Bespoke Entrance Mat at GreenAcres Woodland Burial

January 2016

Bespoke Entrance Mat at GreenAcres Woodland Burial

GreenAcres Woodland Burials in Rainford comprises two 19th and 20th century plantations; Emma Wood and Grace’s Wood, both part of the Knowsley Estate in the North West of England.

Outside the main entrance to the park’s modern and highly sustainable ceremonial building, a bespoke entrance mat from Construction Specialties was installed.

Exposed to the elements, the large 2.8m x 3.2m Pediluxe entrance mat helps clean the dirt, moisture and mud from the shoes of visitors, ensuring a high standard of appearance is maintained within the building.

Keen to ensure maximum scraping performance, a combination of alternating abrasive brush inserts and exterior carpet inserts were specified. This created a highly absorbent and highly effective entrance mat, offering the management team at GreenAcres peace of mind that their high standards of appearance will be maintained with little or no extra work.

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