Mermet New Products 2019

March 2019

Mermet News January 2019.

To our 2018-21 collection, we are able to announce the introduction of two, NEW market leading technical shading fabrics. The brochures are already in the brochure section of this website ready to download, seek them out in the Screen Design section and look at;

MSU - The M-Screen fabric has been given the Ultimetal, metallisation treatment and how!? Solar reflectance 83%, light transmittance (Tv) down to 3%. Market leading performance on the proven, reliable M-Screen.

Screen Progress - a unique, bespoke product targeted at the very top end of the designer specifier market. Long been asked for, previously attempted, now achievable - graduated openness of fabric in the one window. From 3% openness to over 15% in the same, uninterrupted weave of fabric, no joints, no tricks, just weaving a Mermet speciality. Want glare control near the desk, but maximum natural light coming in at the top of the window? Specify 3% openness for the 1st 1800 mm from the floor, gradually opening up to 17% at the top. Want a great view out through the bottom but want to keep the light down at the top? Why not reverse it? Have 15% openness at the bottom, closing to 5% towards the top.

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