. Some products need little explanation to illustrate their advantages, such as Falcon waterless urinals which can save up to 150,000 litres of water per annum per urinal. When people also realise they are more hygienic, reduce odours and are cheaper to install and maintain, it’s harder to justify not using them.

Most people now recognise that showering is more water efficient than bathing but it needn’t stop there. Modern water saving shower systems can reduce usage still further. Rodin water saving shower heads can achieve water and energy savings of up to 50%. Typical power showers use 15 litres of water per minutes. Using Rodin shower heads can reduce this to as little as 8 litres while at the same time providing a high quality shower with an excellent shower pattern. This is achieved by regulating the water flow and then accelerating the restricted volume out of the shower head. This has the effect of increasing the surface area of the water while reducing the size of the individual water droplets which results in an invigorating and satisfying shower. The increased velocity has the added benefit of helping to prevent lime-scale building up on the shower head. The patented Isoflow® flow rate control technology keeps the water flow constant, independent of water pressure once the predetermined volume is reached.

Commercial installations are ideal as they typically have higher water pressures within their system. Water saving can only be achieved if there is at least 1 bar of water pressure at the shower head. All Rodin shower systems are supplied with TMV3 certified shower valves.

The same concepts can be applied to taps. Mixer taps are much more water efficient than separate hot and cold taps - they are the wash basin equivalent of a shower compared to a bath. The Rodin water saving mono basin mixer tap is supplied with both a water saving aerator and ceramic cartridge. Within a conventional flow regulator the water comes into contact with the O-ring which acts as an active regulation component. It is therefore subject to wear from the water passing through the regulator along with any debris that is being carried in the water. The Isoflow® design is different and unique in that it protects the O-ring within the device from the water and ensures water flow is precisely controlled and ensuring a long service life.

Rodin water saving products are not only good for the environment but they have fast payback times, often within a matter of months rather than years.

For more information call 01795 423400, visit or email

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