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Suppliers of: Cast Iron wood burning stoves, cast iron stoves, wood burning stoves, Westfire Stoves, Hergom Stoves, Jide Stoves, Mendip Stoves, Belthane Stoves

Eurostove Ltd are exclusive importers and distributors of Quality stoves into the UK including leading brands such as Mendip, Westfire, Hergom, Jide, F2 Stoves, Beltane and Fogo-Montanha. Our range of ilektro Electric Fires and Fireplaces provide modern design to any project. 3D CAD Files are available on request.

Our brands offer high quality efficient Woodburning stoves, Inset woodburners, wood cookers and Multi fuel stoves. Eurostove Ltd are exclusive UK importers and distributors of:

Ilektro Electric Fires and Fireplaces:

With single-sided, double-sided, and triple-sided glass layout options included in every professionally packed Ilektro fireplace kit, this range offers you the flexibility to express your style and create the perfect focal point for your room.The display can be used with or without distributing heat, allowing you to create firelight ambience even on a warm summer’s evening.

Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces

Woodburners and Multifuel stoves which can burn coal, peat and wood. We import a distinctive blend of contemporary wood stoves, traditional woodburners and efficient inset wood burning stoves. All offer quality design at cost effective prices.

Contemporary Stoves

Our Contemporary stove ranges are all high efficiency stoves designed for modern living, all are beautifully manufactured and have there own an individual style.

Traditional Woodburning Stoves

We stock a wide range of traditional appearance stoves which can be supplied in both cast iron or steel with modern efficiencies.

Inset Wood burning Stoves

We supply a comprehensive range of inset stoves. Many can be fan assisted with a large glass viewing area.

Fireplaces and Fire Surrounds:

We are passionate about our expertly crafted fireplaces and offer a quality range of traditional and contemporary fireplaces in a range of finishes for solid fuel and gas fires.

Flues and Flue Kits:

We offer matching single wall flue for our Westfire and Mendip Stoves in a range of lengths and diameters.


Eurostove supply a wide range of accessories to complement your stove or Fire.

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BACK BOILERS Solid Fuel Stove Combined
BOILERS DOMESTIC Biofuel Biomass Fired
BOILERS DOMESTIC Solid Fuel Coal Fired
BOILERS DOMESTIC Solid Fuel Wood Fired
CHIMNEY Blocks Lightweight .
CHIMNEY Blocks Lightweight Double Wall
CHIMNEY Components Prefabricated
CHIMNEY Flue Blocks .
CHIMNEY Liners .
CHIMNEY Liners Pumice
CHIMNEY SYSTEMS Lightweight Block Double Wall .
CHIMNEY SYSTEMS Modular Blocks .
CHIMNEY SYSTEMS Pumice BS EN 1858 CE Marked .
CHIMNEY SYSTEMS Woodburning / Solid Fuel Stoves .
COOKERS Range Boiler Combined
COOKERS Range Cast Iron
COOKERS Range Coal Fired
COOKERS Range Solid Fuel
COOKERS Range Woodburning
COOKERS Solid Fuel .
COOKERS Woodburning .
COOKERS Woodburning Built-In Oven and Hob
FIREPLACE Inserts Purpose Made Sizes / Made-to-Measure
FIREPLACE Inserts Woodburning
FIREPLACES Inset Units .
FIRES Electric .
FIRES Solid Fuel .
FIRES Solid Fuel Back Boiler Combined
FIRES Solid Fuel Fireplace Inserts Glass Fronted
FLUE Block Systems .
FLUE Blocks Solid Fuel
FLUE Pipes and Fittings Solid Fuel
FLUE Systems .
FLUE Systems Solid Fuel
FLUES Gas Fire Block System
FLUES Multifuel .
OVENS Built-In Woodburning
OVENS Built-In Woodburning EN 12815
STOVES Central Heating .
STOVES Cooking .
STOVES Heating .
STOVES Heating Back Boiler Combined
STOVES Heating BImSchV Compliant (Germany)
STOVES Heating Built-In
STOVES Heating Cast Iron
STOVES Heating Coal Fired
STOVES Heating Contemporary Design
STOVES Heating Convector
STOVES Heating Corner
STOVES Heating Fan Assisted
STOVES Heating Gas Fired
STOVES Heating Glass Floor Plates
STOVES Heating Housings
STOVES Heating Housings Purpose Made
STOVES Heating Inset
STOVES Heating Multifuel
STOVES Heating Multifuel Convector
STOVES Heating Multifuel Cooktop Incorporated
STOVES Heating Multifuel Ecodesign 2022 Ready
STOVES Heating Multifuel EN 13229 CE Marked
STOVES Heating Multifuel Smokeless DEFRA Approved
STOVES Heating Multifuel Thermostatic Controlled
STOVES Heating Oil Fired
STOVES Heating Outside Air Intake
STOVES Heating Peat Fired
STOVES Heating Period Reproduction
STOVES Heating Purpose Made Sizes
STOVES Heating Remote Control
STOVES Heating Self-Cleaning
STOVES Heating Smokeless Fuel
STOVES Heating Solid Fuel
STOVES Heating Solid Fuel Continuous Burning
STOVES Heating Wall Mounted
STOVES Heating Water Heat Exchanger Combined
STOVES Heating Woodburning
STOVES Heating Woodburning Back Boiler Combined
STOVES Heating Woodburning Built-In
STOVES Heating Woodburning Catalytic Combustion
STOVES Heating Woodburning Contemporary Wall Insert
STOVES Heating Woodburning Corner Unit Insert
STOVES Heating Woodburning Curved Wall Mounted
STOVES Heating Woodburning DEFRA Exempt Appliances
STOVES Heating Woodburning Double Fronted
STOVES Heating Woodburning Double Sided
STOVES Heating Woodburning Ecodesign 2022 Ready
STOVES Heating Woodburning EN 13240 CE Marked
STOVES Heating Woodburning Fireplace Insert
STOVES Heating Woodburning Heat Store System Combined
STOVES Heating Woodburning Inset
STOVES Heating Woodburning Inset EN 13229 CE Marked
STOVES Heating Woodburning Log Store Combined
STOVES Heating Woodburning Modular System
STOVES Heating Woodburning Remote Control Air Flow
STOVES Heating Woodburning Sliding Door
STOVES Heating Woodburning Smokeless
STOVES Heating Woodburning Smokeless DEFRA Approved
STOVES Heating Woodburning Turntable Mounted
STOVES Heating Woodburning Wall Mounted
STOVES Heating Woodburning Warming Shelf Combined
STOVES Heating Woodburning Water Heat Exchanger Combined
WOODBURNING STOVES .See Also STOVES: Heating: Woodburning .
ALLERTON Fireside Set
ALTO Wood Burning Stoves
AMOS Wood Burning Stoves
AQUA AIR FLOW Multi-Fuel Stove with Water Heat Exchanger
AQUAMODUL PANORAMA Wood Burning Insert Stoves
AQUAMODUL PLAN Wood Burning Insert Stoves
AQUAMODUL PRISMA Wood Burning Insert Stoves
AQUATHERM ECO Wood Burning Stoves
ARANDA Woodburning Ovens
ARCE Woodburning Ovens
ARKONA Woodburning Stoves
ARKTIS Wood Burning Stoves
ASHCOTT Woodburning Stoves
ASTRA AQUA Woodburning Stoves
ATRIUM Wood Burning Stoves
AXBRIDGE Fireside Set
BADGWORTH Fireside Set
BASIC Wood Burning Stoves
BELLEVUE Wood Burning Stoves
BELT AQUA PANORAMA Wood Burning Stoves
BELT AQUA PLAN Wood Burning Stoves
BELTANE Woodburning Stoves
BENNINGTON Woodburning Stoves
BRADFIELD Fireplaces
BRUE Woodburning Stoves
BURCOTT Woodburning Inset Stoves
BURRINGTON Woodburning Boiler Stoves
CAVEX Woodburning Stoves
CHEW Woodburning Stoves
CHEWTON Fireside Set
CHRISTON Freestanding Woodburning Stoves
CHRISTON INSET Woodburning Inset Stoves
CHURCHILL Solid Fuel Stoves
CLIO Woodburning Stoves
COSI Woodburning Stoves
CRAFTSBURY Woodburning Stoves
CRANMORE Fireplaces
CRETA Woodburning Stoves
DALLAS Oil Fired Stoves
DANBURN FANO Woodburning Stoves
DANBURN LAESO Woodburning Stoves
DANBURN MANDO Woodburning Stoves
DANBURN ROMO Woodburning Stoves
DANBURN SAMSO Woodburning Stoves
DERO Woodburning Stoves
DINDER Fireside Set
DULCOTE Fireside Set
E-20 N Woodburning Stoves
E-30 XS Multi-Fuel Stoves
EASTON Fireside Set
ECK Woodburning Stoves
ECO Wood Burning Stoves
FENIX Solid Fuel Stoves
FOGO MONTANHA Solid Fuel Stoves
GALA PANORAMA Solid Fuel Stoves
GALA PRISMA Solid Fuel Stoves
GLANCE Woodburning Stoves
GODNEY Fireside Set
HARMONY Multifuel Stoves
HEARTHSTONE Woodburning Stoves
HEATLIFE Woodburning Stove Linings
HERA Woodburning Stoves
HERA MASSIV Woodburning Stoves
HERGOM RANGE Woodburning Stoves
HERITAGE Woodburning Stoves
HOLFORD Woodburning Inset Stoves
ILEKTRO Electric Fires
JIDE Woodburning Stoves
JIDE AQUA AIR FLOW Multi-Fuel Stove with Water Heat Exchanger
JIDE CORNER Woodburning Insert Stoves
JIDE COSI Woodburning Insert Stoves
JIDE DECOR Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE DECOR PLUS Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE DECOR PLUS Freestanding Woodburning Stoves
JIDE LODGE Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE MODUL-ART Woodburning Stoves
JIDE NORDIC Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE NORDIC PLUS Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE NORDIC PLUS Freestanding Woodburning Stoves
JIDE PURE Fireplace Insert Woodburning Stove
JIDE PURE Freestanding Woodburning Stoves
KIRUNA Multi-Fuel Stoves
LAREDO Woodburning Stoves
LOXTON Solid Fuel Stoves
LYMPSHAM Fireside Set
MALLORCA Woodburning Stoves
MANCHESTER Woodburning Stoves
MAXI Fireplace Inserts
MAXIVISION Fireplace Inserts
MENDIP Solid Fuel Stoves
MIDFORD Double Door Woodburning Stoves
MODUS Wood Burning Stoves
NATURE Woodburning Stoves
NESTOR MARTIN Woodburning Stoves
NUNNEY Fireside Set
ONE Wood Burning Stoves
OVERTON Fireplaces
OXMOOR Fireside Set
PAN Woodburning Stoves
PILTON Fireside Set
PISA Woodburning Stoves
POLAR Multi-Fuel Stoves
POLAR AQUA Multi-Fuel Stove with Water Heat Exchanger
PORI Solid Fuel Stoves
PREMIUM LINE Modular Woodburning Stoves
PRISMA Woodburning Stoves
PURIS Solid Fuel Stoves
REGENT Fireplaces
SANTORINI Woodburning Stoves
SCOPE Multi-Fuel Stoves
SERE Woodburning Stoves
SERE Woodburning Stoves
SHELBURNE Woodburning Stoves
SHEPPEY Woodburning Stoves
SIGNUM Wood Burning Stoves
SOMERTON Woodburning Stoves
SOMERTON II Woodburning Stoves
SORDO Wood Burning Stoves
SQABOX Woodburning Stoves
STANFORD Multifuel Stoves
STILKAMIN Woodburning Stoves
THALIA Woodburning Stoves
THORNEY Fireside Set
ULTRA Fireplace Inserts
VISION Wood Burning Stoves
WALL SPACE Wood Burning Stoves
WARMPLUS Stove Heat Storage System
WESTFIRE Wood Burning Stove
WESTFIRE UNIQ Wood Burning Stoves
WESTFIRE.ONE Woodburning Stoves
WESTFIRE.TWO Woodburning Stoves
WESTHAY Fireside Set
WOODBOX Catalytic Woodburning Stoves
WOODLAND Woodburning Stoves

Eurostove’s sleek new Westfire stoves are Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA approved

September 2021

With characteristic clean lines, Danish design and engineering brings understated elegance to any interior. For homeowners looking for the perfect wood-burning stove to add a cosy glow to living spaces this winter, the new Westfire collection from Eurostove combines high quality craftsmanship with attention to detail in every way. The new Westfire 44, 45 and 46 offer a range of options with standard, log store and log store with door models to suit all needs.

The Westfire wood-burner from Eurostove is a compact stove with a curved door that complements classic and contemporary decors and is ideal for a modern, minimal look. The stoves are future-proof thanks to being Ecodesign Ready and DEFRA approved, so they are perfectly in line with the new regulations that come into effect in 2022. They can also be used in smoke controlled areas, making the Westfire suitable for city living as well as rural retreats.

The European-wide initiative to lower emissions comes into effect for stoves in the UK in 2022. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves and Ecodesign Ready models can reduce particle emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to an old stove. Buying an Ecodesign Ready stove now ensures that the home’s heating source is fully compliant and up to date both now and in the future.

The new Westfire stoves harness heat with a natural process, using thermal energy and well managed wood. This creates an ultra-efficient and insulated burn while its compact size suits smaller rooms as well as larger spaces. The closed combustion stoves have a large, curved, glass viewing window, stylish black painted finish, sophisticated airwash system, cool-touch exterior and A+ energy efficiency rating.

The air wash system keeps the glass clean for a clear view of the flames inside while the freestanding design allows homeowners to install the Westfire 44, 45 or 46 either within a fireplace or on its own within the room – perfect for open-plan living. This collection of steel convector double bodied stoves is also easy to install with a triple wall flue for direct air, offering a flexible and versatile heating solution for any home.

“The new Westfire wood-burners are future-proof thanks to being Ecodesign Ready as well as DEFRA approved,” says Chris Baines, managing director of Eurostove. “With a choice of models – standard, log store and log store with door – there is something to suit every need as well as every style of interior. We are so proud to be launching this new collection in time for winter 2021, a time when we can hopefully reunite with family and friends, sitting around the warm glow of an efficient wood-burner watching the flames flicker away.”

The Westfire 44 is priced from £1,108; the Westfire 45 log store model, from £1,142 and the Westfire 46 log store with door, from £1,248

Eurostove - Brand Highlight – F2 Fires

September 2021

F2 Fires only joined the Eurostove family last year but has already cemented its place as one of our key product groups. F2 Fires have so much to offer from their range of low output, quality cast iron products, that are all Ecodesign compliant


Having had a facelift to bring it inline with the rest of the range in 2020 the Accona now features a slider primary air control on the front of the door. This feature means that it is not only easy to light the Accona but you can control the fires intensity simply throughout the burn cycle by the slider and secondary air control.

F2 Fires Accona

A classic stove from F2 Fires, the Vue Portrait has everything you need from a woodburning stove. High quality cast iron construction, simple to use controls and an aesthetic that could suit modern or traditional living rooms.

F2 Fires Vue Portrait

The best selling stove in the F2 range is the Vue Landscape, and it’s easy to see why, with its huge glass window, carefully bevelled cast iron door and impressive efficiency figures the Vue Landscape is perfect for any home. We’re so impressed with this stove having had it on live burn in our showroom last winter, we can say with confidence how easy this stove is to use and control.

F2 Fires Vue Landscape

Luckily for us F2 have now released the logstore model as well. This has the added bonus of lifting the chamber higher into the room, and being able to keep the logs below your stove without the need for an additional basket.

F2 Fires Vue Landscape Logstore

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