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Zaun Fencing is manufactured in-house, with a minimum of the work outsourced. This means Zaun can maintain a very high degree of quality in the product, which has helped us build a reputation as a fencing manufacturer of paladin fencing and steel railings who delivers quality, from the initial site survey, right through to the finished product.

Quality Assured

Zaun is ISO 9001:2008 registered and manufactures from its base in the West Midlands. This base consists of 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space on a 5 acre site. We also provide downloadable CAD drawings of our fencing systems.

MUGA Sport Fencing.

Our extremely durable welded mesh fence panels, matched with carefully designed posts, are the preferred specification for MUGA sport fencing. These products provide strong, cost effective and attractive fencing solutions. Zaun’s range of sports fencing includes ball court fences specifically developed for basketball, tennis, football and hockey.

Our sports ground fences include innovative options and features. For example, we manufacture Super Rebound, a MUGA sports fence with twin horizontal 8mm welded wire mesh panels that ensures resistance to deformation from impacts and includes sound insulating features. Duo sport is another MUGA sports fence, ever popular due to its multi functionality, the top can be cranked for added ball retention. A safe and secure MUGA fence that can be extended up to ten meters.

Perimeter Security Fencing.

Zaun’s uses twin-wire technology, providing the strongest wire mesh on the market and the ultimate welded mesh perimeter fencing system. We manufacture a range of security fences, from low to medium security applications. Our Dual Guard fence is a 25 x 200mm mesh manufactured from 6 and 8mm wires that is both cut and climb resistant, a fence ideal for commercial properties, schools and sports areas.

For high security applications, we supply close 12.7x76.2mm mesh that is virtually impossible to climb or cut, it is the ultimate security fence with the highest rated standards of all fencing products for defending against forcible attack. Zaun have also developed ArmaWeave, a patent pending design that sets the benchmark in perimeter fence security protection.

All Zaun fencing is available with a wide range of options. We can provide a complete specialist project management and installation turnkey operation that includes CCTV, Impact rated barriers, Access Control Systems, Intruder alarms, detection systems and electric fencing.

Steel Bar Railings

Zaun railing systems are manufactured using computer-controlled machinery allowing the manufacture of almost any type of railing from vertical bar to bow-top. We supply both hollow and solid bar railings. Our railings range includes railings for spectators, school playgrounds and house perimeters.

Zaun railings are also available with a wide range of finials and bespoke gates can be manufactured to your requirements.

Gates, Access Control & Electric Fencing

We manufacture both single and double leaf swing gates, available with either mesh infill panels or robust railing infill’s. For customers with limited access we supply trackless manual cantilever sliding gates for openings up to 10m, available in a range of infill’s including mesh, solid leaf or railing.

Our electric sliding gates are delivered as one unit, with all the required mechanical and electrical components already in place, conforming to BS EN 13241. Our entrance gates are available with a wide range of options such as security toppings and electronic access control. All designed specifically to meet the customers needs and to match your Zaun fence.

With such a broad range of products, it is no wonder that Zaun’s fencing has a client base that is extremely diverse, from high schools to high security installations and from MUGA sports grounds to zoos.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

ACCESS CONTROL Entrance Keypads .
ACCESS CONTROL Gates Pedestrian
ACCESS CONTROL Gates Portals HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)
ACCESS CONTROL High Security Premises Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Schemes (HVMS)
BALL COURT Fencing Systems .
BARRIER GATES Pedestrian .
BARRIER GATES Self Closing .
BARRIERS Anti-Terrorist .
BARRIERS Concrete Safety Permanent
BARRIERS Concrete Safety Temporary
BARRIERS High Security HMV (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)
BARRIERS High Security Perimeter PAS 68
BARRIERS High Security Perimeter PAS 68 Permanent
BARRIERS High Security Perimeter PAS 68 Temporary Portable
BARRIERS High Security Perimeter Protection Systems
BARRIERS High Security Perimeter Vehicle Immobilising
BARRIERS Highway .
BARRIERS Highway EN 1317-2:1998 H2/N2 Containment Levels
BARRIERS Highway NCHRP Report 350:1993 Test Level 3
BARRIERS Perimeter .
CAR PARK Gates .
CRICKET Stump Mesh .
FENCE Hire Rental .
FENCE Posts: Steel BS 1722 Part 14
FENCE Posts: Steel Cranked Top
FENCE Posts: Steel Fixingless
FENCE Posts: Steel Plastic Coated
FENCE Posts: Steel Security
FENCE Toppings Alligator Teeth/Shark Tooth
FENCE Toppings Anti-Climb
FENCE Toppings Anti-intruder
FENCE Toppings Barbed Wire
FENCE Toppings High Security
FENCING Airport .
FENCING Alarmed .
FENCING Anti-Climb .
FENCING Anti-Intruder .
FENCING Anti-Scale .
FENCING Anti-Vandal .
FENCING Architectural .
FENCING Ball Stop .
FENCING Boundary .
FENCING Bowtop .
FENCING BS 1722 Part 14 Category 1
FENCING BS 1722 Part 14 Category 2
FENCING BS 1722 Part 14 Category 3
FENCING BS 1722 Part 9 .
FENCING Clamp Fixing System .
FENCING Coloured .
FENCING Commercial .
FENCING Cranked Top .
FENCING Decorative .
FENCING Electric .
FENCING Electric Alarmed
FENCING Estate .
FENCING Galvanised .
FENCING High Security .
FENCING High Security Electric
FENCING High Security HMV (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)
FENCING High Security Mesh 358 Welded Wire
FENCING High Security Mesh BS1722 Part 14 Category 4
FENCING High Security Mesh Concealed Cable Alarm System Incorporated
FENCING High Security Mesh Double Skin
FENCING High Security PAS 68
FENCING High Security PAS 68 Vehicle Immobilising
FENCING Hire Rental .
FENCING Industrial .
FENCING Intruder Detection .
FENCING Maximum Security .
FENCING Mesh Galvanised
FENCING MOD Applications .
FENCING Ornamental .
FENCING Park Roll Top
FENCING Perimeter .
FENCING Perimeter Approved Highways Barrier
FENCING Perimeter High Security PAS 68
FENCING Perimeter Vehicle Immobilising
FENCING Playgrounds Play Areas .
FENCING Playgrounds Play Areas Decorative Design
FENCING Playgrounds Play Areas Dog Proof
FENCING Post and Panel .
FENCING Post and Panel Welded Wire Mesh
FENCING Post and Rail .
FENCING Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made .
FENCING Railway .
FENCING Rebound Mesh .
FENCING Relocatable .
FENCING School .
FENCING Secured by Design .
FENCING Security Systems .
FENCING Sports .
FENCING Sports 10 Metre Height
FENCING Sports BS EN 15312:2007
FENCING Sports Multi Use Games Areas MUGAS
FENCING Sports Netting
FENCING Sports Small Mesh
FENCING Sports Twin Wire Mesh
FENCING Sports Welded Wire Mesh
FENCING Sports Welded Wire Mesh Hockey Board Replacement
FENCING Sports Welded Wire Mesh Rebound Board Replacement
FENCING Steel Colourcoated
FENCING Steel Galvanised
FENCING Steel Ornamental
FENCING Steel Purpose Made Bespoke Custom Made
FENCING Steel Railings
FENCING Steel Safety Fence
FENCING Steel Security Fence
FENCING Swimming Pool .
FENCING Temporary .
FENCING Temporary BS EN 1317 Part 2 (Vehicle Restraint Systems)
FENCING Temporary High Security Panels
FENCING Temporary HMV (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation)
FENCING Temporary Mobile High Security Anti-Climb Mesh
FENCING Temporary PAS 68
FENCING Temporary Secured by Design
FENCING Tennis Courts .
FENCING Tubular .
FENCING Tubular Posts .
FENCING Utilities .
FENCING Vandal Resistant .
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh .
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh BS1722 Part 14 Category 4
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Concealed Cable Alarm System Incorporated
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Decorative
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Double Skin
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Galvanised
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Ornamental Design
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Panels
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Powdercoated BS EN 13438:2005 (formerly BS 6497)
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh PVC Coated
FENCING Welded Wire Mesh Small Aperture
FENCING White Colour .
FENCING Woven Mesh .
GARDEN Fencing .
GATE Operators Accessories
GATES Access Control Interior
GATES Anti-Intruder .
GATES Anti-Terrorist .
GATES Automatic Opening .
GATES Automatic Opening Industrial
GATES Automatic Opening Metal
GATES Bi-Folding Bifold (Folding/Sliding) .
GATES Bi-Folding Bifold (Folding/Sliding) High Security
GATES Bowtop .
GATES BS EN 13241 .
GATES Cantilever .
GATES Cantilever Sliding
GATES Cantilever Sliding Electrically Operated
GATES Cantilever Sliding Trackless
GATES Card Access .
GATES Childrens Play Area .
GATES Commercial .
GATES Double .
GATES Entrance .
GATES Estate .
GATES High Security .
GATES High Security Access Control
GATES High Security PAS 68
GATES Hinged Automatic
GATES Hinged Bi-Folding Bifold
GATES Industrial .
GATES Industrial Pedestrian
GATES Keypad Access .
GATES Motorised .
GATES Purpose Made .
GATES Remote Control .
GATES Security .
GATES Security Retractable
GATES Self Closing .
GATES Sliding .
GATES Sliding Automatic
GATES Sliding Electrically Operated
GATES Sliding High Speed
GATES Sliding Tracked
GATES Steel .
GATES Steel Colourcoated
GATES Steel Purpose Made
GATES Steel Mesh Infill .
GATES Swing .
GATES Swing Industrial
HANDRAILS Mesh Infill .
LOCKERS Outdoor .
MESH Welded Steel Wire .
MESH Welded Steel Wire Pre-Galvanised (Class D) BS EN 10244-2:2001
MESH Welded Steel Wire Panels .
MESH Welded Steel Wire Panels Powdercoated BS EN 13438:2005 (formerly BS 6497)
PLAY AREA Fencing .
PLAY AREA Gates Self Closing
PRISON Fencing .
RAILINGS Curved Steel .
RAILINGS Post and Rail .
RAILINGS Purpose Made .
RAILINGS Steel Decorative
RAILINGS Steel Hot Dip Galvanised
RAILINGS Steel Hot Dip Galvanised BS EN 1461:1999.
RAILINGS Steel Play Areas Playgrounds RoSPA Guidelines
RAILINGS Steel Post and Panel
RAILINGS Steel Powdercoated
RAILINGS Steel Powdercoated BS EN 13438:2005 (formerly BS 6497)
RAILINGS Steel Purpose Made
RAILINGS Steel Tubular Systems
SECURITY Management Systems .
SECURITY Management Systems Integrated CCTV
SECURITY Management Systems Perimeter Protection Systems
SECURITY SYSTEMS Closed Circuit Television CCTV .
SECURITY SYSTEMS Perimeter Protection Systems .
SITE Fencing Relocatable
SPORTS ENCLOSURES Roofed and Lit Open Air Buildings .
SPORTS GOAL UNITS Welded Wire Mesh .
TRAFFIC BARRIERS Rising Arm Automatic .
TRAFFIC BARRIERS Rising Arm High Security .
TRAFFIC BARRIERS Rising Arm Manual .
ARMAWEAVE® Fencing Mesh
AXIOM Perimeter Fencing
COLOSSEUM Sports Fencing
COMBI UNIT Sports Equipment
DIAMOND Sliding Gates
DUAL GUARD Security Fencing
DUO PERIMETER Perimeter Fencing
DUO SPORTS Sports Fencing
DUO SPORTS LITE Sports Fencing
EYELYNX Security Management Systems
GEMINI Perimeter Fencing
HI-SEC High Security Fencing
HI-SEC SUPER Security Fencing
HI-SEC TUBE DETECT High Security Fencing
HIGHWAY CARE High Security Perimeter Protection
MILAN Sports Fencing
MULTIFENCE Temporary Fencing
OCEAN Swimming Pool Fencing
OLYMPUS Sports Fencing
OPTIMA Metal Mesh Fencing
PACIFIC Swimming Pool Fencing
RDS Temporary Fencing
RDS PAS 68 Security Fencing
ROMA Sports Fencing
SAPPHIRE Sliding Gates
SECUREGUARD High Security Perimeter Protection
SHARPVIEW Security Management Systems
SPORTS BARN Sports Buildings
SUPER REBOUND Sports Fencing
TERROR STOPPER Bollards and Barriers
TURIN Sports Fencing
ZARIBA Twin Horizontal Wire Mesh Fencing
ZAUNFIX Fencing Post
ZMESH Wire Mesh Products

Ardenleigh reopens for troubled teenagers

July 2014

Ardenleigh reopens for troubled teenagers

One of only six adolescent forensic psychiatry in-patient units in England has reopened its wards to young people with glowing praise for the project team who performed the £3.5m redevelopment.

Ardenleigh secure mental heath unit in Erdington, run by Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, has moved into the new, state-of-the-art building up to 18 young adults who are suffering from complex mental health problems.

As inpatients, they receive assessment and treatment of mental health issues – such as depression, bi-polar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia – and many arrive with or acquire Autistic Spectrum diagnoses as well.

Ardenleigh houses some of the country's most mentally disturbed teenagers, who have been detained under the Mental Health Act and have usually committed a criminal offence, and was opened in 2003, so was due for upgrading.

At the re-opening, Simon Parkes, Capital Developments Manager for the Trust, said: ‘I want to thank the project team for all their efforts, not only over recent weeks, but for the duration of this project from day one. Numerous people, clinical and non-clinical, have commented upon the building regarding the high standard of finish and attention to detail.

‘The young people who move in today and in the future will receive the best quality care in an environment second to none, which is the most important outcome of all our efforts.’

Alongside the accommodation for troubled teenagers is their school, which has recently gained the status of a Certificate of Quality of Autism Provision, run by James Brindley School, which provides education at five hospitals across Birmingham, including Ardenleigh and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The redevelopment led by main contractor E Manton upgraded the decade-old unit on the same site, providing 18 ensuite bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms in three wards all separated by a central hub and staff rooms for ease of observation of wings. The wards are called Atlantic, Pacific and Adriatic to reflect a calming ocean theme.

Security was paramount given the nature of the young people on site, who might pose a significant risk to themselves or to others. High-security perimeter fencing expert Zaun was appointed to design and install the fencing solutions at a cost of £100,000.

They supplied almost 200m of their HiSec fencing in different heights, reflecting three different categories of security rating.

Internal fencing, and that surrounding a ball court and enclosing outdoor stairways, was just 2.4m or 3m high. But perimeter fences ran to 5.2m in height and were buried in a concrete sill for added security.

Zaun also installed aluminium sheeting on some of the boundary fencing to provide privacy to the inpatients and to prevent them from being distracted by events beyond the hospital.

Zaun’s HiSec uses the ‘358’ welded mesh to repel would-be intruders. The close 76.2 x 12.7mm mesh means that it is almost impossible to climb, and is very difficult to cut with anything other than power tools. Hence why the Home Office uses it for prison perimeters and other secure sites such as Ardenleigh.

It is also increasingly specified on schools, where pupil safety is paramount as good through visibility means staff can easily see what’s going on on the other side of the fence, but the mesh is so fine that items can not easily be passed through.

The Ardenleigh site also contains a unit for mentally ill women. Similar units in the region include Hatherton Centre in Stafford and Reaside Clinic in Rubery, both of which are for men only.

Haringey park overhaul is a slam dunk

July 2014

Haringey park overhaul is a slam dunk

A Haringey park has re-asserted itself as a magnet for basketball players from across London since a £300,000 facelift, all funded from outside the London borough.

Ducketts Common near Turnpike Lane tube station boasts the finest basketball courts in the city, with spring-loaded hoops imported from the US for serious slam dunks, thanks to the park’s Friends Group, Groundwork London and the London Borough of Haringey.

The NBA selected Ducketts Common for their 2013 London summer 3on3 basketball tournament screened on Nickleodeon including a guest appearance by NBA star Atlanta Hawks centre-forward Al Horford.

Troy Tigers, the North London basketball team that has made Ducketts Common its home, followed that up with a repeat 3on3 tournament at Easter, alongside supporting partners Reach & Teach, London School of Basketball, Haringey Sports Development Trust and I Am Finest.

Haringey Open Space Programme Officer Martin Hall, himself a former professional basketball player, said: ‘This really is a triumph of local people mobilizing to get the facilities they want – and volunteering to keep them in tip-top condition thereafter.’

The Friends Group and one particular local resident raised £250,000 for the ball court improvements with designers Groundwork London and Haringey. Funders included the London Marathon Trust, Big Lottery Community Spaces, the London Mayor's 2012 Legacy Plan and Sport England's Places People Play.

Groundwork London consulted locally and with community groups to devise a Community Action Plan, which identifies the key features of the park including the layout, plants, trees and other vegetation, play areas, paths and entrances, and how to tend for them.

Already a well-known venue for outdoor basketball, and originally converted from rarely used tennis courts, it was decided to rebuild the now worn-out basketball courts and provide two full-sized quality basketball courts with US imported baskets with acrylic backboards, and an additional pair of practice hoops making six baskets to shoot at.

In the remaining space there is a 5-a-side football pitch, which can double for netball or volleyball, which was added to reduce the amount of footballs kicked on the nearby grass, which is close to a children’s playground and adjacent to a new gym.

Specialist sports surface contractor Blakedown performed the upgrade using Duo8 SuperRebound fencing from sports fencing manufacturer Zaun.
As well as the 3m high fencing to keep the balls within the play zone, Zaun has made especially for Ducketts Common a 30-metre stretch of 1.2m-high twin fencing with a steel plate cap on which spectators often sit.

Next to the courts is a 14-piece outdoor gym with 22 workout stations. Attention will now turn to fundraising for the final phase of improvements to the north end of the common where a plaza is proposed with seating and planting; a place to sit and relax.

Hall concluded: ‘We’ve been delighted with everything our contractors have done that has brought players flocking from all over London. In fact we’re so pleased, we’re planning a similar project in Finsbury Park which as well as the multi-use games area can also stage concerts

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