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APERAM STAINLESS SERVICE & SOLUTIONS UK LTD is the UK leading manufacturer of stainless steel roofing, facade and rainscreen cladding systems. Aperam Stainless Steel is available for curved roofs, standing seam roofing, and rainscreen cladding. Stainless steel is suited to most types of roofing including batten rolls,standing seams, self-supporting trays, for both new build and renovation projects.

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Follansbee are producers of terne coated carbon steel for roofing and cladding. Follansbee terne coated steel TCS can be used for standing seam roofing, barrel vaults, domes and wall cladding. It can be used for both cold and warm roof applications.Follansbee KlassicKolors has a PVDF coating on top of our ZT alloy coated carbon steel. There are 20 colours including stainless and copper patina.

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