S&C Painting Services Ltd wins Dulux Connect Project Award for excellence in painting

July 2024

Midlands-based S&C Painting Services Ltd was founded by Steve Bennett over 14 years ago. The company has showcased its versatility with the recent external decoration of the Old Smithy Cottage in Brewood – and has been awarded the Dulux Connect Project Award for excellence in painting and decorating for the project. Old Smithy Cottage is a 14th Century property, which needed a welcome refresh to revitalise its appearance and encourage the sale of the building.

A team of five worked on the project and were commended for their use of materials and care to the traditional appearance of the building. Two of the team were apprentices taken on by S&C Painting Services Ltd. It was the first time they had worked on a historical site of this nature, providing valuable skills to aid their future development.

The works undertaken

Given the age of the property and with work not carried out for several years, a lot of preparation was required before the exterior was ready for painting. The S&C team were careful not to use any products that would alter the traditional look of the cottage, with specialist fillers used on the doors and windows ahead of decorating. Once ready, the exterior walls, metal gutters and windows, doors and iconic Tudor beams were all painted.

Ahead of working on the project, Steve Bennett met with the Dulux Trade team at the site to discuss the most suitable products for the task. After consultation, the Dulux Trade team recommended they specify Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry on the render thanks to its ability to maintain a superior finish and provide protection from mould and algae. Dulux Weathershield Undercoat and Gloss were used for the metal gutters and windows, offering 8 year all weather protection.

For the beautiful Tudor beams, Dulux Trade Ultimate Opaque (black) was used to provide a water-repellent satin finish with 10-year Weathershield protection. Dulux Ultimate Opaque (white) was used for the doors and window shutters.

The S&C Painting Services Ltd team are regular users of the Dulux Trade products and were impressed by the good coverage offered by the Dulux Weathershield range for this particular job.

Enhancing the building aesthetic

Ensuring the original look and feel of the property was maintained was essential during this project. One challenge was the window shutters, which were in a poor condition. For these, the team decided to use a satin finish rather than gloss once the shutters had been scraped and prepped to ensure the best result.

Steve Bennett, Managing Director, at S&C Painting Services, explains why: “Opting for a satin finish for the shutters worked well as we were able to provide a beautiful finish that hid the blemishes left after years of being exposed to the elements – whereas gloss would have highlighted them.”

Steve added: “We had to be careful to choose the right paint for a building of this type. We worked with the Dulux Trade team to ensure the materials used would maintain the character of the building and showcase the old features of the cottage.”

Location, location, location

Another challenge was the location of the building. It was close to the road, which meant the team had to employ measures to keep themselves and passers-by safe – and minimise disruption. Barriers were used to provide the team with enough space to work and for the mobile tail lift to be operated. The cottage also has a small, cobbled drive, which had to be fully boarded and protected before the cherry picker - used to get close to the windows and chimney - could be introduced.

“Preparation was key for this project given the age of the building,” continues Steve Bennett. “Not only did the property itself need work carrying out before we could start painting, but we also had to carefully plan how the team would safely work on this project, with the property situated right up against the pavement and road.”

Feedback from the owner was incredibly positive with the client delighted with how the exterior restoration turned out. The refreshed property is set to feature in an issue of Town & Country magazine. The team also had lots of nice comments from passers-by saying how lovely the building looked upon completion.

“I’m really proud of the team for their work on this project and it’s fantastic for them to receive such positive feedback and get the recognition they deserve with the Dulux Connect Project Award for excellence in painting and decorating,” concluded Steve.

To find out more about S&C Painting Services Ltd, visit: www.sandcpaintingservicesltd.co.uk.