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Zaun Fencing is manufactured in-house, with a minimum of the work outsourced. This means Zaun can maintain a very high degree of quality in the product, which has helped us build a reputation as a fencing manufacturer of paladin fencing and steel railings who delivers quality, from the initial site survey, right through to the finished product.

Quality Assured

Zaun is ISO 9001:2008 registered and manufactures from its base in the West Midlands. This base consists of 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space on a 5 acre site. We also provide downloadable CAD drawings of our fencing systems.

MUGA Sport Fencing.

Our extremely durable welded mesh fence panels, matched with carefully designed posts, are the preferred specification for MUGA sport fencing. These products provide strong, cost effective and attractive fencing solutions. Zaun’s range of sports fencing includes ball court fences specifically developed for basketball, tennis, football and hockey.

Our sports ground fences include innovative options and features. For example, we manufacture Super Rebound, a MUGA sports fence with twin horizontal 8mm welded wire mesh panels that ensures resistance to deformation from impacts and includes sound insulating features. Duo sport is another MUGA sports fence, ever popular due to its multi functionality, the top can be cranked for added ball retention. A safe and secure MUGA fence that can be extended up to ten meters.

Perimeter Security Fencing.

Zaun’s uses twin-wire technology, providing the strongest wire mesh on the market and the ultimate welded mesh perimeter fencing system. We manufacture a range of security fences, from low to medium security applications. Our Dual Guard fence is a 25 x 200mm mesh manufactured from 6 and 8mm wires that is both cut and climb resistant, a fence ideal for commercial properties, schools and sports areas.

For high security applications, we supply close 12.7x76.2mm mesh that is virtually impossible to climb or cut, it is the ultimate security fence with the highest rated standards of all fencing products for defending against forcible attack. Zaun have also developed ArmaWeave, a patent pending design that sets the benchmark in perimeter fence security protection.

All Zaun fencing is available with a wide range of options. We can provide a complete specialist project management and installation turnkey operation that includes CCTV, Impact rated barriers, Access Control Systems, Intruder alarms, detection systems and electric fencing.

Steel Bar Railings

Zaun railing systems are manufactured using computer-controlled machinery allowing the manufacture of almost any type of railing from vertical bar to bow-top. We supply both hollow and solid bar railings. Our railings range includes railings for spectators, school playgrounds and house perimeters.

Zaun railings are also available with a wide range of finials and bespoke gates can be manufactured to your requirements.

Gates, Access Control & Electric Fencing

We manufacture both single and double leaf swing gates, available with either mesh infill panels or robust railing infill’s. For customers with limited access we supply trackless manual cantilever sliding gates for openings up to 10m, available in a range of infill’s including mesh, solid leaf or railing.

Our electric sliding gates are delivered as one unit, with all the required mechanical and electrical components already in place, conforming to BS EN 13241. Our entrance gates are available with a wide range of options such as security toppings and electronic access control. All designed specifically to meet the customers needs and to match your Zaun fence.

With such a broad range of products, it is no wonder that Zaun’s fencing has a client base that is extremely diverse, from high schools to high security installations and from MUGA sports grounds to zoos.

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Innovative super-light security fence to debut at Birmingham Tory conference

October 2014

A temporary high-security fence will be installed for the first time in Birmingham this month for the Conservative Party Autumn Conference.

Zaun Ltd, which has supplied temporary high-security fencing to the main parties’ autumn conferences for a number of years, has developed a light version of its multi-award winning Rapid Deployable System (RDS).

Zaun will also supply two special CCTV bases – one with a narrow-view camera and the other with a wide-view – to try to reduce further the number of officers needed to police events of this nature.

RDS saves up to 90% of police time, causing The Home Office to buy 5,500 metres of it, including access portals, turnstiles and gates, to add to the National Barrier Asset.

IMG_0804 smallerThe new RDS Lite employs recycled plastic blocks for anchoring the fence line in favour of the massive concrete blocks that help to give its parent RDS system a PAS 68 rating.

The configuration means blocks can be carried up and downstairs and onto canal footpaths, which would have been impossible with the 750kg concrete blocks that are placed into position by a forklift truck for RDS.

The innovation follows a request from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to develop temporary crowd perimeter protection that can be carried by hand and deployed in places that fork lift trucks cannot access and where structural restrictions on weight loading exist.

RDS Lite has undergone extensive testing and will be live trialled on canal footpaths in Birmingham at this autumn’s Conservative Conference – its fourth in seven years in the city with up to 14,000 delegates expected to attend.

Zaun founder and director Alastair Henman said: ‘RDS was already unique in providing hostile vehicle mitigation up to 30mph in a rapidly-deployed temporary fencing solution with no below ground foundations.

‘We integrated advanced electronics and top end CCTV as an add-on to existing security arrangements to help better cover specific strategic positions on the perimeter.

‘This latest version of our celebrated RDS literally lifts temporary high security perimeter protection to new heights.’

It means the autumn party conference season will have stimulated innovation in temporary high-security fencing for the third year.

In autumn 2012, Zaun installed its RDS for the first time at party conferences, winning police accolades, capturing the Security Innovation Award 2013 and becoming a double award winner at the Counter Terror Expo Excellence Awards.

A year later, Zaun incorporated the latest Video Content Analysis system using high-performance Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras into RDS and pioneered the remote policing initiative when the Conservatives hit Manchester.

Zaun highlights high security oil station fencing at Infra Oman

October 2014

Zaun is to showcase its high security fencing systems that have been installed by Oman’s premier oil company at the fourth staging of the Sultanate’s international exhibition for infrastructure and industrial projects dubbed ‘Structuring the Future’.

We are attending Infra Oman on stand J9 in the UK Pavilion at the Oman International Exhibition Centre in Muscat from 20 to 22 October. Last year, almost 4000 delegates from across the Middle East and beyond visited 240 exhibitors from across the globe at the annual show.

Earlier this year, we announced we had won a prestigious pilot contract worth almost £1.5 million to supply the perimeter security for two booster stations in Oman.

PDO pic 5Zaun is supplying almost 9km of HiSec 358 premier British-made fencing and a large number of PAS 68 crash rated entry and exit gates.

The fencing and gates are integrated with razor wire, PIDs and CCTV to form inner and outer cordons around the Nahada oil booster station in the north of Oman, about 400km from Muscat towards the Saudi border, and its sister Hubara booster station in the south.

Zaun will be highlighting its full range of high-security 358 fencing systems and also its highest-rated ArmaWeave, which is used at a number of high-profile maximum-security installations across the UKPDO

ArmaWeave is woven and has no welds, so can be made from high tensile steel giving it substantial resistance to cutting attacks with hand, powered and non-contact tools. The tight mesh pattern provides no climbing aids, again limiting the potential for intrusion.

Zaun’s range also includes the latest Video Content Analysis CCTV system using high-performance Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras from EyeLynx, which Zaun bought a controlling stake in last month.

Jeremy Knight, head of Middle East operations for Zaun, said: ‘The pilot has given us a real credibility in Oman and constitutes a sizable contract for our Middle East operation. As they are well known in the region for setting the benchmark for the industry, we hope to build on the back of that at Infra Oman.’

More development projects, costing billions of dollars, are set to be implemented in the coming years as the Sultanate takes concrete measures to diversify its economy after 43 years.

Infra Oman 2014 is a direct gateway to opportunities to support and supply this development as it brings together leading companies in the industry, ministry officials, infrastructure procurement bosses and main contractors in Oman’s vibrant construction market.

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