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For over 30 years WTE have been designing, manufacturing and supplying all types of sewage treatment plant and equipment both in the UK and globally. We provide an array of products and services which cover both sewerage and drainage in the domestic and commercial markets. These include NON-ELECTRIC wastewater systems, cesspools, septic tank conversion units and pumping stations for both domestic and commercial applications. Here at WTE we manufacture the only Adjustable sewage treatment system available in todays market.

 Why choose WTE Ltd ?

  • INDEPENDENT advice on all aspects of domestic and commercial sewerage and drainage.
  • 30 years in the wastewater industry.
  • All makes of package treatment plant and septic tanks designed, supplied and installed.
  • Drainage and tank reports arranged throughout the UK.
  • Installation, repairs and servicing can be arranged anywhere in the UK.
  • Unrivalled technical and practical support for your project.
  • We design and supply sewage plant systems up to any size, for any site.
  • Our treatment plants are Trademarked by WTE Ltd.


Our Products:

Sewage Treatment Plants

  • The VORTEX® Eco Electric sewage treatment plant. The Vortex has been tested and certified to EN 12566-3 and is the only adjustable sewage treatment plant in the UK. The Vortex sewage treatment plant range is 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 person sizes.
  • FALCON Biodigester Sewage Treatment Plant - Containerised AG Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plants - MOBILE. The Falcon has been tested and certifiedto EN 12566-3.
  • AQUAPOD Sewage Treatment Plant - This is a larger Sewage Treatment System with the range starting at 50 people. The Aquapod has been tested and certified to EN 12566-3.

  • FILTERPOD Sewage Treatment Plant - non-electric sewage treatment plant. The Filterpod has been tested and certified to EN 12566-3.

Septic Tanks:

  • CRYSTAL Septic Tanks - Two Chamber tank to cater for 4 - 40 persons with a choice of inlet and outlet configurations. 


Further technical information is available in the BPi download library or on the WTE website.




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APEX Biodigester Sewage Treatment Plant

December 2018

he APEX sewage treatment plant superceeds our very successful Falcon Range. As a result of constant R & D, the APEX sewage treatment system now incorporates a third, Tertiary Treatment Stage, making the final effluent even cleaner, before it is released into the environment.

Designed for use where the installation of a septic tank is either unacceptable or impractical and a connection to the main sewer impossible. These plants are particularly useful for situations where intermittent flow, very low flow and seasonal fluctuating flow rates cause serious problems for other sewage treatment systems. They are ideal for campsites, caravan parks, holiday parks, etc. as the APEX has a unique recycling system which balances the flow in these situations.

The Apex biodigester sewage treatment plant offers an extremely efficient and unobtrusive means of sewage disposal. The Apex Biodigester is the ONLY Four stage sewage treatment plant available in the UK. Manufactured entirely from robust and corrosion free materials, the Apex biodigesters incorporate unique and patented features to ensure simplicity and efficiency of operation whilst being able to consistently achieve the ever more stringent standards of discharge effluent quality being required by the Environment Agency. Available in a range of sizes to suit virtually any application from a single residential property, caravan parks, hotels and restaurants or a major industrial / commercial complex, the Apex meets the specific requirements of each individual situation.

The Apex Biodigester has the EN 12566-3 2005.

for more information contact us on 01759 369915 or visit our website at www.wte-ltd.co.uk

The VORTEX® the only ADJUSTABLE sewage treatment system in the UK.

March 2018

It can be set to work with varying populations simply by turning it either up or down on a hand-turn valve and has much LOWER OPERATING COSTS than all Non-Electric Plants

Approved by the Environment Agency and on the British Water Certified List.

Unique Features of the VORTEX® Sewage Treatment System:

- Extremely clean effluent - up to 98.9% pollutant reduction. Also OK for Northern Ireland with 98.2% BOD reduction.
- Fully adjustable to suit the number of people using it.
- The lowest electricity consumption of any electric plant - from only £25/year.
- Much lower maintenance costs than Non-Electric Treatment systems.
- Odourless - complete aerobic digestion throughout the sewage treatment plant.
- One piece tank construction - not sectional - no leaking seals.
- Very small size enables economic installation in tight spaces.
- The VORTEX has a unique debris screen - The Vibro-Screen™ keeps tampons, wipes, etc. out of the plant but lets organic solids through.
- The VORTEX recycles its own waste products resulting in less sludge to remove.
- No Primary Settlement Tank - No Primary Tank Odour.
- No need to buy a separate sampling chamber - there is a unique sampling point within the tank. This saves you another £300.
- Simple and cheap maintenance - one piece construction ensures no structural weakness..
- Top Quality linear motor compressor - these compressors are much more expensive than cheaper diaphragm compressors used by other manufacturers, but they are almost silent, use very little electricity and CAN be repaired.
- Cheap, easy installation. No Concrete needed for dry sites
- 10 year tank warranty- no metalwork to corrode inside or outside the tank.
- Can accept sewage pumped into it if required.
- Versatile inlet depths - Vortex sewage treatment plants can be supplied for 160mm, 650mm or 900mm inlet invert levels.
- Can be manufactured with the inlet and outlet on the same side at no extra cost for difficult sites.
- EN 12566-3 2005 Test Report available on request.
- Unbeatable ammonia reduction - incredibly down to 0.4mg/L. Very important for sensitive watercourses.
- Accepted by the Environment Agency for discharge to watercourses and ditches, without the need for a permit, if the installation complies with the General and Binding Environment Agency Rules.
- The Vortex sewage treatment plant range is 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30 person sizes.

Vortex plants are exported worldwide, from Iceland to Mongolia.
How the VORTEX® Wastewater Treatment Plant Works
Most sewage treatment plants struggle to work when they are under-loaded. A good rule of thumb is that if a plant is working below 50% of its design capacity, there is not enough 'food' from the toilet solids to either grow, or maintain, a working bacterial population. The Vortex has solved this problem by having a simple hand-turned valve that can turn the amount of air required either up, or down, depending on the number of people using it. Such a SIMPLE solution to a complex problem.

The Vortex™ has advanced activated sludge features not found in any other sewage treatment plant in the UK.

for more information or to enquire about any of our products please contact us on tel: 01759 369915 or email us at sales@wte-ltd.co.uk

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