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SHY® is probably the country’s leading commercial roller blind specialist with all products designed, manufactured and tested in its own facilities in the UK.

The company produce roller blinds principally for the commercial and public sector for use with any glazing from vertical windows and curtain walling through to horizontal, sloping and roof glazing. Established in 1998 SHY® has an extensive range of shading solutions to help control glare, reject unwanted heat, preserve wanted heat and provide the ultimate in light control.

Products -

SHY® ZIP® Roller Blinds

This extensive range of roller blinds utilises a clever ZIP® side channel which still allows the fabric to run freely but prevents it from being pulled out of the channels so maintaining excellent light exclusion with dim-out blinds. This clever technology is also useful for guiding blinds which are both narrow and long.

SHY® ZIP® blinds can be installed on vertical windows, sloping windows, tilting windows, rooflights and atria, shaped glazing and even curved areas such as glazed domes, cupolas or barrel vaulted roofs. ZIP® blinds can even pull sideways or upwards (lifting).

SUNFACTA® Roller Blinds

SHY® SUNFACTA® roller blinds are ideal for shading large or small areas. Designed specifically for the demanding contract market a neat headbox fully encloses the roller barrel and operating mechanism.

SHY® SUNFACTA® blinds are made to measure in sizes up to 50m2.Five aluminium headbox sizes and 9 aluminium roller barrels ensure that the ideal hardware choice can be made to support the overall size of the blind and weight of the fabric chosen.

OBSCURA® Roller Blinds

SHY® OBSCURA® roller blinds have the look of standard roller blinds but that is where the similarity ends. Clever features like counter-balancing springs to make it as easy to raise the blind manually as lower it, fixings and brackets for virtually any situation and a maximum overall coverage of 70m2 make this roller blind system anything but standard.

SHY® have designed nine roller barrels from 33mm though to 160mm in diameter to ensure that each blind operates efficiently and effectively no matter what size or which fabric is chosen.


All systems can be manually operated or motorised. With motorised options linking to any building management (BMS) or other automated controls is possible. Standalone hardwired or radio controlled operation are also available.


SHY®’s fabric ranges are proven to work in demanding environments and are flame retardant to British standards. Special coated fabrics including metalised treatments ensure superior heat rejection in the summer months.

Further technical informtion, image galleries and product specifications are available through the SHY website or via the BPi Download Library.

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ZIP SCREEN Roller Blinds

SHY ZIP® Screen blind fitted externally with an open weave fabric.

October 2018

External shading is typically far more effective at keeping a building cooler as it blocks unwanted heat before it hits the glazing. Such shading solutions are not typical in the UK but are efficient and can be elegant too as this project proves.

On the outskirts of Manchester (UK), this property has the benefit of a full height, angled glazed extension to add space, light and provide a panoramic view.

However, with so much glass, there was a need to control glare and thermal gain.

Given the challenge, our solution was a SHY ZIP® Screen blind fitted externally with an open weave fabric.

Electrically operated with automatic wind sensor protection, this installation shows SHY ZIP® Screen is just as happy outside as in.

SHY ZIP distributer Stanson install blinds at Holy Cross School

October 2018

Holy Cross School
Light floods a multi functional school hall through its wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Shading was needed to give maximum flexibility in the lighting - including full "blackout" for performances and presentations.

Historic Holy Cross Preparatory School dates from 1870. However, its new school hall needed a modern shading solution for its 6.4 metre floor-to-ceiling windows to enable maximum flexibility of use.

Boasting a wall of 6.4 metre floor-to-ceiling windows, the new school hall at Holy Cross Preparatory School needed a shading solution to control both the lighting and to maintain the hall's ambient temperature.

The light and airy hall is used for a wide-range of uses, from assemblies and concerts to performances and presentations.

The school therefore wanted the ability to control the level of shading to suit the activities taking place in the hall. It needed to include a "blackout" solution to enable presentations and films to be seen clearly seen.

SHY distributor, Stansons, specified and installed motorised SHY ZIP® blinds as these are ideal for very tall windows. The ZIP® system holds the blackout fabric securely in the side channels to reduce light ingress and to stop fabric splitting out of the rails, even when subjected to reasonable force.

To complement the hall's contemporary design, all of the roller blinds' hardware, including their head boxes, hem bar and side rails, were custom-painted to match the window mullions.

Manual controls for all blinds were installed as well as an intelligent remote control which interfaces with the building's window system. This enables the blinds to rise and fall automatically to maintain an ambient temperature in the hall.

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