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Suppliers of: pre-formed pipe boxing, pipe casings and pipe boxing, column casing and wall protection systems pre-formed column casings, boiler pipework casings, wall protection and corner protection systems

Encasement Ltd - the home of preformed pipe boxing, pipe casings, pipe protection, column casings and retail display systems.

Our extensive range of pre-formed plywood pipe boxing and boiler pipe work casings are installed in countless public and private sector projects from Decent Homes standard social housing refurbishment programmes to new homes contracts with major house builders.

Our range is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of projects requiring pipe boxing, pipe casings, column casing, boiler pipe casings, retail interiors & display and external pipe protection solutions.

FSC Certification: All our products are FSC certified in compliance with specification requirements.

With more than 20 years direct experience in the sales and support of preformed pipe boxing and column casings, our knowledge and expertise enables us to provide the best and most cost effective encasement solutions, so our customers can have complete confidence in the high production standards and product quality we maintain throughout our range. As a result, Encasement products are used extensively in a wide range of sectors including public buildings, hotels and leisure as well as universities, academies and schools as part of the Building Schools for the Future programme.

High quality products, competitive pricing and next day delivery on standard items are all part of our value for money assurance to customers, which is backed by our extensive experience and commitment to service. This customer centred approach, together with excellent service and our attention to detail have all been contributory factors in us maintaining consistent growth.

Main Products:

Pipe Boxing, Protection & Boiler Casings

There is no quicker, easier or more cost effective method of concealing pipework, flues and other building services than with our pre-formed and pre-finished pipe boxing and boiler casing solutions.

Our extensive range incorporates plywood boxing profiles, which can be finished in white melamine as well as a vast range of laminates and wood veneers, together with heavy duty pre-formed metal casings for exterior applications where pipe protection and security from vandalism and theft are primary considerations.

Column Casings

Our extensive column casing range provides a stylish and integrated finish and is the perfect solution for concealing internal and external structural columns simply, quickly and cost effectively.

To provide the maximum design versatility and choice, our column casing range includes casings manufactured from pre-formed plywood, aluminium, and stainless steel as well as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or gypsum (GRG) and compact laminates.

Boiler Pipe Work Casings

Concealing central heating and flue pipe work with our pre-formed and pre-finished boiler pipework casings can make an immediate improvement to any boiler installation. They’re also very quick, easy and cost effective to fit, taking less than half the time and cost of site made alternatives. In addition, they can also provide effective solutions as part of ongoing refurbishment and upgrading programmes, such as ‘Green Deal’.

Already widely used in social housing refurbishment programmes and new boiler and central heating installations, our self-supporting casings can be used free standing or secured using mechanical fixings or mastic adhesives, enabling easy removal for routine servicing or maintenance.

Furniture & Display

Vista was conceived as an innovative solution that provides stylish furniture, storage and display solutions that can be readily adapted to meet the unique interior requirements found in hotels, hospitals, public buildings and retail, as well as a range of other sectors.

Manufactured from durable pre-formed plywood, Vista not only incorporates soft curves within its design, but also offers an almost unrivalled palette of finish options, including plain colours, metallics, wood veneers and laminates to provide a versatile combination of style and durability.

To stay up to date with the latest information from Encasement, please visit our news and gallery pages for the most recent product developments and installations

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Coventry's central 6 retail park covers up with Encasement

January 2018

Coventry's central 6 retail park covers up with Encasement

Bespoke ‘Forma’ metal casings from Encasement are helping provide an aesthetic and practical environment for shoppers at Coventry’s Central Six Retail Park by concealing structural support columns for a walkway canopy that runs the full length of the shopping area.

Central Six is a small out of town centre, which combines fashion retail, homeware and designer clothing stores with specialist shops, such as Hobbycraft and American Golf, as well as a fast food restaurant in 14 retail units.

As part of a recent refurbishment and facilities upgrade programme, we supplied and installed 72 square column casings from our ‘Forma’ metal casing range, which were used to conceal the existing circular structural steelwork and provide a more contemporary look to the retail centre.

Manufactured from durable 3mm thick aluminium and measuring 235mm square, each casing stands 3350mm high and is finished with an RAC 7022 Umber Grey PPC coating to not only complement the retail park’s colour scheme, but also provide additional resistance to weathering and accidental scuffing.

Our Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented: “Our Forma aluminium casings are widely used in the retail sector in both interior and exterior applications as they provide immense design versatility and colour options, as well as being durable and resistant to weathering when used in projects such as Central Six.”

Six of the best for Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School from Encasement

December 2017

As part of Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School’s (BVGS) recently completed £2.5 million STEM block, six ‘Forma’ circular aluminium column casings from Encasement are being used to conceal exterior structural steelwork and add a splash of colour, as each has a different PPC finish.

Based in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham, BVGS was founded in the 16th Century and provides education for boys and girls from Key Stage 3 to Sixth Form, with the school being on of the country’s top 25 state schools for A level results.

Designed by RJA Architects, the STEM block was constructed with the aid of an Education Funding Agency grant and provides 17 new classrooms over two floors including a bespoke ICT suite, a robotics room and an extension to the existing ‘Randon art & design centre’.

The six Encasement column casings are used on the front of the building to provide a highly decorative and practical solution for concealing the building’s external structural steelwork, which is also acts as part of a covered walkway created by the building’s first floor extension.

Manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium, each 370mm diameter ‘Forma’ casing stands 3000mm high and is finished in a different PPC colour of black, purple, gold, white, blue and red, which represent the colours in the school’s crest.

Encasement’s Managing Director, Martin Taylor, commented: “Even though we regularly manufacture and supply column casings where the finish is themed for an exterior or exterior colour scheme, this is the only project we have ever undertaken where each column casing has been finished with a completely different colour.”

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