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1. H+H Products and Applications Guide
aircrete blocks, Lightweight concrete blocks

Published [06/04/20]File size [7588 KB]

2. H+H Thin Joint as an MMC Brochure 2020
how to use aircrete as a thin-joint system, including RåBuild, large format aerated concrete blocks

Published [06/04/20]File size [4265 KB]

3. H+H Designing and Building with Aircrete
masonry structures

Published [06/04/20]File size [6559 KB]

4. H+H Building a Sustainable Future March 20
H+H environmental and sustainability credentials

Published [06/04/20]File size [3318 KB]

5. H+H Thermal Compliance

Published [06/04/20]File size [2772 KB]

6. H+H Structural Masonry Brochure
Structural Masonry

Published [06/04/20]File size [7758 KB]

7. H+H Elements Guide 2019
H+H MMC Build Solution: offsite with aircrete

Published [06/04/20]File size [3118 KB]

8. H+H Celcon Blocks 2019
Celcon Blocks in Solar, Standard, High Strength and Super Strength Grades are the most commonly used aircrete block in the H+H range.

Published [31/10/19]File size [542 KB]

Celcon Elements with SIG I-HOUSE
Aircrete Lightweight Aerated Concrete Prefabricated Construction Elements, Internal Walls, OSM Offsite Manufacture House Building Systems

Published [08/03/19]File size [639 KB]

Factsheet 11 R Build Costing
masonry construction

Published [31/10/19]File size [1384 KB]

H + H BBA Cert 05 4275 -Floor infill 2018 version

Published [30/05/19]File size [527 KB]

H+H Celcon Coursing Units 2019
celcon blocks

Published [31/10/19]File size [506 KB]

H+H Celcon Floor Blocks 2016
Beam and block floors

Published [24/04/17]File size [411 KB]

H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks 2019
Celcon Foundation Blocks are commonly used in a range of thicknesses for use below ground level

Published [31/10/19]File size [496 KB]

H+H Celcon Plus Blocks 2019
Celcon Plus Blocks are 630mm long

Published [31/10/19]File size [382 KB]

H+H External Brand Brochure 2019
Celcon Aircrete concrete blocks.

Published [06/04/20]File size [1420 KB]

H+H Factsheet 10 Foundation Costings
Celcon Foundation Blocks

Published [31/10/19]File size [628 KB]

H+H Higher Strength Grades Blocks
celcon blocks

Published [31/10/19]File size [1030 KB]

H+H Jumbo Bloks 2019
H+H Jumbo Bloks offer beneficial productivity with as few as 6.3 blocks completing 1m² of walling.

Published [31/10/19]File size [467 KB]

H+H PSI Cost Comparison
Cost Comparison Calculated -vs- Default Psi Values

Published [23/04/20]File size [320 KB]

H+H Solar Grade Blocks
Celcon Solar Grade blocks

Published [31/10/19]File size [579 KB]

H+H Sound Robust Details TSD57
blockwork constructions to meet the Building Regulations Approved Document E

Published [29/04/19]File size [34 KB]

H+H Standard Grade 2019
Celcon Blocks, Standard Grade

Published [31/10/19]File size [648 KB]

H+H Vertical Elements -100
aircrete product

Published [06/04/20]File size [173 KB]