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1. Cuprinol Trade Interactive Guide 26.01.2018
wood treatment, preserving and transforming landscape wood

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Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback - 2020-09-08
advanced wax enriched, water repellent and non-drip formulation that colours and weatherproofs rough sawn sheds and fences for up to 5 years

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Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain offers rich semi-transparent colours with a tough durable finish. It has a unique double action formulation which has invisible anti-slip microbeads to make decks safer than untreated wood and an algicide to help protect the film surface from green algae and mould growth.

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Cuprinol Exterior Wood Preserver BP - 2020-09-08
Exterior Wood Preserver (BP) is an exterior lightly pigmented wood preservative for rough sawn and smooth garden timbers, such as cladding, fencing, sheds, greenhouses and summerhouses.

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Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer - 2020-09-08
Garden Furniture Restorer is an easy to use gel that removes the grey, weathered surface wood to reveal the golden timber below.

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Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care has been specially developed to colour and protect rough sawn sheds, fences and other garden wood and timber.

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Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment has been specially formulated to work with the Cuprinol Sprayers to colour and protect rough sawn timber in a fraction of the time. Fence preservatives and treatments.

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Cuprinol Stain Stripper - 2020-09-08
Stain Stripper is an effective way to remove flaking and peeling woodstain from previously stained decking.

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Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol Ultimate Furniture Oil is a high performance treatment for teak and other hardwoods. Wood Oils.

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Cuprinol Ultimate Repair Wood Hardener - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol Ultimate Repair Wood Hardener is a rapid drying formulation for use in the repair of decayed wood. It strengthens, binds and hardens loose wood fibres to provide a solid base for filling or overpainting. Wood hardeners.

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Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol Ultra Tough Wood Filler is a tough and durable formula for repairing damage caused by wet rot and for major joinery repairs.

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Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil - 2020-09-08
Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil can be used to penetrate into wood to replace natural oils and resins lost through weathering. Its tinted formula revitalises the natural colour of weathered wood. Ideal for softwood.

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Hammerite Radiator Enamel Satin Aerosol - 2020-09-08
Radiator Enamel Satin Aerosol Paint. Radiator Paints.

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Hammerite Red Oxide Primer - 2020-09-08
Hammerite Red Oxide Primer is specially formulated for use on both bare and rusty iron and steel. Metal Primers.

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Hammerite Special Metal Primer - 2020-09-08
A water-based primer to promote adhesion to stainless steel and non-ferrous metals including galvanised, aluminium, chrome, brass and copper. Metal primers.

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Hammerite Underbody Seal - 2020-09-08
Hammerite Underbody Seal gives heavy duty protection for underbody, wheel arches and other high impact areas

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Interpon AM Brochure MKT1067
Interpon AM is a product range which can be adapted for use in a wide range of applications

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Interpon Colour of the Year Brochure 2022 v5

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Interpon Powder on Wood Brochure
Interpon W powder coatings and Interpon W Liquid Primers are an ideal solution for coating heat-sensitive substrates in a durable, efficient and more sustainable process for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Polycell Trade All Purpose Polyfilla Ready Mix - 2020-09-08
Polycell Polyfilla Ready Mixed All Purpose Filler is a ready mixed filler for both interior and exterior use. It fills cracks in and around plaster, brick, stone concrete and stucco. Readymixed Fillers.

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Polycell Trade Polyfilla Exterior Filler -2020-09-08
Polycell Polyfilla Exterior Filler is a powder filler which is based on high strength cement and special resins to promote powerful adhesion, toughness and impact resistance for exterior repairs. Exterior Fillers.

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Polycell Trade Polyfilla Woodflex - 2020-09-08
Polycell Polyfilla Woodflex is flexible, stainable, water-resistant and bonds strongly to wood. Wood Fillers.

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Polycell Trade Ready Mix Adhesive - 2020-09-08
Polycell Ready Mix Adhesive is ideal for all high quality wallcoverings including heavyweights. Wallpaper Adhesives.

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