A Bespoke, Cost-Effective, Heavy-Duty, Modular Access Chamber Solution

May 2024

Built to your spec, modular (to do any job you need it to), complete and ready to go into the ground, yet strong enough to withstand up to a 60-tonne wheel load…

If that sounds like an impossible (or expensive) combination, think again, because with chamber access solutions from Clark-Drain, it’s all part of the deal - and a pretty cost-effective deal at that.

Let’s get to know the range a little better.

Versatility built in

As with all Clark-Drain products, we pride ourselves on the fact that our chamber range is, “Grounded in Expertise” – it comes from a thorough knowledge of what our customers want and need, and a determination to incorporate this into the design.

For example, these chambers are totally bespoke; they can be assembled to the size you need, to meet your industry or sector specification – including Ministry of Defence JSP604 and Ministry of Justice requirements, as well as Civils-related infrastructure project standards.

Meeting customer requirements is also about making the product versatile and adaptable, and here, too, the Clark-Drain Chamber range delivers.

It's designed and built to deliver access for applications ranging from cabling (secure defence data assets, fibre optic and broadband CATV networks) to water company asset protection (pumping systems and valves), motorway communications, traffic signalling, and street lighting, on highways and pavements, and in dockyards.

For this reason, our heavy duty access chambers are supplied with a variety of pre-determined duct entry patterns (including plain-sided for bespoke drilling requirements, and flat panel variants), and multiple clear opening sizes, with Mandrel test-friendly bellmouths if required.

Bespoke spec, multi-option design: put these together and the possibilities are almost endless!

Fully assembled, fuss-free, cost-effective

Sourcing access chamber components from multiple suppliers and then having to individually assemble them on site is a recipe for logistical headaches, schedule overruns, and skyrocketing hidden costs, but our range comprehensively eliminates these issues.

Supplied as a complete system – no time-consuming assembly required on your part – and ready to go, in accordance with the Government’s Construction Playbook, the chambers come complete with sump, grill, and anchor plate, with fitted cable furniture and bolt-on steps also available.

They’re with you quicker, in the ground quicker, and off the job sheet quicker than if you’d sourced the components separately - helping you get the work done on time and on budget, for less manual effort.

Strong, secure – and British-made

These chambers belong to the 88% of Clark-Drain products that are made in Britain, and are allowed to carry the official Made in Britain logo. They are made from recycled polypropylene that is also recyclable.

As a family company that’s been operating out of the East of England for 60 years, this acknowledgement of our investment in local manufacturing expertise is important to us, and we know it is to our customers too.

Our chambers aren’t just British and proud - they’re bulldog-tough too. Whatever size you need them in, they’re strong enough to resist up to E600 loading and with their security covers and padlocks, they keep intruders and unauthorised access firmly at bay.

Light, transportable, sustainable

Sound Environmental practice and good financial sense often go hand in hand, and here again our chamber range is ahead of the curve.

Made in Britain from recycled polypropylene that is also recyclable at end of life, moulded into a lattice structure, our access chambers are exceptionally strong. Making our chambers sustainable both in manufacture and disposal.

All this adds up to cost and time savings, and helping us all to achieve our environmental goals for our planet.

The heavy-duty access solution of choice

Our heavy-duty access solution range has a lot going for it – whatever the application, and whatever the specification. It’s a cost-effective, heavy-duty, modular chamber access solution done your way.

For more information about our chamber range, visit https://www.clark-drain.com/search?q=d400. For advice on our full range of access and drainage solutions, the majority of which are made right here in Britain, contact our friendly team on 01733 765317 or send us an e-mail please with your project enquiry sales@clark-drain.com

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