Construction Specialties (CS) have launched a new palette of colours and finishes

September 2021

The new colour offering comprises 36 Solid Colours, from timeless classics to on-trend shades, and 12 Decorative Finishes including a selection of beautiful woodgrains, contemporary concrete patterns and metallics. It gives specifiers an opportunity to express their creativity in delivering a desired mood to their design and ease of co-ordinating wall protection with other interior design elements.

As part of the palette refresh, CS have created a series of inspirational moodboards around some of their exciting new colours, starting with Sequoia Green and Powder Pink.

Derived from trees and nature, Sequoia Green is a deep, dark green that looks sophisticated in any environment.

Powder Pink is inspired by beautiful pink peonies and conjures up thoughts of romance and happiness. This soft, half tinted pastel brings calmness and subtle refinement to interiors.

The new moodboards are available via the company’s website.

The Acrovyn® range is renowned for its quality, ease of maintenance and durability in protecting interior walls, doors and other surfaces from impact damage. As well as expanding their colour palette, CS have introduced new solutions to the market, such as products with bactericidal properties and a wider range of PVC-Free models. Their updated range will allow specifiers to achieve required functionality and protection in all building areas, while delivering beautiful interiors that last.