Safetell Agrees Distribution Partnership with SecuraBlinds

July 2018

LONDON UK — Physical security solution provider SAFETELL has entered into a partnership with blast protection and forced entry providers ABBEY PROTECT to distribute their SECURABLINDS® product-line.

SECURABLINDS® provides patented blast and forced entry protection for doors and windows, creating an impervious barrier between an attack and the inside of the property in a fraction of a second. The solution, which is triggered by the positive phase of the blast wave emitted by an explosion, is the result of 18 years’ of rigorous testing. It is accredited for blast protection against 100kg and 500kg TNT equivalent by Comblast, the UK’s leading explosive testing authority. SECURABLINDS® have already been adopted in new and retrofit applications by numerous high street banks, infrastructure and government buildings in UK, USA, UAE, Europe and Asia.

Safetell, the UK’s leading provider of physical security products looks to complement its existing product range by including SECURABLINDS® in their expansive portfolio of blast, bullet and manual attack resistant products. Safetell will be able to offer a solution for every eventuality when it comes to protecting the building envelope. Safetell specialises in the provision of security solutions for new building projects as well as retrofit installations, and SECURABLINDS® is an ideal product to complement Safetell’s existing offering. With a service that comprises of design, project management, and installation, Safetell offers complete peace of mind to end users and contractors. The addition of SECURABLINDS® in Safetell’s extensive product range is another example of how a collaborative approach, complemented by a broad range of physical security products ensures customers enjoy peace of mind from specification, through to installation and confidence in a solution that suits each client’s risk profile, as Safetell understands that every security risk requires a unique solution.

Anton Pieterse- Managing Director of Safetell commented:

‘We strive for innovative solutions that protect, but that do not impede or encroach on a working environment; 30 years’ of protecting high street banks with our fast-rising screens is a testament to this. Which is why we are excited to complement decades of protection, service and support excellence with a robust product that can be configured for use in a broad range of applications. ’

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