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Premier Loft Ladders offer the highest-quality engineered loft ladders and associated products, supported by the very best technical advice, such that our customers can be confident that they are getting an access solution as good as the building that it is designed to be used in.

Premier Loft Ladders is an established supplier of premium wooden loft ladders and retractable (concertina) aluminium loft ladders. Our products are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations; from beautifully designed wooden ladders providing safe and easy access to a loft or attic space, through to electrically operated aluminium ladders offering convenient access to roof-tops via highly insulated weather resistant hatches. Over the years Premier Loft Ladders has become the preferred choice of architects and building industry professionals throughout the UK. We will always offer the very best technical and design advice to both the architectural and construction industry as well as the domestic market.

Loft and attic ladders from Premier Loft Ladders are widely used throughout the construction industry.  Applications include both new buildings and refurbishment/renovation of existing buildings. Our retractable concertina ladders are compact, efficient and easy to operate.  They are widely used for access onto flat roofs via our weatherproof roof hatches and into plant and boiler rooms. Other options can include electrical operation, F30, F60 and F90 fire resistant casings and access into vertical openings or onto mezzanine/gallery floors. Our range of electrically operated loft ladders offer the ultimate solution for ease of use and convenience.

Premier Loft Ladders supply a comprehensive range of aluminium and wooden loft ladders and will deliver any of our products worldwide.

Premier Loft Ladders are based in the UK and supply a full range of retractable loft ladders - Supreme, Mini, Elite, Piccolo and Escalmatic,together with 3 part folding and 2 part wooden ladders, namely the Designo, ProfiLine, Cadet (2 and 3) and Esca 11. Our products are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations, including new build and refurbishment work.  All of our aluminium concertina loft ladders are manufactured to EN 14975.

CAD and other drawings are available for download from our web site - CAD Drawings and PDF Files

Our range includes:


  • The Supreme.

The Supreme is a high strength (200kg per step) aluminium concertina folding loft ladder complete with highly insulated wooden hatch box and trapdoor.  Its clever spring-assisted mechanism makes opening and closing the Supreme extremely safe and easy (requiring less than 3kg of operating force). Furthermore, it can also be specified with electrical operation for the ultimate in convenience (download the ‘Supreme Electric Loft Ladder Brochure’ for more details).

The Supreme is also available with an optional weatherproof roof hatch in order for it to be a means of access to flat roofs.  In addition, the Supreme loft ladder can be supplied with 30, 60 or 90-minute fire resistant trapdoors, as well as provide access into a vertical opening (see ‘Supreme Vertical Loft Ladder Brochure’).

  • The Elite.

The Elite is manufactured from the same high strength aluminium as the Supreme stairway, but instead of being supplied with a trapdoor and lining, it is attached to a laminated wood backboard is supplied with two heavy duty counter-balanced springs.  This makes it ideal for retro-fit and renovation projects.

The Elite is available with a special hinge mechanism for use in vertical wall openings or on mezzanine floors.  It is also available with a special backboard (pictured here), featuring additional height-adjustable treads and a grab rail to both sides, for use in openings with high ceiling voids.

  • The Mini and the Piccolo Loft Ladders.

The Mini and Piccolo (plus Piccolo Premium) are concertina loft ladders that are designed for smaller hatch openings.  The Mini is supplied with an insulated hatch box (also available with 30 and 60-minute fire resistance), while the Piccolo is designed for very easy installation above an existing hatch/trapdoor.

  • The Escalmatic.

The most recent addition to our range of loft ladders is the Escalmatic.  It is an electrically operated retractable steel loft ladder. The Escalmatic combines Italian design, robust metal construction and infrared remote controlled electrical operation. The space-saving retractable ladder mechanism also means that the Escalmatic will fit into ceiling openings from as small as 50cm wide by 90cm long, helping to avoid costly and inconvenient ceiling alterations.

  • The Designo.

The Designo wooden loft ladder perfectly balances aesthetics with strength and quality. Traditional style and function are combined with cutting-edge technology to offer exceptional thermal insulation and a high-quality, durable construction. The heavy duty wooden loft ladder offers excellent energy efficiency thanks to a 6-point locking mechanism on the trapdoor and sealed hatch box, helping to reduce loss of heat and lowering energy costs.

It is also available as the Designo Passivhaus, which offers extremely high thermal insulation and a secondary upper hatch to prevent the loss of warm air when the loft/attic is being accessed.

  • The Cadet 3.

The Cadet 3 wooden loft ladder combines traditional styling with quality components and clever design. It offers high-standards of thermal efficiency and is an ideal loft ladder for domestic/residential applications.

  • ProfiLine F30 / F30 Plus / F60.

The Profiline F30/F30 Plus/F60 is a 3-part folding or 2-part sliding wooden ladder. It is a ready to fit unit complete with a trapdoor and hatchbox that has an all-round rubber seal. The unit has a U-value of 0.92 W/m2K. The F30 is fire resistant tested from the underside, the F30 Plus is tested from above and below and the F60 is tested from below.

  • The Esca 11.

The Esca 11 is a traditional wooden loft ladder manufactured from FSC® sourced wood.  It is supplied as a ready-to-fit unit with an insulated hatch.  Available in standard sizes only.

These files are provided by the manufacturer. While Building Products Index takes every care to ensure the information is correct and up to date, we cannot be held liable for any out of date or incorrect information in them. Please check with the supplier before specifying or purchasing products.

Cadet 3 Loft Ladder Brochure
traditionally styled 3 Part Folding wooden loft ladders

Published [08/09/16]File size [794 KB]

Compatta Space Saving Staircase
Brochure providing an overview of the Compatta Space Saving Staircase - a high quality, contemporary and easy to install modular staircase designed for loft conversions and mezzanine floors.

Published [20/09/16]File size [886 KB]

Designo Loft Ladder Brochure
Designo wooden loft ladder. A perfect balance of aesthetics, strength and quality.

Published [08/09/16]File size [1079 KB]

Elite Loft Ladder Brochure
heavy duty Elite Loft ladder - The ideal product for retrofit/renovation projects.

Published [08/09/16]File size [829 KB]

Escalmatic Electric Loft Ladder Brochure
Escalmatic electric loft ladder, which offers style, safety and convenience.

Published [08/09/16]File size [906 KB]

Mini Loft Ladder Brochure
Mini retractable loft ladder with insulated hatchbox

Published [08/09/16]File size [898 KB]

Piccolo Loft Ladder brochure
Piccolo and Piccolo Premium loft ladders. The Piccolo's compact design makes it suitable for retrofit into very small ceiling openings.

Published [08/09/16]File size [826 KB]

Premier Loft Ladders Product Range Summary
Aluminum loft ladders, wooden loft ladders, electric loft ladders and fire resistant loft ladders

Published [11/07/16]File size [757 KB]

Supreme Electric Loft Ladder Brochure
Supreme Electric Loft Ladder. Features all the benefits of the popular Supreme, but with the convenience of electrical operation.

Published [08/09/16]File size [1068 KB]

Supreme Loft Ladder Brochure
heavy duty Supreme aluminium loft ladder

Published [08/09/16]File size [1068 KB]

Supreme Vertical Loft Ladder Brochure
Supreme Vertical Loft Ladder, which is specially designed for installation into vertical walls.

Published [08/09/16]File size [810 KB]

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LADDERS Internal Roof Access .
LOFT ACCESS DOORS Loft Hatches Insulating Covers
LOFT ACCESS DOORS Loft Hatches Ladder Combined
LOFT ACCESS DOORS Loft Hatches Telescopic Ladder Fitting
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Air Permeability Class 4 (DIN EN 12207/12114)
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Compact Small Ceiling Openings
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Compact Space Saving
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Handrail Combined
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium High Backboard Combined
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium High Ceiling Applications
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Purpose Made Sizes / Made-to-Measure
LOFT LADDERS Aluminium Sliding
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LOFT LADDERS Electric High Ceiling Applications
LOFT LADDERS Electric Remote Control
LOFT LADDERS Fire Escape .
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined .
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Air Permeability Class 4 (DIN EN 12207/12114)
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Airtight DIN EN 12567-1 Class 4
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Fire Resistant DIN 4102 Part 2
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Fire Resistant FD 30 Minutes
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Fire Resistant FD 60 Minutes
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Fire Resistant FD 90 Minutes
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Insulated
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Lockable
LOFT LADDERS Hatchbox and Trapdoor Combined Passivhaus Projects (Passive House)
LOFT LADDERS Purpose Made Bespoke and Custom Designs .
LOFT LADDERS Railings for Ceiling Openings .
LOFT LADDERS Retractable Folding Concertina
LOFT LADDERS Trap Door Combined .
LOFT LADDERS Vertical Openings .
LOFT LADDERS Vertical Openings Purpose Made Sizes / Made-to-Measure
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber .
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber Air Permeability Class 4 (DIN EN 12207/12114)
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber Fire Resistant DIN 4102 30 Minutes
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber FSC Sourced Wood
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber Purpose Made Sizes / Made-to-Measure
LOFT LADDERS Wooden Timber Trap Door Combined
ROOF Internal Access .
ROOF ACCESS HATCHES Ladder Access Flat Roofs
ROOF ACCESS HATCHES Purpose Made Bespoke and Custom Designs .
STAIRCASES Architectural .
STAIRCASES Purpose Made Bespoke
STAIRCASES Space Saving .
STAIRCASES Space Saving Alternating Tread / Staggered Tread
STAIRCASES Space Saving Modular Steel Structure / Beech Wood Treads
STAIRCASES Steel Hardwood Treads
STAIRCASES Steel Modular Steel Structure / Beech Wood Treads
STAIRCASES Steel Purpose Made Bespoke
CADET 2 Sliding Wooden Loft Ladders
CADET 3 Folding Wooden Loft Ladders
COMPATTA Space Saving Stairs
COMPOSITY Staircases
DESIGNO Wooden Loft Ladders
ELITE Aluminium Loft Ladder
ESCA 11 Wooden Loft Ladders
ESCALMATIC Electric Loft Ladder
MINI Aluminium Loft Ladder
MINILINE Aluminium Loft Ladder
PICCOLO Aluminium Loft Ladder
PICCOLO PREMIUM Aluminium Loft Ladders
PROFILINE Wooden Loft Ladders
SUPREME Aluminium Loft Ladder
THERMOCOVER Loft Ladder Insulation

Premier Loft Ladders add space saving staircase specification to NBS

January 2017

Premier Loft Ladders have made specifying your next space saving staircase easier than ever before. ‘Compatta’ product data is now available within NBS software.

The Compatta is not only one of the finest quality space saving staircases available, but also very easy to install. It is therefore the ideal solution for loft conversions or mezzanine floors where space is limited. To help architects and designers, Premier Loft Ladders has made technical data for the Compatta staircase available within NBS specification software. It can be found within sections L30 and 30-05-40.

For further information and links to the NBS product data, please visit

Do you need an insulated loft ladder for a small ceiling opening?

November 2016

The Mini retractable loft ladder may be the ideal solution. It is specially designed for small ceiling openings. It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, with a space-saving ladder contained within an insulated wooden hatch box.

Manufactured from light-weight, durable aluminium components, the Mini is easy to operate yet still offers heavy duty performance. Capable of supporting loads of 150 kg per step, it is also tested to EN 14975 (DN 4570). Furthermore, the Mini is available with a fire rated loft hatch (up to 60 minutes). It is therefore suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Visit the Premier Loft Ladders web site for more information about the Mini...

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