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01. Rockpanel Assortment Brochure
facade solutions

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01. Rockpanel Premium Facade Brochure UK
Stonewool facade panels. Cladding Boards. Claddings.

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02. Rockpanel Instruction Guide
Guidelines for processing and installation of external cladding

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03. Rockpanel Facade Assortment Brochure
Stonewool Facade panels. Claddings.

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04. E-book Rockpanel Stones Rear Ventilated Facades
Rear-ventilated façades Stone and Concrete Appearance Bendable

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05. Rockpanel FS-Xtra Facade Cladding
Stonewool Facade Boards. Cladding Panels.

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06. Rockpanel Fire Safety Brochure
fire safety and facade cladding

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06. Rockpanel Woods Brochure UK
Rockpanel Woods: a beautiful, firesafe, sustainable and low-maintenance alternative to regular timber for external claddings and facades.

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07. Rockpanel Stones Facade Cladding Brochure
Rockpanel stones Cladding panels

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08. Rockpanel Uni Product Data Sheet
Facade and Roofline Panels

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09. Rockpanel Colours Assortment Overview UK
Stonewool Facade Boards. Cladding Panels.

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09. Rockpanel Colours Product Data Sheet
Let your facade blend into the environment. Or emphasise the features in an urban setting. Enjoy complete freedom in the design of your building – in almost any colour of your choice.

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10. Rockpanel Woods Product Data Sheet
Amaze onlookers and make the users of your building feel good. With facades that radiate the warm, organic glow of wood. Build with the freedom and stability your modern architecture requires. Rockpanel Woods gives your building a natural wood look. And at the same time the durability, stability and fire protection of a stone facade.

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11. Rockpanel Stones Product Data Sheet
Visionary architecture is characterised by a courageous crossing of borders. Overcome limits – even those in nature. Design facades with the powerful look of stone. Build with its strength. But remain flexible in terms of shape and dimension. Challenge gravity – with the ease of Rockpanel Stones.

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12. Rockpanel Metallics Product Data Sheet
Rockpanel Metallics creates amazing effects on facades because of the sheen from the light striking it – even with timelessly modern residential buildings

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13. Rockpanel Chameleon Product Data Sheet
Transform your building into an eye-catching feature that is constantly changing, but always striking and inspiring. Just change your position around the facade. The colour will never be the same no matter how long you look at the building. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed and the effect of the sunlight, the surface of the Rockpanel Chameleon facade changes. The secret of this vibrant colour is a special crystal effect layer. The effect remains permanently protected for many years.

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14. Rockpanel Brilliant Product Data Sheet
Showcase radiant, modern facades in the sparkling sunlight. Let the surfaces shimmer. The visual power of Rockpanel Brilliant means that various different features are accentuated in your facades during the day, and discreetly fade into the background in the evening. Let your creative side be inspired by these possibilities. And you can be sure that the colour brilliance will remain intact.

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15. Rockpanel Natural Product Data Sheet
The true beauty of a facade is sometimes quite puristic. Be brave – let the sun, wind and rain play their part. Without applying paint or surface sealer, Rockpanel Natural allows the elements to take an active role in your facade. Your building fits organically into its surroundings, in an interactive way from day one.

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16. Rockpanel Ply Product Data Sheet
Rockpanel Ply gives you the freedom to express yourself in any colour. It is a durable, sturdy base for your desired colour. And at the same time a sustainable alternative to wood.

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17. Rockpanel Lines2 Product Data Sheet
With Rockpanel Lines2 take the liberty to reinterpret the classic tongue and groove profile. Versatile, durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective.

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18. Rockpanel Premium Product Data Sheet
Impressively transform buildings into representative symbols that visually express the success of your business. The best materials, open-ended design solutions as well as customised formats and dimensions give your building project an absolute premium look. Naturally, they always meet the particularly high requirements for fire protection A2-s1,d0.

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19. Rockpanel Lines2 - European Technical Assessment 13/0204
ROCKPANEL Lines2 , 8 mm and 10 mm tongue and groove panels

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20. Rockpanel FS-Xtra - European Technical Assessment 13/0340
ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra 9 mm finish Colours/Rockclad and ROCKPANEL FS-Xtra 9 mm finish ProtectPlus

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21. Rockpanel Natural - European Technical Assessment 13/0648
ROCKPANEL Natural Durable 8 mm and 10 mm ROCKPANEL Natural Xtreme 8 mm and 10 mm

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22. Rockpanel Durable 8mm - European Technical Assessment 07/0141
ROCKPANEL Durable 8 mm finish Colours/Rockclad and ROCKPANEL Durable 8 mm finish ProtectPlus

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23. Rockpanel Durable 6mm - European Technical Assessment 08/0343
ROCKPANEL Durable 6 mm

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24. Rockpanel Extreme 8mm - European Technical Assessment
ROCKPANEL Xtreme 8 mm finish Colours/Rockclad and ROCKPANEL Xtreme 8 mm finish ProtectPlus

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25. Rockpanel Ply - European Technical Assessment 13/0019
ROCKPANEL PLY 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm supplied with a primer coating. The top(colour) coat can be site applied or in a paint shop

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26. Rockpanel Uni 6mm - European Technical Assessment 17/0619

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Rockpanel BRE Leaflet A Never Ending Story
Fascias External Cladding Soffit Boards Flexible

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Rockpanel Ease of Use Brochure UK
Stonewool Facade cladding. Cladding boards.

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Rockpanel Health Safety

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Rockpanel Instruction Guide
Rockpanel lightweight, decorative external cladding boards for ventilated and closed facades or subconstructions made of timber, aluminium or steel.

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Rockwool Sustainability Report

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