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Kentec Electronics - A global manufacturer and supplier of fire alarm control panels 

Kentec offers the most comprehensive range of Conventional, Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Extinguishant Control Panels available. Our Custom Build Service is also highly regarded in the industry and utilises our expertise in Control Panel technology to design and build high quality products to exacting customers specifications. Marine products are now an important part of our product portfolio.

Kentec’s products are tested and approved to international standards such as EN54, EN12094, UL and FM. Kentec achieved ‘Investors in people’ accreditation in 2004. Our management systems are ISO 9001:2008 approved and our policy for environmental awareness was officially recognized in 2007 when we gained our ISO 14001 certification from BSI. In 2008 Kentec was proud to be awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment by Her Majesty The Queen.

Main Product Ranges:

Wireless Fire Panels:

  • Kentec Ekho range: A range of wireless fire detectors

Analogue Fire Protection:

  • VR Nimbus: An advanced remote access management tool for fire detection
  • Taktis®: Provides direct integration into intelligent buildings
  • Taktis® Vision: full display and optional control of the Taktis® Fire Alarm control panel from a local control station
  • Syncro AS: Single or Two Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Control Panels
  • Syncro View: Local LCD Repeaters
  • Ockular®: A comprehensive graphical fire management system
  • Vizulinx: An alarm management solution which enables you to monitor your fire systems remotely
  • Addressable Matrix: Uses flexible, fibre optic light guides to illuminate areas on a floor plan
  • Addressable Ident: Display for up to 24 indications from a Syncro AS or Taktis fire control panel
  • Loop Explorer 2 (LE2): Configuration software easy to use for the most complex configurations
  • Addressable sounder controller units: Enable additional, distributed power and control for sounder circuits
  • IO Board Enclosures: A range of enclosures designed to house I/O modules with or with a power supply.

Conventional Fire Detecting:

  • Sigma CP: Conventional Fire Control Panels
  • Sigma CP-A: AlarmSense Compatible 2 Wire Conventional Fire Control Panels
  • Sigm CP-R: Conventional Fire Control Panel Repeaters

Emergency Voice Communications Systems:

  • Safe-Point EVC provides the communication from the safe refuge area to the emergency services.

Extinguishant Control Panels:

  • Sigma XT: Extinguishant Control Panel
  • Sigma XT+: Multi Area Extinguishant Control Panel
  • Sigma XT+ ECU: Extinguishant Coincidence Unit
  • Sigma Si: Extinguishant Status Indicators
  • Syncro Si: Analogue Addressable Extinguishant Status Units

Intelligent Network Solutions (iNS):

  • iNS RS485 Network Module
  • Remote Interface Modules
  • Transient Suppression Module
  • iNS Fibre Optic Network Module

Power Suppliers and Battery Chargers:

  • PSU: Power Supplies & Battery Chargers
  • 25.5 & 5.25 Amp PSU: EN54-4 Approved Switched Mode Power Supply/ Charger
  • 10.25 Amp PSU: EN54-4 Compliant 10.25 Amp Power Supply

 UL / FM Approved Panels:

  • Analogue Addressable Control Panels
  • Conventional Control Panels
  • Extinguishant Control Panels
  • Power Suppliers

Miscellaneous Products:

Kentec Electronics Limited also provide a wide range of ancillary products including Document Boxes, Vision Windows, Warning Signs, Remote Indicator Units and Water Detection.

Custom Engineered Solutions:

Kentec Electronics Limited specialise in producing custom built fire alarm control equipment within a rigorous, ISO9001:2000 quality controlled environment. Since the company was formed in 1985, there has been a department specifically devoted to advising customers on special fire alarm equipment needs and producing designs, approval drawings and final documentation accordingly.

Marine Systems:

Kentec Electronics Limited also have a Marine Specialist Department which can advise on all Marine Fire Detection issues. Please contact us for further information.

Further Technical information is available to download from the BPI Download Libraries.

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FIRE ALARM Control Panels EN 54:4 1998 Kitemarked
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FIRE ALARM Control Panels Extinguishant Control Equipment BS EN 12094-1 Kitemarked
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SAFEPOINT Emergency Voice Communication Systems
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SIGMA SI Extinguishant Status and Ancillary Units
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SIGMA XT PLUS Fire Extinguishing Systems
SIGMA XT+ Fire Extinguishing Systems
SIGMA ZXT Fire Extinguishant Control Panels
SYNCRO Analogue Addressable Fire System
SYNCRO AS Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
SYNCRO ASM Analogue Addressable Fire System
SYNCRO SI Extinguishant Status and Ancillary Units
SYNCRO VIEW Fire Alarm Repeaters
SYNCRO XT Multi Area Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
SYNCRO XT PLUS Multi Area Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
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TAKTIS FIRE Fire Alarm Control Panels
TAKTIS UL Fire Analogue Addressable Control Equipment
TAKTIS VIRTUAL RESOURCE Fire Alarm Management Systems
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VIZULINX Fire Alarm Remote Management
VR NIMBUS Fire Alarm Remote Management

Kentec Wins Active Fire Project of the Year at Security & Fire Excellence Awards

December 2023

Kentec has once again proven its industry-leading expertise in fire safety by clinching the prestigious Active Fire Project of the Year award at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2023. This marks an extraordinary achievement as it is the third consecutive year Kentec has received an accolade at this esteemed event, underscoring our consistent dedication to excellence in fire safety solutions.

The award-winning project, a collaborative effort with Early Birds Fire Protection, focused on Solihull Community Housing. This initiative showcased our commitment to innovative fire protection strategies, integrating advanced technologies and custom solutions to enhance safety and security for the community. The success of this project is a testament to the effective collaboration and shared vision of both Kentec Electronics and Early Birds Fire Protection in setting new standards for fire safety in residential spaces.

This triumph at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards not only celebrates our ongoing commitment to pioneering fire safety solutions but also reinforces our position as a leader in the industry. It’s a proud moment for everyone at Kentec and a powerful motivation to continue pushing the boundaries of fire safety technology.

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Kentec Electronics largest wireless installation @Solihull Community Housing

July 2023

Largest wireless installation of its kind protects high-rise accommodation of Solihull Community Housing from the dangers of fire

Kentec Electronics, a leading manufacturer of life-critical control systems, has announced the largest wireless installation to date across 37 high-rise towers owned and operated by Solihull Community Housing, providing residents with reliable, early warning fire detection and alarms.

Since the incident in Grenfell Towers, the local authority in Solihull has made fire prevention and safety a priority to better protect its residents in similar accommodation blocks.

Working closely with the West Midlands Fire Service, the installer, Early Birds Fire Protection, specified Kentec’s K-Mesh system both for its reliability and practicality. Some 2,000 apartments needed protecting across a five-mile radius. As a wireless system, it was quick and easy to install, with minimum disruption to local residents and cost to the housing association.

The system comprises some 4,000 sensors linked to a combination of Kentec’s award winning Taktis panels and Syncro AS analogue control panels, which are in turn linked to an alarm monitoring station. Such is the sophistication of the technology, that in the event of an alarm being raised, fire services and incident commanders are given an immediate view of exactly where smoke has been detected, and/or how far a fire may have progressed.

Given that each of the tower blocks has a single stairwell and point of exit, early warning of a fire is essential to ensure the safe evacuation of residents and help the emergency services to get to any incident faster.

Specifying a new fire safety solution was made more challenging by the mix of residents in particular buildings. Seven of the towers are designed specifically to accommodate residents aged 50 and above. An extensive consultation involving residents, staff, contractors and the local authority was undertaken to listen to their needs, and especially to understand the importance of early warning for residents living with a disability or dementia.

Derrick Hall, Director of Sales at Kentec Electronics, says the wireless capabilities of K-Mesh, and the interconnected system that it hosts, offer a number of advantages: “The advanced nature of K-Mesh means that the system is fully expandable, and futureproof, able to protect residents in large residential blocks now, and in the future,” he explains.

“Nothing on this size and scale has ever been installed before and its open protocol and ability to integrate with a full range of technologies – including the sprinkler systems – takes the concept of fire detection and safety to another level.”

Craig Puddefoot, Managing Director of Kentec’s installation partner Early Birds Fire Protection, says the project is on budget and due to be completed in good time: “A large project is going to plan with great success and minimal disruption to residents and staff. The wireless nature of the system makes it very easy to install, without the hassle of running live cables, reducing cost and adding complexity in the same process; all without damaging the fabric of the buildings.”

Steve Murray, Senior Project Manager for Solihull Community Housing, says the project has helped the team understand the trends and lifestyles of residents better, and the importance of early warning alarms within emergencies: “The insight gained by consulting with both residents and staff has been truly invaluable, with a tailored safety solution being the end result,” he explains.

“We are now able to provide opportunities to spot emergencies sooner, provide life-saving information to fire and emergency staff and keep our community safe.”

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