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1. Rotafix Product Catalogue
Rotafix Damp Proofing and Sealers, adhesives, concrete repair structural adhesives

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2 - Rotafix PyroProtect Coatings Brochure
Rotafix Fire retardant wood stains and clear coatings

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3. Rotafix Timber Resin Splice Brochure
Purpose Made Preformed Timber Repair Units

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4 - Rotafix CB10T Adhesive datasheet
Rotafix CB10T Adhesive is a fast setting 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive used for bonding in rods or plates where speed is of the essence.

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9 - Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA) Slowset Datasheet
Rotafix Structural Adhesive (RSA) is a pumpable 2-part thixotropic system that forms a high strength epoxy adhesive. This slow setting epoxy is ideal for injecting and pumping into blind holes, side slots, cracks and fissures.

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9a - Rotafix Aquachem Epoxy Coating Datasheet
Aquachem® is a 2-component water based epoxy coating system suitable for a variety of applications and substrates

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9a - TG6 Structural Grout Datasheet
timber engineering grout, structural repairs timber, filler, epoxy filler, repair wood Structural Adhesive Structural Adhesives CE Marking ISO15274 ISO:15274

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9c - Rendacrete Industrial Floor Screed

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9c - Rendacrete LW Datasheet
light weight, low slump, cementitious repair, concrete industrial floor screed

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9c - Resiwood Timberset Structural Adhesive Datasheet
Rotafix Timberset Adhesive is a 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive used where the moisture content of the timber does not exceed 20% and where the timber is expected to remain in moist conditions as a result of exposure to the elements.

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Borotreat 10P Datasheet
boron, timber preservation, timber protection, dry rot prevention, woodworm prevention

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CFRP Plate Datasheet
carbon fibre reinforcement, structural repairs, timber engineering, joints in timber

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Chemflor CR Grey Datasheet
floor coating, protective coating, floor primer, heavy duty floor sealer, timber floors, concrete

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Consolidating liquid slow set Datasheet
slow setting, 2 component epoxy liquid, low viscosity slow setting epoxy grout, consolidation of frazz, damaged timber, consolidation of damaged concrete

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GFRP Plate Datasheet
Glass fibre reinforcement, structural repairs, timber engineering, joints in timber

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Resiwood TM3 Moulding Mortar Datasheet
Timber Repair mortar, cosmetic repair, window frame repair, window putty, machinable filler, wood filler

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RM20 Light Weight Concrete Repair Mortar Datasheet
light weight, low slump, Epoxy Resin cementitious repair, concrete.

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Rotafix ACS Boron Rods Data Sheet
boron, timber preservation, timber protection, wood preservatives

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Rotafix Cembond Grout Data Sheet
cement based grout, lateral restraints, crack repair, pointing bed joints, helifix repairs, spriotie repairs

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Rotafix Chemflor Clear Coatings
Low viscosity liquid epoxy floor sealer

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Rotafix Engineering Adhesive New
Rotafix Engineering Adhesive (EA) is a pumpable 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive similar to RSA in consistency, but modified to further increase the modulus of the cured adhesive.

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Rotafix EP3 Grout Data Sheet
anchor grout, bedding compound, self levelling, grout, under bed, civil engineering structural grout

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Rotafix HA Slurry Primer Data Sheet
acrylic powder modified cement based coating, protect steel reinforcing, water soluble fast setting primer, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant. Corrosion protection for steel reinforcement

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Rotafix HM PU Sealant Datasheet
Sealant, PU, polyurethane, high modulus sealant, gap filler

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Rotafix Lamset Liquid Datasheet
Solvent Free Epoxy Adhesive Timber Laminating

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Rotafix PyroProtect Product Data
Fire Retardant Wood Stains

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Rotafix Structural Adhesive
CE Marked thixotropic two part structural adhesive based on a combination of epoxy resins and special micro fillers, designed with a long open time for the bonding of timber, masonry and concrete.

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Rotafix Structural Adhesive RSA400cc
Structural Adhesive, timber adhesive, epoxy adhesive, timber engineering, wood adhesive, slow setting

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Rotafix Superfluid Grout
Structural grout

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Rotafix TG6 Timber Grout Oct 2015
Timber Grout is a three component pourable epoxy grout specifically designed for timber engineering work.

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Rotafix Vinachem Coatings
aqueous polymer solution of fine acrylic particle

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Rotafix Zeroset Anchor Grout Datasheet
Zeroset Anchor Grout is a 2-part high strength epoxy system which is used for fixing metallic objects into concrete. Zeroset Anchor Grout has been specifically designed for setting at low temperatures in smooth walled diamond drilled holes.

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Stone Repair Putty Datasheet
epoxy repair mortar, cementitious repairs, stone carving repair, mouldable mortar, moulding mortar

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