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LPGenius from Calor. Calor LPG, the lowest carbon fuel where there is no mains gas, offers a low carbon, reliable energy solution for both homes and businesses. With 75 years experience, Calor have the expertise to cover every aspect of LPG supply, from fuelling low carbon energy solutions to LPG engineering and maintenance.

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Calor’s Digital Specifier Fact File: This technical guide provides information on the implications and advantages of using Calor LPG in domestic and commercial, new build and refurbishment projects

Wet System Heating: For some buildings, low carbon and renewable appliances are simply not an option – either due to difficulties in installation or due to a lack of capital to invest. Nevertheless, LPG fuelled wet heating systems are highly efficient and easily integrated. Not only that, but LPG is a cleaner fuel than Oil and electricity – so homes and businesses can still do their bit for the environment.

LPG Commercial Water Heating: Calor LPG powered water heaters are so versatile they can be used to heat water for any application where a secondary supply of hot water is required.

LPG Storage Options – Bulk Tanks: Bulk tank storage is ideal where LPG consumption is likely to be high. Above ground tanks are available in a range of sizes and, for larger premises, they can be linked together if necessary. For homes and businesses concerned with the appearance of tank storage, Calor also offer underground tank installations. What’s more, Calor offer Telemetry® - a device which automatically orders gas when the tank is running low. This takes the worry out of ordering fuel, so the property should never run out of gas supply.

LPG Storage Options – LPG Cylinders: For properties that are short on space, Calor LPG cylinders are the ideal alternative. Not only are they compact and easy to locate, they also come with a clever change over valve, automatically switching to a reserve set of two cylinder once the first two are empty.

LPG Engineering from CalorForce: CalorForce, the engineering division of Calor, offers complete LPG engineering solutions. From installation through to maintenance and emergency response, CalorForce have the expertise required in any LPG situation.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP): LPG fuelled CHP presents a real opportunity to cut energy costs, as well as cut carbon emissions. Whether a home or hotel, leisure centre or warehouse, CHP can often have a very short payback period. Not only that, it can also qualify a commercial premises for Interest Free Carbon Trust Loans and Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Gas Heat Pumps: (GHP) LPG fuelled GHP’s are ideal where there is a need for heating and cooling in areas where there is insufficient power – and that often means in non-mains gas areas. Suitable for schools, hotels and retail buildings, LPG fuelled Gas Heat Pumps gather heat from the outside and combine it with waste heat produced from the combustion process. This results in heating efficiencies of up to 140%.

Radiant and Warm Air Heating: LPG fuelled radiant and warm air heating appliances offers an energy efficient heating option for factories, warehouses and offices in non mains gas areas. With responsive and precise heating and a reliable record when it comes to maintenance, radiant and warm air heating appliances present a cost effective, low carbon solution.

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The Perfect Solution Case Study.

July 2012

The Perfect Solution Case Study.

Award-Winning South Wales Developer Finds The Perfect Solution in Calor

Location is a prime driver when developers buy local, but the trade-off may be disadvantages such as lack of services such as mains gas. To overcome this, award-winning South Wales developer, Grove Developers (Mumbles) Ltd, turned to Calor to provide the heating solution at its exclusive development in Camarthenshire.

Based in Swansea, the company has just completed the Brynglas development in Carmarthenshire, where 10 properties have been supplied with Calor LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) from 1,200 litre tanks and 4X47kg cylinder packs. And since this initial installation, the team at Grove Developers was so impressed with Calor that it has since specified the fuel for a further development of 40 homes in Gilfach-y-Gog, Carmarthenshire.

Martin Perkins of Grove Developers Ltd, comments: "We have established a strong reputation for building innovative and energy efficient new homes. We chose Calor as the tanks do not detract from the visual appeal of our properties and the cleanliness and versatility of the fuel has great appeal to our buyers."

Winner of five awards, including two gold awards for the Daily Express Housebuilder of the Year, Grove Developers Ltd has been building properties in attractive rural areas located off mains gas, for over three years.

Martin continues: "When considering fuel, there was only one type in my mind. We know that house buyers look for the comfort and instant heat delivered by gas and we are not prepared to compromise we want to deliver the best, which is why Calor LPG fits the bill.

Calor LPG was chosen because it can be used exactly like mains gas, the fuel is versatile and simple to install. And in the three years I have been dealing with Calor the product and service has been efficient and helpful. Tanks are installed during build, which is a great advantage for us as it means no delays.

Feedback from our buyers has also been very positive they prefer to cook on gas - and confirms that we made the right fuel choice."

Installer Colin Whitecross of Killay, Swansea believes the attraction of Calor lies in its ease of installation. Colin has been working with Grove Developers Ltd for twenty years and is responsible for all heating installations for the company.

LPG has clear advantages for both the consumer and installer/developer. More than 100,000 homes throughout the UK have discovered this fact and use Calor, the UK's largest supplier of LPG to provide exactly the same level of comfort and versatility as mains gas.

Fusing Old & New With Calor

July 2012

Fusing Old & New With Calor

Fusing Old and New With Calor.
When Ron Livingstone, from award winning Norfolk developers Emberzone, embarked on a redevelopment project in Blofield Heath near Norwich, he could never have imagined how well it would turn out. But with homes selling rapidly, Ron believes it is the fusion of old and new that has been the appeal to purchasers.

Blofield Hall benefits from the tranquil surroundings of a countryside setting coupled with the convenience of town centre amenities close at hand in nearby Norwich. But such a premium site has meant that the homes are located off mains gas, leading Ron to turn to Calor LPG for a fuel source, meeting with his requirements for a first-class development.

Ron explains: “Calor was the only choice for us when considering what fuel type to use. I was instantly sold on the complete package available. We have not looked back either. The installation has been easy and the aesthetic impact to the overall look of our development has been minimal.

“The development is surrounded by 14 acres of land and this space is shared between all the residents, so it was imperative that nothing detracted from the overall scenery. The option for underground tanks as part of a metered estate system was ideal; they were simple to install and can be monitored easily too.”

The benefits for a developer of a metered estate system is that the gas can be supplied from a single storage location with a meter installed for every home to measure and charge for the gas supply to each property. Metered estates can vary in size from housing refurbishments, as in this case, to new housing developments, barn conversions and business units.

Taking a Flexible Approach.
Another vital requirement for Ron was to identify a company who could work within the constraints of a listed building. Blofield Hall is a nineteenth century building of historical interest, so all modifications had to comply with the stringent guidelines. Calor is used to dealing with such properties and able to tailor to each individual case.

When work began on the hall it was mere ruins, as the property had been destroyed in a fire approximately 12 years ago. Originally Blofield Hall was a tea merchant’s home, but through the years it has served as a convalescent home during the war and more recently a private school. Now, thanks to Ron’s redevelopment skills, the disused building has been sympathetically transformed into 16 luxury apartments and terrace houses.

Ron’s positive experiences with both the fuel source and the company have ensured he will be enlisting the help of Calor again in any new ventures. The advantage of LPG is its versatility, flexibility and cleanliness and many developers also find that the fuel is a selling advantage to the homes.

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