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Leca® Expanded Clay Lightweight Aggregates.

Leca® LWA is a ceramic lightweight aggregate produced by expanding selected clays in a rotary kiln fired to a temperature of approximately 1150°C. This process expands the material 4 to 5 times its original volume creating ceramic pellets with a cellular inner structure.

Leca® LWA is used widely in many applications such as Geotechnical Fill, Masonry Blocks, Horticultural Blends, Filtration and Bio-filtration in the UK and across Europe.

Geotechnical Solutions:

10-20mmR Leca® LWA when installed is approximately a fifth of the weight of traditional fill materials, it is free draining, with a 40% void ratio, an average 37° angle of friction, and a design strength of 100kN/m2, this grade is widely used for a variety of geotechnical applications.

Insulation Fill:

Leca® Insufill is an energy-saving lightweight insulation fill for use on most floors prior to the laying of a concrete slab.

Block & Concrete Production:

4-10mmRC Leca® LWA is a lightweight alternative to traditional aggregates allowing block producers to manufacture high quality standard concrete blocks within the maximum 20kg lifting requirements.

2-4mmRC Leca® LWA is a finer lightweight grade allowing the block producer to manufacture high quality light weight paint grade concrete block.

0-5mmRC Leca® LWA is a fine lightweight grade used in the production of lightweight fencing posts, panels and other concrete products.

Further Technical Information is available from the Leca Website or via the BPi download Library.

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Canoeing Centre | Hertfordshire Use Leca Aggregates

July 2017

A new canoeing Centre was constructed on a 10 hectare site covering an area equivalent to 25 full-size football pitches; designed by leading architects and landscape designers it will be a lasting legacy as a major leisure attraction for the East of England region for many years to come.

This centre is a world-class venue intended to host major and international canoe slalom events and was opened in Spring 2011. The centre offers a programme of whitewater rafting and canoeing for sports clubs, schools and athletes with a 300m long Olympic-standard competition course and a 160m intermediate course as a training ground for the next generation of elite canoeists.

Substantial earth moving was required and this river basin area did not provide the most stable substrate. Where high embankments and walling were constructed, foundation and earthwork areas were reinforced with Tensar geotextile systems. This is where the technical qualities of Leca® LWA played a major part in this construction project. To minimise the weight loading on walling and abutments, some 484m³ of 10-20mm Leca® LWA was specified as the back-fill material.

Leca® LWA is a lightweight expanded clay aggregate formed by heating and firing natural glacial clay in a rotary kiln at up to 1150°C. This process transforms the clay into lightweight ceramic granules that have a hard surface and porous core. The material is extremely light with a bulk density of a fraction of traditional fill material.

Peter Goodwin, project engineer of Morrison Construction who built this magnificent facility, reported on the ease of handling the Leca® LWA. “The Leca® LWA was delivered in 35m3 loads each day which suited our capacity and overcame the need to store the material on site, and we placed it with a mechanical shovel. It is very easy and quick to compact, and very stable which is paramount in these ground conditions. Great to handle and a very useful material for giving strength to walling without excess weight- just the right combination for this man-made river project.”

The Sage - Gateshead using Lightweight Leca®

September 2016

Leca® LWA provided a cost-effective solution for raising the level of a site earmarked for parking and outdoor activities at The Sage, a new £70 million music & entertainment venue.

The Jennings Yard site posed a challenge for Gateshead Council as its previous use as railway sidings and more recently as a scrap yard, had contaminated the ground. To avoid the considerable cost of removing the contaminated fill, it was decided to raise the level of the site by increasing the height of the gravity retaining wall and an access ramp.

Original drawings of the existing structures were not available; consequently the council’s engineers devised a plan to ensure that there would be no overall increase in horizontal thrust.

Sub-contractors Lumsden & Carroll Construction of Durham, raised the levels using some 490m3 of lightweight Leca® LWA 10-20mm, which was delivered in 60m³ loads, tipped into place and compacted in 600mm layers using a vibrating plate compactor.

Due to the light weight of Leca® LWA, the horizontal earth pressure to a retaining wall is reduced by 75% when compared with conventional fills. The Leca® LWA granules are made from marne clay expanded at high temperatures and are not susceptible to contamination by oil, diesel or other similar substances. Commented a spokes person for the project team: “Leca® LWA lightweight fill was chosen because of the simplicity of the assessment, specification and construction to ensure that the tight programme for the completion of the works coincides with the opening of The Sage Gateshead.”

Designed by Foster and Partners, The Sage Gateshead is a landmark building on Tyneside’s rejuvenated waterfront.

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