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TAM International are world leaders in waterproofing, foam underpinning of buildings and pavements, concrete repair mortars, ground stabilisation of earth for mining and tunnelling industries. TAM's extensive range of products include water reducers, plasticisers and hyper plasticisers concrete admixtures for sprayed, poured and pumped concrete. TAM leak sealing products include polyurethane and acrylic injected resins that seal to joints and movement cracks in masonry, brickwork, tunnels, pipes and ducts. TAM structural and non structural concrete repair mortars and injections include epoxy crack injection repair resins, epoxy mortars and high strength, rapid setting concrete repair mortars, fairing coats and concrete levelling screeds. TAM also supply extensive ranges of concrete admixtures, waterproofing membranes, grouts and mortars.

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Tarmac Building Products is the UK's largest suppliers of building products and Tarmac is one of the most famous brands in the UK construction industry. Tarmac building products are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of concrete blocks and mortar. Tarmac manufacture aircrete, lightweight and dense concrete blocks under the brands of Durox, Hemelite and Topcrete. We manufacture large ranges of coloured mortars, dry silo mortars and lime mortars. Tarmac also supply floor screeds and flowing floor screeds, precast concrete beam and block flooring and we are the market leader in the supply of many precast concrete products. In addition to this we supply Limelite and Whitewall plaster, cement based single coat renders and Cemrok grouts. These are just a few of the famous brands and some of the extensive portfolio of branded Tarmac Building Products range. To know more and find out how we can help you specify the correct product from our ranges please visit our website.

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