Shopping Centre Entrance Matting for Bentall Centre

January 2016

Shopping Centre Entrance Matting for Bentall Centre

Shopping Centre Entrance Mat Welcoming thousands of shoppers every year the Bentall Shopping Centre in Kingston has recently renovated its Clarence Street Entrance.

Like most shopping centres the Bentall Centre features a beautiful, hard tiled floor throughout its 600,000 square foot shopping area. Concerned about the possibility of slip accidents and the potential for damage to their beautiful floor surface, the Bentall shopping centre installed a 13,800mm wide x 3300mm deep Pediluxe Entrance Mat from Construction Specialties.

Designed for busy entrance areas like shopping centres, the Pediluxe entrance mat was the perfect choice for the shopping centre. Featuring Wrought Iron coloured interior carpet inserts, offering an 80% absorption area and a high scraping ability, the Pediluxe system helps to remove unwelcome dirt and moisture from the soles of feet and wheelchairs.

Pediluxe’s 17mm deep construction and the supplied aluminium frame enabled the shopping centre entrance matting system to be recess mounted flush with the adjacent floor finish for a smooth transition between the entrance mat and the floor surface beyond.

With a reduced risk of slip accidents, cleaning costs and expensive floor repairs the Bentall Shopping Centre can concentrate on providing an excellent shopping experience for their many visitors.

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